A child Called It

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“A Child Called It” Name: ___________________ Pd. ____

Excerpt by David Pelzer, copyright 1995

Follow the directions in the top row of the table. Begin with the top left box and continuing left to right.



Discuss (You do not write here!)


1. Read to the end of the first paragraph, then stop at “stop 1”.

Move onto the next square

2. Write your answers,

-What do you think happened to Dave prior to Chapter 6?

-What is Dave’s view of his father?

3. Discuss with your partner Dave’s tone as he begins this chapter. How does it make you feel? How has Dave’s relationship with his dad changed since the book began (based on what you read in this one paragraph)?

4. Summarize what you and your partner discussed

5. Read until you see “Stop 2”.

Move onto the next square

6. Write your answers,

-How does father help Dave at “the madhouse”, both physically and emotionally?

7. Discuss with your partner: At the end of this section why did Dave cry? Think beyond just father leaving.

8.Write about Dave’s sentiment towards his father. Give one quote from the reading to support your thoughts.

9. Read until you see “Stop 3”.

Move onto the next square

10. Write your answers,

-What role does the substitute teacher play in Dave’s life?

-Compare and contrast father to the substitute teacher?

11. Discuss with your partner:

What are the types of abuse we have discussed in class? Which of these types of abuse have been inflicted on Dave in this chapter? Be specific.

12. Write about Dave’s behavior. Give two examples of how the abuse from his mother has effected his behavior at home and two examples of how it effected his behavior at school.

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