A genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of new england, showing three generations of those who came before may, 1692, on the basis of farmer's register

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DANIEL, Boston, br. of the preced. m. 2 Feb. 1699, Priscilla Mann, had Sarah, b. 15 Nov. 1701, d. next yr.; Daniel, 5 Oct. 1703, d. at 18 yrs.; Isaac, 30 Nov. 1705; Nathaniel, 10 Feb. 1708; and Priscilla, 15 Jan. 1713. DAVID, Barnstable, s. of the sec. Thomas, m. 20 July 1699, Elizabeth wid. of Thomas Allyn, d. of John Otis, had Solomon, b. 19 Mar. 1701; David, 17 Aug. [[vol. 3, p. 118]] 1704 ; Elizabeth 10 June, 1708; Lydia, 29 Mar. 1711, and Mary, 19 Apr. 1714. ISAAC, Boston, s. of the first John, m. 5 Aug. 1691, Sarah Young, had Sarah, b. 26 Aug. 1693; Ruth, 19 Dec. 1696; Isaac, 20 Apr. 1699; William, 23 Dec. 1700; Mary, 5 Feb. 1702; and two more ds. wh. d. inf. ISRAEL, Sudbury, br. of the preced. m. 25 May 1709, Mary, d. of Nathan Hayman, had John, b. 27 Apr. 1710; Elizabeth 16 Nov. 1712; Mary, 14 Sept. 1716; Jonathan, 29 Aug. 1719; Nathan, 27 Nov. 1721; Sarah and Susan, tw. 10 Nov. 1724; and all these ds. were m. JACOB, Hingham, br. of the preced. m. 9 Feb. 1709, Sarah Lewis, had only Sarah, b. 9 Nov. 1723; and he m. sec. w. 8 May 1728, Hannah Jacobs, had Jacob, 25 June 1729; Israel, 26 Mar. 1731; Zechariah, 13 Aug. 1733; Peter, 27 Aug. 1735, d. next yr.; and Hannah, 6 Nov. 1737.
JOHN, Hull, s. of Thomas, b. in Eng. m. 16 Dec. 1657, Mary, d. of Nathaniel Baker, had John, b. 19 Sept. 1658, d. at 20 yrs.; Joseph, 10 Mar. 1660; Thomas, 11 Mar. 1662; Sarah, 1 Jan. 1664, d. At 14 yrs.; Isaac, 22 Jan. 1666, sett. at Boston; Mary, 4 Feb. 1669; Nathaniel, 5 Mar. 1670; Daniel, 8 Feb. 1672, both sett. at Bos ton; Rachel, 28 Feb. 1674, d. at 2 yrs.; Jacob, 21 Apr. 1676; Israel, 29 Mar. 1678, d. soon, as did the mo. 13 July 1679. He m. 22 Sept. foll. wid. Rachel Buckland, d. prob. of John Wheatley of Braintree, had John, again, 28 June 1680; Israel, again, 15 Apr. 1682, H. C. 1701, d. 9 Mar. 1772, for sixty-six yrs. the min. of Sudbury; Sarah, again, 6 June 1684; and Caleb, 2 Jan. 1689; was freem. 1673; rep. under new chart. 1692; hi.s w. d. 20 Sept. 1713; and he d. 19 Sept. foll. Mary m. Thomas Jones.
JOHN, Hingham, s. of the preced. m. 2 Sept. 1703, Jane, d. of Samuel Baker, had John, d. soon; John, again, d. soon; John, third, b. 15 Jan. 1708; Jane, 7 Oct. 1709; Nicholas, 1 Sept. 1711; Thomas, 30 Aug. 1713; Solomon, 12 Jan. 1715; and Rachel, 17 Oct. 1717. JOSEPH, Hingham, br. of the preced. m. 25 Oct. 1683, Hannah Leavit, d. of John, and sec. of the name (the first, wh. was w. of John Lobdell, hav. d. near two yrs. bef. this was b.) had Joseph, b. 28 Sept. 1684; Nehemiah, 17 June 1686; and Joshua, 21 Sept. 1688. He d. early, and his wid. m. 25 Aug. 1693, deac. Joseph Easterbrook of Lexington. JOSIAH, Hingham, br. of Benjamin, m. 1662, Elizabeth d. of John Prince, the rul. elder of Hull, had Jane, 9 Aug. 1663; Josiah, 22 Nov. 1665; Samuel, 12 July 1668, d. at 6 yrs.; Job, 26 Feb. 1670, sett. at Rochester; Elizabeth 6 Apr. 1672, d. unm. Jan. 1743; Jonathan, 24 Apr. 1674, sett. at Boston, d. 15 Oct. 1752. He d. 14 Feb. 1713, and his wid. d. 13 May 1727, in 88th yr.
