A day That Will Live In Infamy” Directions

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A Day That Will Live In Infamy”
Directions: Create Google Doc named “Last Name_FDR_Period#.” SHARE IT! Discuss the questions as a group but type out your answers individually.
1. FDR’s speech described the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as “a day that will live in infamy….” Infamy means disgrace, dishonor, or great wickedness.
Question: What do you think were the various emotions of Americans in the first hours and days after they heard the news of the attack?

2. How do you think young Americans your age reacted to the news of Pearl Harbor? In what ways do you think the coming of WWII to the United States affected students your age?

3. Most Americans who experienced the Pearl Harbor attack remember to this day where they were when they heard the news. To them it is a shared generational moment. The same can be said of people who experienced President John Kennedy or Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassinations, and the 9/11 attacks of 2001.
Question: What historical moment in your life will you always remember?

Question: Do you think the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States will be such a memory for you? For America?

4. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, life in America changed in many ways. Food and clothing were rationed, some travel was restricted, more men were drafted into the military, and more volunteered for military service. Even entertainment—movies, music, comic books—changed, reflecting wartime moods and subjects.

Compare and contrast how life in the United States changed after Pearl Harbor with how life has changed after the September 11 attacks. Compare and contrast those changes specifically for students your age.

6. What do you think were the biggest concerns of Americans following the attack on Pearl Harbor?

What are your biggest concerns following the September 11 attacks?

7. Was it right or wrong for the United States to go to war with Japan entering into World War II? Explain your answer.

8. When is it wrong to go to war?
When is it right to go to war?

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