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Length: 76-1/2 feet

Width: 17-1/2 feet

Height: 7 feet from bottom of keel to gunnel

Depth of Keel: 14 inches amidships

Bow and Stern Posts: 13 feet

Freeboard Amidships: 4 feet

Weight of Ship: 20 to 30 tons estimate

Height of Mast: 45 feet above deck to halyard, plus 10-foot flag extension.

Sail: 1 square sail 40 x 32 feet, with optional jib rigging from mast to bow.

Yardarm: 32 feet wide

Rudder: side-mounted oar, 12-1/2 feet long, 16 inch wide blade

Tiller Bar: 40 inches

Ship Construction: solid white oak

Number of Strakes: 16 on each side of keel made of 1-inch thick white oak planking

Overlap of Strakes: 1-1/2 inches

Strakes fastened with 2-1/2 x 3/8 inch rivets with square riveting plates

32 Oars: 17 to 19 feet

Shields: 32 or more (in Viking days each shield had the coat of arms of its owner)

The ship is now house in the Heritage-Hjemkomst Interpretive Center in Moorhead, MN.

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