9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq 9/11 34767-D

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9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq
9/11 34767-D

On the morning of September 11, 2001, brothers Jules and Gedeon Naudet were working on a documentary about a rookie New York City firefighter. Hearing a roar in the sky, Jules turned his camera upward--just in time to film the only existing image of the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center Tower 1. With cameras rolling, the Naudets follow NYC firefighters into the heart of what would be known as Ground Zero. A striking tribute to real-life heroes who rose to extraordinary acts of courage and compassion

130 minutes Closed Captioned
9/11: Blueprint for Truth, the architecture of destruction with Richard Gage. 49035-D

"In this ... multimedia presentation to the University of Manitoba, Canada, SF Bay Area architect, Richard Gage, AIA provides a packed audience with the evidence of controlled demolition using explosives at all 3 WTC high-rise collapses..."

120 minutes
9/11 revisited 45011-D

Recording of a lecture given on February 20, 2006 at Utah State Valley College by Steven E. Jones.

Lecture by Steven E. Jones, co-founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, presenting his view in opposition to the United States government explanation for the collapse of the World Trade Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 on September 11, 2001. Based on his training in physics and the way in which the buildings collapsed, Jones argues that planted thermite and explosives were responsible rather than the heat from burning jet fuel. Footage includes lecture interspersed with Jones' PowerPoint slides and question-and-answer session with the audience. Also includes trailer for "Improbable Collapse : a film that explores the puzzling collapse of the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7."

120 minutes

Aftermath: unanswered questions from 9/11 35823-H

Features interviews of nine people answering eleven of the most pressing questions that emanate from the terrible and unexplained events of that day.

55 minutes
America at a Crossroads Security Versus Liberty: The Other War 45026-D

Explore the controversial new policies adopted by the United States government following 9/11 to help prevent terrorism at home.

60 minutes Closed Captioned
Brothers…On Holy Ground 36968-D

Shortly after noon on September 11, 2001, retired FDNY firefighter Mike Lennon arrived at the devastation of the World Trade Centers. After two weeks of digging, first for survivors and then for remains, he grabbed his camera and began interviewing every firehouse that had lost men. An interview done prior to 9/11 with John Satore, a firefigher who died at the WTC, leads to a flood of memories from his fellow firefighters who were with him inside the Towers. A resounding tribute to the hidden agony

and unbridled pride of FDNY firefighters.

60 minutes Closed Captioned

CNN tribute America Remembers 34573-D

Assembled from CNN presents' two-part series of the same name, America Remembers compiles CNN's incomparable coverage of 9/11 and the months that followed. This comprehensive documentary gives you a powerful, minute-by-minute account of the events of 9/11 as they developed, as well as a compelling look at the aftermath: a time of reflection, resolve, and retaliation.

90 minutes Closed Captioned
Collateral damages 46465-D

Collateral Damages is about the psychological impact 9-11 had on NYC firefighters. Featuring firefighters from Engine 6, Rescue 2, and Engine 285, these men share personal testimonies of the emotional and mental anguish of an aftermath with no end. In addition to its hour-long feature, Collateral Damages has more than two hours of extensive special features, including the dismantling of the Rescue 2 rig and never before seen footage of Fresh Kills, the crime scene no one knew about.

Special features: The Last ride -- Dismantling -- New beginnings -- Fresh Kills -- Billy Green 9-11 -- Loss -- 5 years later.

180 minutes

DC 9/11 39496-D

Focuses on the difficult decisions and tasks faced by President George Bush and his staff on September 11, 2001 and the days following the attacks. Based on in-depth interviews and extensive research. Recounts the tragic events from the moment Bush hears the news of the attacks to significant briefings with advisors. Chronicles national security meetings, links with Osama bin Laden and the al Qaeda network. Illustrates the Administrations strategy for responding both the the terrorists and the American people.

127 minutes Closed Captioned
Divided we fall Americans in the aftermath 48596-D

When a turbaned Sikh man is brutally murdered in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, a college student journeys across America to discover who counts as "one of us" in a world divided into "us" and "them." Armed with only a camera, Valarie Kaur encounters hundreds of stories never before told - stories of fear and unspeakable loss, but also of resilience and hope - until she finally finds the heart of America, halfway around the world, in the words of a widow. Weaving expert analysis into a personal journey and cross-country road trip, the film confronts the forces dividing a nation.

Special features: America: melting pot or mosaic ; Becoming American: the journey of an early Sikh pioneer ; Sikh religion: beyond the turban ; Japanese American internment survivors speak ; National security and civil rights after 9/11 ; Rising up against hate: the Sikh coalition ; Psychology of hate ; We are all Muslim: coalition building ; Where are they now ; Deleted scenes from the film ; Educational resources.