NATHANIEL, Boston, s. of the first John, m. 13 Dec. 1699, Susanna Butler, had Susanna, b. 15 Oct. 1700; Joseph, 23 Oct. 1706, d. soon; Rachel, Dec. 1710, d. young; Nathaniel, 11 June 1713; and Thomas, 20 Aug. 1713. THOMAS, Hingham, freem. 3 Mar. 1636, came [[vol. 3, p. 119]] from Axminster; Co. Devon, says the fam. tradit. with w. wh; was Jane Newton, and ch. Thomas, and John, the latter b. 22 Dec. 1630, and they left their home 22 Dec. 1634, stopped first at Dorchester, but it could not be long, for his house lot was drawn at H. 18 Sept. aft. emb., had bapt. there Isaac, on 22 Jan. 1640, d. next mo. by scald.; Josiah, 9 Jan. 1642; Joshua, 1643, d. soon; and Benjamin, 17 Nov. 1644; was early a deac. rem. to Hull, d. 1 Apr. 1661; and his wid. d. 25 Aug. 1672.
THOMAS, Hull, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. freem. 1673, same day with younger br. John, m. 1657, Hannah, d. of Nicholas Jacob, had Hannah, b. 9 Aug. 1664; Thomas and Deborah, tw. 15 Mar. 1668; David, ]5 Sept. 1671; Caleb, 9 June 1674; Abigail, 1678, d. soon; and he d. 1679. His wid. m. Stephen French, and d. 20 Oct. 1720. The d. Hannah m. Rev. Jeremiah Cushing, and next, 1706, John Barker, and Deborah m. 20 May 1687, John Cushing. THOMAS, Hull, s. of the first John, m. 10 Jan. 1687, Leah, d. of Benjamin Buckland, had Jael, b. 11 Sept. 1688; Sarah, 13 Nov. 1690; and Benjamin, 1 Oct. 1692.
THOMAS, Hingham, s. of the sec. Thomas, m. 19 Apr. 1699, Deborah, d. of Hon. John Cushing, had Thomas; Joshua, b. 1701; Nathaniel, 21 Aug. 1704; Benjamin, 12 Oct. 1708; beside Hannah, and Deborah. He had early sett. at Duxbury where he was lieut. and d. 5 Dec. 1717. Winsor adds that his wid. d. 30 Nov. 1755, in 78th yr. Descend. of the first Thomas are found, by scores, in many parts of the U. S. Thirteen of the name had been gr. at Harv. in 1834, and eight at the other N. E. coll.
LORPHELIN, PETER, Boston, a Frenchman, put in the pillory 1679, for clip. money, prob. went away as soon as he could.
LOTHROP, LATHROP, LOTHORP, or LOWTHROP, LAWTHROP, BARNABAS, Barnstable, s. of Rev. John, m. Plymouth rec. says, 3 Nov. or as ano. report is, 1 Dec. 1658, Susanna, d. of Thomas Clark, had John, b. 7 Oct. 1659, d. bef. 7 yrs.; Abigail, 18 Dec. 1669; Barnabas, 22 Mar. 1663; Susanna, Feb. 1665; Nathaniel, 23 Nov. 1669; Bathshua, 25 June 1671; Ann, 10 Aug. 1673; Thomas, 7 Mar. 1675, d. at mos.; Mercy, 27 June 1676, d. at one yr.; Thankful, bapt. 16 Sept. 1683; James, 30 Mar. 1684; and Samuel, 14 June 1685; was six yrs. a rep. also an Assist. of the Col. of Plymouth, named a counsellor in the new Province Chart. by Increase Mather, and rechosen; m. sec. w. 15 Nov. 1698, Abigail, wid. of Joseph Dudson, d. of Robert Button and d. 1715, in 79th yr.
