A brief history of the white nationalist movement

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National Socialist Vanguard (NSV) Report:
Rick Cooper (1946-2006)
INTRODUCTION: This brief history of the White Nationalist Movement is being published for two reasons - (1) to provide an insider's view since almost all of the history of the Movement available to scholars, researchers, book authors, historians and sociologists is the history given by the establishment educational system and any combination of government agencies such as the Justice Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and various law enforcement agencies, most of which get their information directly or indirectly from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of the B'nai B'rith and other anti-White groups; and (2) to educate the novices within the Movement about Movement history and a little about some of the people involved in the Movement.

This article will upset some people, anger others and bring humor to yet more. For those of you who disagree with this historical overview, you are free to write your own version and publish it, hoping that the historians and researchers of today will consider your views worthy of publishing tomorrow. Perhaps these historians and researchers will find this article to be a good chronological outline for their works, and they are encouraged to contact the National Socialist Vanguard for details.
THE BEGINNING: By the term "White Nationalist Movement", we refer to that movement by White people who want a nation for White people only and advocate total geographic separation of the world's races. After World War II, the first White Nationalist group to emerge was the National Renaissance Party (NRP) in 1949 under the leadership of James H. Madole in the New York City area. We say the NRP was the first White Nationalist Group because the American Bund was disbanded during World War II by the United States government and no Klan group existing at that time ever had a program for a White terrirorial imperative. Rather, these Klan groups advocated separate but equal policies regarding race. Not one Klan group advocated total geographic separation of the races as far as we know. The NRP, which consisted of a small number of sincere patriots, was backed, at least in part, by Jewish money and infiltrated by a group of homosexuals, some of whom are still around today, posing as White Nationalist leaders. In case some of you are unaware, historically Jewish organizations have helped finance and even lead anti-Jewish groups for the purpose of scaring and intimidating other Jews to donate money to these Jewish organizations so the organizations can "fight" the anti-Jewish groups. For this reason, Jewish money helped finance the NRP. There have been many stories, many of them consistent, over the years regarding the homosexuals in the NRP. [1] At least three names are prominent and worth mentioning - all others are insignificant.

Closely associated with the NRP was a group called the Free Ezra Pound Committee (FEPC) which was headed by three homosexuals - Eustace Mullins was charman of the FEPC and an NRP member, Attorney Edward Fleckenstein was legal counsel of the FEPC whose NRP membership status is unknown, and Matthias Koehl, Jr., who was secretary of the FRPC and not an NRP member. The homosexuality of these three was no secret. The Free Ezra Pound committee was formed to work for the release of incarcerated poet Ezra Pound (now deceased) who was locked up in St. Elizabeth's mental hospital in Washington, D.C., for political reasons. Ezra Pound was an American citizen who made pro-Axis and anti-Allied radio broadcasts in Italy during World War II. During the middle 1950s, Eustace Mullins and Matt Koehl went on tours down South, the East Coast and Mid-West area to speak out on behalf of the imprisoned Ezra Pound.

In about 1955, Mullins, Koehl and Fleckenstein were arrested in New York State regarding the sodomizing of a teenage boy in the back seat of a car on a county road. As the story goes, the three queers picked up a hitch hiker, Fleckenstein was the aggressor, Mullins the observer and Koehl the driver. After Fleckenstein was finished with the boy, the boy was dumped off the side of the road where the boy noted the car license number and reported the incident to his parents. The parents filed a police report, supposedly with the Middletown police, and the three queers were arrested. Eventually, the parents decided not to press charges. When James Madole learned about the incident, he expelled Eustace Mullins from the NRP as this was apparently the "last straw" of embarrassment that Mullins and his queer associates had caused to the image of the NRP. On July 15, 1985, NSV Director Cooper, posing as an independent writer, paid a visit to the Middletown police to inquire about the arrest which, by this time, had occurred about 30 years previously. Lieutenant Dino seemed very interested in the story about the homosexual involvement in the "American Nazi Movement's" beginning. Lieutenant Dino thumbed through a file of 3x5-inch cards which went back to the early 1950s but found nothing under the names of "Edward Fleckenstein", "Eustace Mullins" and "Matthias Koehl, Jr." It is noted, however, that anybody could have just plucked any card he wanted out of the file and destroyed it. On July 16, 1985, Director Cooper went to the county court house in Goshen and found nothing; however, if no charges were pressed, then there would be no court record.

During 1959 and 1960, both Mullins and Koehl volunteered to assist Retired Rear Admiral John G. Crommelin on Crommelin's bid for Vice President of the United States. Crommelin allowed Mullins and Koehl to stay in the basement of his Wetumpka, Alabama, farmhouse as they helped work on his campaign until the day when Crommelin found the two playing around and ordered them off his property. Because Crommelin never did like homosexuals, he never kept it a secret why he booted Mullins and Koehl off his property. Years later, Crommelin told former deputy commander of the American Nazi Party (ANP), Karl Allen, that Mullins and Koehl were queers. Karl Allen later told former ANP member Christopher Bailey, and Chris then told Director Cooper in the early 1980s. It should be noted that neither Crommelin nor Allen have answered Director Cooper's registered letters to them, asking specific questions about the Mullins-Koehl relationship on Crommelin's farm or anywhere else. On July 22, 1985, NSV Director Cooper checked the court records in Wetumpka for a restraining order which Crommelin supposedly filed against Mullins and Koehl to keep them legally off his property. Although the date of this occurrence is not known, court records were checked back as far as the available records there. Records previous to that were in the archives which were kept in the old jail and those were not checked.

