A genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of new england, showing three generations of those who came before may, 1692, on the basis of farmer's register

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POUND, THOMAS, a pirate in the Vinyard Sound, Sept. and Oct. 1689, taken and brot. in.
POUT, or POAT, WILLIAM, Marblehead 1668-74.
POW, WILLIAM, Marblehead 1674. Dana, 8. It is strange that we never find his name, especially as it bears the prefix of respect in Dana.
POWELL, ABEL, Newbury, and CALEB, his br. actors in the direful nonsense of witchcraft, 1679, against or upon William Morse and his w. Elizabeth of wh. in Hist. of Newbury, 122-134, and in Essex Inst. II. 30, 31, and 212, eno. perhaps more than eno. may be read. See also a few words in this Dict. III. 242, under Morse. JOHN, Charlestown, by w. Sarah had John, bapt. 7 Mar. 1669; but the f. had d. in June preced. and the young wid. join. to the ch. 28 Feb. foll. and soon m. John Blaney. MICHAEL, Dedham 1639, by w. Abigail had perhaps that Sarah wh. m. 3 May 1653, Timothy Dwight, and may have been b. in Eng.; Elizabeth b. 10 June, bapt. 5 July 1641; Dorothy, 11, bapt. 16 July 1643; and Michael, b. 12, bapt. 19 Oct. 1645; beside Margaret, bapt. 14 Apr. 1648 a. 8 days old; was freem. 2 June 1641, rem. to Boston 1647, and, without ordin. taught in the new ch. bef. sett. of a min. there, or, indeed, bef. the gather. of a ch. wh. occur. 5 June of the yr. foll. when he was ord. a rul. elder, the governm. forbid. his being min. for want of educat. had Margaret, bapt. 14 June 1649, 8 days old; and d. 28 Jan. 1673, or by gr.-st. wh. makes his age 67 yrs. 28 Dec. preced. Farmer strangely miscalls Increase Mather the first min. tho. he did, sub voce, Mayo, restore the honor to the proper man. Elizabeth m. 23 Aug. 1659, Richard Hollingworth. Two of his more gifted succesors, Ware and Robbins, have justly discussed the diffidence of this first instr. of their, people. RALPH, Marshfield, m. 30 Oct. 1676, Martha Clement. ROBERT, Exeter, took o. of fidel. 1677. ROWLAND, Gloucester 1657, by w. Isabel had Rowland, and a d. tw. b. 9 Feb. 1658, of wh. the d. d. next day; Mary, 7 May 1660; and Stephen, 9 Nov. 1662.
THOMAS, New Haven, had Hannah, b. 1641, bapt. 1643; Priscilla, Dec. 1642, bapt. 1644; Mary, bapt. 20 July 1645; Martha, 28 Jan. 1649, prob. d. soon; Martha, again, Jan. 1651; and Esther, prob. bapt. 5 June 1653; [[vol. 3, p. 470]] all in right of w. Priscilla; may be he same wh. in May 1664, was of Long Isl. adm. to be sw. freem. of Conn. by Commsnrs. of Huntington. He was dissatif. prob. with the recusancy of that Col. to the union with Conn. as by the royal chart. provid. and may have been at Springfield 1665, at least bot. ld. there, but did not cont. long, and went back to N. H. but not to least on the list of 1669, there d. 3 Oct. 1681. Hannah m. 21 May 1660, Thomas Tuttle, and Priscilla m. 29 Mar. or as ano. acco. says, 22 May 1666, John Thompson; and Mary m. 8 Nov. 1669, Ephraim Sanford.
THOMAS, Saco 1670. THOMAS, Windsor, m. 25 Aug. 1676, Alice Traharen, had Ann, b. 19 Apr. 1678; Thomas, 1 July 1680; and Hannah, 1682, d. at 2 yrs.; John, wh. d. 17 Jan. 1686; and d. 1685. WILLIAM, Charlestown 1636, by w. Elizabeth had Mary, b. 30 Apr. 1637; Martha, 29 Apr. 1639; Joshua, 15 Nov. 1641, d. soon; Elizabeth 22 Aug. 1642; and Joshua, again, 1644; and his w. d. 3 Dec. of that yr. He may be that man, said by Farmer to have d. at Salem 1670. WILLIAM, Taunton 1643.