BENJAMIN, Barnstable, br. of the preced. b. prob. in Eng. rem. to Charlestown, had w. Martha, and ds. Martha, b. 3 Nov. 1652; Hannah, 15 Sept. 1655; and Benjamin; all bapt. 5 Aug. 1660; Mary, bapt. 9 June 1661; Sarah, b. 10, bapt. 17 Apr. 1664, d. soon; Elizabeth bapt. 21 May 1665; Rebecca, 14, bapt. 18 Nov. 1666; Mercy, 17, bapt. 18 Dec. 1670; and John, 15, bapt. 21 July 1672, d. young. Of [[vol. 3, p. 120]] the ds. Martha m. 2 Dec. 1669. John Goodwin, and was mo. of the four ch. wh. plagued Cotton Mather; Mary m. 21 May 1679, William Brown; and Hannah m. 21 Aug. 1679, Henry Swain; was a householder 1658 and 1678, aft. the gr. Ind. war, when he was a soldier in capt. William Turner's comp. 1676 at Hatfield, unless that soldier was his neph. s. of Joseph, as seems more prob. the same being in the list call. jr. d. 3 July 1691. HOPE, Barnstable, s. of Joseph, m. 17 Dec. 1696, Elizabeth d. prob. of Meletiah or of John Lothrop, had Benjamin, b. 18 Dec. 1697; and John, 3 Oct. 1699.
JOHN, Scituate, the first min. was bred at Oxford, if the tradit. may be trusted, but prob. he was there only for a short time, preached, perhaps, at Egerton, in Kent, but certain. in London, where p. Laud caus. him to be impris. for it, for two yrs. in wh. time his w. d. by whom he had all his ch. exc. these by sec. w. Barnabas, bapt. at S. 6 June 1636; Abigail, wh. was bapt. at Barnstable, 3 Nov. 1639, the first in that ch. Bathshua, bapt. 27 Feb. 1642; John, 9 Feb. 1645; and two, wh. d. soon aft. b. 30 July 1638 and 25 Jan. 1650. On liberat. from prison he embark. for Boston 1634, hav. fellow-passeng. Rev. Zachary Symmes, celebr. Ann Hutchinson, and many others, arr. in Sept. and 27th of that mo. went to S. there m. sec. w. Ann, wh. long outliv. him, dying 25 Feb. 1688; On 18 Jan. 1635, the ch. at S. were gather. for enjoy. the benefit of his services, as in Deane's Hist. 167, is told, but the author. ment. that the centenn. annivers. would occur on 7 Jan. 1835, deduct. eleven days, whereas the true annivers. requir. addit. of ten days, must have been 28 of the mo. He rem. to Barnstable with a large part of his flock, 11 Oct. 1639, and was held in honor to his d. 8 Nov. 1653. His will, made 10 Aug. bef. provides for w. the eldest s. Thomas, and Benjamin, beside John, wh. was in Eng. and ds. Jane and Barbara Jane m. 8 Apr. 1635, says her f. Samuel Fuller; Barbara m. 19 July 1638, .... Emerson; and Abigail m. 7 Oct. 1657, James Clark. It is much regretted that no better acco. of this eminent confessor is obtaina. than a descend. of our days compil. in 2 Hist. Coll. I. 163, for in Mather nothing but his name in the list is giv. Ch. beside those already nam. were his sec. and third s. Samuel and Joseph, both brot. from Eng.
JOHN, Barnstable, youngest s. of the preced. m. 3 Jan. 1672, at Plymouth, Mary Cole, junr. had John, b. 5 Aug. 1673; Mary, 27 Oct. 1675; Martha, 11 Nov. 1677; Elizabeth 16 Sept. 1679; James, 3 July 1681; Hannah, 13 Mar. 1683; Jonathan, 14 Nov. 1684; Barnabas, 22 Oct. 1686; Abigail, 23 Apr. bapt. 12 May 1689; and Experience, 7 Jan. bapt. 10 May 1692; and, perhaps, others; and he d. 17 Sept. 1727, in 85th yr. wh. proves that he was b. at Barnstable, unless fig. err. JOHN, Norwich, s. of Samuel the first, m. 15 Dec. 1669, Ruth, d. of Robert Royce.
