A genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of new england, showing three generations of those who came before may, 1692, on the basis of farmer's register

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RAYN, or RAYNES, FRANCIS, York 1649, a selectman, capt. 1659, and magistr. 1670, owed alleg. to Mass. Hutch. I. 267, and Hubbard, 617. JOSEPH, Portsmouth, 1685, Atty.-Gen. of the Prov. to do the pleasure of Gov. Cranfield. NATHANIEL, York 1680, was perhaps s. of Francis.
RAYNER or REYNER, EDWARD, Hempstead, L. I. 1647, was prob. s. of Thurston, or at least came with him, aged 10, from Ipswich, Co. Suff. in the Elizabeth, liv. first at Watertown. HENRY, Boston, m. 9 June 1662, wid. Joanna Edwards, was a soldier on Conn. riv. 1676, under Capt. Turner. HUMPHREY, Rowley, b. at Gildersome, in the W. riding of Yorksh. not far from Leeds, freem. 18 May 1642, was rep. 1649, had beside the d. Mary, wh. m. Michael Wigglesworth, and perhaps d. bef. her f. Ann, wh. m. William Hobson; and Martha, m. John Whipple; d. 1660, and to those d. gave all his est. after wid. d. JACHIN, Rowley, s. of Rev. John the first, m. 22 Nov. 1662, Elizabeth prob. d. of Edward Denison, wh. d. perhaps 7 May 1672, had d. Elizabeth and by ano. w. had Ann, b. 23 July 1678; d. 8 July 1708, and perhaps his w. d. ten yrs. bef. JOHN, Plymouth, br. of Humphrey, b. at Gildersome, was bred at Magdalen [[vol. 3, p. 514]] Coll. Cambridge, where he had his A. B. 1625, m. one of four coheiresses named Boyes of his native parish and Rev. Peter Prudden is kn. to have taken ano. came a. 1635, perhaps with first w. by wh. he had Jachin; and Hannah, wh. m. Sept. 1660, Job Lane often; beside an elder d. wh was once thought, but erron. the first wife of Michael Wigglesworth, m. 1642, for sec. w. Frances Clark, had John, H. C. 1663; Joseph, 15 Apr. 1650, d. at two yrs.; Elizabeth Dorothy; Abigail; and Judith, wh. perhaps bec. w. of Rev. Jabez Fox of Woburn. One of the ds. whose name is lost from the Col. Rec. was b. 26 Dec. 1647. After 18 yrs. of serv. at P. he rem. to Dover, there d. 20 Apr. 1669. He had est. at Gildersome, the place of his nativ. in the parish of Batley in the W. riding of Yorksh. near Leeds, where the celebr. Dr. Priestly was b. His will, made only one or two days bef. he d. pro. 30 June foll. directs the div. of rents from his lds. at Gildersome, provides for his w. and their five ch. having formerly provid. for ch. by first w. and in case his w. m. again, carefully devises both the Dover and Eng. est. Mr. Hunter, in Early Hist. of the Founders of New Plymouth, 4 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 84, supposed he may be derived from Bassetlaw in Co. Notts. But he was b. at no gr. distance, as the same accurate inquirer, in his revised work, London 1854, pp. 118 and 119, proves. He made his name Reyner.