POWER, JOHN, Charlestown by w. Sarah, had Peter, b. 4 Nov. 1643. NICHOLAS, Providence, an early sett. soon aft. Roger Williams, d. 25 Aug. 17 leav. wid. Jane, and s. Nicholas, and d. Hope, both under age. He never dwelt at Shaomet, Staples says, tho. of the number of twelve purch. of that territo. an so suffer. very slightly in the monstrous proceed. against Gorton and his comp. at Warwick 1643. Yet he is one of the signers of the declar. of their rights, 20 Nov. 1642. Tradit. has been very rich, and, as usual, very false a. this man, and his s. of the same name. The f. was here to sign the claim of rights in Nov. 1642, and was one of the purch. with Gorton and the other misbelievers of Warwick, and was next yr. brot. a prisoner to Boston, yet the mythical honor makes him to have left Drogheda, "dur in the siege in 1642, for Surinam, where the fam. had large estates." Authentic hist. makes the siege of Drogheda a dozen yrs. later. In favor of the sec. Nicholas, that authority makes his w. "d. of Sir Zachary R. a Cheshire baronet," but it wisely omits to tell how his title was acquir. Most curious is the docum. call. his will, made 27 May 1667 (near ten yrs. aft. his d.) by the municip. officers pub. in authentic form. R. I. Hist. Coll. II. Apx. 14.
NlCHOLAS, Providence, s. of the preced. freem. 1655, took engagem. of alleg. 29 Apr. 1670, m. 3 Feb. 1672, Rebecca, d. of Zachary Rhodes, had Hope wh. d. young; and col. Nicholas, b. 1673, and tradit. tells that he was k. accid. by his own friends, at the swamp fight, 19 Dec. in Philip's war. His wid. m. 1 Dec. 1676, Daniel Williams. The third Nicholas had m. one of this name, and no other s. the fourth, a fifth, and the fifth a sixth, ea. without other male issue; but the mystical number of seven was unhap. not reach. and the heredita. distinct. has expir. with the riches of Surinam.
WALTER, Malden 1660, m. 11 Mar. 1661, Trial, d. of Ralph Shepard, [[vol. 3, p. 471]] had William; Mary; Isaac; Thomas; Daniel, b. 10 May 1669; Increase, 16 July 1671; Walter, 28 June 1674; Jacob, 15 Dec. 1679; and Sarah, 8 Feb. 1683; and d. at Littleton a. 1718.
POWES, THOMAS, Boston, of wh. I see nothing but that Sewall says, he was drown. 21 June 1684.
POWNING, or POUNDING, HENRY, Boston, freem. 1644, but he was of ano. ch. tho. of what town I am ign. had Henry, b. 28 Apr. 1654, wh. perhaps, was of ar. co. 1677; Hannah, 8 Apr. 1656, d. next yr.; and Sarah, 3 Aug. 1659. In 1695, a wid. P. was a householder in B. and Daniel P. ar. co. 1691, a deac. d. 1735.
POWSLAND, POWSLEY, POWLAND, POWLLEN, POUSLAND, POUSLIN, or POUSLY, JAMES, Salem, m. 2 Aug. 1670, Mary Barnes, wid. prob. of Thomas, 1675 was employ. as a gunner. Felt II. 486. He liv. 1674 on Marblehead side. RICHARD, Falmouth 1674-90. Willis I. 71, 133.
PRANCE, PHILIP, Salem 1689, master mariner. Felt.
PRATT, AARON, Cohasset, s. of Phineas, had Aaron, d. Feb. 1735, aged 81, says the very loose statement in a newspaper taken into the Geneal. Reg. V. 224. ABRAHAM, Charlestown, a surg. hav. in Col. rec. 19 Oct. 1630, when he req. to be made free, the prefix of respect, came, we may well infer, in the fleet Winthrop and was liv. 1631 at C. He with w. Joanna, early join. the ch. of Roxbury, but rem. again to C. and his w. d. 27 Dec. 1645; and he d. as the gr.-st. says, on the same day.
