A a: to be, am a-doors: outside a-fe

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a: to be, am.

a-doors: outside.

a-fe: It's for.

aan: on

aaty: hearty

abeng: Horn instruments which Maroons made from a cow horn to warn them of attacks.

Accompong: One of the Maroon towns in Jamica.

Actoba: October.

agany: agony.

a-go: I am going, to go.

ah good: serve you just right.

ahoa/aoah: an exclamation similar to Oooh or Aaaah.

aldoah: although.

all fruits ripe: an expression which means "everything is going well".

alla wi: all of us.

alms ouse: nonsense.

an: and

anda: under

anaodda/anedda: another

anancy/anansi: The name of the main character of the Jamaican folklore stories of the man-spider named Anancy/Anansi. The stories can be traced back to Africa. See stories now!!!

ansah: answer

ar: or

areddi: already

aringe/arinj: orange

artical: respected

ascordin: according

asham: A popular Jamaican snack made with crushed roasted corn, salt and pepper

ave: have

awile: awhile

awight: alright

axe: ask
baas: boss, sometimes used like the North American slang "bro" or "Chief"

babylon: police, any establishment

back-aff: back off, take off

backa: behind

Batchidally: See Skettel

backative: backing, support, buy in

bak chat: back talk

backside: curse term

backways: backwards

badda: bother, extremely bad person

badmine: jealous or having grudge

bafan: clumsy, awkward

bait: someone who trash talks and never delivers

bakra: overseer, superior, from the slavery term "back raw" from being whipped by the slavemaster

baldhead: anybody without dreadlocks, accepting the establishment

bandooloo: dishonest or dishonesty

bangarang: disturbance, noise

bankra: a big basket

bashment: a party

bat: a moth

bata: any cheap shoes, the name is derived from the popular but inexpensive brand of shoes called Bata.

batta: batter or battered, most frequently used to refer to battered fruit.

battabout: loose woman or something that has been around the block

bawn: born

bawn back a cow: a term used to describe being stupid.

bawn-ya: born here. Used to describe been born in Jamaica

bayfoot: barefoot

batty: bottom or buttocks

battybwoy: a homosexual male

bax juice: box drinks, small box drinks that is popular in Jamaica

beenie: small

beg: Please for, to ask

betta: better

bigga: bigger, Also a popular pet name

big up: a phrase which is used as accomplishment or praise to someone

bissy: cola nut that is sometimes dried and used as medicine.

bizniz: business

bling bling: diamonds, jewelry

blackheart man: used to describe some one who is a hooligan or a rascal

bly: to give a chance, giving some a break

boasie: boasty

bokkle: bottle

bonafide: an orginal, something that is sincere

boonoonoonoos: pleasant, nice

boops: a sugardaddy

boopsie: a woman that is being well kept by a sugardaddy

booguyaga: not worth anything. low class

Booyaka: A term used to emulate the sound of a gun shot salute. It is used in a celebratory tone.

bout: about

brawta: a gift, bonus, above expected. It is the Jamaican equivalent of "a baker's dozen"

breda: brother

Bredrin: Friend, Brethren, Brother

bringle: being angry, upset

brinks: sugardaddy, having plenty money

browning: light skinned woman of African descent.

bruck out: wild, out of control.

bruck up: break up, battered, broken

bubu: nose naat (snot), an unintelligent person

bull bucka: butts heads with a bull, referring to someone who is a bully

bullah: a round Jamaican gingerbread

bun: burn, a Jamaican cake eaten mainly at Easter time, doing something with some expectations but getting nothing in return

bus: revealing a secret

Boottu: a loutish, vulgar person

bwoy: boy

bunks: a nap or sleep at someone house. Catch a likkle one bunks

bad bad bad: very bad situation. extreme issue

bad mine: carrying a grudge

bad mout: bad mouth, to speak bad about someone, gossiping

bad wud: bad word

badda: bother

badda badda: bother bother, to constantly bother someone where it becomes annoying.