JOHN, Dover, s. of the preced. ord. 12 July 1671, m. Judith, d. of Edmund Quincy sec. of Braintree, and in short time after d. at B. 21 Dec. 1676, prob. without ch. aged 33. His wid. d. 8 Mar. 1679 or 80, as the gr.-st. inscript. blindly makes it. JOHN, Charlestown, by w. Catharine, wh. d. 22 Dec. 1682, in her 23d yr. had John, wh. d. the day bef. is mo. and he m. 31 July 1685, Abigail Hathorne, wh. d. 17 May 1714, in her 47th yr.; had Abigail, bapt. 21 June 1691, d. young, and two ds. Elizabeth wh. both d. young; beside John bapt. 25 Dec. 1687, wh. reached mid. life. JOHN, Rowley 1691. JONATHAN and JOSEPH, Southampton, L. I. 1663-73, were perhaps s. of Thurston. SAMUEL, Watertown, had beer of Cambridge, where by w. Mary he had Hannah, b. 2 Mar. 1654, wh. m. 7 Apr. 1670, Ephraim Winship; d. 1669, in his will 26 Sept. of that yr. names w. Mary and a. d. SAMUEL, Charlestown, by w. Mary had Sarah, bapt. 8 May 1687. THOMAS, Hempstead, L. I. 1643, acc. Wood's Hist. yet possib. the name may be mistaken for the foll. THURSTON, Watertown, came in the Elizabeth 1634, from Ipswich, Co Suff. aged 40, with w. Elizabeth 36.; Thurston, 13; Joseph, 11; Elizabeth 9; Sarah, 7; and Lydia, 1; who, by the order of their names in the rec. certif. up to London, may be thot. his ch. and Edward, foll. on the same list, aged 10, may have, been s. or neph. in 1636; rem. to Wethersfield, was rep. 1638, 9, and 40; rem. 1641 to Stamford, there had commiss. from New Haven jurisdict. but in few yrs. rem. to [[vol. 3, p. 515]] Southamton, L. I. under Conn. and was an assist. 1661 and 3; made his will 6 July, 1667, pro. same yr. In it he names w. Martha, two s. Joseph and Jonathan, beside allud. to four more ch. not nam. Jonathan was not of age. His d. Hannah m. Arthur Howell, as his sec. w. Mather in Magn. II. 33, forgot his bapt. name. WILLIAM, Marblehead, the freem. of 1670, may have been s. of that WILLIAM wh. d. 1666, having m. as Farmer says in MS. note, Elizabeth wid. of Humphrey Gilbert. This was aged 45 in 1668.
RAYNGER, EDMUND, Boston, a witness to the will of Gov. Bellingham, 25 Nov. 1672, as in Geneal. Reg. XIV. 238. He was of Bristol 1688.
REA, JOSHUA, Salem. See Ray.
READ, or REED, ABRAHAM, Salem, s. of the first Thomas, had Samuel, wh. went to Eng. and by deed at London, 1701, convey. to Daniel Epps part of est. of his. gr.f. that fell to his f. and early in this centu. was kn. as the Derby farm. ARTHUR, perhaps of Stratford 1676. See Trumbull, Col. Rec. II. BENJAMIN, Duxbury, fit to bear arms 1643. DANIEL, Rehoboth, s. of John first of the same, m. at Tauton 20 Mar. 1677, Hannah Peck, but Col. Rec. says 20 Aug. of that yr. had Hannah, b. 30 June 1678; Bethia, 2 Nov. 1679; Daniel, 20 Jan. 1681; John, 25 Feb. 1683, d. in few ds. prob. sev. others, and d. 17 Oct. 1710. DANIEL, Woburn, s. of Ralph, m. 17 Jan. 1699, purch. the squaw sachem farm, so call. on wh. as is said, his dec. still reside. EDWARD, Marblehead 1674. ESDRAS, Salem 1639, had Bethia, b. a. 1637; and Obadiah, 1639; both bapt. there, 31 May 1640, b. by w. prob. named Alice; was freem. 2 June 1641, rem. to Wenham, of wh. he was rep. 1648 and 51, and with his min. rem. 1655 to Chelmsford. ESDRAS, Boston 1661, a tailor, perhaps s. of the preced. was with his w. adm. of the sec. ch. that yr. GEORGE, Woburn, s. of William of Dorchester, b. in Eng. m. 4 Oct. 1652, Elizabeth d. of Robert Jennison, (not Jennings as oft. said), wh. d. 26 Feb. 1665, had Elizabeth b. 29 July 1653; twins, d. 14 Nov. 1654, prob. few hours old; Samuel, 29 Apr. 1656; Abigail, 27 June 1658; George, 14 Sept 1660; William, 22 Sept. 1662; Sarah, 12 Feb. 1665; and by sec. w. of unkn. name, Hannah, 18 Feb. 1670; John, 18 Mar. 1672; Mary, 15 June 1674; Timothy, 20 Oct. 1678; and Thomas, 15 July 1682, was freem. 1684; Elizabeth m. 15 Dec. 1675, Daniel Fiske. I presume he was s. of William of Newcastle in Northumberland, and d. 21 Feb. 1706.
