A genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of new england, showing three generations of those who came before may, 1692, on the basis of farmer's register

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LOWELL, ancient. writ. LOWLE, BENJAMIN, Newbury, s. of John the first, m. 17 Oct. 1666, Ruth, d. of Edward Woodman, had Ruth, b. 4 Sept. 1667; Elizabeth 16 Oct. 1669; Benjamin, 5 Feb. 1674; Sarah, 15 Mar. 1676; Mary; Joseph, 12 Sept. 1680; and John, 25 Feb. 1683; was freem. 1669. JOHN, Newbury, came 1639, it is said, with his f. Percival, and brot. ch. by his w. Mary, b. in Eng. John, Peter, Mary, and James, beside an apprent. Richard Dole; had here Joseph, b. 28 Nov. 1639; was freem. 2 June 1641; had sec. w. Elizabeth Goodale, wh. bore Benjamin, 12 Sept. 1642, bef. ment.; Thomas, 4 June 1644, prob. d. young, not nam. in the will of f.; and Elizabeth 16 Feb. 1646; and d. 10 July 1647, being town clk. that yr. His will is of 29 June preced. The wid. d. Apr. 1651; and d. Elizabeth m. 1 Jan. 1667, as his sec. w. Philip Nelson of Rowley.
JOHN, Boston, a cooper, b. in Eng. s. of the preced. m. 3 Mar. 1653, Hannah, d. of George Proctor of Dorchester, had John, b. 26 Aug. 1655, d. young; Mary, 7 Jan. 1658; and aft. d. of his w. he rem. to Scituate, there m. 24 Jan. 1659, Elizabeth d. of Richard Sylvester, had John, b. at B. 7 Apr. 1660; Joseph, d., soon; Patience, 7 Oct. 1662; and Elizabeth wh. d. soon; beside Ruth, 11 July 1665. He m. third w. 1666, Naomi, sis. of his sec. rem. to Rehoboth, there had Phebe, d. soon; Margaret, 20 Oct. 1667; Samuel, 1 Aug. 1669, d. soon; Samuel, again, 30 Jan. 1671; Elizabeth again, Mar. 1674; William, 3 Jan. 1677, d. soon; Mehitable,7 Jan. 1678; Benjamin, Nov. 1679.; and Nathaniel, 25 Feb. 1681. He came back to B. and had Ebenezer, in 1675, tho. the b. is not ent. on the rec. very deficient that yr. as the clk. with his f. and two brs. was occup. in milit. service of Philip's war, and there d. 7 June 1694. His wid. Naomi admin. the est. His s. Ebenezer was a shoemaker, f. of Rev. John, H. C. 1721, ord. at Newbury, 19 Jan. 1726, wh. was f. of John, H. C. 1760, disting. as a judge, and f. of sev great benefact. the commonw.
JOSEPH, Boston, a cooper, br. of the preced. m. 8 Mar. 1660, Abigail, d. of George Proctor of Dorchester, had Joseph, b. 1 Aug. 1661, d. soon; Hannah, 31 Jan. 1663; Joseph, again, 9 Nov. 1665; Abigail, 4 Feb. 1667, d. soon; James, 27 Mar. 1668; Abigail, again, 9 Mar. 1671; and Samuel, 13 July 1678. PERCIVAL, Newbury, merch. came from Bristol, 1639 bring. s. John and Richard; his w. Rebecca d. 28 Dec. 1640, and he d. 8 Jan. 1665. Fam. tradit. says he was eldest s . of Richard, wh. m. a Percival, and drew his descent. thro. eight generat. by the eldest s. of ea. from Walter of Yardley, in Co. Worcester.
PERCIVAL, Newbury, s. of Richard, m. 7 Sept. 1664, Mary Chandler, had Richard, b. 25 Dec. 1668, wh. liv. to 29 May 1749; Gideon, 3 Sept. 1672; Samuel, 13 [[vol. 3, p. 127]] Jan. 1676; and Edmund, 24 Sept. 1684. RICHARD, Newbury, br. of John of the same, came with his f. 1639, bring. w. but no ch. that is kn. had Percival, bef. ment. b. 1639; and Rebecca, 27 Jan. 1642. His w. d. that yr. and by sec. w. Margaret he had Samuel, 1644; and Thomas, 28 Sept. 1649; and d. 5 Aug. 1682, aged 80, says Coffin. Fifteen descend. of the first Percival have been gr. at Harv. and it is noted, that four have, at diff. times, been of the corpo. of the Univ.