During the 1950s, the National States Rights Party (NSRP) was formed. This party advocated total geographic separation of the races and an all-White America, which means that it was a White Nationalist group by the definition previously given. Under the chairmanship of J. B. Stoner and with Dr. Edward R. Fields as national secretary, who also edited The Thunderbolt, which was the NSRP's official publication, the NSRP quickly became the largest White Nationalist organization in the country. J. B. Stoner and other NSRP members were running for political offices, mainly in the South, The Thunderbolt had the largest circulation of any White Nationalist paper in the country and probably the world, and the NSRP had more dues-paying members than any other White Nationalist group in the country. Although the NSRP advocated the same basic beliefs and principles as National Socialism, there was still no Nazi Party that the Jewish groups wanted. Apparently the NSRP's watered down version of National Socialism was not good enough for the money-hungry leaders of Jewish scam groups.

In the late 1950s, a White racialist named DeWest Hooker, then leader of the Nationalist Party, was approached by a Jewish representative or two and asked if he would be willing to start an American Nazi Party. Hooker was not interested. Once in a letter and once over the telephone, Director Cooper mentioned this to Hooker to verify whether or not this was true. Hooker never responded to the issue either time, neither admitting nor denying the allegation. In a subsequent telephone conversation after Hooker read this report, Hooker denied that he was approached by any Jews to start an overt National Socialist or Nazi group. In 1959, the late George Lincoln Rockwell founded the American Nazi Party (ANP) - not as a front group for Jewish scammers but out of dedication and sincere belief. Again, some Jews tried to control Rockwell where they failed with Hooder. Rockwell accepted Jewish money but he had no desire to form a phony group. Instead, Rockwell built the ANP and attracted some of the most dedicated White Nationalists in the country and perhaps some of the kookiest too.

Other White Nationalists, some of whom are still around today, joined Rockwell's ANP from 1959 through August 25, 1967, the day when Rockwell was assassinated, and many of these new ANP people were former NSRP people, and many of the new ANP financial supporters were former NSRP financial supporters. In 1961, Matthias Koehl, Jr., joined the ANP, resigning from the NSRP of which he was a member at the time. The NSRP was losing members and financial contributors because of the ANP. The resentment of the NSRP leaders built up until finally Dr. Ed Fields, with the backing of J. B. Stoner, attacked Rockwell in The Thunderbolt of August 1962 as being some sort of FBI collaborator, being on the Jewish payroll, being a phony patriot and being a communist. As stated, Rockwell took all the money that the Jews wanted to give him and he reportedly did submit names of prospective ANP members to the FBI so the FBI could screen out the kind of people that would cause Rockwell legal problems; however, a phony patriot and a communist Rockwell was not. Rockwell demanded a retraction from Fields but Fields refused. Consequently, Rockwell filed a law suit against Dr. Edward R. Fields for slander in late 1964 or early 1965, CIVIL ACTION NO. 64-570. Letters went back and forth between Rockwell and Matt H. Murphy, Ed Fields' attorney in the case. Before the trial date, Murphy realized that Fields' case was weak and so told Fields that if the case went to court, it would cost Fields $2,500 minimum, even if he lost the case. Rockwell, however, offered to settle the case out of court by asking that Fields print a retraction of his (Fields') attack on Rockwell in a future issue of The Thunderbolt and pay Rockwell $1,000 which was even a bargain in those days. Fields capitulated, gave Rockwell the $1,000 and printed a retraction in The Thunderbolt of October 1965. During the entirety of these legal proceedings, J. B. Stoner backed Dr. Fields against Rockwell.

On January 1, 1967, George Lincoln Rockwell changed the name of the American Nazi Party (ANP) to the National Socialist White People's Party (NSWPP) because the old name pertained to American workers whereas the new name pertained to all White people. Rockwell and the NSWPP had reached their highest peak to date at this time. There was a lot of NSWPP activity to report in the NSWPP's publications - White Power and NS Bulletin - donations were good and Rockwell was booked well in advance for speaking engagements at colleges and universities throughout the country.