GEORGE, Woburn, s. of the preced. freem. 1690, by w. Abigail Pierce, m. 15 Feb. 1685, b. d. 7 Sept. 1719, had Abigail, b. 6 Feb. 1686; Ebenezer, 6 Mar. 1690; George, 2 Aug. 1697, d. in few wks. and Elizabeth 14 June 1700. He m. sec. w. 24 May 1721, Sybel Rice, prob. wid. of Isaac, and was, it is said, the first deac. in ch. of Burlington. ISAAC, Salem, m. 10 Mar. 1674, Joan Stone. ISRAEL, Woburn, by w. Mary, had Mary, b. [[vol. 3, p. 516]] 15 Oct. 1670; Sarah, 29 Aug. 1673; a d. without name on the rec. 2 June, 1679; Elizabeth 22 Dec. 1681; Ruth, 6 Jan. 1684; Israel, 17 Mar. 1687; Jemima, 23 July 1689; and Patience, 3 Dec. 1697. ISRAEL, Rehoboth, youngest s. of John the first, m. 6 Nov. 1684, Rebecca, youngest d. of the third John Ruggles of Roxbury, had eleven ch. but my correspond. gives date or name to neither, and he d. 17 Nov. 1732. JACOB, Salem, s. of the first Thomas, own. est. in 1661, but prob. d. bef. his f. or at least nothing more is kn. of him.
JACOB, Salem, s. of the sec. Thomas, m. Dec. 1693, Elizabeth Green, had Aaron, b. June 1694; John, 26 Dec. 1695; Mary, 1697; Jacob, 1699; Jonathan, 12 Jan. 1701; Sarah, 15 May, 1703; and Elizabeth 13 Mar. 1705. His will was of 5 Jan. 1741, and his w. then liv. JAMES, Taunton, s. perhaps youngest, of William of Dorchester; perhaps the soldier of Johnson's comp. in Philip's war, m. 18 Apr. 1683, Susanna Richmond, d. of John had James, William; John, Thomas, Mary, b. 1697, Martha, Ann, and Susanna. JOHN, Dorchester, rem. to Weymouth or Braintree, freem. 13 May 1640, ar. co. 1644, had Abigail, b. at Dorchester; John, 29 Aug. 1640; and Thomas, 20 Nov. 1641; rem. to Rehoboth, 1645, there had, perhaps, William; Samuel; Moses, Oct. 1650; Mary, June 1652; Elizabeth Jan. 1654; Daniel, Mar. 1655; Israel, 1657; and. Mehitable, Aug. 1659; was one of good prop. and influence, whose gr.stone, still extant, it is said, shows; that he d. Sept. 1685, aged 87.
JOHN, jr. Rehoboth, s. of the preced. who had sh. in div. of lds. 1668, and by w. Sarah had John, b. 8 Dec. 1669; Thomas, 23 July 1672; beside Sarah bur. 19 July 1678, was k. by the Ind. at Pierce's fight, 26 Mar. 1676. JOHN, New London 1651, had then gr. of ld. wh. he forfeit. by neglect of resid. JOHN, Weymouth, s. of William first of the same, is prob. he wh. m. Bethia, d. of George Fry, rem. to Taunton, had William, Thomas, George, Mary, Ruth and Hannah, prob. some of them bef. rem. and d. at Dighton, 13 Jan. 1721. His wid. d. 20 Oct. 1730, aged 77. He may have been of Johnson's comp. in Philip's war, and by a former w. had John, b. 5 June 1674; but neither her surname, nor bapt. name can I decipher from the MS. of my friend. correspondent. JOHN, Scituate, may be that youth bound 1653 to Michael Pierce for nine yrs. personal serv. as rec. in 1662, m. 1668, Mary, wid. of Christopher Winter, had John; liv. some yrs. at Marshfield, and d. 21 May 1694.
