A core Course of General Education An outline of the Traditional Chinese Culture 中国传统文化概览 Shandong University Contents

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2. Three Moves by Mencius' Mother

In Biographies of Outstanding Women·The Biography of Mencius’ Mother, Liu Xiang recorded: Meng Ke, later known as Mencius, lived near a graveyard in his childhood. Therefore, as he played, he amused himself by imitating the others’ digging tombs. His mother said, “It's not good for a child to live in this kind of place.” They moved to a house near a market. Then the son took pleasure in imitating the peddler’s hawking. Again the mother said, “It's not good for a child to live here.” She changed their residence a second time and housed themselves near a school. There her son played imitating the sacrificial rites on ceremony and formalities of courtesy. The mother said, “This is the right place for a child.” They settled there. After Meng Ke grew up, he acquired six classical arts (rites, music, archery, riding, writing and arithmetic) and became a scholar well known for his erudition and one of the representatives of Confucianism. Since then this idiom has been used to eulogize mothers’ inculcation.

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