On August 25, 1967, George Lincoln Rockwell, Commander of the NSWPP, was assassinated in a laundromat parking lot in Arlington, Virginia, by John Patler [Patsalos]. The NSWPP members went through the protocol of selecting a new leader. The majority of the members present selected Major Matthias Koehl, Jr., to succeed as the new NSWPP leader. When Matthias Koehl was selected, the NSWPP lost a good percentage of its members, stormtroopers, activists and financial supporters. Rockwell's assassination was the greatest setback the NSWPP could have because Rockwell was at his peak and climbing, and he kept the party together although there were the usual defections which any group experiences. In fact, one former ANP member told us that there were very few people who wouldn't do whatever Rockwell asked of them. Koehl was primarily a bureaucrat who was good at following orders but could not talk to people. If Koehl's personality was not enough to cause massive discontent, if not resignations, Koehl's homosexual background was, and Koehl's background was no secret within the NSWPP membership, especially among the old timers. Many of the loyal NSWPP members resigned and dropped out totally from the White Nationalist Movement, preferring not to align themselves with any phony White Nationalist group or any "sneaky Nazi" group such as the NSRP. However, some dedicated NSWPP members resigned to form their own National Socialist groups or similar groups with different names.

Some of you people may wonder why anybody supported Matt Koehl at all but you must consider that many of these dedicated people were faced with the choice of NSWPP under Koehl or no NSWPP at all so, since there was no "proof" of Koehl's homosexuality or background, they backed Koehl. Considering the other high ranking NSWPP members at the time, Dr. William Pierce, the NSWPP National Secretary, told Director Cooper personally that he often viewed Koehl as an "island of sanity amid a sea of insanity." While Koehl was leader of the NSWPP, he expelled any member who spoke of his homosexual background on the grounds of "character assassination" and "rumor mongering", however, there still remained a few members, supporters and other associates of the NSWPP who kept silent about Koehl's homosexual background so as to not damage the NSWPP any more than the NSWPP had been already.

When word got out that Matthias Koehl, Jr., was to be the new national Nazi leader, a group of concerned sympathizers in the New Jersey area feared that the subsequent exposure of Koehl's homosexual background would be embarrassing to the NSWPP and the Movement. After all, these sympathizers did not want to see everything that Rockwell built go down the drain. During the summer of 1970, a man named Wilfried Kernbach approached Dr. Pierce and gave Dr. Pierce incriminating evidence against Matt Koehl, evidence that was stolen from the home of an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) associate or member who had infiltrated the National Renaissance Party over 10 years previously. It was suggested to Dr. Pierce that he present this evidence to Koehl and then ask Koehl to resign due to health or some other reason so as to not cause suspicion about the NSWPP in the public eye. Koehl said he would sleep on the matter. Dr. Pierce went to his house that evening but, when he returned to the NSWPP headquarters building the next morning, Koehl had instructed the duty officer to ban Dr. Pierce from the building permanently. A short time after that, two of Koehl's blindly loyal backers approached Dr. Pierce at his house and demanded that Dr. Pierce return the things that he had "taken" from the NSWPP headquarters.

It is not clear whether Dr. Pierce took the anti-Koehl evidence to his house or left it at the NSWPP headquarters because Dr. Pierce is yet another one of these guys who refuses to answer letters or state the truth orally. What Wilfried Kernbach told Director Cooper in 1982 was that Dr. Pierce was given a man's job to do and he handled the situation like a boy scout. What Dr. Pierce told Director Cooper, when Cooper visited Pierce in his National Alliance office in 1980, was that he (Pierce) did not want to feud with Koehl. Also, Dr. Pierce told Director Cooper that at first, he was bitter when Koehl double-crossed him (about 13 years previously) but that his bitterness has waned away over the years. Well, it has been 14 years now since Koehl double-crossed Director Cooper, but Cooper's righteous indignation prevents him from forgetting or forgiving Koehl's treason to the Movement and theft from his own backers, all to cover up his homosexual background and to live out his fantasies at the expense of others. After Director Cooper's visit with Dr. Pierce in 1980, Dr. Pierce called Matt Koehl to report on Cooper's visit and what Cooper wanted.

From the fall of 1979 to the fall of 1984, the mainstream White Nationalist Movement was in a state of relative stagnancy. During this 5-year period, most of the White Nationalist Movement activity was done by five groups, and most of the Movement activists were active with one of these five groups - the National Socialist White People's Party (NSWPP) under Matt Koehl, the National States Rights Party (NSRP) under J. B. Stoner and Dr. Edward R. Fields, the National Alliance under Dr. William Pierce, the New Christian Crusade Church (NCCC) under James K. Warner, and the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKKK) under David E. Duke. None of the above individuals were gainfully employed. All of the above individuals lived off their mailing lists. Any challenger to the group leader or any member who showed better leadership ability either resigned to form his own group, resigned totally from the Movement in disgust, or was expelled by the leader. All of the above group leaders know each other, and each of these, except for Dr. Pierce, has something to hide in his personal life and/or background about which he is very sensitive and fears exposure to his supporters and general public as he knows such would cause him to lose his current relative position of prestige within the Movement - not to mention a significant decrease in financial support. Consequently, none of the above individuals attempted to expose the rot and corruption within the Movement or another one of the specified individuals above because he himself could be exposed in turn. Thus, this clique of individuals just maintained the status quo, selling memberships, asking for donations and selling subscriptions to publications, and made little progress.