JOHN, Rye, rem. to Norwalk, prob. had John, as in 1687, he is disting. as sen. and both liv. there 1694. JOHN, Woburn, s. of Ralph, m. 21 Mar. 1682, Elizabeth Holden, perhaps d. of Richard, had John, b. 22 Mar. 1684; Ralph, 6 Sept. 1686; Elizabeth 25 Feb. 1691; and he took sec. w. 4 Dec. 1705, Abigail Baldwin, perhaps d. of Henry. JOHN, Woburn, s. of George the first, m. 10 Jan. 1697, Ruth Johnson, prob. d. of Matthew, but I hear no [[vol. 3, p. 517]] more. JOHN, Boston, whose f. by no dilig. inquiry can be aseert. but seems to be entit. to insert. here, tho. the first ment. of him is as gr. at H. C. 1697, bec. it is so high a prob. that he was either b. on our side of the ocean, or at least had been here so many yrs.
JOSEPH and JOSIAH, of Lynn, are among the freem. of 1681. The former came to Boston 1671, in the Arabella from London. JOSIAH, New London 1662, rem. to Norwich, m. at Marshfield, Nov. 1666, Grace Holloway, had Josiah, b. Apr. 1668; William, Apr. 1670; Elizabeth Sept. 1672; Experience, 27 Feb. 1675; John, 15 Apr. 1670; Joseph, 12 Mar. 1681; Susanna, 20 Sept. 1685; Hannah, July 1688; and he d. 3 July 1711. His wid. d. 9 May 1727. MATTHEW, Norwalk, adm. to be an inhab. 1655, but his name is not found after. Hall's Hist. 48. MICHAEL, nam. in the will of William, pro. at London, 31 Oct. 1656, as one of three s. m. in N. E. but the name is not kn. to me of an inhab. MOSES, Rehoboth, s. of the first; John, m. at Taunton, 6 Dec. 1677, Rebecca Fitch, had Zechariah, b. 25 Oct. 1678, d. in Jan. fol.; Zechariah, again, 20 Oct. 1681; Rebecca, 14 Sept. 1683; was rep. sev. yrs. and d. 14 Dec. 1716. NICHOLAS, Danvers, apprent. of Edward Putnam, k. by the Ind. Sept. 1689, aged 18. OBADIAH, Boston, m. 19 Aug. 1664, Ann d. of Obaiah Swift, had Elizabeth b. 29 Mar. 1669; Sarah, 16 Apr. 1671, d. young; Ann, 3 Feb. 1673; Obadiah. 29 Nov. 1677, d. soon; Obadiah, again, 29 Nov. 1678, d. young; and James, 29 Feb. 1680. His w. d. 13 Sept. foll. aged 33; and by w. Elizabeth he had Obadiah, again, 27 Mar. 1683; Mary, 4 May 1684; Nathaniel, 23 Aug. 1686; and Sarah, again, 26 Jan. 1688. PHILIP, Weymouth 1640, by w. Mary had Philip, b. 24 Oct. 1641; Samuel; and Mary, wh. m. 27 Nov. 1669, John Vining; was prob. the freem. of 1660, and his will of 15 Dec. 1674, was pro. 5 May 1676. PHILIP, Lynn 1669, a physician, is presum. to be that resident of Concord wh. after liv. there 25 yrs. d. 10 May 1696.
PHILIP, Weymouth, s. of Philip the first, by w. Hannah had Mary b. 21 Mar. 1669; Hannah, 18 Feb. 1672; Philip, 2 Nov. 1674; John, 16 Aug. 1676; and prob. these by w. Abigail, Samuel, 29 Sept. 1681; Prudence, 7 Oct. 1685; Stephen, 15 Oct. 1690; and Deborah, 30 Aug. 1692. RALPH, Woburn, s. of William of Dorchester, brought from Eng. by his f. in very early youth by w. Mary, d. of Anthony Pierce of Watertown, had William, b. 1658; John, 1660; Joseph; Daniel; Timothy, b. 14 Feb. 1666; David; and Jonathan. RICHARD, Marblehead 1674, in June 1678 was witness with Samuel R. to the will of Samuel Condy. RICHARD, Boston, by w. Joanna, had Mary, b. 26 Mar. 1687, and perhaps others.
