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Flipping the Senate is key to immigration reform

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Flipping the Senate is key to immigration reform

Nilsen ’18 (Ella Nilsen, Politics & Policy Reporter @ Vox, Congress and the Democrats for Vox and also writes the daily Vox Sentences newsletter. Before coming to Vox, she worked at the Concord Monitor newspaper in New Hampshire, where she covered Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in the 2016 primary, Vox, “Activists think the path forward on immigration is to elect Democrats in 2018”, https://www.vox.com/2018/6/28/17510044/immigration-activists-congressional-democrats-republicans-compromise-bill-2018-midterms, June 28, 2018)

Not a single immigration bill has been able to pass the Republican-controlled Congress this year — even the ones aimed at garnering only Republican votes. Immigration activists have given up hope on seeing any meaningful action this year. The latest effort from House Republicans on Wednesday to pass a “compromise” immigration bill failed miserably, even with the past few weeks dominated by the news of immigrant families being separated at the border by the Trump administration and a US Supreme Court decision upholding Trump’s travel ban. Activists now say the best hope they have is to help turn out Latino votes to elect Democrats in 2018. If a blue wave sweeps the House (or even the Senate), activists then plan to turn up the pressure on Democratic leaders to address immigration as one of their first legislative priorities in 2019. “If we don’t flip the House and we don’t flip the Senate, we’re never going to be able to provide the kind of relief and protection for immigrants that’s so desperately needed,” said Kica Matos, director of immigrant rights and racial justice at the Center for Community Change. The question is if congressional Democrats will be as eager to take up an immigration bill should they reclaim a chamber of Congress in 2018.

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