Of course, some progress had been made previously by these groups but most of the financial supporters, necessary for any organization, could not see any considerable progress made during this 5-year period, started to become demoralized, began to lose faith and cut back on their financial donations. The supporters essentially sent in money for subscriptions, books and various items offered for sale. In late 1979, the donations for the above groups and individuals began to dwindle as a result of their lack of accomplishment and achievement.

As of December 31, 1983, the clique of Movement phonies began to show more visible symptoms of their being phased out of the overall Movement view. Since most of the financial support of the various Movement figures and organizations comes from their same respective supporters, it is no wonder that the Movement beggars were beginning to fall along the wayside. The supporters like to see success and progress made by the groups they support. In fact, the more successful and victorious an organization is, the more support it will earn. The Movement had reached a point where many of the long-time supporters were not able to see anything of significance being accomplished by the "paper tiger" organizations and the phony, begging leaders. Consequently and understandably, the supporters cut back their support while the operating costs for the organizations constantly increased. The five major White Nationalist groups faced problems as follows.

Dr. William Pierce, leader of the National Alliance and publisher of The National Vanguard, decreased the frequency of his publication to about two issues per year because his supporters did not send enough money. Since subscriptions paid for the publication, one can only conclude that there was financial mismanagement involved. Although Dr. Pierce has no record of financial scamming, kinky sex or fraud in his Movement dealings, we can only surmise that his unwillingness to expose wrongdoing among other Movement people and groups, or even cooperate with somebody who is willing to expose such wrongdoing, is based on cowardice alone.

David Duke, in 1980, after assuring everybody at his Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKKK) leadership conference in Metairie, Louisiana, the previous Labor Day weekend (September 1979) that he would not disband the KKKK and subsequently pressing his Klan members to get their dues up to date, did dump the KKKK. Duke then founded the National Association for the Advancement of White People and published the NAAWP News. After a couple years, he threatened to decrease the frequency of his publication unless his supporters sent more money. Since subscriptions or dues paid for the publication, we must again conclude that there was financial mismanagement involved. David Duke is very immoral sexually, is a con-artist, a cheat, an egoist and is highly self-serving. Duke was once an associate - not a member, but maybe an official supporter - of the NSWPP for a brief period of time. During one of his trips to Arlington, Virginia, in about 1971, Duke stopped by to visit Dr. Pierce of the National Alliance across Interstate 95 from the NSWPP headquarters. Dr. Pierce offered to give David Duke the information regarding Matt Koehl's homosexual background if Duke would publish this information in his Klan publication at the time, The Crusader. Duke refused for reasons which should be obvious by now. After visiting Dr. Pierce, Duke visited Matt Koehl at the NSWPP headquarters. Subsequently, Duke spoke with an NSWPP duty officer, James N. Mason, and told Mason of Dr. Pierce's offer. Jim Mason, years later, told this to Director Cooper who then wrote to Duke, asking for an account, confirmation or denial that Dr. Pierce made such an offer. Duke refused to answer Director Cooper's letter. Instead, Duke's right-hand man, Tom Wilson, replied in a form letter without even addressing the issue. Director Cooper wrote Wilson back, asking him to ask Duke to respond to his question regarding the offer that Dr. Pierce had made to Duke what must have been about 10 years previously. Wilson finally wrote back and said that Mr. Duke did not remember the offer and does not think discussing the matter, let alone publishing this, would help the Movement. Since that time, Tom Wilson ended up in a mental institution as a result of abusing PCP, a dangerous drug primarily used to tranquilize wild animals in Africa and other places so they can be captured alive.

James K. Warner, another former member of Rockwell's ANP, was, during this time period, leader of the New Christian Crusade Church, and publisher of both the CDL Report and the Christian Vanguard. Warner discontinued publishing the CDL Report because of financial problems. Despite Warner's history of transvestitism and widely discussed bisexuality, Warner was married to a woman who was part of his financial problems. On February 28, 1982, Director Cooper wrote to Warner, asking specific information about the homosexuality of his close friend, Eustace Mullins, and also about Matt Koehl. The letter was never answered. Warner has next to no friends, but a person named Jerry Dutton seemed to be close to him, so Director Cooper asked Dutton to ask Warner if Warner got Director Cooper's letter and when Cooper could expect a reply. Dutton told Cooper subsequently that Wasrner did get the letter and that Warner told Dutton that he didn't know what he was going to do. Here is another example of one pervert covering up for another pervert.