ROBERT, Exeter 1638, was one of the firs sett. at Hampton, but rem. to Boston, there by w. Hannah, had Rebecca, b. 9 Sept. bapt. 1 Nov. 1646, wh. prob. d. young; again went to Hampton, there had [[vol. 3, p. 518]] Hannah, Mary, and Sarah; again rem. to Boston, perhaps, where he had the last ment. bapt. 1 Sept. 1650; and Samuel, 3 Apr. 1653; this s. d. the end of Mar. foll. and ano. Samuel was b. 28 Feb. 1655. His w. d. 24 June foll. and he went once more to Hampton, had ano. w. Susanna; and was drown. 20 Oct. 1657, by overset. of a boat. See Belkn. I. 58, of Farmer's ed. His wid. m. John Preston, and she join. with the childr. in convey. of est. in B. Hannah m. 11 Jan. 1661, John Senter of Boston.
SAMUEL, Mendon, s. of John the first, freem. 1673, m. 1668, Hopestill Holbrook, perhaps d. of William the first, had Samuel, John, Josiah, and Ebenezer, beside Mary, w. prob. of Seth Chapin; but dates are not seen. His will was of 5 Apr. 1717. The s. John is said to be that gr. of H. C. 197, wh. was held the greatest lawyer this country produc. bef. the Americ. Revo. exc. perhaps Judge Trowbridge. See full exhibit. of his esteem in Eliot's Biogr. Dict. SAMUEL, Marblehead, 1674, perhaps br. of Richard. SAMUEL, Charlestown, s. of George the first, a physician, m. 19 June 1679, Elizabeth d. of John Mousal, had Elizabeth b. 3 Apr. 1680; Joanna, 16 Feb. 1681; Abigail, 10 Jan. 1683; Samuel, 16 July 1688, d. in few days; Mary, 9 Jan. 1690; Mercy, 29 Nov. 1697. THOMAS, Salem 1630, freem. 1 Apr. 1634, was made ens. 1637, had s. Thomas, Abraham, and perhaps others, and he may earlier have been of Lynn and Marblehead, at wh. latter he was a witness, 28 Sept. 1630, bef. coroner's jury.
THOMAS, Salem, elder s. of the preced. by w. Mary, had Susanna, bapt. 23 Sept. 1649; Ann, 15 June 1651, d. at 11 yrs.; Mary, 10 Apr. 1653; Elizabeth 13 May 1655; Remember, 26 Apr. 1657; Jacob, 5 June 1659; Sarah, 15 Mar. 1661; but prob. the last to d. young, for ano. Jacob was bapt. there 7 Nov. 1663; and Sarah, again, 14 Oct. 1665, or 19 Aug. 1666. Yet here, without doubt, is some confus. and more omis. I feel sure there were two, and prob. three Thomases contempo. at Salem. The first had title of Col. and d. abroad a. 1663; left beside a sec. w. call. Elsy, two s. of wh. Abraham, the younger, was admor. By Wait Winthrop, his atty. Samuel, only s. of the other Thomas, calling hims. merch. of London, sold 28 June 1701, to Daniel Epps the farm. at Salem that had belong. to his f. But Essex Inst. II. 16, gives inv. of ano. THOMAS, tak. 5 Apr. 1667. THOMAS, Sudbury, may have been a promin. man at Newtown, L. I. 1656. THOMAS, Sudbury, may be the freem. of 1656, had Thomas, and perhaps more, d. 19 Sept. 1701, as Mr. Shattuck thinks. THOMAS, Boston, by w. Mary had Elizabeth b. 28 Jan. 1657; and he d. 11 May 1661. THOMAS, Rehoboth, s. of John the first, m. 29 Mar. 1665, Elizabeth Clark, bur. 23 Feb. 1675, aged 32; and m. 16 June 1675, Ann Perrin, perhaps d. of the first John, had John wh. d. 4 Dec. 1676; Thomas, 25 Mar. 1678; Nathaniel, 30 Mar. 1680; and Hannah, 12 Apr. 1682; and he d. 6 Feb. 1696.