badderation: a big problem

baddest: worst

bade: bath

badi: body

baggy: panty, child's underpants

ball an chain: strict control

bammy: a cake made of cassava eaten frequently with fish

bandooloo (bandulu): a swindle or racket

bangarang: commotion or noise

bans: plenty

batta: soften

battam: bottom

batty rider: mini shorts pants

bawl: to cry, a ball

bawl out: crying out

bwan: born

bax: to be slapped in the face, a box

bax juice: a boxed drink

baybee: baby

bear: only

beeny: small or tiny

behine: behind

ben dung: bending down

Ben Johnson day: the day before pay day

bench an batty: a term use to describe two people who are rarely seen without each other, inseparable. This term is derived from the relationship ones bottom (batty) has to their chair (bench).

Bendun maaket: a roadside market

betta: better

bex: vex

big tings a gwan: big things are happening

big up: hello or my regards

biggis: biggest

bickle: Food. Most often use as "likkle bickle"

black out: power outage

blouse an skirt: an exclamation similar to "Wow"

blow wow: an exclamation similar to "Wow"

blue drause: sweet potato wrapped in banana leaf an boiled- see recipe

boad: board

boas: boast

boasify: boastfully

BOAL: Jamaicans.com short hand for Bust Out A Laff

bobbo dread: broom selling dreadlocks

bogle: a dance move which derived it's name from Jamaican national hero Paul Bogle

bout: about

bokkle: bottle

booguyaga/buguyaga: low rate, worthless, low class

boonoonunus: plentiful, beautiful

Boops: this is the term used to describe a man who financially supports a woman but gets nothing in return

boopsie: a well kept young woman

boots: a condom

Boun fi: sure thing to happen, must happen

box cover: an exclamation similar to "ooh goosh"

braata: extra

breda anancy: The name of the main character of the Jamaican folklore stories of the man-spider named Anancy/Anansi. The stories can be traced back to Africa. See stories now!!!

Breadfruit: a fruit that is boiled or roasted

breda: brother, friend

bredrim: brethren, friend

breed: being pregnant

brinks: a boops or sugar daddy

brook lac: Brooklax the laxative, the name used for any chocolate laxative

brought upsi: being brought up good mannerism

brownin: brown skin girl

bruck out: bad or unruly behavior

bruk: broke. Having no money

Bruk up: Break up

brukins: an occasion where food is served.

bubu: dunce or nose naat.

Buckup: lucky

bud: bird

buddy: penis

buff out: buldging

bugga: cheap sneakers.

buk shot: an exclamation

bulla: a jamaican cake made with sugar and ginger.

bully beef: corned beef

bumpa: car bumper or big buttocks

bumptious: a ruffian

bush: the country

bush docta: a herbalist

bush tea: tea made from herb

buss-out: burst out

Busta: a small molasses candy which is named after Jamaican National hero Six Alexander Bustamante Jamaica's first Prime Minister

butoo: a low class person, to act low class

butooish:to act like a low class person

butterfly: jamaican dance movement where the legs move like a butterfly

buuf: a term that describes someone getting insulted

bwile: boil


cerfitikat: certificate
chaka chaka: very bad quality, disorganized, a big mess, poor quality
chatabax: Chatter Box, someone who talks too much, a gossip, a talker
chapareeta: a chain bracelet
chi-chi man: a homosexual male.
chimey: a metal chamberpot
cho: a term used to express disgust or regret
chobble: trouble
chowziz: pants
chuck: truck
chuck it: partner with, align with, friends with
chups: small kiss or what some may refer to as a peck
chupid: Stupid
cyan: cannot
cooyah, coohya, kuya: look here, see this now, a term used when some is surprise.
clath: diaper, in some case it is used as a strong expletive in combination with other words
controwl: ownership, be in control
craven: greedy
criss or crissas: brand new, never used before
crosses: problems, causing trials
crewtial: crucial, very serious or important
cuvitchous: covetous
coodeh, kuydeh, kuh de: look there
Coal Stove: a small cast iron stove which uses coal for fire. It is used mainly in the country side
cum: come
cuminyah: A ceremonial dance performed by members of the Pocomania cult
cumbolo: friends, group of peers (often used negatively)
cunoomunoo: fool, to be used
cuponyuh: look at you now. Used mainly as an exclamation of surprise


