A. A. Martin Monthly Messages

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A. A. Martin Monthly Messages

Key Dates:

  • June 8

PA Day (no school)

  • June 9-12

Grade 7 Trip to Montreal and Grade 8 Trip to Ottawa Depart

  • June 9-12

, Discovery Week begins

  • June 12

Track and Field Meet

  • June 15

Grade 7 Dance Showcase

  • June 19

Last Day of Servery

  • June 24

Grade 8 Graduation at Cawthra S.S.

  • June 24

Grade 8 Dance at

Allan A. Martin

  • June 26

Last Day of School!

Happy Holidays!

June 2015

As we prepare for the end of our year, we reflect on all our school’s successes and achievements. May was an exciting month at Allan A. Martin - we have had many special events, assemblies, tournaments and class activities. In this month’s newsletter, read all about our successes from the perspective of our amazing students.

The Grade 8 Graduation ceremony is on June 24 at 9:30 am at Cawthra Park Secondary School, followed by a reception for students and parents at Allan A. Martin. Grade 8 students will also have the opportunity to attend a graduation dance on the same day from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm at Allan A. Martin. Ticket forms have been distributed, and we request that they are returned to the school in a timely fashion.

40 Hours to Graduate

Students can now accumulate volunteer hours in the summer before they enter grade 9.

Since 1999, all students in Ontario secondary schools are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community involvement in order to receive a diploma. The purpose of this requirement is to encourage students to develop an understanding of the various roles they can play in their community. Students are now able to start accumulating community involvement hours in the summer before they enter grade 9.

Research shows that early involvement in community service helps students build a spirit of civic responsibility which can be expanded as they move through secondary school. The aim of the 40-hour requirement is to encourage students to become actively involved in making positive contributions to their community.

The community involvement component is an opportunity for students and parents to work together, independent of the school. With parent support, your teen is responsible for finding and completing 40 hours of community service.

Parents should provide assistance to their teen in the selection of community involvement activities. Here’s how to get started:

Spend some time with your teen going through the list of eligible and ineligible activities in the Peel District School Board’s “40 Hours” brochure. You can obtain a copy of the brochure from Allan A. or online at www.peelschools.org/students/40hours/
Please note that the selection of the activities should take into account the age, maturity, and ability of the student, and the location and environment of the proposed activity.

Departing Staff

This is a bitter-sweet time of year, as we say good-bye to some valuable members of our school community as they head off on new and exciting adventures. A very big “thank you for everything” to the following:

Ms. Lavallee (retirement)

Ms. Stainton (on leave)

Mr. Gojsic (transfer)

Mme. Turcotte (LTO)

Ms. Hynes (LTO)


K. Paleologos

Have a happy and safe summer holiday from our Allan A. Martin staff!

Principal’s Message


A Note From Ms. Lavallee

Trade Show

Amanda, 8-8

Throughout this entire school year, Allan A. Martin’s determined grade 8 students toiled through the process of planning out, and operation of their very own small business. In teams of two or three, they created a product and complimented it with a company name, logo, slogan, and marketing campaigns. In class, students designed stunning table layouts featuring gorgeous backboards.

As they went head-first into the market on selling day, their spirits were incorruptible and driven by the spirit of the friendly competition. The day was long and tiring, determined entrepreneurs withstood it, many were sold out by the end of the day.

The sense of pride in the room at the closing of Trade Show was undeniable, as dollars were counted and students cheered. All students came away with an invaluable experience to be applied when creating businesses of their own. Everyone went home tired and satisfied, and excited to go bowling with their friends the next day.

A. A. Martin Monthly Messages

Ms. Lavallee is retiring. She would like to thank the parents of the many students she has had throughout her time at Allan A. for the privilege of teaching their children.

Entrepreneurial Adventure

On May 26th, class 8-2 travelled to Toronto to present at the Entrepreneurial Adventure showcase. For their Entrepreneurial Adventure, or EA for short, 8-2 conducted a variety of fundraisers, including Hot Dog day and the Cupcake vs. Muffin sale, to raise money for various charities, including the Hospital for Sick Children and the Toronto Humane Society. We raised over $1500 in total!