BENAJAH, Plymouth, s. perhaps of Joshua or of Phineas, m. 29 Nov. 1655, Persis Dunham, prob. of the first John, had Abigail, b. 21 Nov. 1657. DANIEL, Hartford, s. prob. of John, freem. 1657, had Daniel, seven ds. and d. Apr. 1691, bur. 24. The ds. were Hannah, m. 1678, sec. Daniel Clark; Elizabeth w. of Nathaniel Goodwin; Sarah, wh. m. 1690, Timothy Phelps; Mary Sanford; Rachel, b. 1671, wh. m. 22 Feb. 1694, John Skinner; Esther; and ano. whose name is not kn. Esther, in 1702, d. unm. in her will refer. to br. Daniel, and five sis. so that we infer one was d. since the f. EPHRAIM, Weymouth, by w. Phebe had Ephraim, b. 15 June 1698. EPHRAIM, Sudbury, s. of Thomas of the same, by w. Elizabeth had Josiah, b. 6 Mar. 1700; Ephraim, 30 Nov. 1704; Phineas, 8 July 1706; Elizabeth 25 Apr. 1711; and Mary, 2 Dec. 1718; prob. rem. to Shutesbury or Shrewsbury. Of one Ephraim, either this man or his s. is told the marvellous tale of longevity in Dwight's travels II. 358, that he was b. in Nov. 1687, and d. May 1804, could count 1500 descend. ate no animal food for forty yrs. and "was able to mow a good swarth one hundred and one yrs. in succession." Improb. crowd up against both of these Ephraims; the sen. must have been some yrs. earlier than 1687, call. by the man of sec. childhood his yr. of birth, as it is not prob. that his first ch. was b. in [[vol. 3, p. 472]] wedlock bef. the f. was twelve and a half yrs. old. Dr. Dwight should therefore, have better called him 126, than 116 yrs. old; but as part of the same chapter in Apocrypha is, that this veteran Ephraim had s. Michael wh. d. 1826, aged 103, we may judge the honor of the myth to have been designed for the junr. This younger Ephraim was not 99 yrs. old, when the credulity of Pres. Dwight was instructed by the wonder-working old man that he had mowed grass one hundred and one yrs. in succession, and only invalided the yr. past. Dr. Dwight, tho. not sceptical. inclined, as a juryman, on a question of this man's will, had he made it on the day of his visit, must have decided that it was not good, I presume for want of disposing mind and memory in the testator. So easily does the false story of great age obtain belief, even from men of sagacity, like Pres. Dwight or Mr. Ward. Next we compress the dimesions of Michael, tho. the day or yr. of his birth is unkn. yet as his f. was not m. bef. 1724, he was less than one hundred; and his f. from the last day of Nov. 1704 to any day in Mar. 1804 could count but ninety-nine yrs. and a half. See Barry, Hist. of Framingham, for more of the fables.
JOHN, Cambridge, an expert surg. possib. br. of Abraham, was of Hooker's ch. and freem. 14 May 1634; but he had been so early as Mar. 1629, engag. for our comp. and came in the Lion's Whelp, but rem. in the same sh. and when next he came, sat down first at Braintree, in Nov. 1635 was animadvert. on for ill report of the country, rem. to Hartford, prob. 1637, was rep. 1639-42, but not after, excus. from watch, accord. to previous promise, in June 1644, but went for home in Nov. foll. with his w. having no ch. and above 60 yrs. old, and in Dec. drown. in the shipwreck on the coast of Spain. Winthrop I. 173, and II. 239, with Trumbull, Col. Rec. II. 27, 108, and 450. JOHN, Hingham, lost his ho. by fire, 15 Mar. 1646, and perhaps rem. to Weymouth, and may have been f. of John, Joseph, Matthew, Samuel, and Thomas of that town, or of some of them. JOHN, Hartford, an orig. propr. was prob. a carpenter, and was f. of John, and Daniel, d. 15 July 1655. His will of 7 Oct. preced. names w. Elizabeth and the two s. He has been sometimes confus. with the surg. wh. owned no ld. whereas this man had sev. lots. See Trumbull, Col. Rec. I. 230.