LOWGIE, or LOUGEE, John, came at the age of 16, in the Confidence of London, from Southampton 1638, with Grace, perhaps his sis. as serv. of John Stephens of Caversham, Oxfordsh. This name is preserv. in N. H. but the tradit. of the fam. derives it from a John, wh. came from the Isle of Jersey, seventy yrs. later.
LUCAR, MARK, Newport, among freem. 1655.
LUCAS, THOMAS, Plymouth, had John, b. 15 July 1656; Mary, 1 Mar. 1658; Benoni, 30 Oct. 1659; Samuel, 15 Sept. 1661; and Wil liam, 13 Jan. 1663; and was k. by the Ind. in Philip's war. WILLIAM, Middletown, m. 12 July 1666, Esther Clark, perhaps d. of John of New Haven, wh. d. 16 Apr. and he d. 29 Apr. 1690, leav. William, b. 26 Apr. 1667; John, 14 Oct. 1669; Mary, 5 Dec. 1672; Thomas, 1676; and Samuel, 15 Apr. 1682. A Mr. L. with prefix of respect was of New Haven 1643, with fam. of six, of wh. no more is heard. He prob. was one of the London associates who soon went home. A Lucas fam. of good est. in N. E. is of French descent, but came not early across the ocean, the first emigr. Augustus writ. of hims. "I m. 6 Jan. 1696, at St. Malo, in Bretagne."
LUCE, or LUCY, EXPERIENCE, perhaps of Edgartown, s. of Henry, m. Elizabeth d. of John Manter, had Zephaniah, b. 19 Feb. 1695; perhaps others, and d. 9 Jan. 1747. HENRY, Rehoboth 1668. Prob. he rem. to the Vineyard, and by w. Remember had Experience, b. 7 Feb. 1673, perhaps others. THOMAS, Charlestown, had Samuel, b. 1644, says Farmer, to wh. I can add nothing, but that he prob. rem. soon. The name abounds at the Vineyard. One LUCY, at Portsmouth, m. Mary, d. of William Brooking, and had Benjamin.
LUCKIS, or LUCKIN, WILLIAM, Marblehead 1648. Dana, Hist. Disc. 7.
LUDDEN, BENJAMIN, Weymouth, perhaps s. of James, by w. Eunice, d. I think, of John Holbrook, had d. Abia, b. 22 Dec. 1679; a s. whose name; is not kn. 13 Mar. 1681; and James, 9 Nov. 1689. JAMES, Weymouth, had Mary, b. 17 Dec. 1636; Sarah, 15 Nov. 1639, d. soon; Sarah, again, 5 June 1642; and John, so late as 13 Jan. 1657, by w. wh. may have been mo. of the others. Perhaps this man was the guide, in Oct. 1632, in honor of wh. Gov. Winthrop then travelling on foot from Plymouth to W. named a fording place in the North river. But the rec. in Geneal. Reg. IX. 171, calls him Laddon. In the note on p. 146 of the Hist. of Boston, attention is drawn to this name. Diligent as the writer is, his meaning may be misunderstood, when, aft. printing the name Ludham, at the foot, tho. in the text above, and in his [[vol. 3, p. 128]] Index, with me he adopts Luddam, yet, for change of sec. d to h he says, "I follow Prince, wh. follow. or used Winthrop in the original." As the last three words are print. in Italics it might seem, that an insinuation was intend. that I had not used or follow. the orig. A candid reader need not be distressed with such a suspicion, or presume that Mr. Drake believ. such a thing; for the venerable MS. in its original ink is accessib. and here more plain than often it appears.
Winthrop wrote the name twice in the same short sentence, the first time, as it was print. by me, and the sec. as giv. in Webster's Ed. of 1790, with h aft. double dd. I was content with one form. Prince struck a mid. course, and the historian of Boston mioht learn from inspection, that the petty deviation from the orig. is seen in the scrupulous annalist, Hale's Ed. 407, and not in the annotator. of Winthrop Nobody would blame Winthrop for spelling the name two ways in one sentence, nor Prince for so slight variance from both; nor quarrel with Secr. Porter in transcrib. the copy that Webster print. for obeying the latter form of Winthrop's writing of the name with an h, nor with me for accepting the earlier form, without that letter. After inspection of the ancient MS.