dally: bobing and weaving from side to side on a bike or bicycle
darkers: sunglasses
dat: that
dat deh: that thing/person
dawg: dog
dawta: daughter, used by many men to refer to a woman
de: the
ded lef: an inheritance
dege dege : absolutely (used to emphasize)
deh: there, also use to describe a couple (mi an ar deh)
deh deh: over there, there
deh ere: is there
dehso: there, at that spot. Used to refer to a specific spot
delawrance man: a man who practices witchcraft
deya: here (me dehya = I'm around)
dem: them
dem deh: those
dibby dibby: bad quality
dis: this
diss: disrespect
dogheart : coldhearted, no feelings
don: used like the Italian term for male mafia bosses, gangsta,man that runs things,well respected person
dondadda: the same as "don". It is derived "don" for mafia bosses. It means "don daddy" the father of all "dons"
dondonnet: the female name for a "dondadda" or "don"
dont: is it not?
dressback : reverse
ducunu: a sweet Jamaican cornmeal sweet dumpling
dun: done, finish
dundus: albino
dung: down
duppy: ghost, evil spirt
dutchy: cast-iron pot with a round bottom
dutty: dirty
dweet: do it
DWL: Jamaicans.com term to Internet Dead Wid Laff. Dead With Laughter
Duppy Conqueror: Ghost Conqueror. Used as a word to descibe an overcomer.


e: it
ear: hear
ear-sey: a rumor, hearsay
ed: head
edeeat: idiot
eggs up: Show off, Nuff. Blowing something out of proportion. Some one who is riding on the coat tails of another.
ends: destination, home (pon de ends = at home)
evah: ever
expek: expect
easy nuh: chill out
een: im
eeh: slang similar to saying yes or agreeing with someone
ello: hello
everyweh: everywhere


fa/fah: for (a wha yuh tek dis fa? = what do you believe this is?)
fayva: favour, similar to, close resemblance
fasse: a punk or some who is an idiot
fe real: that's a fact, used when agreeing with someone
fenkeh-fenkeh: soft, puny, similar to the word sopsy,
facety/faisty: used to describe someone being feisty or fresh
fadda : father
fambly: family
fas: nosey, fast, used to describe an inquisitive person
feel nuh way: don't feel anyway, no worries
fenke fenke: puny, frail, weak
fenney: feel pain
fi: to, for
fi dem: their
figet: forget
fiyah: fire
flayva: flavour
flex: move or move with
flim: film, any type of movie
flowas: flowers
force ripe: a term used to describe a child trying to act more mature than his or her age.
fren: friend
fresh: bath, shower; used to describe some who is rude or unruly.


ganja: marijuana
gal: girl
galang: go on
gaan: gone
gimmi: give me
ginnygog: an influential person. This term is used sarcastically to describe someone.
ginnal: some one who is untrustworthy
godeh: good job, go there
gorgon: the best of the best
Grampa: Grandpa, Grandfather
GramMa: Grandma, Grandmother
gravelicious: being greedy
groung: ground, to cultivated piece of farm land
gwan: go on
gwey: go away
gwey wi dat: go away with that
guzoo: witchcraft or obeah
gyanzi: shirt


hab: have
hackle: to constantly hassle or bother
haffi: have to
higgle: the act of haggling
him: he, her
hitey titey: very snobbish
hole: hold
hole yuh cahna: keep your position, retreat to your own turf. Used as an insult to put someone in their place
hot: pain, hurt, used as a turn to describe being hurt or feeling pain
hush: used as an expression of regret or to console someone


i-dren: Friend, Brethren
inna: into, in
irie: nice, right, cool
ital: natural, organic
Im: him, her