JOHN, Dorchester, freem. 10 May 1643, had John, b. a. 1630, and Timothy, and d. 1647, leav. wid. Mary, wh. m. William Turner. His will of 3 Mar. 1647 is abstr. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 36. Timothy sett. in Boston; John, at Medfield. JOHN, Weymouth, s. of Matthew of the same, m. 27 Nov. 1656, Mary, d. of ens. John Whitman of the same. JOHN, Hartford, s. of the sec. John, m. Hannah, d. of James Boosy, was freem. 1657, had Hannah, b. 25 Nov. 1658; John, 17 May 1661; Elizabeth 7 Oct. 1664; Sarah, 20 June 1668; Joseph, 6 Mar. 1671, Ruth, 21 [[vol. 3, p. 473]]
1677; Susanna, 2 Oct. 1680; and Jonathan, 6 Oct. 1683; and d. 1690. Perhaps some of these ch. were by his s. w. Hepzibah, wh. m says Porter, John Sadd, 1690, and d. 1712. JOHN, Kingstown, by w. Ann, had Deliverance, b. 13 Nov. 1664; Mary, Apr. 1666; John, Oct. 1667; Ebenezer, 31 Aug. 1669; Phineas, Apr. 1671; Joshua, 10 Jan. 1673; Jeremy, 13 Oct. 1674; and Mercy, 23 Dec. 1676. JOHN, Medfield 1666, was s. of John of Dorchester, but prob. b. in Eng. and I kn. nothing more, exc. that he had John, Mary, Priscilla, Hannah, and Sarah, and w. Rebecca, all nam. in his will of 30 Apr. 1707, from wh. we find that one d. had m. Henry Smith; ano. Timothy Clark; and that s.-in-law, Samuel Wright was made with s. John excor.
JOHN, Saybrook, s. of lieut. William, m. 8 June 1665, Sarah, d. of Thomas Jones, but whether he had ch. by her, I find not. Geneal. Reg. IV. has giv. from the rec. of Saybrook two JOHNS, as follows: one had Thomas, b. 28 Oct. 1675; Isaac, 16 Jan. 1678; Sarah, 5 June 1680; Lydia, 18 Feb. 1682; and Mehitable, 6 Sept. 1685. He may have been s. of William. The other JOHN, call. a tailor, m. 10 Aug. 1676, Mary Andrews, had Mary, b. 24 May 1677; Martha, 16 Jan. 1679; Daniel, 13 Jan. 1680; Jonathan, 25 Dec. 1682; Hannah, 14 June 1688; and John, 19 Mar. 1691. JOHN, Malden, s. of Richard of the same, by first w. Mary had Richard; John, b. 14 June 1686; and by w. Martha, m. 18 Nov. 1686, had John, b. 4 Aug. 1687; and Martha, 1690; and he may have rem. to Reading, where Mr. Eaton sett. one of the name. bef. 1700; but more prob. he was the deac. wh. d. at M. 15 Nov. 1742, aged 81 yrs. 7 mos. His wid. d. 10 May 1744, aged 83; unless she d. as his w. 20 Sept. 1742, aged 79. However, it may be, that this long liv. John was s. of Phineas, and that his w. Martha was d. of Richard Pratt. The decision is not easy upon Geneal. Reg. IX. 325. Ano. JOHN, or the same, of Malden, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 6 Mar. 1696; perhaps John, Thomas, Hannah, Ebenezer, Joseph, William, Caleb, Abigail, and Joshua, or some of them, for the ch. of this surname as the flowers of the field are spread about; but the gr.-st. in Malden, prove that one John's w. Mary, d. 17 May 1710, in 56th yr. and her h. John had d. 3 June 1708. JOHN, Weymouth, by w. Mary, wh. may have been d. of John Whitman of the same, had Samuel, b. 15 Oct. 1686, and by w. Mercy, prob. the same Mary, had John, 8 Mar. 1692; and John, again, 26 May 1696. One JOHN of Boston, m. 29 July 1691, Margaret Maverick, but of h. or w. I kn. no more.
