A header should be created to number pages Line spacing should be adjusted to double

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A header should be created to number pages

Line spacing should be adjusted to double

The Normal style should be modified to 12-point Times New Roman font
Samuel Gander

The Normal style should be updated to reflect the adjusted line and paragraph spacing
Mr. Dunham

The name and course information should be typed at the left margin. The title should be typed and centered.
English 102

April 25, 2012

A first-line indent should be set to one-half inch for paragraphs in the body of the research paper
Farming on a Whole New Level

Space below (after) paragraphs should be removed
Although people have worked in agriculture for more than 10,000 years, advances in technology assist with maintaining and protecting land, crops, and animals. The demand to keep food prices affordable encourages those working in the agriculture industry to operate as efficiently as possible (Newman and Ruiz 33-47).

Almost all people and companies in this industry have many acres of land they must maintain, and it is not always feasible for farmers to take frequent trips around the property to perform basic tasks such as watering soil in the absence of rain. The number of people-hours required to water soil manually on several thousand acres of land might result in businesses spending thousands of dollars in labor and utility costs. If the irrigation process is automated, sensors detect how much rain has fallen recently, as well as whether the soil is in need of watering. The sensors then send this data to a computer that processes it and decides when and how much to water.1

The Footnote Text style should be changed to MLA. The bibliography style should be changed to MLA. The source information of citations should be entered.
In addition to keeping the soil moist and reducing maintenance costs, computers also can utilize sensors to analyze the condition of crops in the field and determine whether pests or diseases are affecting the crops. If sensors detect pests and/or diseases, computers send a notification to the appropriate individual to take corrective action. In some cases, according to Brewster, the discovery of pests might trigger a pesticide to discharge in the affected area automatically (Agriculture: Expanding and Growing).

Many farmers use technology on a daily basis to regulate soil moisture and to keep their crops pest free. With technology, farming can be much more convenient and efficient.

Works Cited

Barton, Blake. "Computers in Agriculture." Agriculture Today and Tomorrow Feb. 2012: 53-86. Print.

Brewster, Letty. Agriculture: Expanding and Growing. 3 Jan. 2012. Web. 9 Feb. 2012.

Newman, Albert D., and Carmen W. Ruiz. The Agricultural Industry Today. New York: Alabama Press, 2012. Print.

The paper should not contain spelling or grammar errors

Answers will vary, depending on accuracy of typing and how student enters sources – student is to write the number of words, paragraphs, and characters in the research paper above the title on the printed research paper. Numbers should be close to the following: 347 words; 14 paragraphs; 1,831 characters (no spaces); and 2,165 characters (with spaces)

The works cited title should be entered and formatted; the bibliographical list should be inserted; the bibliography field converted to text; the underline format on the titles of the works should be changed to the italic format, and the correct publication medium for each work should be inserted

1 Barton states that many automated home irrigation systems also are programmable and use rain sensors (67-73).

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