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A brief outline of
The Danish Wood Packaging Materials Treatment and Marking Scheme

Effective November 2003, the Danish Plant Directorate has established a Wood Packaging Materials Treatment and Marking Scheme, based upon requirements as set out in the International Standards on Phytosanitary Measures no. 15: ’Guidelines for Wood Packaging Materials in International Trade’, FAO, Rome 2002 (ISPM #15 henceforward).

The Danish Wood Packaging Materials Treatment and Marking Scheme is regulated through the governmental Order no. 880 of 30 October 2003 and further detailed in company guidelines (as currently of November 2003) issued by the Plant Directorate.
To obtain the necessary certification, Danish companies wishing to use the internationally recognised and protected mark must be approved by the Plant Directorate, being the sole National Plant Protection Organization of Denmark.


Only certified companies are authorised to use the following mark on wood packaging materials:



In this mark, for XXXX will be inserted the unique registration number assigned by the Danish Plant Directorate to the actual certified company placing the mark. The dimension of the complete mark should be at least 60 mm by 60 mm, the marking be permanent and visible on at least two sides of the unit, and red and orange colours avoided.

The treatment codes ’DB HT’ (or ‘DB HT’) are mandatory under this marking scheme. Supplementary, international treatment codes ’KD’ or ’CPI’ may be added in the first line. In a possible third line of the mark text, the company may add a code identifying the single unit or consignment.

Company categories

Two company categories may apply for certification:

A. Companies carrying out heat treatment of wood (including finished packaging materials)

B. Companies constructing (including repairing) wood packaging materials from treated wood.

Requirements in brief for company certification

Upon applying, companies must have established a detailed internal quality assurance system, basically ensuring,

For category A: that all pieces of wood to be marked have been debarked and heat treated, reaching a core temperature of at least 56°C for at least 30 minutes; that treated wood is nowhere mixed with untreated wood; and that consignments of treated wood are marked with the stated mark and specified in outgoing trading documents.

For category B: that all pieces of wood used for wood packaging materials to be marked has been heat treated as required (or alternatively: treated with methyl bromide as specified in ISPM #15), that treated wood is nowhere mixed with untreated wood, and that each unit of packaging materials is marked as required.
The Company Guidelines issued by the Danish Plant Directorate specify procedures that must be outlined in the quality assurance system, including procedures for

  • debarking

  • calibration of temperature loggers and settings

  • stacking of wood in drying room / kiln

  • early identification and handling of treatment failures

  • marking of wood or finished packing materials

  • assuring the purchase and use of treated wood only

  • segregation of treated and untreated wood

  • treatment specifications on in- and outgoing trading documents

  • instructing employees

Audit and certification by the Danish Plant Directorate

Having approved the written quality assurance system documentation and physically audited the company’s working practice the Danish Plant Directorate issues a certificate including the unique company registration number. The certificate is valid for one year and may be renewed following another audit. An updated list of certified companies is available at the Directorate’s website on wood packaging materials www.pdir.dk/Default.asp?ID=4607 (the list itself on www.pdir.dk/Default.asp?ID=4618) or upon request from any stakeholder.

Complementary to the regular audits, the Danish Plant Directorate carries out unannounced control inspections with selected companies under the certification scheme. The certification of a company shall be denied or withdrawn in case of non-compliance.

In conclusion, the Danish Wood Packaging Materials Treatment and Marking Scheme ensures that wood packaging materials marked with the internationally recognised and protected mark have been constructed of debarked wood treated in compliance with all provisions of ISPM #15.

Enquiries may be directed to
Ms. Lis Stenstrup, ph. +45 45263822, e-mail lst@pdir.dk or

Mr. Ebbe Nordbo, ph. +45 45263891, e-mail eno@pdir.dk

The Danish Plant Directorate’s website: www.pdir.dk

Outline version: 29 April 2004

Source: www.pdir.dk/Files/Filer/Virksomheder/Traeemballage/DK_WPM_Scheme_Present_3004041.doc

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