Mr. Drake would observe that his criticism was more than unnecessary; and his readers may excuse the error by inferring that instead of the open, bold Roman types, the natural overflow of his benignant impulses sought the more modest Italic character of censure. JOHN, Weymouth, wh. may have been s. of the preced. was a soldier on Conn. riv. under capt. Turner, in Mar. 1676. This name is not rare in the W. part of Mass.
LUDDINGTON, WILLIAM, Charlestown 1642, liv. in the part wh. bec. Malden, by w. Ellen had Mary, b. 6 Feb. 1643; had, also, Matthew, 16 Dec. 1657, d. next mo.; rem. to New Haven, but the time is unkn. there had William; Henry, wh. d. unm. 1676; Hannah; John; and Thomas; and d. at the East Haven iron works, 1662. His wid. m. next yr. John Rose. His inv. calls him of Malden, but the fam. was perpet. at New Haven, by WILLIAM, prob. the eldest surv. s. wh. m. Martha, perhaps d. of John Rose, had Henry; Elinor; and William, b. 26 Sept. 1686. By sec. w. m. 1690, Mercy Whitehead, he had Mercy, b. 31 May 1691; Hannah, 13 Mar. 1693; John, 31 Jan. 1695; Eliphalet, 28 Apr. 1697; Elizabeth 1699, d. young; Dorothy, 16 July 1702; and Dorcas, 16 July 1701. The name is very rare of any other stock certain. but in the spring of 1635 a Christian L. aged 18 embark. at London, on board the Hopewell.
LUDECAS, or LEUDECOES, DANIEL, Dover 1659. His w. d. 1 Nov. 1662; and he d.in 1664.
LUDKIN, AARON, Charlestown, prob. s. of George or William, but may have been younger br. of them, or otherwise relat. came, we may [[vol. 3, p. 129]] be sure, from Norwich, Eng. own sev. pieces of ld. in our Hingham, sold by him in 1671. His w. Hannah, d. perhaps, of George Hepbourne, was rec. into the ch. Apr. 1650, yet I find not in Budington's valua. list his adm. tho. he was chos. deac. Feb. 1672. Nor is the acco. much better of ch. for we hear only of Hannah, w. of Samuel Dowse, join. the ch. 15 June 1673. He d. 26 Mar. 1694, In 76th yr. and his wid. Hannah, d. of Richard Miller, wh. had been wid. of Nathaniel Dade, and of John Edmunds, he had m. 22 May 1684, and she d. 13 Dec. 1717, if the gr.stones are correct.
GEORGE, Hingham, one of the first drawers for house lots, 1635, came from Norwich, Co. Norf'k. with w. and s. freem. 3 Mar. 1636, rem. to Braintree, there d. 22 Feb. 1648. WILLIAM, Hingham, perhaps br. of the preced. a locksmith, b. at Norwich, aged 33, and his w. Elizabeth aged 34, with one ch. and one serv. Thomas Howes, as we learn from the declar. 8 Apr. 1637, came that season from Ipswich, arr. at Boston, 20 June, freem. Mar. foll. in Boston his d. Esther was bur. Oct. 1645, ar. co. 1651, chos. constable 8 Mar. and drown. 27 Mar. 1652, leav. wid. Elizabeth and two ch.
LUDLOW, GEORGE, a gent. with prefix of respect, req. adm. 19 Oct. 1630 as freem. was, perhaps, kinsman of Roger L. then one of the Assist. and may have accomp. him in the Mary and John to Dorchester, but prob. went home in the spring of the foll. yr. for it may be infer. from Col. Rec. of 1 Mar. that a petit. from Eng. had been receiv. to wh. his attent. was to be request. by the Gov. and Council. HENRY, Huntington, L. I. adm. freem. of Conn. 1664; may have been s. of Roger, but we kn. nothing of it. ROGER, Dorchester, came in the Mary and John from Plymouth, May 1630, an Assist. chos. at the last gen. court in London, 10 Feb. 1630, and first attend. at the first Assist. court in Charlestown, Aug. foll. in 1634 was made dept.-gov. but left out next yr. hav. infirmity of temper. He rem. 1635, to Windsor, and in the civil line was chief of a commiss. of eight from Mass. with unlimit. power, 1636, for some time; was engag. in the Pequot war; and the first dept.-gov. of the Col. of CODD. rem. to Fairfield a. 1639, and early in 1641 bot. from the Ind. the territ. on E. side of Norwalk riv. was employ. in 1646 for reduc. their laws to a system, and was Commissnr. 1651, 2, and 3 in the congr. of the Unit. Col. of N. E. but went off next yr. to Virg. in some disgust, and there pass. the residue of his days, under a maledict. for carrying away the town rec. wh. was a charge long aft. refut. by find. the vol. in town. He had a ch. b. at W. but the does not tell the Dame; and his d. Sarah m. Rev. Nathaniel Brewof Brookhaven.