Jacket: The term used to describe a man told he is the father of a child by the mother when he's actually not.
Jah: One of the names used to refer to God - See Psalm Chapter 68 verse 4 (KJV)
jammin: dancing, having a good time
jamdung: Jamaica
jancro: vulture that is a scavenger, John Crow
jelly: a young water coconut with soft coconut meat
jook: to prod, pierce, stick, to poke, to stab
jubee: The term used to describe a nice girl. It may also be used affectionately to describe a girlfriend/wife. Example: "She is a nice likkle jubee"


kasko: an immitation or fake
kekkle: kettle,boiling pot
ketch: catch
kill mi dead: a term used in the same manner one would say "I would have to die first"
kjarri: carry
kya: care
kurroaches: stuff, implying a messy mishmash of stuff, junk stuff


labrish: idle chat
labba labba: gossip
labba mout: a lose mouth person
latta: later
lawd: lord
lef: left
leggo: let go, out of control
len: lend
letoff: hand out, give
liad: liar
lick: hit
licky licky: fawning
likky likky: a greedy person who never passes on food
likker: liquor
likkle: little
likkle mo: see you later
link up: hook up
link mi: hook me up, call me
lyad: a liar


ma'ama man: a man who is effeminate, a man who is consider weak
madda: mother
macka, maka: thorns
macka tree, maka tree: thorn tree
matic: automatic weapon/automatic gun
marina: sleeveless undershirt
mas: master
mascat: a mascot, taken for a fool
mampie: a derogatory term used to describe a fat person
mash up: to destroy, tear down, break up
maskitta: mosquito
matey: mistress, the "other" woman
mawga: meagre, skinny
mawning: morning
mek: make
mekhace/mikhace: make haste, hurry up
memba: remember
Mr. Mention: A who has many girlfriends. Ladies man. A man who is the talk of the town.
mi: my, mine
mine: look out for, mind
mo: more
mon: man
montel: a man who is a playboy
mo' time: see you later
mud up: confusing
Muss Muss -ugly or not up to standard.


natty dread: someone with dreadlocks. A Rastafarian
Neekle: Needle
nex: next
ney: never
niyabingi: rastafarian gathering. Also the name of a Rastafarian order
noy: never, not
nyam: to eat eagarly or greedily
nying-i-nying: to nag
nuh: not, don't
nuh true?: isn't it true?
nuhwhey: nowhere
nuff: plenty
numba: number
nuttin: nothing


obeah: a brand of witchcraft practiced in Jamaica
obeah man: a man who practices obeah
obeah ooman: a woman who practices obeah
oddah: other
ongle: only
ooman: woman
oonu: you
ova: over
ow: How
owt: out


paadi: a partner, a friend, a buddy
pasa pasa: mix up
pat: pot
panqoote: low class. Someone who does something unquote

Partnah/Partner – This is an agreement formed between a few people to put a specific amount into a pool each week. Every week someone from the group gets to 'draw' the total from the pool. The number of people in the pool in most cases determines the number of weeks the pool lasts before a new cycle. Every person has to get a draw.

papaa: pawpaw fruit
patu: very black, an owl
peenywally: firefly
peer: avocado
penitrate: understand
picky picky: choosy, fickle, sparse
pickney/pickni: child, children
poco, pocomania: this is a christian revival with druming and othe rituals that has African roots.
poco woman: a woman who practices pocomania.
pon: on
poppyshow: laughable, ridiculous, show off
prefa: prefer
prento: apprentice, a mentee
punany: genitals, female
pumpum: genitals, female
putto putto: very soft
puttus: sweetheart, honey bunch. An affectionate term.
pupalick: to somersault
pwile: spoil
pyaa pyaa: sickly, feeble


Quashi: a peasant
Quips: a small portion
Quing-up: to compress
Quint/Qint: Blink, Blink of an eye
Quattie: of no value, the term is derived from the name that was given to the 1 ½ penny (a penny plus half a penny) that was used in Jamaica during British rule. A Quattie was often refered to as penny ha' penny during the time it was used as currency in Jamaica.


