A farewell to Arms Response Ms. Barber

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A Farewell to Arms - Response Ms. Barber
Our Hemingway discussions have taken us in a number of directions. We’ve spoken about war and desertion, love and being afraid of the rain, and the relentless pursuit of the perfect conclusion to a novel. Your task is to select one of the topics below, develop a thesis around it, and defend that thesis in a critical essay.

  1. Love and War: A Farewell to Arms is one of the most highly regarded war novels and is considered by some to be the most significant novel to emerge from WWI. Some have argued that this is a love story set in the time of war. Others have said that this is a story of war that occasionally dabbles in love. Where do you stand on this debate? Is this a love story, a war story, or something in between?

  1. Heroism: Throughout the novel, we see characters discuss and struggle with the concepts of courage, bravery and heroism. We see some characters admit their fears, while others discuss the ramifications of being brave in this world. After looking at the novel as a whole, where do you think Hemingway stands on the concept of heroism? What is the underlying message regarding heroism?

  1. Rain: Rain is a prevalent occurrence throughout A Farewell to Arms – indeed, the rain seems like one of Hemingway’s largest icebergs in this text. In fact, the first and last chapters end with images of rain. What might rain symbolize in this text and why would Hemingway use rain as a symbol? Note: This prompt has many answers; select one interpretation of the rain to ensure your essay is focused.

  1. The End: Hemingway famously rewrote the ending of A Farewell to Arms 39 times. Some of these endings contained a bit more hope, while others were perhaps even darker and more dismal than the current ending. There is no need to look up these alternative endings. You must only discuss why you think Hemingway chose this particular ending. What message does Hemingway leave his readers with?


  • Write about literature in the present tense.

  • Avoid excessive plot summary.

  • Your thesis statement is a unique argument that acts as a focus for your paper. Don’t wait to tell your reader what “destination” he or she is heading towards.

  • Your thesis is a stance you take in response to one of the above prompts.

  • Please put your thesis statement in bold on all drafts.

  • Use at least three quotes to illustrate and support your ideas. (MLA Citation)

  • Write no more than three double-spaced pages, size 12 font.

Due Dates:

  • First draft of thesis statement: Friday, April 1st

  • First draft of essay: Thursday, April 7th (Peer Editing Day)

  • Final draft due: Friday, April 15th (Submitted to Turnitin.com by 8am, Hardcopy submitted in class)

Download 143.12 Kb.

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