90 minutes

Divided we fall Discussions with the filmmakers 49417-D

Discussions with the filmmakers of "Divided we fall : Americans in the aftermath" Valarie Kaur and Sharat Raju c sponsored by University Library.

Presented as part of campus-wide 2008 MLK Day activities. Valarie Kaur shows and discusses her feature-length documentary film on hate violence in and the aftermath of 9/11. She is joined by Sharat Raju.

50 minutes

Hamburg Cell 45881-D

A dramatization of events leading up to 9/11 based on exhaustive research, including personal interviews, unpublished correspondence, and the official 9/11 Commission report.

101 minutes
The new war on terrorism 34986-H

Recorded October 18, 2001 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Chomsky discusses the War on Terrorism in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Using U.S. actions against Nicaragua as a case in point, he submits that the U.S. and other powerful nations consistently engage in terrorist activities that they call "counter-terrorism." He suggests that U.S. policy should be to submit to international law and stop supporting terrorism.

111 minutes

Persons of Interest 40155-D

Originally produced as motion picture in 2003

Twelve people are interviewed after they were taken into custody following the September 11th terrorist attacks. These people describe how they were arbitrarily taken into custody and detained for weeks or months without being charged or given access to family and legal counsel. Includes short portions of speeches by Attorney General Ashcroft

63 minutes

Portrait of courage: The untold story of Flight 93 46658-D

Reconstructs the events that transpired aboard United Flight 93 on September 11, 2001, incorporating hitherto unknown information uncovered during in-depth investigation.

|a disc 1. Portrait of courage (ca. 60 min.) -- Bonus features : Gallery of heroes : meet the passengers and crew of Flight 93 (50 min.) ; Finding peace : coming to terms with the 9/11 tragedy (16 min.) ; When the unthinkable happens : helping children come to terms with human tragedy (16 min.) ; Bonus interviews with family and friends (15 min.) ; A lasting tribute : plans for the Flight 93 memorial (5 min.) -- disc 2. September 11th 2001 : a timeline (25 min.).

187 minutes

Searching for the roots of 9/11 39365-H

Thomas L. Friedman tries to answer questions surrounding the tragedy of the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Through interviews with Muslim students and a radical Palestinian, among others, viewers learn some of the conflicting opinions and views on America held by different Middle Easterners.

47 minutes
Through a Child’s Eyes: September 11, 2001 49950-D

"The effects of childhood trauma are unpredictable. How can emotionally scarred children best be helped in processing horrific experiences? In this poignant yet uplifting program, the victims themselves provide the key as a diverse group of children ranging in age from 2 to 11 share their thoughts and feelings on the September 11th terrorist attacks. Interviewees include those who lost family members on 9/11, those who live near Ground Zero, and those whose fathers serve in the U.S. military, as well as refugees from Afghanistan and elsewhere. Young as they are, they convey a reassuring lesson in coping skills and a surprisingly mature understanding that life brings the tragic with the joyful.”

33 minutes
Understanding the unthinkable 35430-H – 35433-H

Program 1. |p The nature of terrorism |h [videorecording] / |c sponsored by University of Massachusetts Amherst Academic Affairs and the Faculty Senate ; produced by Academic Instructional Media Services (AIMS). 53 minutes

Program 2. |p Targets of terrorism |h [videorecording] / |c sponsored by University of Massachusetts Amherst Academic Affairs and the Faculty Senate ; produced by Academic Instructional Media Services (AIMS). 53 minutes

Program 3. |p Liberty vs. security : Terrorism and civil rights |h [videorecording] / |c sponsored by University of Massachusetts Amherst Academic Affairs and the Faculty Senate ; produced by Academic Instructional Media Services (AIMS). 53 minutes

Program 4. |p The American response to terrorism |h [videorecording] / |c sponsored by University of Massachusetts Amherst Academic Affairs and the Faculty Senate ; produced by Academic Instructional Media Services (AIMS). 53 minutes

Panel discussion of scholars reactions to various aspects of the September 11 tragedy.

United 93 42720-D

Fact-based story about the 40 passengers and crew aboard San Francisco bound flight United 93, who sat down as strangers and found the courage to stand up as one. This hijacked flight was the fourth terrorist attack plane on September 11, 2001. As a result of a delay on takeoff, the passengers on the flight, are behind the carefully scheduled planned attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Once hijacked, the passengers and crew are able to discern that this is no mere hijacking. While the real events that caused the ultimate crash of the plane can never be known, the events depicted would appear to be as might be expected. The scariest part of the film is the unpreparedness of the FAA and the military in dealing with the situation.