J. B. Stoner, chairman of the NSRP, was convicted in 1980 and was imprisoned for 3.5 years for supposedly attempting to bomb a Black church back in 1958. Just prior to his imprisonment, Stoner had been keeping peace at the NSRP headquarters building in Marietta, Georgia, between those who were supportive of Dr. Edward R. Fields and those who were against Fields. After Stoner went to prison, warfare erupted among the NSRP staff. This internal dissension was not as a result of any Anti-Defamation League plot or government COINTELPRO operation, but was something that was destined to happen sooner or later. Fields is a money-grubber and there were those on the NSRP staff who did not like Fields personally because he had at least two wives, patronized prostitutes, frequented discos and misused NSRP funds. Mind you, Fields had no job, but all his income came from the NSRP. Director Cooper wrote to Ed Fields on February 28, 1982, asking specific questions about what happened to cause Admiral Crommelin to boot Eustace Mullins and Matt Koehl off his Wetumpka farm in late 1959 and 1960, as well as what he knew about Koehl's homosexual background. At least Fields answered the letter, but his statement that he had heard nothing bad about Koehl is not believable - these guys all know each other going back at least 2 decades! Director Cooper sent J. B. Stoner a letter on June 5, 1982, asking for the same information sought from Fields, but Stoner never answered. As a result of the NSRP infighting, the NSRP fell apart with Fields and Stoner blaming everyone but themselves.

Matthias Koehl, Jr., leader of the NSWPP and publisher of White Power and the NS Bulletin, ran out of scams to save the dying NSWPP, a death that could only be attributed to Koehl himself and his Jewish masters who threaten to expose his homosexual background publicly unless Koehl does their bidding. NSV Director Cooper was the NSWPP Business Manager from August 12, 1978, to February 5, 1980, and he saw how Koehl's decisions and the manner of doing things directly led to a morale problem among the staff. Koehl's personality and lack of idealism that he expects from others caused continued internal dissension. He relates poorly to individuals; in fact, he avoids people and ignores problems, apparently thinking that problems resolve themselves. Cooper eventually realized that Koehl is incompetent as a leader and, considering Koehl's very high intelligence, logically concluded that Koehl's continued destruction of Commander Rockwell's party was deliberate. Indeed, when Director Cooper first arrived on the NSWPP staff as business manager, Koehl informed him that it was vital financially for the Party to keep active in the streets, to report on the activities in the publications which must reach the supporters fairly regularly (once monthly for White Power and twice monthly for the NS Bulletin) and to thank all people who submit donations - dues, pledges or otherwise. On Labor Day of 1979, Koehl disbanded the NSWPP stormtroops, a decision which Koehl knew would cost the Party activists and supporters. The White Power newspaper was published more and more infrequently until its last issue of #109 in 1984. The NS Bulletin, a special newsletter for members and supporters, was expanded to include propaganda for the masses and was published infrequently. Koehl's loyal right-hand man, publications editor and go-between, David Martin Kerr, gave Koehl a year's notice in December 1982, after the suicide of Kerr's ex-wife, Perry Kerr. Although the NSWPP's last day was December 31, 1982, Kerr continued to work with Matt Koehl in the New Order for another full year.

Concurrent with the period of relative stagnancy, from the fall of 1979 to the fall of 1984, was a period of transition from the old Movement to the new Movement. The old White Nationalist Movement was mainly characterized by leaders who sold memberships, books and paraphernalia, asked for donations and gave fancy speeches for a living; and the new White Nationalist Movement was mainly characterized by Viking-type youth who have no leaders and are their own kings and queens. The Skinheads first began to receive national attention around 1980. They were not linked up with any older established groups, and some Skins were still relatively isolated from the older more established groups. Today, there are no Skinhead groups that are isolated from the older more established groups, and the Skinheads are currently the largest segment of the White Nationalist Movement.

In 1976, Pastor Richard G. Butler, head of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian and leader of Aryan Nations, began holding annual Aryan Nations Congresses in Hayden, Idaho, which are now called Aryan National Congresses. The Church of Jesus Christ Christian welcomed all activists with no regard to group affiliations. "The Lake", as it came to be called, provided a meeting ground for White Nationalists of all types. Leaders of the old Movement were often featured speakers, but most people in attendance were local people along with various leaders and activists of many smaller groups. The yearly gatherings in Hayden Lake were noted only by the local press until a group of militants decided that something must be done to save our race other than listening to sermons and speeches at the Church. Thus, a group that later became known worldwide as "The Order" was formed apart from the Church and formed the vanguard for our country's second revolution and our race's first revolution against the beast system. The Order's activities spanned from the early 1980's to the death of its leader and founder, Robert J. Mathews, on Whidbey Island, Washington, on December 8, 1984. Although Pastor Butler had no involvement with the militants and their activities, he has nevertheless been nicknamed "Godfather of The Order".

In 1976 when the clique and their respective groups started facing survival problems, the late Pastor Robert E. Miles was released from prison. He understood the state of the White Nationlist Movement and he dedicated the remainder of his life to assist the Movement in its transition from the old Movement to the new Movement by forming The Mountain Church in Cohoctah, Michigan. Gatherings at "The Mountain" were held three times a year and everybody was welcome regardless of group affiliation. Because of these gatherings at The Mountain, Pastor Miles received the reputation for being the Movement's "hate broker" - he will connect you with whatever group fits your needs. These free association gatherings were essential for salvaging the many activists who were not accepted or were expelled by the old Movement leaders and for providing a place of welcome for the Skinheads. Pastor Miles did in the Midwest what Pastor Butler did in the Northwest. Their operations not only paralleled each other, but they reinforced each other.