JOSEPH, Barnstable, s. of the first John, b. in [[vol. 3, p. 121]] London, perhaps, certain. in Eng. m. 11 Dec. 1650, Mary Ansell, had a ch. b. 19 Nov. 1651, bur. next day; Joseph, 3 Dec. 1662, d. at 24 yrs.; Mary, 22 Mar. 1654; Benjamin, 25 July 1657; Elizabeth 18 Sept. 1659; John, 28 Nov. 1661, d. at two yrs.; Samuel, 17 Mar. 1664; John, again, 7 Aug. 1666; Barnabas, 24 Feb. 1669; Hope, 15 July 1671; Thomas, 6 Jan. 1674; and Hannah, 23 Jan. 1676, d. at 5 yrs. He was rep. 1667, and for eleven yrs. aft. Mary m. 16 Jan. 1674, Edward Crowell; and Elizabeth m. 29 Dec. 1680, Thomas Fuller. MARK, Salem 1643, rem. to Duxbury, and thence to Bridgewater 1656, d. a. 1686. He had Elizabeth Mark, Samuel, and Edward. Elizabeth m. Samuel Packard the sec of the same; Mark perish. in the abortive expedit. of Phips 1690, prob. unm. but left a will, and his br. Edward d. without issue. Descend. are, it is said, num.
MELETIAH, Barnstable, s. of Thomas, m. 20 May 1667, Sarah, eldest d. of Thomas Farrar of Lynn, had Thomas, b. 22 Aug. 1668; Tabitha, 3 Apr. 1671; Isaac, 23 June 1673; Joseph, 15 Dec. 1675; Elizabeth 23 Nov. 1677; Ichabod, 20 June 1680; Shubael, 20 Apr. 1682; and Sarah, 5 Mar. 1684. He d. 6 Feb. 1712, and his wid. d. 23 May foll. in her 64th yr. SAMUEL, New London, s. of Rev. John, b. in Eng. one of the first sett. 1648, had m. at Barnstable, 28 Nov. 1644, as his f. tells, Elizabeth Scudder (sis. I suppose, of John), had John, bapt. at Boston, in right of his mo. 7 Dec. 1645. This discov. of the meaning of our ch. rec. wh. is strange. confused, aft. being by me some three or four yrs. given over, may encourage other explorers not to despair. He was of high esteem, rem. to Norwich 1668, had by w. Abigail, m. 1692 (wh. long outliv. him, and was 100 yrs. old 13 Jan. 1733, when in her room, at the ho. of her s. a sermon was preach.) no ch. of course, as she was sixty yrs. old when m. By the first w. were nine ch. five ds. and the other s. were Samuel, 1660; Israel, 1659; and Joseph, 1661; as ment. by Miss Caulkins in her Hist. of N. Of the five ds. I kn. only Elizabeth wh. m. 15 Dec. 1669, Isaac Royce of New London; and Ann, wh. m. William Hough, sec. of N. and d. 19 Nov. 1745. He d. 19 Feb. 1701.
SAMUEL, Barnstable, s. of Joseph, is said have m. Hannah, d. of Thomas Adgate, but more prob. m. 1 July Hannah, d. of John Crocker, had Mary, b. 19 Oct. 1688; Hannah, 11 Nov. 1690; Abigail, 10 Aug. 1693; Benjamin, 16 Apr. 1696; Joseph, 10 Nov. 1698; and Samuel, 28 Apr. 1700. THOMAS, Salem, freem. 14 May 1634, ar. co. 1645, lieut. and capt. rep. 1647, 53, and for Beverly 1672 and more yrs. where he was one of the found. of the ch. 1667; tho. no acc. is kn. of his w. or ch. my conject. makes him the same who was capt. in the fight at Bloody brook, 18 Sept. 1675, near Deerfield, k. by the Ind. with almost every man of his comp. call. "the flower of Essex." He left, perhaps, no ch. but his wid. [[vol. 3, p. 122]] Bethia d. of Daniel Rea, m. Joseph Grafton, as his sec. w. and next, m. deac. William Goodhue. THOMAS, Barnstable, eldest s. of Rev. John, b. in Eng. join. his f.'s ch. 14 May 1637, m. 11 Dec. 1639, Sarah, wid. of Thomas Ewer of Charlestown, d. of William Larned, had Mary, bapt. 4 Oct. 1640; Hannah, b. 18 Oct. 1642; Thomas, bapt. 7 July 1644; Meletiah, 22 Nov. 1646; and Bethia, 22 July 1649, wh. m. July 1668, John Hinckley; Mary m. Dec. 1656, the first John Stearns, as his sec. w. and next, 6 May 1669, capt. William French, both of Billerica, and 3d in 1684, Isaac Mixer of Watertown, as his 3d w. He sw. in a depon. of 4 Apr. 1701, that he was "a. 80 yrs. of age."