That the habit. heedlessness of Mather, II. 33, made his name William, is less matter of surprise than that Farmer was blinded by the blunder. Its origin was prob. reading Mr. as abbrev. for William.
[[vol. 3, p. 130]]
LUDWELL, JOHN, a passeng. aged 50, in the Confidence from Southampton 1638, hut no more is kn. of him.
LUFKIN, HUGH, Salem 1654, says Farmer, and I can add nothing. THOMAS, Gloucester, perhaps s. of Hugh, by w. Mary had Joseph, b. 16 Nov. 1674; Ebenezer, 18 May 1676; Abraham and Isaac, tw. 14 and 16 Feb. says the rec. without ment. of the yr. but it adds (as we might expect), d. same mo.; and Thomas, 9 Apr. 1682. The name is spell. Lovekin or Loufken. Lufkin is a name at Dedham, in Old Eng.
LUGG, or LUGGE, JOHN, Boston 1637, by w. Jane had Elizabeth b. 7 Mar. 1638, bapt. 24 Mar. 1639, the mo. aft. his w. join. to the ch.; Mary, b. Aug. 1642, but the rec. of her bapt. 25 Sept. adds, "a. 4 days old;" and John, 4 Aug. 1644, a. 2 days old; and he d. 1647. He is, I presume, the man wh. Felt enumer. among Salem people, as John Lutf, hav. gr. of ld. 1637, because that name never occurs elsewhere except in the list of passeng. to pass for N. E. in the Mary and John, who took the o. of supremacy and alleg. 24 Mar. 1634. Final letters are easily mistaken; and very many of such grants were ineffect. In the will of Samuel Hagborne of Roxbury, 24 July 1643, are giv. "unto my br. Lugrr four bushels of corn, and my suit of apparel." His d. Mary m. 21 Feb. 1659, Nathaniel Barnard. Possib. there were both Luff and Lugg with common name of John, but it appears very unlikely.
LUIN, HENRY, Boston, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 20 Aug. 1636; Elizabeth 27 Mar. 1638; and Ephraim, 16 Jan. 1640.
LUKE, GEORGE, Charlestown, by w. Hannah had George, bapt. 6 Mar. 1687.
LULL, THOMAS, Ipswich, freem. 1672.
LUM, JOHN, Southampton, L. I. 1641, perhaps liv. in 1673, when John Knowles of Fairfield writes the name in his will Loom.
LUMBARD, or LUMBART. See Lombard.
LUMUS. See Loomis.
LUMPKIN, RICHARD, Ipswich, from Boxted, in Essex, was freem. 2 May 1638, and rep. the same yr. d. 1642, prob. without ch. His wid. m. deac Simon Stone of Watertown, ana d. 1663, in her will of 25 Mar. in that yr. ment. no ch. by either h. but gives her prop. to h. Stone, to kinsmen John and Daniel Warner, and Thomas Wells. See Geneal. Reg. VIIL 71. WILLIAM, Yarmouth 1643, by w. Thomasine had Thomasine, b. 1626, wh. m. Samuel Mayo of Barnstable; and John Sunderland for sec. h.; perhaps Hannah, wh. prob. m. John Gray; ano. d. m. an Eldridge; but no s. and d. 1671. His will, of 23 July 1668, names his w. Thomasine.
LUND, THOMAS, Boston, merch. brot. from London 1646, power from [[vol. 3, p. 131]] certain citizens of L. to collect debts. THOMAS, Dunstable, an early sett. and selectman, had Thomas, b. 9 Sept. 1682; Elizabeth 29 Sept. 1684; and William, 19 Jan. 1686. His s. Thomas left descend. but was k. by the Ind. 5 Sept. 1724. See Belkn. I. 207; and Fox, Hist. of D. for inscript. to him and seven more on the monum.
LUNDALT, THOMAS, Dover 1658.
