A classical Maya News Report

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1. What can artifacts tell us about a civilization like that of the ancient Maya?
2. Discuss why deciphering Maya hieroglyphs was important to the understanding of their history and culture.
3. What do you think archaeologists will find from our society 2,000 years from now, and what will their findings say about us?
4. What objects might lead to the misinterpretation of our culture by future archaeologists?
5. How has our understanding of the ancient Maya culture changed over the last 60 years?
6. What role did astronomy play in ancient Maya civilization?

You can evaluate your students on their Maya news report using the following three-point criteria:
- Three points:Students present a complete news report about an event from the Maya classical period. The news report utilizes many features of its medium (e.g., sidebars, interviews, and op-ed pieces), and there is full group participation.

- Two points:Students present the basic facts of the event. The news report only contains a few of the features of its medium, but the whole group participates.

- One point:Students present a brief report of the event with little background material and few special features. There is not full group participation.

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