A child Called It Reflection Paper

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A Child Called It

Reflection Paper
In your lifetime you will have personal experiences that will have such a dramatic effect on you that it will change your life entirely. As you read A Child Called It, you will agree that this was the case for David Pelzer. You will read the real life account of the most horrific case of child abuse ever recorded in California. Unfortunately, David is not alone. Everyday children are abused, some cases are reported and some children are saved, but many are not.
As a final assessment for A Child Called It, I would like you to type a two-page, double-spaced reflection paper on how this book affected you. Please do not summarize the book, but tell me how it changed you or how it did not change you. Did it affect you emotionally and why? What shocked you or truly bothered you and why? Which was worse in your opinion, the physical or emotional abuse? Did it change your belief system? Are you more of a child advocate now? In addition I would like you to analyze David Pelzer and his abuse using your knowledge of nature vs. nurture, as well as attachment and child development theories. What should he be like as an adult? Can he overcome the abuse to be “normal”? Explain how his childhood should affect him as an adult, and be specific to the theories and topics discussed in class.

These are all questions you can use to write your paper or you can use your own ideas. You must however, follow the requirements below:

  1. The paper must be a reflection, not a summary!

  2. The paper must be at least two-pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, and you must start no more than five spaces down the page. Make sure to use citations if you are quoting anything from the book or from your text or lecture (Your paper should be more letters than white!).

  3. The paper is due no later than_________________.

  4. The paper is worth 40 points.

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