LUNERUS, .......a German or Polish doctor in Boston, wh. m. 1 July 1652, wid. Margaret Clemens. In 1654, by our Gen. Ct. rec. it appears, that he was to determine when an offender should be whipp. he, the offend. being then too ill. I trust the adv. of the physician was on the side of mercy, for the poor Scotch prisoner, a waif from the civil war in G. B. d. soon aft.
LUNT, DANIEL, Newbury, eldest s. of Henry, m. 16 May 1664, Hannah, d. of Robert Coker, had Hannah, b. 17 May 1665; Daniel, 1 May 1667; Henry 23 June 1669; John, 10 Feb. 1672; Sarah, 18 June 1674; Mary, 24 July 1677; his w. d. 29 Jan. 1679, and he m. Mary, wid. of Samuel Moody, had Joseph, 4 Mar. 1681; Ann, 28 Jan. 1683; and Benjamin, 15 Mar. 1686; was freem. 1683, and k. by the Ind. 27 June 1689, at the ho. of maj. Waldron in Dover. HENRY, Newbury 1635, one of the passeng. in the Mary and John, who took the o. of supremacy and alleg. 26 Mar. 1634, first sat down, perhaps, at Ipswich, freem. 2 May 1638, by w. Ann had Sarah, b. 8 Nov. 1639; Daniel, 17 May 1641, bef. ment.; John, 20 Nov. 1643; Priscilla, 16 Feb. 1646; Mary, 13 July 1648; Elizabeth 29 Dec. 1650; and Henry, 20 Feb. 1653; and he d. 10 July 1662. In his will, made two days bef. pro. 30 Sept. foll. the w. and seven ch. are well provid. for. his wid. m. 8 Mar. 1665, Joseph Hills.
HENRY, Newbury, r. of the preced. by w. Jane had Skipper (if Coffin is right), b. 29 Nov. 1679; Mary, 16 Jan. 1682; Abraham 10 Dec. 1683; John, 1 Feb. 1686; William, 4 July 1688; Daniel, 1 Jan. 1691; Jane, 9 Nov. 1693 ; and Samuel, 26 Mar. 1696. JOHN, Newbury, br. of the preced. m. 19 Nov. 1668, Mary Skerry, had John, b. 22 Oct. 1669; Elizabeth 12 Oct. 1671; and Henry, 22 Feb. 1674; and d. 17 Sept. 1678, unless Coffin is mistak. for one John L. m. 26 Oct. 1696, Ruth, wid. of the third Joseph Jewett, d. of Thomas Wood, wh. long outliv. him. THOMAS, Newbury, m. 17 Jan. 1679, Opportunity, d. of Stephen Hoppin of Dorchester.
LUPTON, CHRISTOPHER, Southampton, L. I. 1673, may have been s. of Thomas. THOMAS, Norwalk 1654, one of the first sett. and adm. to be freem. 1664, but was not actually accounted so in 1669; had two ch. but we learn not their names from Hall, the dilig. histor. and, perhaps, they d. young. On p. 61, his Peter Lupton should be Clapton, or Clapham. He was liv. 1687, but a wid. L. is ment. next yr. She was prob. his, and was Hannah, d. of Thomas Morris of New Haven, m. in 1662, and had Hannah, b. 27 May 1665.
[[vol. 3, p. 132]]
LUSCOMB, HUMPHREY, Boston 1686, was a major, d. 10 June 1688, and prob. his w. or d. had d. 1 Feb. 1687, as Sewall marks. WILLIAM, Salem 1686, a cooper, perhaps had w. and fam. for the name has cont. there.
LUSHER, ELEAZER, Dedham 1637, one of the found. of the ch. 1638, freem. 13 Mar. 1639, was of ar. co. 1638, as one of the founders, rep. 1640, for many yrs. aft. Assist. 1662 to his d. capt. in 1644, and head of the regim. later; had for sec. w. Mary, wid. of John Gwin of Charlestown, but not any ch. is kn. unless Samuel, wh. d. says the rec. 28 Dec 1638 were one. He has high charact. in Wonder Work. Provid. and d. 3 or 13 Nov. 1672. His will was made 23 Sept. 1672, as in our Vol. VII. at the Reg. is kn. and his wid. 26 Jan. foll. made her will, both pro. together 6 Feb. aft.
