A. F. T. assignment. Choose a role in column one (who are you going to be?), then choose an audience

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Life in Athens and Sparta
In order to demonstrate your understanding of life in Athens and Sparta you are to complete a R.A.F.T. assignment. Choose a role in column one (who are you going to be?), then choose an audience (who is this going to be for?). Next choose a format (how will you present your understanding?) and finally, your topic (what you will be writing about).





A slave
A boy or girl of the citizen class

A wealthy person of the citizen class
A member of the government (elected official, council of 500, Assembly, Senate, overseer, King)
An Athenian Freeman
A Spartiate
A Perioeci
A Helot
An Athenian or Spartan woman

Newspaper readers

Friends living in a neighbouring settlement
Your parents
A group of your peers
A museum curator in the future
Your fellow citizens
Your fellow officials
Your educator

Journal entry

Editorial for a newspaper
Song lyric
Biographical sketch
Newspaper article
A speech
A piece of art (painting, sculpture, frieze, etc.)

An explanation of life in general of Athenians or Spartans during the 5th century BCE

You will be evaluated according to the following Rubric:

Level 4

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

Knowledge & Understanding (content)

Thinking and Inquiry

- Displays thorough analysis of role, audience and topic

- Insightful connections between role, audience and topic


  • Writing is clear, precise with no

spelling or grammatical errors

-Appropriateness of format used

-neatness, use of colour, etc. depending on format chosen


  • Application of format to specific situation/role

  • Application of assignment instructions to completed work

  • Class time used effectively if applicable


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