A checklist of Important Documents for Abu Dhabi Employees

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A Checklist of Important Documents for Abu Dhabi Employees

What Do I Bring?

Make sure you send the requested documents AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to ZU – HR. These are essential for visa and immigration processing. Email scanned versions immediately. Attesting documents can take some time – so start the process early.
Bring, with you in your carry-on luggage on the airplane if arriving by air, attested copies AND originals of important documents that you need now and in future - this includes documents such as birth certificates, diplomas or degrees of the employee and family members, marriage certificates, drivers licenses, etc.  By having them here with you in the U.A.E., you have easy access should the need arise to present original or attested documents. 
Bring those documents indicates with a ()to the first day of Orientation. They are required for the formalities of contract signing, residence visa applications, etc. We’ve also suggested additional important documents to bring with you to assist in school registration, driver’s license application, etc.


Send to HR

Download 78 Kb.

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