A defining moment is considered to be an event/action/decision that results in a significant change for a person, country, or institution

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DEFINING MOMENTS IN CANADIAN HISTORY http://www.mycanadaflag.com/images/canflagsolo.png

In this Canadian History course, you have been introduced to many defining moments from 1914 to the present. A defining moment is considered to be an event/action/decision that results in a significant change for a person, country, or institution. This moment can be a positive or negative event that has resulted in either positive or negative changes for that person, country, or institution.


Each student will develop a thesis statement and defend it in a five paragraph argumentative essay. The essay will demonstrate your understanding of defining moments. You must select a theme listed in this package, justify and defend your thesis through three most significant defining moments in Canadian history. Your essay must include one defining moment from 1914-1950, one from 1950-present and the remaining moment may be from any one of the two periods stated above.

The final essay( part 3) will not be accepted without the completion of process steps 1-2 listed below:

  1. Thesis selection and argument outline (1-2 pages) 10 marks

  2. Essay Outline + Working Bibliography (1-2 pages) 20 marks

  3. Final Essay (3 pages max) 30 marks

Your essay must be written in your own words. Information must not be copied from your sources. Ideas are a form of property. If you use someone else’s ideas without giving him/her credit, you are plagiarizing and will be given a grade of ZERO on the summative. Summarize and paraphrase the ideas and identify the sources even if you have modified the wording. Please make reference to the package provided regarding citations.

Essay Criteria:

  • Must be at least 2 ½ - 3 pages maximum typed in 12 pt. font, Times Roman with standard margins

  • Must have a title page on a separate sheet of paper with theme of essay, name, course, date, teacher

  • Must be argumentative. You are to convince me that your chosen moments are DEFINING for Canada

  • Must follow a particular theme demonstrated through the chosen arguments

  • Must be based on information from a MINIMUM of three (3) sources. For a level four must have 5 + sources. WIKIPEDIA IS NOT CONSIDERED A SCHOLARY SOURCE. You MUST use at least ONE source from the GEORGES VANIER LIBRARY DATABASES

  • Must have a minimum of SIX (6) endnotes (2+ per argument) and a separate endnote page

  • Must have a final Works Cited page on a separate sheet in proper MLA format. Sources must be listed in alpha order by author’s last name containing at least four sources

  • WILL NOT be accepted without the all parts/steps 1-3

Steps and Due Dates:

*Note: in order to proceed to the next step, you MUST have successfully completed the preceding step.

Culminating Sections

Due Dates

Thesis selection and argument outline (1 pages)

Essay Outline + Working Bibliography (2 pages)

Final Essay (3 pages max)



Suggested Themes:

  1. French-English Relations

  2. Immigration

  3. Social Development

  4. Economic Development

  5. Canadian-American Relations

  6. International Affairs/Canada’s Growing Independence

  7. Women in Canadian History

  8. Science and Technology

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