THOMAS, Barnstable, perhaps youngest s. of Joseph, unless Meletiah were his f. m. 23 Apr. 1697, Experience, d. of James Gorham, had a s. b. 10 Jan. 1638, d. next mo.; Deborah, 21 Apr. 1699; Mary, 4 Apr. 1701; James, 9 Aug. 1703; Thomas, 8 July 1705; Ansel, a. 1707; Joseph, 8 Dec. 1709; and Seth, Mar. 1712. Five of this name, varying only at. a and o in the first syl. had been gr. at Harv. in 1834, seventeen at Yale, and two at other N. E. coll.
LOUD, or LOWD, FRANCIS, had made improvem. at Arowsic isl. in Kennebee riv. and thence been driv. by Ind. hostil. bef. 1679; at Ipswich by w. Sarah had Francis, b. 26 July 1700. Yet other ch. he certain. had, as Sarah, wh. was to m. Jonathan Pulsifer in Apr. 1705, and ano. prob. Deborah, m. William Start. On his petitn. the governm. allowed him, for almost 30 yrs. serv. of the Prov. to be supplied in the fort at Winter harb. at public charge. FRANCIS, Weymouth, s. of the preced. m. late in 1722, Honor, youngest ch. of Isaac Prince of Hull, and d. 2 Jan. 1774; and his wid. d. 18 Jan. 1777. Of this sec. Francis, a gr.s. is Hon. Samuel P. Loud of Dorchester. JOHN, Boston, by w. Deborah had William, wh. d. 17 Dec. 1690, aged 28 yrs. says Bridgman?s Coop?s Hill inscr. SOLOMON, a soldier from the E. was at Northampton in Turner's comp. 1676.
LOVE, JOHN, Boston 1635, prob. only transient resid. JOHN, New Hampshire, made a couns. 1692. Belkn. I. 124. THOMAS, Boston, m. 23 Sept. 1652, Hannah Thurston.
LOVEJOY, JOHN, Andover, m. 1 June 1651, Mary, d. of Christopher Osgood, wh. d. 15 July 1675, was freem. 1673, had sec. w. m. 12 Jan. 1677, Hannah Prichard, and d. 7 Nov. 1690. Beside Benjamin, wh. d. in serv. as a soldier, early in 1689, at Pemaquid, he had John; William; Christopher, wh. m. 26 May 1685, Sarah Russ, and d. 1737, in 78th yr.; Joseph; Nathaniel, wh. m. 21 Mar. 1694, Dorothy Hoyt, and d. 1758, aged 84; and Ebenezer, wh. m. 11 July 1693, Mary Foster, and d. 1759, in 86th yr. Mary, wh. m. 4 July 1670, Joseph Wilson; Sarah, wh. m. 23 May 1678, William Johnson; Ann, wh. m. 26 May 1685, Jonathan Blanchard; and Abigail, wh. m. 9 Apr. 1691, Nehemiah Abbot, were, I presume, his ds. JOHN, Andover, s. of the preced. m. 23 Mar. 1678, Naomi Hoyt, d. of John the first of Salisbury, and d. 14 July 1680. His wife Naomi had admin. 30 Nov. foll. JOSEPH, Andover, br. of the preced. m. 26 May 1685, Sarah Prichard, had Joseph, wh. d. 2 Mar. 1698, and prob. other childr. was freem. 1691, and d. 1737, aged 76. WILLIAM, Andover, br. of the preced. m. 29 Nov. 1680, Mary Farnum, bad Caleb, wh. d. 26 Apr. 1691, and prob. other ch. was freem. 1691, and d. 1748, in 91st yr.