JONATHAN, Plymouth, br. perhaps of Benajah, m. 2 Nov. 1664, Abigail Wood, had Abigail, b. 16 June 1665; Bathsheba, 20 Feb. 1667; Jonathan, 20 Mar. 1669; Hannah, 28 June, 1671; Jabez, 1 Nov. 1673; Meletiah, 11 Dec. 1676; and Bethia, 8 Aug. 1679. JOSEPH, Weymouth, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 31 May 1664; Joseph, [[vol. 3, p. 474]] 2 Feb. 1666; and John, 17 May 1668; was freem. 1672, and perhaps sw. again in 1674, when he liv. perhaps at Nantucket, and had there Mary, 16 Sept. 1675. JOSEPH, Charlestown, perhaps. s. of Phineas, m. 12 Feb. 1675, Dorcas Folger, had Joseph, b. 19 Oct. 1677, Bethia, 11 Feb. 1680; Benjamin, 19 Jan. 1682, d. soon; Dorcas, 2 Apr. 1683, d. soon; Phineas, 18 Jan. 1684; Joshua, 18 June 1686; Lydia, 28 Nov. 1688; and the liv. three s. and ds. were bapt. 10 Feb. 1689, when unlucki. only Joseph is nam. in the rec.
JOSEPH, Saybrook, s. of William the first, recom. for freem. 1673, by first w. had Joseph, William, Sarah, Experience, and Margaret. In Sept. 1686, he took sec. w. Sarah, youngest d. of Robert Chapman of the same, had Ann, b. 12 Aug. 1687, d. in few mos.; Ann, again, 7 Oct. 1688; Susanna, 18 Mar. 1690; Robert, 26 Oct. 1691; Caleb, a. 1693; Elizabeth 6 Sept. 1695; Hannah, 27 Feb. 1699; and Temperance, 15 Feb. 1701, d. soon. JOSHUA, Plymouth came in the Ann 1623, prob. a youth, of wh. all that is kn. seems to be, that in 1652 he was one of the purch. of Dartmouth, and d. soon aft. for inv. of his prop. present. by Bathsheba, prob. his wid. 6 Oct. 1656, was only of the amo. £18 11s. 3d. Perhaps he had ch. but the gr.s. Ephraim, by Farmer believ. to be b. Nov. 1687, and his s. Michael, wonders of old age in 1804 and 1826, are by Barry render. wholly improb. JOSHUA, Medfield 1649. MATTHEW, Weymouth, freem. 13 May 1640, had Joseph, b. 10 Aug. 1637, prob. d. soon; and perhaps others, and may have, bef. 1643, rem. to Rehoboth.
MATTHEW, Weymouth, perhaps s. of the preced. by w. Sarah, had Matthew, b. 18 Sept. 1665; Mary, 1667; Hannah, 4 Nov. 1670; William, 5 May 1673; may have rem. to Boston in the war of king Phillip, had s. Samuel, bapt. at 3d ch. 2 Apr. 1676, and gone again to W. there had Ann, 14 Sept. 1682; and Susanna, Sept. 1684. Prob. he was s. but may have been neph. of the preced. He bec. deaf at 12 yrs. and almost lost speech, and his w. was deaf and dumb after 3 yrs. as in the Magnalia 12 of cap. 26 of book III. is agreeably told (extract. from Remarkab. Providence of Increase Mather, the more judicious. f. of the author), with less admixt. of nonsense than is commonly seen in that work. MICAH, Weymouth, had John, b. 4 Oct. 1691. NATHANIEL, Saybrook, s. of William first of the same, m. 2 May 1688, Sarah Beament, had Sarah, b. 6 Feb. 1689; Nathaniel, 6 Mar. 1691; Samuel, 24 Jan. 1693; Abigail, 9 Oct. 1695; Deborah, 1 Jan. 1699; Hezekiah, 9 July 1701; and Gideon, 17 Sept. 1704.