At the showcase, our class presented our project in front of 20 professional entrepreneurs and over a dozen other schools. We also watched all of the other schools’ presentations and were given the opportunity to give and receive valuable feedback and ideas on how to make our EA even better.

Throughout the EA program, our class learned valuable skills that we will use as we progress through school and join the workforce, including critical thinking, teamwork, and risk-taking.

A special thank you to our staff advisor, Mr. Ali, and to our entrepreneurial mentor, Mr. Ransome.

By Breanne and Michael, 8-2

Girls’ Cricket Team

Music at Allan A. Martin

This was another outstanding year of music at Allan A. Martin! Our talented music teachers, Ms. Singh and Ms. Van, worked hard to conduct various bands, including the Grade 6, Grade 7, Senior and Jazz band.  Through many months of hard work and practice, these bands performed phenomenally at the Allan A. music night showcase.  They were complimented by many parents and other students for their excellent playing skills. Additionally, the Senior and Jazz band went on a road show trip to display their instruments and playing skills to younger students in 5th grade classes.  They went to two schools and like always, played amazingly, inspiring the younger children to sign up for band at Allan A. Martin next year.  While some hardships were faced throughout the year, students were very dedicated and passionate about music overall, and most importantly, students had fun!

team beat Tomken by a score of 69 – 52. In the finals, we faced Erin Centre, who batted first. Erin centre scored 78runs and we scored 58 runs. Our team brought back the silver and has made Allan. A. Martin proud.

By Zoya

image result for girls cricket

This year, Allan A Martin has taken a step forward, and now girls are walking side by side with the boys cricket team. Our coach, Ms. Stainton taught us strategies and drills to practice cricket skills. Lots of girls were motivated to try out and 13 girls were chosen. Jahnavi was our team captain and has been very cooperative with the girls. As captain, she was responsible for the whole team and since she wanted to prove to the boys that girls are just as good as them, she felt pressure to motivate and communicate strategies effectively. Both the boys and the girls tournaments on May 20th. The girls

Lunchroom Supervisors Needed

Allan A. Martin is looking for energetic individuals who would be interested in being a paid lunchroom supervisor. The position requires a commitment of approximately one hour per day, 5 days per week. Responsibilities include monitoring classrooms, the lunchroom, hallways or outdoor recess.

The rate of pay is $13.37 + 4% vacation per hour. All lunchroom supervisors are required to complete a Peel Police Criminal Record Check.

Boys’ Softball

By Tyler and Carter

The boys’ softball team had fun practicing and playing this season. Mrs. Penfold taught us the basics of the game and trained us well. All members of the team were extremely thrilled and energized for the games to come. With positive support from our fellow friends and students, Allan A. was sure to perform well. The first game was a terrific and friendly win for the Mustangs. Driven by the team’s stellar offense and solid defense, Allan A. came up with a 5-3 win over the Fairwind Falcons. The Mustangs went into the second game full of confidence, but came up against a tough Homeside squad, and fell to defeat. The third game against Erin Mills got off to a challenging start, but the team was rallied to improve their play by Ms. Penfold, who encouraged them to keep going and not give up. After that, Allan A. began to make a comeback. After a solid half-inning of defense, the team got their bats going and started to rally with a 4-run inning. Sadly, it was a case of too little, too late, as the boys lost their final game. Although the boys lost in their final game, they ended up having a blast throughout the tournament. We would like to thank Mrs. Penfold for dedicating her time at both lunch and after school coaching and training us for the tournament.

Wellness Club

By Sofia

At Allan A. Martin, we have a Wellness Club that focuses on the well being of you, and others. While this club may not sound like much, it goes beyond expectation! Teachers and students have devoted their time on days 2 and 7 to Wellness Club. We have gone on walks, made nutritious smoothies, created art, and practised meditation. One of the first things we did was a “What I want to accomplish in 3 years” art project with Ms. Lynes, where we drew all of our collective hopes and dreams onto a coloured piece of paper. All in all, we just let our creative side show! Another exciting thing we did was making and drinking smoothies with Mrs. Farro! We used organic products like chopped spinach, apple juice, water, and frozen fruits, including mango, and mixed berries. Our smoothies were healthy and delicious all in one! We have also gone on walks around the neighbourhood, where we stretched our legs, and enjoyed the fresh air, and warm sun. We also practised meditation to reflect, evaluate and relax. Thanks to Ms. Lynes and Ms. Farro for running such an enjoyable club.

