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Disregard their uniqueness args- executive and institutions solve stable acceleration

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Disregard their uniqueness args- executive and institutions solve stable acceleration

GSN ’13 (Global Solutions Networkm “Global Problem Solving in an Era of Big Data”, http://gsnetworks.org/global-problem-solving-in-an-era-of-big-data, ldg)

With the right tools and the right training, global solution networks can also harness this vast cloud of data to develop more analytical approaches to problem solving. For example, GSNs can use pervasive computing and the data it generates to revolutionize our ability to model the world and all of its systems, giving us new insights into social and natural phenomena and the ability to forecast trends like climate change with greater accuracy. The DC-based World Resources Institute (WRI), for example, maintains Global Forest Watch (GFW), a global watchdog network that improves transparency and accountability in forest management decisions by increasing the public’s access to information on forestry developments around the world. Within minutes, an interested researcher can detect changes in forest coverage, see the location and duration of a forestry company’s logging concessions, look up local forestry laws and regulations, and check whether the logging companies have paid their taxes. Most information can be easily navigated using a visual map interface that taps into a combination of satellite imagery, national forest data sets and “on-the-ground” reports. More advanced users can download geographical data from their warehouse and manipulate it for their own analyses using third party apps like Google Earth. The big data will revolutionize the practice of global problem solving and even alter the basic skill set required to participate effectively in global public policy debates. A collection of data scientists working with the UN Global Pulse team in New York, for example, is convinced that data driven analysis and real-time reporting is on the cusp of transforming the way solution networks and development institutions respond to a wide range of critical issues. Analyzing Twitter messages, for instance, can give an early warning of a spike in unemployment, price rises and disease. In fact, research found that surges in online mentions of rice prices accurately captured price increases several months before official reports. If the Global Pulse team is successful in building effective tools for collecting, analyzing and visualizing data, their contributions could allow UN projects and policies to move faster, adapt to changing circumstances and be more effective, helping to lift more communities out of poverty and even save lives. Indeed, for global solution networks, the big data revolution will create tremendous opportunities to develop new knowledge and inform action with credible data. But there will also be deep challenges in coming to grips with the infrastructure and tools required to take advantage of big data.

The executive is stabilizing social acceleration now- key to global stability and democratic ideals- star this card, it assumes abundance of data

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