A. Draw a line from the holiday to the month in which it occurs. (206)

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Heritage Studies 3 Chapter 10 Test

A. Draw a line from the holiday to the month in which it occurs. (206)

1. Presidents’ Day (February) May

2. Memorial Day (May) March or April
3. Easter (March or April) November
4. Thanksgiving (November) February

B. Draw a line from the date to the holiday. (206)

5. December 25 (Christmas) Flag Day

6. July 4 (Independence Day) Columbus Day
7. October 12 (Columbus Day) Independence Day
8. June 14 (Flag Day) Christmas

C. Fill in the circle.

9. George Washington’s birthday became a ___. (193)

O memorial O holiday
10. On Memorial Day Americans think about ___. (197)

O men and women who died in wars O Christopher Columbus

11. The color red in the American flag stands for ___. (198)

O strength O courage

12. On Independence Day we remember ___. (200)

O the colonies separating from England

O the Southern states leaving the Union
13. Thanksgiving was first celebrated by the Pilgrims and the ___. (204)

O American Indians O Spanish Americans

D. Write the letter of the answer in the blank.

c 14. On Columbus Day we remember the day that Christopher Columbus ___. (202)

a. found Asia

b. found Philadelphia

c. found a “new” land

b 15. On Christmas Day we celebrate ___. (205)

a. Christ’s resurrection

b. Christ’s birth

c. Winterfest

c 16. On President’s Day we celebrate the birthdays of ___. (193–94)

a. Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson

b. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

c. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

a 17. On Easter we remember ___. (196)

a. that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead

b. the Ten Commandments

c. the birth of Christ

b 18. The stars on the American flag stand for ___. (198)

a. liberty

b. the fifty states

c. the thirteen original colonies

a 19. A monument is a building or a statue that represents ___. (195)

a. a person that we want to remember

b. liberty

c. the American eagle

c 20. Americans celebrate the Fourth of July with ___. (200)

a. a feast of turkey and dressing

b. the giving of gifts to family and friends

c. parades, picnics, and fireworks

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