Another person arose to facilitate the transition of the Movement from that of relative stagnancy to that of rebirth was Tom Metzger of the White Aryan Resistance. Tom, as with many of us, was both angered and disgusted with The Clique in the way that they were quick to condemn The Order as gangsters and criminals, and equally quick to sell memberships, to beg money from and recruit as activists the Skinheads who were now entering the Movement en masse. In the mid-1980s, Tom made it his special project to steer these young people away from the con-artists and educate them regarding The Order and other bona fide revolutionary leaders of our people.

The timing seemed to many as ominous and even prophetic. A new type of unity was emerging, possibly signaled by the coalition of Klansmen and Nazis as they stood shoulder to shoulder during a shoot-out with communists in Greensboro, North Carolina, on November 4, 1979, resulting in five dead Reds. As the old Movement was dying, Pastor Butler, Pastor Miles and Tom Metzger picked up the pieces and began putting the new Movement together. For the first time in the history of the White Nationalist Movement, a unity was emerging - not a unity of one distinct group headed by one leader but a unity rooted in basic White Nationalism and race survival. It was a unity in spirit more than anything else but that is where any real unity must begin in the first place. Of course, there were other gatherings in the country with an uncountable number of activists, but the enemies of our race made it no secret whom they feared the most by whom they attacked the most. Our enemies attacked and still attack the Skinheads as being their largest immediate threat with respect to violence and physical harm, our enemies attacked The Order as being their largest long-term threat with respect to the entire beast system of our enemies, our enemies attacked Pastor Richard G. Butler and Pastor Robert E. Miles for being significant in giving hope to those in despair and providing friendship for the isolated with their free association forums, and our enemies still attack Pastor Butler and Tom Metzger for all of the above. And so it has come to pass, the Movement experienced a transition period from the fall of 1979 to the fall of 1984, a time for "out with the old and in with the new" or, as one associate put it, "from Greensboro [North Carolina] to Whidbey Island [Washington]".

Most of you in the White Nationalist Movement know the current situation of some of The Clique (Dr. William Pierce, David Duke, James K. Warner, J. B. Stoner, Dr. Edward R. Fields, Matthias Koehl, Jr.) but there are some things that you don't know. For the scholars, book authors, historians and researchers, we are including this update on The Clique.

During the 5-year tribulation period, Dr. William Pierce, leader of the National Alliance (NA), was facing serious financial problems. In the following manner, Pierce kept the NA intact. Pierce informed his supporters that the NA inherited a lot of money which was willed by an elderly woman before she died. What happened was that after the death of Robert Jay Mathews, founder and leader of The Order, Mathews' life insurance company paid a large sum of money to the Cosmotheist Church, which was a church corporation established by Dr. Pierce as primarily a tax shelter. Dr. Pierce subsequently moved his operations to rural southeast West Virginia where he is at this time. The National Vanguard publication is still only published a couple times per year - not because of lack of money but because Dr. Pierce spends too much time puttering around and doing things of no earthshaking consequence. Additionally, the former Church of the Creator property in Otto, North Carolina, was supposedly bought by Dr. Pierce for $100,000 on June 15, 1992, and was recently sold for $200,000. The National Alliance's current address is P.O. Box 330, Hillsboro, West Virginia 24946.

After David Duke took everything that he wanted out of his Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (office equipment and money), he handed the Klan over to Don Black. David Duke had trouble getting his new National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP) off the ground, but he struggled with it and eventually got big money coming into his organization after he began running for public office. Win, lose or draw, David Duke made money just by running for public office. This action on Duke's part saved the NAAWP from financial disaster. Currently, David Duke has some kind of a job to support himself since he is no longer a politician. The NAAWP seems to be standing on its own as well. The address for the NAAWP is P.O. Box 10625, New Orleans, Louisiana 70181.

James K. Warner is still in operation because of his extensive book and literature list that he has built up over the years. Currently, Warner has CDL Report as the only publication of his New Christian Crusade Church and runs a mail order book and literature sales business. In spite of a costly divorce from his previous and only wife, both live together at this time at Warner's home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. James Warner can be reached at NCCC, P.O. Box 462, Metairie, Louisiana 70004.

The National States Rights Party (NSRP) of National Chairman J. B. Stoner and National Secretary Edward R. Fields never survived the 5-year tribulation period. Fields, with the assistance of an old attorney friend, maneuvered to gain control of the old NSRP P.O. Box in Marietta, Georgia. Dr. Fields has managed to stay on his feet financially because of his publishing abilities. Although The Thunderbolt no longer exists as the publication of the NSRP, it remains as a private publication published and edited by Dr. Fields and is now called The Truth At Last. Dr. Fields and his publication can still be reached at P.O. Box 1211, Marietta, Georgia 30061. After J. B. Stoner was released from prison on the phony bombing charge, he started his Crusade Against Corruption, which primarily glorifies AIDS as God's way of destroying homosexuals and non-Whites, and promotes AIDS as being the White man's best ally. J. B. Stoner can be reached at P.O. Box 4063, Marietta Georgia 30061.