PETER, Lyme, m. 5 Aug. 1679, Elizabeth that d. of Matthew Griswold, wh. had been, three yrs. bef. divorc. from John Rogers for his heresy, had Peter, and d. 24 Mar. 1688, and, 1691, his wid. m. Matthew Beckwith. It is not kn. whose s. he was, tho. sometimes it has been guess. that he was William's, of [[vol. 3, p. 475]] wh. the prob. is remote. PHINEAS, Plymouth, came in June 1622, as one of capt. Weston's men, planted at Weymouth, but in Mar. foll. as Gov. Winslow tells in Young's Chron. of the Pilgr. he went to P. had sh. in the div. of ld. as if he had come in the Ann with Joshua, wh. may have been a br. and so may we excuse the error of Mitchell, 279, wh. says he came in the Ann, when it is plain he was here one yr. earlier; m. 1630, a d. of Cuthbert Cuthbertson, it is said, rem. aft. many yrs. to Charlestown. He address. a petition to our Gen. Ct. in 1662, accomp. with a narrative of the first planting, whereupon, they gave him 300 acres. That tract, with illustrations by the diligence of Frothingham, is print. in 4 Mass. Hist. Coll. IV. 476. He d. 19 Apr. 1680, hav. been so reduced in est. as to need aid from the town. Frothinghm, 156. Perhaps in mak. his age a. 90 yrs. the inscript. on his gr.st. at Charlestown may be 10 or 12 yrs. too liberal. See Prince, Ann. I. 131, or Mr. Hale's Ed. 213. RICHARD, Charlestown, b. it is said, youngest of nine ch. to John of Malden in Co. Essex, and there bapt. 29 June 1615, by w. Mary, had Mary, b. 7 or 30 Sept. 1643; Thomas, 5 Mar. or May 1646; Mercy, 15 June 1650, d. young; John, 1655; Elizabeth; Martha, 1663; and Hannah. He liv. on Malden side, and d. 1691. Mary m. Thomas Skinner; Elizabeth m. Gershom Hawkes; Martha m. 18 Nov. 1686, John Pratt; and Hannah on slight report is call. w. of a Hovey.
SAMUEL, Weymouth, a carpenter, freem. 1666, by w. Hannah, perhaps d. of John Rogers of the same, had Judah, b. 25 June 1661; ano. ch whose name is out, 17 Aug. 1633; Hannah, 21 Dec. 1665; Mary, 3 Mar. 1668; Samuel, 15 Nov. 1670; Experience, 8 Jan. 1673; and perhaps Martha, 8 Aug. 1675. He was engag. in settlem. of Mendon 1663. SAMUEL, Wickford 1674. SAMUEL, Weymouth, s. of Samuel of the same, by w. Patience, had Judith, 23 Nov. 1695. THOMAS, Watertown, freem. 1647, unless, I suspect, Barry overlooked one generat. and it was not that freem. but his s. wh. had, partly bef. and partly aft. rem. to Framingham, after being of Sudbury, these eleven ch. Thomas, b. a 1656; John; Ebenezer; Joseph; Philip; David; Jabez; Nathaniel; Abial, fem. Ephraim; and Jonathan; in 1682 had ld. set to him at Sherborn, and d. a. 1692; at least, admin. that yr. was giv. to wid. Susanna and s. John. All these ten s. m. and had fams. It seems prob. that the f. of these many ch. was he wh. sw. fidel. in 1652, rather than the freem. of 1647, wh. may have been his f. THOMAS, Weymouth, had William, b. 6 Mar. 1659. A serg. Pratt of Weymouth, perhaps not this man, but Joseph, Matthew, or Samuel, was k. by the Ind. in Philip's war, 19 Apr. 1676.