Raggamuffin: Used to describe some who is a roughneck or street tough.
Rassclat: a curse word.
ray ray: similar to saying "etc etc"
rawda: rather
raw: hungry, outspoken, direct
ratbat: fruit eating bat
ratchet: a switchblade knife
rathid: a term used in surprise, similar to Ooh Noo
rail up: get excited
red yeye: envious, impudent, out of order, arrogant self confidence
renk: foul smell, raw
rispeck due: Respect due, the term is used a special recognition to a person
risto: an aristocrat, an upper class person
ruff: rough
run boat: outdoor cooking with food gathered amongst friends on a short notice
rungkus pungkus: sex, mix-up


salt: a term used when nothing going right. The term is derived from salt in a wound
samfy: a tricks or a con
science: the practice of witchcraft and/or obeah
screw: a frown of displeasure, a scowl
seh: say
seh feh: say feh; a dare; similar to "say something to me if you dare"
sey: say
seckle: settle
shoob: shove (shoob-in = bar, place you need to use your elbows)
sidung: sit down
simiya: I'm here
sinting: something
sista: sister
skank: to deceive, to cheat
skin out: unlady-like behaviour, a type of vulgar sexual behaviour
skin teeth: smiling
slackness: lewd, vulgar behaviour
smaddy: somebody
smalls: a gift of money or a gratuity
sopsy: weak, soft, puny
skettel: a term used to describe woman who emulate dancehall dress fashion
star: friend
stush: snobbish
su su: to gossip, nosey, to carry news
sugga: sugar
suck suck: home made pop in a plastic bag. The name is derived from sucking one corner of the badsuck, slurp
sufferation: suffering


tallawah: impressive
tan: stay (a so him tan = that's how he is)
tea: any hot drink including coffee, hot chocolate, cerasee and tea
tegareg: someone of no class, uncouth, a hooligan
tek: take
teh teh/te te: used to describe someone who is obsessed with something or practices an excess of something. For example a "Phone Teh teh" loves to talk on the phone.
ticky ticky: small fish that is common in many gullies and rivers in Jamaica
ting: thing
too nuff: too boastful, an inquisitive or nosy person
trace: to quarrel
trash 'n ready: to look trendy
tree: Three
trickify: someone who is a trickster or tries to play smart.
tump: thump, to hit. Note in most cased you will hear "tump down" which is an agressive use of the word "tump" with "down" used to more violence was used.


unuh: you all
unda: under
usband: husband


vex : upset, angry
vershun: version, the instrumental version of a song


whappen: what's happening, what's up,a greeting to what's going on
white liver: It is used to describe a woman with a very high sex drive. In often cases a woman of East Indian decent is given this label as there is a myth that they have a high sex drive.
wa mek: how come, why
wha ah gwan: whats going on
wanga: want to go
walla walla: disorganized, dirty, muddy
warra warra: used to avoid swear word
wata: water
watchya: watch this
watchy: a guard
whey: where, what
whe day: the other day, in days past
whites: Jamaican white overproof rum
wholeheap: a lot
winda: a window
wine: the motion of winding ones waist
winjg: thin, sickly
wuk: work
wood: male genitals, male


X-amount: used to describe any amount.


ya man: yes man, a term used to describe something being just fine or ok. May sound like "Ya Mon". Be warned that this term may be seen as a negative sterotype by many Jamaicans.
yahso: right here
yard: home, also to Jamaicans living aboard it means Jamaica
yardie: some one who is Jamaican, jamaican by birth. Similar to the British citizens being called Brits.
yello: yellow
yuh: you
yush: hello, similar to the slang yo
yute: youth
yow: hello, similar to the slang yo


zeen: understand (question or statement)
zern: a variation of the term zeen. It has the same meaning
zutopong: someone who low class
zutopeck: zutopong

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