Eco Club

By Stutti

Many students and staff have dedicated their own time in to making, our Allan A. Martin community, environmentally friendly. As a silver status school, Allan A. Martin, has had many staff and students work towards their goal of becoming a gold Eco-school. Ms. Lynes and Ms. Mortillaro have been leading Eco-club for many years and have done an amazing job at motivating students to care about their environment. Throughout 2014-2015, Eco-club has been in partnership with Eco-source for the Recycle Right campaign. During the recycle right campaign students learned how to sort their own waste, which item goes in what bin and how reduce their contamination. Towards the end of April, Allan A. hosted their very own Eco-fashion show. This amazing event required students of all homerooms to use everything they could find in their recycling bin and to make an outfit. Later on at the assembly a representative from each class modeled their creations. Students then voted for the best creation. Ms. Marko’s grade 6 class won the pizza party for the best creation. In April, Allan A. hosted a contest to see which class would raise the most money for WWF, which class 7-2 won.

Girls Soccer Team

Kiran, 8-8

On May 28th, the Allan A Martin girls’ soccer team had the privilege of competing in the south region of Peel soccer tournament at Hillcrest. The team had its highs and lows but everyone really came together as a team to place an amazing 3rd! During the very first game they played the home team, Hillcrest. As their first game together they did extremely well but let in 3 goals losing 3-0. In the second and third game, the girls beat Erin Mills and Hillside 1-0 with great passing and communication. In their fourth game, the girls lost 1-0 to Homelands in the last couple minutes. Although, the girls had enough points to get into the Semi Finals but unfortunately they lost 2-0 to Hillcrest. In their last game for 3rd place, the girls beat Green Glade securing the third place win. A huge thanks to Ms. Kourogiorgas and Mr. Bell for taking the time to coach the team. As well as a huge congratulations to the girls for playing so well throughout the day.

A. A. Martin Monthly Messages

A. A. Martin Monthly Messages


Celebrating Faith and Culture – June 2013

Celebrating Faith and Culture – June 2013

Allan A. Martin Senior P.S.

1390 Ogden Ave.

Mississauga, ON

L5E 2H8







Janet McDougald



Ina Fournier



Katina Paleologos

Vice Principal:

Dafydd Morgan

Office Manager:

Laura Sanders

Office Assistant:

Kim Meehan



Faith and Culture



Aboriginal Spirituality


Aboriginal History Month

Aboriginal Spirituality

June 1 or 2

Nisfu Sha’ban


June 2



June 5 to 23

the month of Núr


June 7

All Saints Day


June 15 to 19

Aboriginal Week

Aboriginal Spirituality

June 16

Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev


June 17 or 18



June 21

National Aboriginal Day

Aboriginal Spirituality

June 21



June 24 to July 12

the month of Rahmat


June 24

St. Jean Baptiste Day

Christianity and Canada

June 27

Multiculturalism Day


June 29 to July 3

Ghambar Maidyoshem


Peel Dance Showcase

By Joy Lynn and Supreet
In the month of March, 30 talented student from Allan A. Martin attended the Living Arts Center’s Peel Dance Showcase, where schools from all over Peel came together to put on an amazing show. Students from Allan A worked long and hard from the month of February to the end of March. Together, we faced challenges, obstacles and hardships to get to where we were. We were supported by the Allan A. Martin community, students and many teachers, who gave us the motivation and inspiration to create and execute a spectacular dance. Our dance consisted of many cultures, communities and backgrounds to represent the diversity at Allan A. Martin and Peel as a whole. We would like to recognize our dance instructors Ms. Lavalle and Ms. Chopra who spent many hours teaching and perfecting all of the dances, from the moves to the costumes as well as the makeup. In the end we all came together, had a great time and made many memories that would make our year special.