THOMAS, Malden, by w. Sarah had Sarah, bapt. 6 Jan. 1661, d. young; Elizabeth 2 Feb. 1662; John, 29 May 1664; Sarah, again, 19 Aug. 1666, Robert, 19 Apr. 1668, d. young; Edmund, 30 Jan. 1670; Hannah, [[vol. 3, p. 476]] 25 Feb. 1672; William, 13 Sept. 1674; Deborah, 1 Oct. 1676; and Robert, again, 22 June 1684. THOMAS, Malden. eldest s. of Richard of the same, had, by w. unkn. to me, Richard, John, Mary, Sarah, and Thomas, b. 1707, wh. it is said, to 20 Aug. 1776; but the f. d. 1718. TIMOTHY, Boston, s. of John of Dorchester, m. 9 Nov. 1659, Deborah Cooper, join. the sec. or Mather's ch. and was freem. 1683. He had sec. w. Mary, as appears in his will of 16 Aug. 1694, in wh. he ment. s. Josiah, and the Deborah, d. of his s. Timothy, dec. TIMOTHY, Charlestown, s. of the preced. m. 19 Nov. 1679, Grace, eldest d. of Thomas Shippey, had Deborah, nam. in the will of her gr.f. Pratt; Rebecca, b. 22 July 1682, d. in one yr. aft.; and he d. 25 Mar. of the same yr. He had been a barber of Boston.
WILLIAM, Hartford, an orig. propr. prob. br. of John, the sec. of the same, by w. Elizabeth d. of John Clark of Milford, had Elizabeth b. 1 Feb. 1642; John, 20 Feb. 1645; rem. that yr. to Saybrook, there had Joseph, 1 Aug. 1648; Sarah, 1 Apr. 1651; William, 5, but Parsons quotes 15 May 1653; Samuel, 6 Oct. 1655; Lydia, 1 Jan. 1660; and Nathaniel, perhaps bef. the last, but not nam. in rec. but by his f. in a deed to him; was lieut. in 1661, rep. 1666, and eleven yrs. more. His eldest d. m. William Backus of Norwich; Sarah m. 1670, Isaac Waterouse; and Lydia m. 18 Nov. 1679, John Kirtland of Saybrook. WILLIAM, Weymouth, freem. 1651. WILLIAM, Saybrook, s. of the first William, m. 20 Feb. 1679, Hannah, d. of Nathaniel Kirtland, had Benjamin, b. 14 June 1680; Hannah, 24 July 1682, d. at 2 yrs.; Prudence, 11 Mar. 1685; Ebenezer, 17 Aug. 1688; and Jabez, 19 May 1691. WILLIAM, Weymouth, may have been s. of William of the same, or neph. freem. 1680, by w. Elizabeth d. of Richard Baker of Dorchester had Thankful, b. 4 Oct. 1683, and by w. Experience, had Joanna, b.23 Sept. 1692; and William, 3 Oct. 1695. He rem. to Dorchester. Six of this name, had in 1834, been gr. at Harv. as many at Yale, and eleven at other N. E. coll.
PRAY, ELISHA, Providence, sw. alleg. May 1682. EPHRAIM, Braintree, s. prob. eldest, of John of the same, m. Elizabeth d. of John Hayden, had Ephraim, b. 14 June 1681; John, 18 Aug. 1683; Elizabeth 27 Sept. 1685; Hannah, 3 June 1687; Ruth, 28 Mar. 1689; Samuel, 14 May 1692; Joseph, 14 Jan. 1696; Mary, 17 Sept. 1697; and Sarah, 16 Jan. 1700. EPHRAIM, Providence 1676, "who staid and went not away," says the rec. thro. the war. He m. the wid. of Benjamin Herendean. JOHN, Braintree, m. 7 May 1657, Joanna Dowman, had John, b. 11 Mar. foll. prob. d. bef. his f. beside Ephraim, Samuel, Joseph, and two ds. Hannah Bell, and Dorothy Furbush, to div. his est. in July 1699; but I kn. not the h.'s. JOHN, Providence, sw. alleg. 1671, another of those not frightened away in 1676. QUINTIN and RICHARD, says Lewis, were of [[vol. 3, p. 477]] Lynn 1645; the former is among debtors, 1655, to est. of Joshua Foote, and the latter by Farmer is put among first sett. of R. I. and in Philip's war refus. to quit Providence. He had sw. alleg. to the king, June 1668. WILLIAM, Providence, sw. alleg. May 1682.