LUSON, or LEUSON, JOHN, Dedham 1637, one of the found. of the ch. freem. 13 Mar. 1639, d. May 1661, his will of 15 Feb. preced. in wh. he dispos. of his est. names no ch. nor near relat. exc. Thomas, Robert, and Susan, ch. of Robert L. in Old Eng. late dec. to wh. a legacy is giv. to be equal. div. within two yrs. aft. the d. of his w. Martha. Also he names kinswo. Ann, w. of William Barstow of Scituate, but he gave the larger part of his est. to his neighb. Thomas Battelle, special. remembr. his ch. John and Mary.
LUTHER, HEZEKIAH, Swansey, had Edward, b. 27 Apr. 1674. JOHN, Taunton 1639, by Baylies, I. 286, numb. as one of the purch. yet may have been of Gloucester 1647. SAMUEL, Rehoboth 1662, was sec. Bapt. min. at Swansey, ord. 22 July 1685, d. 1717. He had Experience, b. 3 Mar. 1675. That town of R. sent many in the mad expedit. of Phips against Quebec, 1690, of wh. one was SAMUEL, perhaps s. of the preach. Progeny in that quarter is very much diffused. Benedict, Hist. I. 426. SAMUEL, Norwich 1675. A capt. of a vessel trading to Delaware, from Boston, of this name, in 1644, was k. by the Ind. in that riv. See Winthrop II. 203, 237.
LUX, JOHN, Saco 1664, had there d. Mary, and s. Joseph, I presume by first w. for he had lately m. Mary, wid. of Gregory Jeffries, wh. in her will of 8 Sept. of that yr. provid. for her s. John by former h. with proviso, that if he d. bef. 17 yrs. of age, Mary and Joseph Lux should have that portion; and I presume that he liv. many yrs. aft. as I find JOHN, Boston, mariner, in 1676 styled junr. as if there were an elder of that name. WILLIAM, Exeter, sw. alleg. to Mass. 14 July 1657.
LUXFORD, JAMES, Cambridge, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. Sept. 1637; and Reuben, Feb. 1641. REUBEN, Cambridge, s. of the preced. m. 22 June 1669, at Lancaster, w. Margaret, had Margaret, b. 27 July 1673; was freem. 1674. His w. d. 31 Aug. 1691. STEPHEN, Haddam, d. 1676, leav. w. but no ch. [[vol. 3, p. 133]]
LYALL, LYSLE, LISLE, LIOLL, or LOYAL, FRANCIS Boston 1637, a barber surg. of some importance, adm. of the ch. 29 Sept. 1639, and, in my judgment, may be that freem. of 13 May 1640, whose name is print. Seyle by Paige, in Geneal. Reg. III. and Shurtleff, in Col. Rec. as it had been in Winthrop Hist. Vol. II. Appx. of Ed. 1826; by w. Alice had Joseph, b. 10 Oct. 1638, bapt. 6 Oct. 1639, d. 10 Feb. 1640; Benjamin, 1, bapt. 5 Jan. 1640, bur. Mar. 1 foll.; Mary, bapt. 14 Feb. 1641, four days old, when the rec. of the town perverse. says she was b. that day; and Joseph, again, 14, bapt. 26 Mar. 1642. He went to Eng. with Leverett, Bourne, Stoughton, and others,.to serve in the cause of Parliam. and bec. surg. in the life guard of the Earl of Manchester, whence he had the wisdom, like most of his townsmen, to come back in 1645. See Winthrop II. 245. Snow's Hist. 118. Farmer said, that his s. Joseph was a lawyer, wh. may be less prob. than that he was of ar. co. 1668, wh. also, I doubt. His d. Mary m. Freegrace Bendall, and to him was giv. in conjunct. with Joseph, admin. 1 Nov. 1666, on est. of Alice, wh. prob. outliv. her h.
LYDE, ALLEN, Portsmouth, m. 3 Dec. 1661, Sarah Fernald, had Allen, b. 29 July 1666, perhaps other ch. and d. a. 1671. ALLEN, Portsmouth, s. of the preced. had Allen, b. 15 Nov. 1691; and Francis, 28 Sept. 1695. EDWARD, Boston, m. 4 Dec. 1660, Mary, d. of Rev. John Wheelwright, had Edward, and d. bef. June 1663. The name in the rec. of the m. is Loyd. The wid. m. Oct. 1667, Theodore Atkinson. Wheelwright, in his will, provides for the gr.s. EDWARD, Boston, s. of the preced. m. 29 Nov. 1694, Susanna, d. of capt. George Curwen, and for sec. w. m. 22 Oct. 1696, Deborah, d. of Hon. Nathaniel Byfield, had Byfield, H. C. 1722; but strange. is the name giv. James in Judge Sewall's Diary, print. in Geneal. Reg. VI. 76.