LOVELAND, LOVEMAN, or LOVENAM, JOHN, Hartford, d. 1670, had w. and possib. ch. but no more is kn. Perhaps the fam. was perpet. at Glastonbury. ROBERT, Boston 1645, a witness then to deed from [[vol. 3, p. 123]] Bendall to Yale, may have rem. to Conn. was tax. at New London 1666; had four yrs. bef. a lawsuit with Bigot Eggleston of Windsor, about bides to be tanned; and a wid. Lovenam pursued a remedial action for trespass 1649. THOMAS, Wethersfield 1670, propos. for freem. that yr. had gr. of Id. 1673, perhaps ten yrs. aft. was of Hartford.
LOVELL, ALEXANDER, Medfield 1649, m. 30 Oct. 1658, Lydia Albee, d. of Benjamin of the same. ANDREW, Barnstable, prob. s. of the first John, had liv. at Scituate, where his d. Deborah was b. 6 May 1689; and at B. had Silas, 16 May 1690; Mary, 17 Nov. 1693; Jonathan, 27 Mar. 1697; Thankful, 6 Oct. 1699; Joseph, 10 Oct. 1707; and Jane, 14 May 1715. DANIEL, Boston 1640, liv. with his mo. in the part wh. bec. Braintree. JAMES, Weymouth, by w. Jane had Deborah, b. 8 Jan. 1665; James, 7 Mar. 1667; Hannah, 29 Sept. 1668; a s. 29 Dec. 1670; Mary, 5 Jan. 1674; John, 19 Apr. 1675; Elizabeth 22 Sept. 1679; and Joseph, 25 Oct. 1684. Perhaps he rem. to Barnstable. JAMES, Barnstable, s. prob. of the first John, m. Mary, perhaps d. of Jabez Lombard, had Mary, b. Oct. 1686; Jacob, Aug. 1688, both bapt. 17 Apr. 1691; James, Aug. bapt. 18 Sept. 1692; Mercy, May, bapt. 7 July 1695; Martha, bapt. 27 June 1697; Rebecca, Feb. bapt. 9 Apr. 1699; Lazarus, Nov. 1700, bapt. 30 Mar. foll.; Lydia; John; and Sarah, whose dates Mr. Hamblen could not give; and I suppose the one he gives for the m. is wrong.
JOHN, Weymouth, perhaps elder br. of James, of the same, by w. Jane, d. of William Hatch of Scituate, who in his will of 5 Nov. 1651, names her and gr.s. John L. wh. d. young; had, also, Elizabeth wh. d. 21 Jan. 1657; Phebe, b. 19 May 1656; John, again, 8 May 1658; Elizabeth 28 Oct. 1660; James, 23 Oct. 1662; William, 24 Feb. 1665; Andrew, 28 June 1668, bef. ment.; Jane, 28 July 1670; and prob. rem. to Barnstable, where Phebe m. Nov. 1679, Thomas Bumpas; and Elizabeth m. Oct. 1684, Thomas Ewer. JOHN, Lynn, had Zacheus, wh. d. 28 Dec. 1681, unless the rec. means that date for the f. JOHN, Barnstable, s. of John of the same, m. 1688, Susanna Lombard, had Abigail, b. 25 Oct. 1688; Susanna, Sept. 1692; Joshua, Oct. 1693; Elizabeth Nov. 1696; Ann, Nov. 1698; and John, 13 Aug. 1700, d. at 4 mos. ROBERT, the freem. of Mass. 2 Sept. 1635, was, I think, then of Weymouth, and may have brot. John, the first above ment. and here had James. THOMAS, Ipswich 1647, currier, had been at Salem, perhaps in 1640, and was one of the selectmen at I. 1681. He came from Dublin 1639, had Alexander, b. 29 May 1657, d. at 2 yrs.; and Nathaniel, 28 Mar. 1658; was in 87th yr. of his age in 1707. Ano. THOMAS, of Ipswich, call. junr. may not have been s. of the preced. d. 2 Jan. 1710, leav. wid. Ann, and ch. John, Thomas, Elizabeth Perkins, Hannah Dutch, and Mary Downton.