THOMAS, Weymouth, [[vol. 3, p. 519]] s. of William the first, by w. Sarah had Thomas, b. 12 Sept. 1671; John, 30 Dec. 1679; Samuel, 12 Apr. 1681; Ruth, 20 Feb. 1685; William, 4 Feb. 1688; Hannah, 25 Sept. 1689; and Elizabeth 9 Nov. 9. THOMAS, Sudbury, s. of Thomas of the same, m. 30 May, 1677, Mary, d. of John Goodrich of Wethersfield, had fam. was freem. 1678, then call. jun. One THOMAS of New Hampsh. 1689, pray. for jurisdict. of Mass. THOMAS, Woburn, youngest s. of George the first, m. 1 Feb. 1704, Sarah Sawyer. TIMOTHY, Wourn, s. of Ralph, m. 27 Dec. 1688, Martha Boyden, had Martha, b. 1 Mar 1690; William, 5 Oct. 1694, so nam. for a bro. k. by the f.; Jonathan, 15 Dec. 1701, d. young; Elizabeth 1 Dec. 1706; and Mary, 25 Dec. 1709; and by sec. w. Persis, had Persis, 21 July 1711; Timothy, 27 Sept. 1713; Jacob, 31 Jan. 1716; and Jonathan again, 19 May 1718. But it must be told, that the h. of Persis, to wh. the last four ch. are giv. is, by my correspond. call. s. of George the first. WILLIAM, Boston, perhaps very early, but more prob. not, as it seems likely that most, if not all of his ch. were brot. from Eng. So far as can be gather. or resona. conject. they were Margaret, wh. m. 3 Mar. 1659, Richard Stubbs; Susanna m. 13 Dec. 1659, Samuel Smith; Esther m. 30 July 1661, John Canney, all at B. Edward, Richard, and Samuel, all at Marblehead, and it is said Christopher, wh. d. at Charleston 1696. Tradit. tells, that he d. at sea, on a passage, 1667, hither from Ireland.
WILLIAM, Weymouth. freem. 2 Sept. 1635, rep. 1636 and 8, had John; William, b. 15 Dec. 1639; Esther, 8 May 1641; and prob. others, certain; Mary wh. d. by rec. 16 Apr. 1655. But ano. Mary, d. of one William at W. m. 11 May 1657, John Vining, by the same rec. so that some mistake may be fear. Perhaps the earlier date refers to the mo. of the m. Mary. He had also Thomas, Margaret and James. WILLIAM, Dorchester, came prob. in the Defence 1635, aged 48, with w. Mabel, 30; George, 6; Ralph, 5; and Justus, 18 mos. and had at D. Abigail, bapt. 30 Dec. 1638; was freem. 14 Mar. 1639; rem. prob. first to Rehoboth, or perhaps liv. at Woburn. WILLIAM, Boston, perhaps br. of the first John, there by w. Susanna, had Susanna; and John b. 25, bapt. 27 Sept. 1646, a. 4 days old, as the ch. rec. says. His w. d. 12 Oct. 1653, and he m. 20 May 1654, Ruth Crook, had William, 3 Feb. 1655, d. soon; Isaac, 18 Apr. 1656; Ephraim, 23 Nov. 1657; Jonathan, 23 Apr. 1659; Timothy, 11 Aug. 1660; William, again, 7 May 1662; Hezekiah, 6 July 1663; Sarah, 21 June 1665; Elizabeth 22 Dec. 1666; and Elizabeth again, 22 Apr. 1669. He may have been of the first prop. of Worcester, 1674. His d. Hannah d. 25 Nov. 1656, by rec. and d. Susanna m. 13 Dec. 1659, Samuel Smith.