LYE, ROBERT, Lynn 1638. Lewis says descend. remain.
LYFORD, FRANCIS, Boston, a mariner, m. a. 1670, a d. of Thomas Smith, and rem. to New Hampsh. and there m. 21 Nov. 1681, Rebecca, d. of Rev. Samuel Dudley. The name is perpet. JOHN, Plymouth 1624, came that yr. prob. in the Charity with Edward Winslow, bring. w. and ch. prob. four, soon bred disturbance, and was forced to leave; went to preach to the fishermen at Nantasket, and next at Cape Ann, and thence, Felt thinks, he accomp. Conant, 1626, to Naumkeag; but a. 1627 rem. with some adherents to Virg. and there d. soon, it is thot. A reasona. conject. is, that be l ad w. Ann and ch. Ruth and Mordecai left at Nantasket, and that his wid. Ann, wh. d. July 1639; had m. Edmund Hobart of Hingham. Ruth, in 1641, and Mordecai, next, yr. give to him discharge, as their stepfather, of certain tobacco and other chatters, in the will of their f. John, giv. to them. Ruth m. 19 Apr. 1643, [[vol. 3, p. 134]] James Bates. MORDECAI, Hingham 1642, s. of John, of whom I would gladly kn. more.
LYMAN, BENJAMIN, Northampton, s. of John of the same, had Medad; Joseph, b. 22 Aug. 1699; Benjamin, 6 Dec. 1701, d.young; Benjamin, again, 4 Jan. 1704; Aaron, Apr. 1705; Eunice, 1708; Hannah, 1709; Caleb, 1711; William, 12 Dec. 1715; Daniel, 1717; Elihu; and Susanna. CALEB, Northampton, youngest s. of John, much disting. for bold and brief campaign against Ind. 1704, of wh. Penhallow and Hutch. II. 146, give the story; rem. to Boston, d. without issue. JOHN, Hartford, s. of Richard the first, b. in Eng. brot. by his f. in the Lion, Nov. 1631, by w. Dorcas, in a tradit. of little value, call. d. of Rev. Ephraim Huit (wh. in his will names no such, and she was d. of John Plum of Wethersfield), m. 12 Jan. 1655, had Elizabeth b. at Branford, 6 Nov. foll. and rem. early to Northampton, there had Sarah, b. 1658, d. 1663; John, 1660; Moses, 1663; Dorothy, 1665; Mary, 1668; Experience, 1670, d. soon; Joseph, 1671, d. at 21 yrs.; Benjamin, 1674; and Caleb, 1678, bef. ment. was in the Falls fight 1676, then an ens. freem. 1690 perhaps, and d. 20 Aug. 1690, 66 yrs. old, says the gr.stone truly, for he lack. a mo. of 67.
JOHN, Northampton, eldest s. of the preced. m. 19 Apr. 1687, Mindwell, wid. of John Pomeroy, d. of the first Isaac Sheldon. MOSES, Northampton, s. of the first John, by w. Ann, m. 1686, had Ann, b. 1688; Moses, 1690; Martha, 1695; Bethia, 1698; beside four, wh. d. young; was freem. 1690, and d. 1702. RICHARD, Roxbury 1631, b. at High Ongar, where he was bapt. 30 Oct. 1580, came with Eliot, in the Lion, bring. says the ch. rec. "Phillis, bapt. 12 Sept. 1611, at H. O. Richard, bapt. 24 Feb. 1618; Sarah, bapt. 8 Feb. 1621; John, b. Sept. 1623; and ano." kn. now to be Robert, b. Sept. 1629; and it goes on to tell how he went to Conn. "when the gr. removal was made," and suffer. greatly in loss of his cattle; was freem. 11 June 1633, and among the orig. proprs. of Hartford, where he d. 1640. His will, of 22 Apr. in that yr. is the first in the valu. work of Trumbull, Coll. Rec. I. 442, 3, foll. by the Inv. His wid. Sarah d. not long aft. All the ch. are nam. in the will, and Phillis is call. w. of William Hills.

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