WILLLIAM, Dorchester 1630, [[vol. 3, p. 124]] was a capt. of a small vessel, coasting in the neighbor seas, from wh. perhaps, Lovell's isl. in Boston harb. got its name. Harris, 62; Winthrop 174. WILLIAM, Barnstable, s. of John, m. 24 Sept. 1693, Mehitable, a. prob. of Jabez Lombard, had Elizabeth b. Aug. 1694; Jerusha, Sept. 1696; Elinor, 10 Sept. 1698, perhaps d. young; Abia, 12 Sept. 1700; Beulah, 7 Feb. 1704; and Eleanor, 17 May 1707. He d. 21 Apr. 1753, in 90th yr. of this name, eight had, in 1829, been gr. at Harv. and two at other N. E. coll.
LOVERING, JOHN, Watertown, freem. 25 May 1636, was from Ded. ham, Co. Essex, a selectman 1636 and 7, d. early, made a nuncup. will 9 Nov. but of what yr. is uncert from the abstr. of it in Geneal. Reg. III. 79, in wh. he gave all his prop. to his w. but said, also, that, aft. her, £100 should be giv. to his br. that had childr. and £20 to the ch. Who that br. was, or whether he was on this side of the sea, is unkn. Barry says, and Bond confirms, that his wid. Ann, in 1644, m. Rev. Edmund Brown of Sudbury. JOHN, Dover 1657, had prob. liv. bef. at Ipswich, was drown. 1668 or 9, leav. sev. young ch. His wid. who had, perhaps, been wid. of Valentine Hill, m. Ezekiel Knight, and d. bef. 29 June 1675. Descend. are in that neighb. MARK, Salem 1668. THOMAS, Watertown, s. of William in Oldham, Co. Suff'k. came a. 1663, had w. Ann, but no ch. His will, of 13 Aug. 1692, was pro. 27 Feb. foll. and his br. Daniel, aft. d. of w. claim. the est.
LOVETT, ALEXANDER, Medfield 1678, had his ho. burn. by the lnd. DANIEL, Braintree 1662, m. Joanna, d. of Robert Blott, rem.to Mendon with early sett. was freem. 1673; but at B. had, prob. all his ch. James, b. 8 July 1648; Mary, 7 Mar. 1652; Martha, 7 June 1654; Hannah, 30 Mar. 1656; perhaps others, but his w. perhaps, was d. bef. the will of her f. in 1662. JOHN, Salem 1639, had that yr. gr. of ld. by. w. Mary had there bapt. Simon, Joseph, and Mary, on 8 Sept. 1650, his w. unit. that yr. with the ch.; Bethia, 13 June 1652; and Abigail, Mar. 1655, wh. d. under 5 yrs.; prob. also, John, perhaps others, for the name has much prevail. there; dwelt on Beverly side, d. 5 Nov. 1687, in 76th yr. JOHN, Mendon, perhaps s. of Daniel, d. 26 July 1668. THOMAS, Boston 1645, own. a lot, bounding on Christopher Lawson, look. prob. to the common.
LOVEWELL, JOHN, Boston 1660, of wh. we kn. nothing exc. that he was witness that yr. to will of Thomas Rawlins. JOHN, Dunstable 1690, had John, b. 14 Oct. 1691, more celebr. than any youth of his time, for serv. and sagac. in Ind. warf. k. at Pequawket 8 May 1725; Hannah; Zaccheus, 22 July 1701, wh. was col. of a N. H. regim. in the last French war, 1759; and Jonathan, 14 May 1713, a preach. rep. and judge. See Farmer and Moore's Coll. I. 57, and III. 64; Belkn. I. 208 and 319; Fox, Hist. of D. 246. He, with the comm. exagger. of [[vol. 3, p. 125]] his age, is said popularly to have been 20 yrs. old, and prob. was near 100 at his d. a. 1754.