WILLIAM, Norwalk 1654, perhaps was only a transient man, and very soon aft. of Newtown, L. I. WILLIAM, Boston, by w. [[vol. 3, p. 520]] Hannah had William, b. 26 Mar. 1665, unless there be error. in town rec. wh. is not very improb. and John, 25 Apr. 1669. WILLIAM, Woburn, eldest s. of Ralph, by w. Elizabeth had William, b. 23 Aug. 1682; Mary, 12 Mar. 1685; Elizabeth 23 Feb. 1687; was casual. k. by his own bro. Timothy, 7 Nov. 1688, shooting at a deer. WILLIAM, Woburn, s. of George, m. 24 May 1686, Abigail Kendall. WILLIAM, Weymouth, s. of William the first of the same, not the freem. 1653, m. 1675 Esther Thompson, had William; Esther; John, b. 21 Oct. 1680, ano. ch. whose name is not in the rec. 24 May 1682; John, again, 10 July 1687; so that prob. the first John d. young; Jacob, 6 Nov. 1691; and Sarah, 21 Mar. 1694; beside others, as we are confident, for his will of 26 Oct. 1705, pro. 12 Sept. foll. names w. Esther; eldest s. William; John; Jacob, and ds. Bathshua Porter; Mercy Whitmarsh; and unm. ones, Mary; Esther; and Sarah. This name is very common, often written Reed, and under either form likely to breed confus. betw. sev. hav. the same bapt. title. Aft. spend. many hours of sev. days, I am unable to reconcile and fix the habita. of all. Farmer found 60 gr. in the N. E., N. J., and Union Coll. 1829. Twelve at Harv. and eleven at Yale had been gr. in 1834.
READER, JOHN, Springfield 1636, had gr. of ld. but did not long cont. perhaps was of New Haven in 1643; Stratford 1650; but last of Newtown, L. I. 1656.
REAPE, SAMUEL, Newport, m. bef. 30 Jan. 1669, Joanna, wid. of Zechariah Rhoades. THOMAS, Boston, m. 30 Nov. 1660, by Gov. Endicott, to Judith, wid. of Robert Ratchell. WILLIAM, Newport, by w. Sarah, had Sarah, b. 17 Apr. 1664; and William, 31 Dec. 1667; and d. 6 Aug. 1670, aged 42.
RECORD, JOHN, Weymouth, was a soldier on Conn. Riv. in Philip's war 1676, and in July 1677, m. at Hingham, Hannah, d. of Thomas Hobart.
REDDING, RIDDAN, or READING, JOHN, Sandwich, m. 22 Oct. 1676, Mary Bassett, perhaps d. of William the sec. JOSEPH, Boston, early one of the ch. and prob. came in the fleet with Winthrop rem. to Cambrige 1632, was freem. 14 May 1634, and at Ipswich 1637, where a wid. R. perhaps his, was liv. 1678. MILES, Boston, perhaps br. of the preced. a cooper, came prob. with Winthrop for in the list of first ch. mem. his No. is 81, freem. 14 May 1634, was prob. of Billerica 1665.
THADDEUS, Lynn, by w. Elizabeth had Hannah and Sarah, tw. b. 12 Aug. 1660, of wh. Hannah d. in 3 mos.; Hannah, again, 11 Nov. 1662, John, 3 Feb. 1665; and Abigail, 4 June 1671; was of Marblehead 1674. THOMAS, Saco 1652, freem. 1653. See Folsom, 183. This name, Farmer says, is found still in N. H. [[vol. 3, p. 521]]
REDDOCK, HENRY, Providence 1645-55, in 1661 liv. at Warwick, was f.-in-law of Christopher Hauxhurst. JOHN, Sudbury, an orig. propr. 1640.
REDFIELD, or REDFIN, JAMES, New London, perhaps as early as 1649. One of the name is ment. at Edgartown 1671, yet he may more likely be the foll. JAMES, New London, s. of William, apprent. to a tanner 1662, but prob. bec. a weaver, m. at New Haven, Elizabeth Howe, d. of Jeremiah, in May 1669, had Elizabeth b. 31 May 1670; and Sarah; beside Theophilus 1682; seems to be resid. at Saybrook in 1676. He rem. to Fairfield, m. Deborah, d. of John Sturges, had Margaret, bapt. 7 Oct. 1694; and James, 25 Oct. 1696; and prob. d. aft. 1719, when he gave est. to s. James. WILLIAM, New London, soon after 1646, br. prob. of James the first, by w. Rebecca had Rebecca, wh. m. 12 Dec. 1661, Thomas Roach; Lydia, wh. m. 10 Jan. 1656, Thomas Bayley; James, bef. ment. and Judith, wh. m. 17 June 1667, Alexander Pyan; and d. 1662. He had been of Cambridge 1639-42, in the S. part now Newton, where he sold his est. Sept. 1646 to Edward Jackson, being in my opinion, the same man call. by Jackson in his Hist. 9 and 23 (mistak. the letter f, for the ancient long s, in his name), Redson, Redsyn, or Redsen. Prob. some of his ch. were b. in Eng. one or more at C.