111 minutes Closed Captioned
The World Trade Center Rise and fall of an American icon 50560-D

Discusses the construction, 27 year presence, and bombing destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City.

Following the main program (ca. 95 min.) Harry Smith interviews Angus Kress Gillespie, author of a book about the World Trade Center.

100 minutes

World Trade Center 45265-D

The true story of Port Authority policemen John McLoughlin and William J. Jimeno, who volunteered for rescue duty and became trapped in the rubble of the Towers on September 11, 2001. The men became two of the last survivors extracted from Ground Zero. It is a story of the true heroes and of that fateful time in United States history, when buildings would fall and heroes would rise, literally from the ashes to inspire the entire human race.

128 minutes Closed Captioned
WTC the first 24 hours 34494-D

Shot by an independent filmmaker, this documents the first 24 hours at "ground zero" in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. It begins with the fall of the twin towers, travels through the smoldering site showing people on the site working in a fervor, then dazed and trance-like. The images speak for themselves intentionally devoid of commentary and music.

42 minutes
World Trade Center Anatomy of a collapse 34548-D

Examination of the engineering, construction and design of the World Trade Center and the reasons for its collapse in the attack of September 11, 2001, Includes historical footage of construction and the attacks in 1993 and 2001, and computer simulations of the structure, Also includes commentary from architects, structural engineers, and the project manager, Guy Tozzoli

52 minutes
XXI Century 40161-D

Twenty first century. Part 2, and the pursuit of happiness

Examines what has happened in America after September 11th, 2001, looking at its impact on American political issues such as freedom, democracy, the First Amendment, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights ... and the Patriot Act. Civil rights activists and others question the "official" version and the status quo. Also looks at rallys and demonstrations against the war in Afghanistan and anti-terrorism policies of the Bush administration and investigates the effectiveness of the peace movement.

56 minutes

Afghanistan War and occupation
Afghanistan 51555-D


With the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan claiming several new successes in its long running fight against the country's ruling Taliban, this documentary looks back to a time when the resistance forces were at their weakest. Now with the help of the United States, the Alliance has a chance of victory against the Taliban.

30 minutes

Afghanistan: the Lost Truth 50682-D

Documents Iranian filmmaker Yassamin Maleknasr's journey across Afghanistan from Herat to Balkh. Presents a vivid portrait of both the Afghani people and their country, from an Iranian perspective.

64 minutes
Afghan massacre 40706-H

Explores U.S. Special Forces role in the massacre of about 3,000 unarmed Taliban prisoners of war in Afghanistan from the battle of Mazar-e-Sharif by Northern Alliance soldiers. The prisoners were killed while traveling in sealed containers on their way from Konduz to a prison at Sheberghan. The bodies of the dead and some who survived were then buried in a mass grave at nearby Dasht Leile. Discusses the massacre and its implications and why there's been no investigation into suspected war crimes.

51 minutes
Afghanistan's opium trail51354-D

Explores the opium industry in Afghanistan: cultivation, processing, smuggling and heroin use

43 minutes

Afghan stories 39873-D

Originally released as a television program in 2002

Exposes the extraordinary life experiences of ordinary people coping with turmoil as the world comes down on their country once again. The U.S. war on the Taliban is only the latest in the series of 24 years of war and tyranny. But amazingly the new generation, who have never known peace, still have hope and dream of a future lived in prosperity and peace.

60 minutes

Afghanistan unveiled 50683-D

In November and December of 2002, 14 young women, trained as video journalists and camera operators, traveled to rural regions of Afghanistan to interview their countrywomen. In the span of two months, they met and spoke with women eking out an existence in caves, women risking punishment by daring to appear on film and women whose lives and families had been destroyed by years of bombing and oppression.

52 minutes
Afghan women

Captures the resilience and courage of women who risk their lives on a daily basis to stand up for their rights. The film examines the drafting of the Afghan Women's Bill of Rights by women from across Afghanistan at a 2003 conference in Kandahar. The women look at the pivotal role women's struggle for equality has played in the country's tumultuous political history and debunk the myth that current U.S. intervention in Afghanistan has liberated Afghan women from the tyranny of fundamentalism. The film exposes the "War on Terror" as mainly a euphemism for expanding U.S. control of the region's oil and gas.

