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“Until It Becomes A Reality”

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. . . “Until It Becomes A Reality”
This was perhaps the highest point in Hawley’s history. The building of the ship and sailing to Norway focused national and international attention on Hawley. The cooperation and support of the Hawley community were united and unselfishly dedicated to the project.

When the Hjemkomst departed over the hill to Duluth, most of the gathered crowd was thinking, “there goes a part of my life, a part of that ship belongs to me, and I feel so good about it.”

After the Christening Day ceremonies were completed, a couple of Hawley’s citizens were enjoying a glass of champagne when one remarked, “if a future history of this town’s second 100 years was written, this day would surely be Hawley’s finest hour.”

Thank you, all of you from Hawley and the surrounding area, for all your planning, work and enthusiasm…and for supporting me when the project was only a dream and a stack of rough lumber.”

-Robert Asp, September 23, 1979


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