Dragon Boat Girls’ Softball Girls’ Soccer

A.A. Martin Monthly Messages
A.A. Martin Monthly Messages

Out of the many girls who tried out only a lucky 17 were chosen to play on the senior girls’ team. The girls trained hard with their coach, Ms. K, for the upcoming tournament which took place on May 19, 2015. At the tournament they were one of twelve teams to participate. The twelve teams were divided into two divisions. The Allan A. Martin girls were in the Black Division. The girls played an amazing day of soccer as they went undefeated in the Round Robin matches. They won against Camilla Road Sr. Public School with a score of 1-0. They tied Homelands Sr. Public School and two others 0-0. In their final match against Tomken Road Middle School they tied them 0-0 as well only to finish second out of twelve to bring home silver. Their coach played a big role by encouraging them to push themselves past their limits to be the best they could be. With a strong defensive line as well as a strong offensive line the girls had made up an amazing team. Overall the girls had an amazing day at Tomken Middle School.

Boys’ Soccer

heart breaking loss at 1-0 after a well fought and equal battle. The boys were also pressuring themselves to retain their title, but couldn’t defend last year’s championship trophy and lost it out in the end. But, congratulations to the boys for being the team to concede the least amount of goals in the tournament, and placing 3rd place! A huge thank-you to our coaches, Ms. K and Ms. Brooks, for their leadership and inspiration.

other and the team with most points in the end won. To warm up, the boys played a hard fought game against Glenhaven where they tied 1-1. After that, they really kicked into high gear to get back to back wins against David Leeder and Homeside! To round it all off, they got another tie against Camilla to cruise into the final game at second place and a chance to win the title! Unfortunately, the boys suffered a

What an amazing run at the soccer tournament for the Allan A. Martin boys! After weeks of practise and determination, the boys knew they were finally ready to give it their all and only had one thing on their minds: getting the ball in the back of the net. This year, the soccer tournament was organized differently. Instead of having elimination, every team had the opportunity to play against each

The 2015 girls softball team was a very dedicated and talented group of athletes. They astonished the staff and students with their effort and collaboration at this year’s tournament. We practiced at lunch many times a week to prepare for our home tournament, and we were all exited and ready to play our absolute best throughout the day. With the help of Mr. Hay the girls extended their knowledge of the game and started feeling passion and hunger for the win. In our first game, the girls came through with a 2-1 win. During the second game the girls won a whopping 9-2 against QE, displaying solid defense and stellar offense. Big shout-outs to the remarkable pitching from Rebecca and great offense from Paige and Kristin. In the third and fourth game our girls pulled through once again with two more great victories. With the Allan A. Martin staff, students and community by the teams side, they were undefeated until the championship game against Queen Elizabeth where we lost 4-0. Although we didn’t claim first the girls still played and had an amazing day, they came together as a team and made Allan A proud. We give a big thanks to Mr.Hay, Athletic Council and all of the other staff and volunteers who helped run the tournament to make it the best it could be.

Dragon boating has been around for centuries and is starting to become a sport known worldwide with over 50 countries involved. It’s a team sport which takes a lot of concentration and skill to do well. It usually consists of ten rows of partners rowing consecutively at the same time. With each stroke the boat becomes one step closer to the finish line. Dragon boating at Allan A Martin is a cooed sport, with Ms. Lavallee encouraging all grades and athletic abilities to come try it out. As a team, we practice in the upstairs hall with lacrosse sticks, practicing to stay in stroke with proper form, also work together as a team. The students are encouraged to train at home, doing push-ups and planks to train their bodies for the regatta held on June 4th, 2015. Before the regatta the students have two in water practices with a qualified trainer of the Mississauga Canoe Club. They encourage the athletes to twist and push their body forward to pull more water behind them. As the regatta comes closer and closer the team becomes more exited to work together as a team and take the trophy home. We give a great big thanks to Ms. Hynes and especially Ms. Lavallee for giving us this amazing opportunity.
By Mackenzie By Rebecca and Mackenzie By Kirn c:\users\p0036471\appdata\local\temp\temporary internet files\content.ie5\svkgdx38\softball2[1].gif

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