PREBLE, ABRAHAM, Scituate 1637, m. Judith, d. of Nathaniel Tilden, had Abraham, b. a. 1642; Nathaniel, bapt. there 1648, tho. some yrs. bef. he had rem. to York, where he perhaps had Benjamin, and others; was magistr. 1650, submit. soon to Mass. and freem. 1652, treasr. of the Col. 1659, and d. 1663, leav. wid. Judith and sev. ch. of wh. one d. was m. Willis I. 102. ABRAHAM, York, s. of the preced. prob. eldest, was made treasr. of the Co. 1678, lieut. 1680, when he took o. of alleg. to the k. He m. a. 1685, acc. fam. tradit. Hannah Kelly, wh. liv. 9 May 1751, a. had Mary, b. 8 June 1686; Abraham, 21 Aug. 1687, Caleb, 7 July 1689; Jonathan, 11 Apr. 1695; Ebenezer, 26 Mar. 1698; and Samuel, 19 Apr. 1699. He was judge and deac. d 4 Oct. 1714 in 72d yr. "univers. faithful to the death," says gr.-st. JOHN, NATHANIEL, and STEPHEN, wh. took the o. of alleg. to his majesty at York, 1680, were prob. his bros. and his s. Abraham, Esquire, of York, d. unm. 30 Mar. 1720 in his 50th yr. Abraham the f. was appoint. admin. on est. of John 1695, Hannah, the wid. of John hav. d. 19 Aug. of that yr. Of this stock was the famous Com. P.
PRENCE, THOMAS, Plymouth, came in the Fortune, 1621, was s. of Thomas of Lechlade, in Co. Gloucester, near Cricklade, in Wilts, m. 5 Aug. 1624, Patience, d. of Elder William Brewster, had Thomas, Rebecca, Hannah, Mercy, and Sarah, of none of wh. are dates of b. kn. His w. d. 1634, and he rem. to Duxbury, m. 1 Apr. 1635, Mary, d. of William Collier, and was chos. Gov. that yr. and for two or three yrs. aft. an Assist. and Gov. again in 1638, afterwards an Assit. many yrs. this w. he had Jane, b. 1 Nov. 1637; and prob. Mary, Elizabeth and Judith; in 1645 rem. to Eastham, there again. chos. Gov. 1658, and there his w. d. A third w. Mary in 1662, was wid. of Samuel Freeman, sen. and he rem. again, 1663, to Plymouth, there he d. 29 Mar. 1673, aged 72, leav. wid. Mary. The s. Thomas went to Eng. m. and d. young, leav. wid. and d. Susanna. Of the ds. all were m. and we kn. the dates of all but one, and the name of her h. is obscure, even after the inquiries of Mr. Hamblen. Rebecca m. 22 Apr. 1646, Edmund, Freeman, jun.; Hannah, m. 13 Feb. 1650, Nathaniel Mayo, and sec. h. Jonathan Sparrow; Mercy m. 13 or 14 Feb. 1650, John Freeman; Sarah m. 1650, Jeremiah Howe of Yarmouth; Jane m. 9 Jan. 1661, Mark Snow; Mary m. John Tracy of Duxbury; Elizabeth m. 9 Dec. 1667, Arthur Howland, jr.; and Judith m. 28 Dec. 1685, Isaac Barker of [[vol. 3, p. 478]] Duxbury. See Morton's Mem. by Davis, 421-5; Mitchell's Bridgewater; Winsor; and Geneal. Reg. VI. 234.

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