A brief History of the James W, Bandy Fanily

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A Brief History of the
James W, Bandy Fanily
of Savannah,

Submitted by Stephen Boblin-flavis

To: Dr. Roger K. Warlick

as partial fulfilment of the

History 300 requirements.

James W. Bandy-- Riceplanter and householder of the city of Savannah, born 9 November, 1809, died 9 June, 1893 at savannah, He was buried in lot 910 Laurel Grove Cemetery where the remains of his two wives, Louisa Fox Bandy and Anne B. Bandy are interred, A Confederate veteran,his grave in marked with and iron cross. He was survived by his son George W. Bandy of Savannah and by Joseph Henry Bandy,

On the ninth day of November in the year 1809 somewhere in south Carolina, James W. Bandy, future planter and householder of Savannah was born. Kroin all' appearances he grew up in South Carolina, coming to Savannah in his youth where, at the age of twenty-nine, ho married. On 12 April, 1838 he married the twenty-two year old Louisa Fox, Louisa was a native of Bryan county, born in 1816, m6ying to Savannah during her youth or childhood, She and James were married by the Reverand J.W. Remshart,6 Minister of the

James and Louisa were to have several children, Among them were: Richard W, Bandy, who was born in 1 853, George W. Bandy,who was born in 1356 and another child, Joseph Henry Bandy, who lived with the Bandy’s but whose relationship is not established was born in 1851, This family was to establish its residence on Jcmes Street in the Wesley Ward0 Late in 1862 Louisa Fox handy died at the age of forty-four and was buried in Laurel Grove Cometary, lot number 937 with other members of the Fox family. Between Loaisa’s death in 1862 and the census of 1870, probably after the Civil War (of which he was a veteran), and prior to the construction of his new hone at 521 Jones Street Iasb.in 1868 and 1869, he remarried. His second wife is known only as Anne E. Bandy.14

In the year 1870 the James W. Bandy Family was to appear .or the first and only tine in the Georgia Census. Appearing:

Bandy, James w. (age> 6i Planter

Anne E. 2715 at home

Richard W. 1 7 clk on wharf

George W. lit at school

the Savannah City Directory of 1271, Richard W. Bandy appears

as a clerk for Furguson and Dixon on the wharf, residing at home with his father. James listed his occupation as Irice planter”. By 1874, Richard is listed as a cabinet maker at 21 Jones Street (James’ home) and on 13 1874 16 he died at the age of 21 front unimown causes, He was buried in lot 910, Laurel Grove cemetary in an unmarked grave.

In the City Directory of 1 879 two more of the younger Bandys

make their appearance George W. Bandy boarding at 21 Jones (with James), is a machinist for J.W. Tynan and Joseph H. Bandy, boarding at 21 Jones, age 28 is a tinner for the S.F.&W, Railyards. They would maintain these

jobs for several years according the the City Directories of the period.

In December of 1880 Anne E. Bandy, James’ second wife died and

was buried in lot 910, Laurel Grove Cemetery James continued to live with his son(s) on Jones Street for eight years. In i888 he moved his family to number 86 Anderson Street only to move again two years later (1890) to number 90 Anderson Street. He resided at

this address until his death on 9 June, 1893. He was buried in lot 910, Laurel Grove Cemetery adjacent to his second wife Anne.

James W. Bandy listed Rice Planter as his occupation for the majority of his life, was a Confederate Veteran and was active as a Grand Juror on several occaisions, His life style as a whole was apparently low key and he shunned record keeping and publicity

to the great dismay of this biographer. His plantation as an educated guess was, more than likely, located in South Carolina as little rice was grown in Georgia during the middle and late nineteenth century, the crop however, was still quite popular until the depression of 1929 in South Carolina,

George 4. Bandy was quite different from his father occupationally.

In 28 years he held eleven jobs. From 1879 until 1907 he opened two saloons and two grocerie9 each of which were held and average of two years and in addition held seven machinist positions. In 1905 he drops out of local records as far as employment was concerned living with his wife (Mary A. Bandy, whom he married in 1897 at the age of 17,

he was iti.) and his relatives at 31it Lincoln Street at first and possibly leaving Savannah until his return to the records in 1919 as a machinist. This last position he held until his death on it December, 1923 at the age of 67. He too was buried in lot 910, Laurel Grove Cemetary. His wife continued to reside on State Street for a few years after his death and died at 132 Houston Street on the twenty-fourth of June, 1932. She was buried in Catholic Cemetery.25

Joseph Henry Bandy lived with James Bandy until the latter’s death in 1893 working as a tinner and as a city detective, In 1908 he also moved to 31h Lincoln Street and stayed for a number of years. In 1917 he and Joseph F. Bandy established Bandy and Company Auto Repair at 145 Barnard Street. At this tine he moved to Isle of Hope where he resided until his death 15 June, 1921 at the age of 70.

Joseph H. Bandy was also buried in Laurel Grove Cemetary. Currently, there arc several families of Bandy-s living in Savannah but, as in the Bandy family of James’ generation, the biographer has not been able to establish concrete relationships other than sharing the name of Bandy. There, at present writLng, seem to be no descendants of George and Mary Bandy and no record of a marriage for Joseph Bandy.


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47 years old,

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N,B. these were the most frequently used that come to mind at this writing.

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