LOW, or LOWE, AMBROSE, Hingham, m. Feb. 1688, Ruth Andrews. ANDREW, New Haven 1639, m. Joan, wid. of Henry Peck, d. 14 Apr. 1670, in his will of that yr. gave some prop. to four ch. of his w. by her former h. and ment. only s. Andrew, wh. was then in Eng. ANTHONY, Boston, s. of John, a wheelwright, rem. aft. 1654 to Warwick, had w. Frances, and s. John, perhaps other ch. He was afterwards of Swansey, when his ho. had been burned at W. in Mar. 1676, and in July aft. performed good service for the famous capt. Church. ARTHUR, Marshfield, s. of John of the same, m. 1714, Elizabeth perhaps d. of Daniel Crooker, had Hannah, b. 1717; Elizabeth 1720; and Jeremiah, 1735. FRANCIS, belong. we kn. not where, but, as he trav. the road from Swansey to Boston, was k. by lightning 15 July 1685, says an old diary. JOHN, Boston 1637, a wheelwright, had w. Elizabeth and d. 1 Dec. 1653. His s. Anthony is bef. ment. JOHN, Sudbury 1641.
JOHN, Hingham, m. Feb. 1650, Elizabeth Stodder, d. of John the first, and Sept. 1659, Hannah Lincoln, wh. perhaps, d. in few yrs. and he m. 25 Sept. 1679, Ruth, d. of Thomas Joy. Perhaps there were at H. two; but one may have had the three ws. By the first w. he had John, b. 3 Apr. 1605; and Elizabeth to ea of wh.in the will of gr.f. S. 20 Nov. 1661, a legacy is giv.; also Tabitha, b. 7 Jan. 1653, wh. d. next yr. JOHN, Concord, by w. Lydia had John, b. 7 Mar. 1661. JOHN, Ipswich, s.prob. of Thomas, m. 10 Dec. 1661, Sarah, d. of John Thorndike. JOHN, Marshfield, whose f. is not nam. by Miss Thomas, m. Elizabeth d. of Arthur Howland, had Arthur, b. 1665; and Hannah, 1670; and he was k. by the Ind. 1676 at Rehoboth. JOHN, Warwick, s. of Anthony, m. 3 Mar. 1675, Mary, d. of Zachary Rhoades.
JOSEPH, Charlestown, a soldier of Moseley's comp. in the gr. battle of Narraganset 19 Dec. 1675. RICHARD, Rye 1663, one of the first sett.; and, perhaps, a merch. of Salem 1672. ROBERT, Boston 1649, vintner. THOMAS, Ipswich 1644, d. 8 Sept. 1677, leav. Thomas John, and sev. ds. Descend. are very num. THOMAS, Gloucester, prob. s. of the preced. b. in Eng. d. 12 Apr. 1712, aged 80, had s. THOMAS, wh. m. Sarah, d. of Harlakenden Symonds, d. 8 Feb. 1698, leav. s. Symonds, Thomas, John, and d. Elizabeth WILLIAM, Kittery, was of the gr. jury 1662.
LOWDEN, JOHN, Charlestown, s. of Richard, m. 29 May 1662, Sarah, d. of Andrew Stephenson, had John and Richard, both bapt. 29 Mar. 1668; Andrew, 2 Aug. 1668; Mary, 22 Jan. 1671; Sarah, 16 Nov. 1673; Joseph, 27 Feb. 1676; and by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth bapt. 13 Mar. 1687, was freem. 1668. RICHARD, Charlestown 1638, freem. 18 May 1642, by w. Mary had John, b. 10, bapt. 16 May 1641; Jeremy, b. 8 Mar. 1643, bur. 11 mos. aft.; Mary, 24 Feb. 1645; Samuel, wh. d. Sept. 1682, in 33d yr.; Elizabeth bapt. 23 Sept. 1656; and Martha, b. 6 [[vol. 3, p. 126]] Apr. 1659. His w. Mary d. 6 Oct. 1683, aged 65; and he d. 12 July 1700, in 88th yr. Martha m. John Call.
LOWDER, or LOUDER, HENRY, Boston, by w. Mary had Henry, b. 7 Dec. 1671. JOHN, Salem, by w. Elizabeth had William, b. 10 Feb. 1692; Nicholas, 31 Aug. 1693; Elizabeth 1 Oct. 1695; and Jared, 1 Nov. 1697. More than usual folly was by him exhibit. in testify. against Bridget Bishop for witchcr. as in Essex Inst. II.142 and 3 is well set forth.

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