A. D. This site explains that at this time the Vikings started their merciless attacks on England. And our last site, The Viking Answer Lady webpage, explains that it

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When Did the Viking Era Begin and End?
Have you ever wondered when the Viking era began or ended Or maybe why it started or ended Well, here’s where you’ll learn all those things. In case you were wondering what a Viking islets go over that first. According to History
on the Net, The seafaring Vikings (in Danish, the Vikinger) were a group of people that came from the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Denmark, and
Sweden. They made an enduring name for themselves in the 8th through the
11th centuries for being tactical warriors, smart traders, and daring explorers. In fact, they arrived in America 1,000 years before Columbus ever did, and archeologists have found some of their remnants scattered as far east as
Russia.” So now that you’re all caught up, this paper will tell when the Viking era started and ended. So far based on research the Viking era started somewhere from 750 AD. to 793 AD. and ended in 1066 (which every source has stated).
This study used three different timelines and on the timelines each one has listed a different time, but they all state it ends at the same time. The timeline posted by Sons of Vikings says the era starts in 750 AD. and states, The magnificent double ship burial at Salme, Estonia, indicates Viking activity in the
Baltic and the East The Viking Network timeline claims the timeline starts in AD. This site explains that at this time the Vikings started their merciless attacks on England. And our last site, The Viking Answer Lady webpage, explains that it starts in 793 AD. by sacking the Anglo-Celtic monastery at Lindisfarne. And even though they all start at the same time as stated before they all have the same end date 1066, which is the official end of the Viking timeline.

Each of these websites have a different start date to the Viking era, but which do I think is the correct' start With a little extra research, I believe that AD. was the start date, mainly because their peak in time was around the
11th century, meaning it was closer to the end of their era being 1066. Every website has different opinions on the start date, probably because of the different types of beliefs or research they did it also might be different because of the time they were made. With more time the more research we do and the more evidence we gather. So, while one site says 740 AD. with research from the other states 795 AD. might have more recent evidence for their claim.
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Research Question When did the Viking era begin and end. Paragraph 1 - Introduction. Attention-grabbing sentence Have you ever wondered when the
Viking timeline started and why or when did it end and why. Thesis - answer to the research question. It’s obvious when the Viking timeline ended, but not as obvious when it started. And if your lost on what's a viking __________
3. Transition sentence. Paragraph 2 - Body Paragraph. When it began on the timeline. One possibility - Viking Answer Lady. Another one - Viking TImeline
3. Third option - Viking History Timeline. When it ended on the timeline. They all agree. Transition sentence. Paragraph 3 - Conclusion - Why you think it’s different. Why are they different. What do you think is the start. Concluding sentence the biggest battle was the Battle of Tettenhall
Sources Used
Notes on Viking Timelines
Viking History Timeline – Sons of Vikings
The Viking Timeline

Viking Answer Lady Webpage - A Timeline of Scandinavian History Centering
Upon the Viking Age
They start by attacking England
On source is the Viking ERA timeline while the other is the viking timeline
Vikings find dublin and attack ireland
They attack
Lindisfarne (in England)
←this link it states that the vikings started in 793 A.D.
← this link it says it starts in 789 A.D.
But from this link it says it starts in 750 A.D.

The trade settlement of Ladoga was founded in Eastern Europe by Vikings. This would bean early step towards the emergence of the Norse-Slavic Rus confederation.”
The battle that ended the Vikings was the Battle of Stamford Bridge
(What is a Viking?)

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