The National Socialist White People's Party of Matthias Koehl, Jr., never survived the 5-year tribulation period for reasons previously explained. To rationalize Koehl's destruction of the NSWPP to Party supporters, Koehl insisted that The Leader never meant for the Movement to be political after World War II which, according to Koehl, is why the NSWPP under his leadership failed. Koehl goes further to say that the only true NS Movement today is a religious one, and he has appointed himself guru (who else?). Also, over this same time period, he has embezzled all the NSWPP money, kept the money from property sales and liquidated the gold stocks and certificates of deposit accounts to finance a personal retirement estate in New Berlin, Wisconsis, in Arthur Beneker's name. Matt Koehl does not stop here. It is not bad enough to cheat unknowing supporters out of their money, destroy Rockwell's party and insult The Leader's Movement, but he now condemns those who want to be politically active on behalf of the Movement! Whether Koehl's actions are based on genetic background (His father is Rumanian and his mother's maiden name is Bierbaum) or his fear of having something in his social background exposed (which would hurt his life style and dry up most of his financial support from naive supporters) is an academic issue. However, we should all be aware that Matt Koehl will never lead us, will only waste our time and money, and would best serve White society by selling shoes somewhere.

Currently, Koehl lives on the aforementioned 80-acre (not 88-acre) estate described by Milwaukee (Wisconsin) Sentinel staff writer Tim Cuprisin as "quite nice". There are two structures on this property, a smaller house (21288 Barton Road, West) that can be seen from the road and then Koehl's private domain (21200 Barton Road, West) which is the larger house which cannot be seen readily from the road but which is reached by following a gravel road past the smaller house, both of which are reportedly uninsured wooden structures. Ironically, it was one of Koehl's most loyal supporters, former NSWPP Tracy-Stockton Unit leader Paul Raymond, who, almost 15 years ago, stated that he suspected Koehl would one day close down the NSWPP, take all the money and go retire somewhere. Well, that is exactly what happened. Despite the illusion of success that Koehl gives, he is now politically insignificant and has been outside the Movement mainstream for years. His occasional NS Bulletin basically discusses the problems which our people face and pie-in-the-sky solutions with activities limited to writing letters and attending small meetings of people who do not know Koehl personally. Koehl has no known income other than what he receives through the mail in donations, dues and book orders. Several years ago, Koehl wrote to the late Ken Stoddard, then of Coquille, Oregon, asking how one could work without a Social Security Number, so finances were a problem for Koehl then. Ken and Ann Stoddard subsequently shared this information with Director Cooper. Koehl's only helper at his estate is "William Wallace", an alias for Barbara Mapp (nee von Goetz) who was once George Lincoln Rockwell's secretary and through whom is the long-suspected control over Koehl, a logical conclusion reached by a person familiar with their relationship. Matthias Koehl, Jr., and his New Order can be reached for comment at P.O. Box 27486, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53227, or he can be reached personally at his unscrupulously acquired physical residence (address above).

On a final note, people should know the current status of Matt Koehl's former lickspittle, David Martin Kerr. Since Kerr's resignation from the New Order (formerly NSWPP) effective January 1, 1984, he has hit rock bottom, starting with a court decision barring his custody of his daughter, Christina, after the death of Kerr's ex-wife, Perry, down through and including two police searches and arrests in close succession during which Martin Kerr was charged with using and dealing PCP. Kerr's legal adviser during these cases was former attorney Gary Gallo, then leader of the now-defunct National Democratic Front, and for whom Kerr worked as a pizza delivery boy. As far as we know, David Martin Kerr is the proprietor behind White Lightning Enterprises, P.O. Box 6143, McLean, Virginia 22106, and Garry Gallo is at P.O. Box 30505, Knoxville, Tennessee 37930, but it is doubtful that anyone will get much information out of either should they care to write.

Lest some people get the wrong idea about this NSV Report and lose faith in the Movement, we offer the following for consideration. This report is not a continuation of Deguello, which is an anonymous 54-page report published in the 1970s and which contained a mixture of truth and lies about many prominent people in the White Nationalist Movement at the time. There is nothing sneaky or anonymous in this report. Since we have nothing to hide, addresses are given without reservation in order that anybody can contact those mentioned in this report to get another viewpoint. Should any of "The Clique" levy an attack on us, we expect our address to be run with the attack so that we may respond in turn. An attack against us should be considered sinister with ulterior motives unless our address is given. It is our expectation that The Clique will continue to remain silent as they have in the past, which is something that suits us just fine because future historians, authors and researchers will only have us as their source of information. We ask that any published material about this NSV Report, NSV or its directors be brought to our attention.