REDFORD, CHARLES, Salem, merch. was capt. of the troop 1691, perhaps went home, d. 1692, Felt says.
REDIAT, RIDIAT, or RADYATE, JOHN, Sudbury, freem. 1645, by w. Ann had John b. 19 Apr. 1644; Samuel, 22 Oct. 1653, d. in few wks. and Elizabeth 12 Aug. 1657; perhaps others. Deborah R. m. at Concord, 22 May 1679, Daniel Farrabas, as sec. w. is in his will of 5 Feb. 1687, made at Marlborough, pro. 28 Apr. foll. call his d. Farrowbush, and therein favored with good part of his est. ano. part to Mehitable, his d. w. of Nathaniel Oakes, and some provis. for gr.ch. John and Mary R. s. and d. of his dec s. John. JOHN, Sudbury, s. of the preced. by w. Susanna had John; Susanna, b. 1 Dec. 1672; and Mary, 8 Feb. 1675; and d. 1676. His wid. m. John Miles of Concord; Susanna, m. 26 Dec. 1692, Jacob Farrar; Mary, m. 1 Sept. 1696, Nathaniel Jones; and John d. 5 Aug. 1694, prob. without issue, and the name perhaps is extinct.
REDINGTON, ABRAHAM, Rowley 1667, was rep. in 1686, for Topsfield or Boxford, freem. 1690. I suppose he m. Mary or Margaret, d. of Zacheus Gould of T. but no issue is kn. to me, unless he be (as highly prob. it seems), that man, call. in Geneal. Reg. I. 77, Pedington, whose s. Benjamin was b. 19 Apr. 1661. DANIEL, Topsfield, freem. 1685. THOMAS, Boxford, freem. 1690.
REDKNAP, or REDNAPE, BENJAMIN, Lynn, s. of Joseph, freem. 1691, had Sarah, b. 8 Feb. 1675; Hannah, 9 Apr. 1679; Rebecca, 9 Aug. [[vol. 3, p. 522]] 1682; and Joseph, 20 Jan. 1684. JOSEPH, Lynn, a wine-cooper from London, came prob. in 1634, was freem. 3 Sept. of that yr. had a. fam. Nathaniel and Benjamin, or d. Sarah, wh. m. 28 Dec. 1671, Thomas Laighton; certain. liv. to gr. age. Presid. Dudley pro. his will 28 Oct. 1686, that was made 20 May 1681, at Lynn. It names only s. Nathaniel, to wh. he gave ld. at Springfield; and Benjamin, mak. the latter excor. and devis. to him est. at Lynn. Hutch I. 341, says he came over at 60 (but he could be little more than 40) and d. in Boston, aged 110. He foll. authority of Judge Sewall (wh. in one place says he d. at Lynn), not doubting to draw the conclus. as to his age on arr. when S. said he liv. here a. 50 yrs. To this weight, Felt, Eccl. Hist. I. 531 offers no resistance. But as the Court rec. of Essex Co. show that giv. evidence in 1657, he was a. 60, and in 1670, he call. hims. betw. 70 and 80, we may judge with highest confidence, that when he d. 22 Jan. 1686, he had not run much beyond 90, and perhaps not reached it. Lewis, whose regard was absorbed by Boniface Burton, barely refers to Sewall's liberal allowance to Redknap, but gives no addit. to the credit of the tradit. Sewall was very apt to believe what old persons told him, often when their habits or power of mind should rather have led to distrust their evidence. He owned est. at Hampton in Co. Middlesex, called Blackbush right, near Hampton Court, wh. he sold in 1649 to Edward Tomlyns.

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