9th through 12th grades (14 to 18 years old), 40 to 60 minutes

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Jupiter and the Galilean Moons Curriculum

9th through 12th grades (14 to 18 years old), 40 to 60 minutes

This lesson plan was created by Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. (DigitalisEducation.com) and is provided free of charge as a public service to encourage the teaching of astronomy. It was written for use with a ® planetarium system. You may need to modify this lesson to work with other systems with different capabilities.

Permission is granted to copy, distribute, and modify this document provided that existing copyright notices, the text of this license, and the text of the "Notice" section are not removed or modified, other than to add your own copyright notice for your modifications.
Copyright 2008, Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc.
Students will learn:

  • Basic definitions of the terms “planet,” “moon,” and “orbit;”

  • The historical relevance and a few facts about the life of Galileo Galilei;

  • Some characteristics of Jupiter and its four largest moons, the Galilean moons;

  • How Galileo's observations of the Galilean moons provided evidence for the heliocentric model of the solar system; and

  • Facts about recent, ongoing, and future missions to Jupiter or any of the Galilean moons.

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