Indeed, there is a great deal of suppressed anger and resentment on our part as we attempt to find facts and learn truth about our Movement only to encounter silence, stonewalling and sometimes lying. The vast majority of Movement activists today are Skinheads and other young people who know nothing about the con-artists who await them. It is unfortunate that many of our new activists and various supporters will learn about these dinosaurs (because they are outdated) and mossbacks (because they accomplish little) through bitter experiences. We hope to save a lot of people a lot of trouble. To keep things in perspective, we must give credit where due. The Clique all contributed to the earlier stages of the Movement in their own ways. In fact, many of us entered the Movement through The Clique's organizations. Today, some of The Clique still contribute to the Movement and are worthy of support in some ways. We will not tell you whom to support, but we advise that you carefully weigh the pros and cons of those whom you plan to support before you make a final decision. If you want truth in the Movement, don't expect it from The Clique, although you are free to consult with any of them. Of course, we are available for our opinion should you ask (and even sometimes if you don't ask).

Before George Lincoln Rockwell died, he divided the NSWPP's program into four phases: (1 - establishment of the party in the minds of the public by getting attention in a variety of ways; (2 - creation of a leadership cadre to guide the party; (3 - adjustment to the mass movement of the people; and (4 - assumption of power. Although Rockwell's NSWPP no longer exists, we can determine from the present state of the Movement that the Movement is now in phase (2). During phase (1), 25 or so years ago, mass media coverage on any aspect of the contemporary White Nationalist Movement may have occurred once per month. The vast American public now knows of our existence and there is almost daily news regarding some aspect of the Movement. The Movement does have a leadership cadre around the country but they are not all in the same organization. There will be more leaders arising in the future whose overall competence will be greater than ours just as our current overall leadership competence is greater than our leaders of the past. The Movement's entrance into phase (3) will coincide with our race's entrance into a period of oppression and suffering (Tribulation), that period during which time our people will be forced to face the terrible reality of their situation and, much worse, to face the fact that a race war (Armageddon) is inevitable. The race war will climax phase (3) and then our assumption of power will coincide with the commencement of a worldwide era of long-lasting peace (Millennium). THE VICTORY OF OUR RACE WILL NOT OCCUR IN ANY OTHER WAY.

The White Nationalist Movement today consists of many varied groups and they all differ in some ways. There is no single organization with a single leader. Today, all Ku Klux Klan groups are White Nationalist groups. All the various National Socialist (Nazi) and Identity Christian groups have always been White Nationalist in conviction. There is neither the time, space nor inclination to list all the heroes and groups in our Movement today, but there are four people who are outstanding and should be mentioned: (1) Pastor Richard Butler of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian (P.O. Box 362, Hayden Lake, Idaho 83835) in the field of Identity Christianity; (2) Tom Metzger of the White Aryan Resistance (P.O. Box 65, Fallbrook, California 92088) who is the most effective public spokesman that the Movement has today; (3) Gerhard Lauck of the NSDAP/AO (P.O. Box 6414, Lincoln, Nebraska 68506) in the field of international orthodox National Socialism; and (4) George Dietz of Liberty Bell Publications (P.O. Box 21, Reedy, West Virginia 25270) who is the largest publisher of White Nationalist literature in the country and probably the world.

It has been said by our racial philosophers and theoreticians for hundreds of years that the Jews create "anti-Semitism" where there is none just to get public support for Jews and their causes. Our Movement is a good example in support of this concept. Our Movement has come a long way, but we also have a long way to go. It was Jewish money that backed the National Renaissance Party (NRP) in the late 1940s and early 1950s to not only control the NRP but to scare the Jewish community enough that they would support financially such an "anti-Nazi" group to stop the birth of a National Socialist movement in this country. It was a Jewish interest group that offered to set up DeWest Hooker as head of an American Nazi Party in the 1950s, but Hooker declined the offer. It was Jewish money that went to George Lincoln Rockwell's newly founded American Nazi Party (ANP) until the Jews learned that Rockwell could no more be controlled than could Adolf Hitler in the 1920s when the Jewish bankers tried to control Hitler in a similar way. Finally, it is believed that Jewish interests were behind Rockwell's assassination in the hopes that Matthias Koehl, Jr., would become the new NSWPP leader because Koehl could be controlled with Koehl's Achilles Heel being his homosexual background.

As we look at the Movement now, we can see that the Jewish con-artists have made some money on their puppet leaders and groups but, in the long run, they always lose control over the movement when our real leaders take control. This is what has now happened. Our militants such as The Order and Skinheads cannot be controlled through phony Jewish front groups nor can the many thousands of sincere patriots in this country today who know the score. As we all see before us our unstoppable Movement, arising as a Phoenix bird, blossoming flower or some other symbol of rebirth, we must not become demoralized or think it odd that our Movement had its beginning with a small group in New York City, infiltrated by a group of homosexuals and financed by Jewish money, for such is not a weird phenomenon but a natural metamorphosis; after all, isn't that the way it has been with all great religious and political movements?

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