69 minutes
The beauty academy of Kabul 45827-D

A documentary on a group of Western hairstylists who open a beauty academy for Afghani women in post-Taliban Kabul. Focuses on the role of women in Afghani society and is underscored by the dissonances between Western and Muslim cultures.

74 minutes
Behind the "second front" 43179-D

a chronicle on Lakbay Kalinaw and International Solidarity Mission (ISM), July 25-30, 2002

As the United States opened the "War on Terrorism" in Afghanistan, the Philippines became its second front of battle. In Nov. 2001, thousands of U.S. troops and military advisors began to be deployed in the Southern Philippines as part of this second phase. Since then, both the Philippine and U.S. military have shot, tortured, bombed, arrested, and killed thousands of civilians living on the island of Mindanao. The violence has also spread to other islands, including Luzon, where thousands of U.S. troops were to be assigned. "Behind the Second Front" chronicles the events of an International Solidarity Mission conducted in the Southern Philippines, July 24-31, 2002 by 68 activists from 10 different countries. Residents of Zamboanga City and Basilan--two areas where U.S. military troops and advisors were heavily deployed--testify to the shooting of an unarmed Filipino civilian by a U.S. soldier and the unwarranted arrests, torture, bombings and killings villages have experienced at the hands of the Philippine military.

37 minutes

Breaking the silence 37161-D

2001, as the bombs began to drop, George W. Bush promised Afghanistan "the generosity of America and its allies". Now, the familiar old warlords are regaining power, religious fundamentalism is renewing its grip and military skirmishes continue routinely. In "liberated" Afghanistan, America has its military base and pipeline access, while the people have the warlords who are, says one woman, "in many ways worse than the Taliban".

51 minutes
Brødre 45418-D

An emotionally charged story of two brothers who struggle to find their place within their family after one of them is sent to the war in Afghanistan. The responsible brother at war is missing in action and presumed dead. His less responsible brother gravitates towrd his brother's preumed widow and cares for her. When the older brother returns from prison camp with post traumatic stress problems his role and his brother's shift.

117 minutes Closed Captioned
Brothers 51686-D

Captain Sam Cahill is embarking on his fourth tour of duty, leaving behind his beloved wife and two daughters. When Sam's Blackhawk helicopter is shot down in the mountains of Afghanistan, the worst is presumed, leaving an enormous void in the family. Despite a dark history, Sam's charismatic younger brother steps in to fill the family void.

Special features: "Remade in the USA, how Brodre became Brothers" featurette; "Jim Sheridan, film and family" featurette; feature audio commentary by director Jim Sheridan.

105 minutes Closed Captioned

Building democracy in war-torn Afghanistan 44581-H

Originally broadcast on 03/29/04

This ABC News program documents the challenges of building democracy in Afghanistan, a place scarred by present conflict and past war, where even the effort to register Afghans to vote is proving almost insurmountably difficult. Contemporaneous events in Pakistan are also considered.
Campaign against terror 37628-H

Originally broadcast on the television program: Frontline on Sept. 8, 2002.

"On the one-year anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, Frontline tells the behind-the-scenes story of the U.S. and world response. The first hour of "Campaign Against Terror" chronicles, through interviews with key players, how complex diplomatic maneuvering led to the formation of an international coalition against Al Qaeda and the Taliban. It also details how the White House, Pentagon, and the CIA moved quickly to develop a plan for fighting a new kind of war. The second hour of this documentary focuses on how this first war of the 21st century was fought."

120 minutes Closed Captioned

Dateline Afghanistan 45930-D

Reporting the forgotten war

"As the United States and its allies engage in a continuing battle to free Afghanistan of its ties to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, many journalists from around the world cover the ongoing conflict. Go inside the ranks of these brave men and women as they risk their lives to present the truth of what's really going on today"

54 minutes

Enemies of happiness 47332-D

Details the political and personal battles and triumphs of 27-year-old Afghani activist Malalai Joya, who captured the attention of her nation in 2003. Speaking as an attendee at that year's Loya Jirga, the grand council of tribal elders, she created an uproar in denouncing the various warlords present in the hall, and the complicity of the elders in the destruction of their country. Soon after targeted in various assassination attempts, she survived to enter Afghanistan's first parliamentary elections in 35 years. Providing her story through news footage, interviews, and travels with Joya in her daily work, the film offers a detailed portrait of Joya's efforts to improve the conditions in her country.

59 minutes
Fixer 49637-D

the taking of Ajmal Naqshbandi

Examines the life and death of Naqshbandi, a translator, driver, and cultural guide for foreigners in Afghanistan, who was taken by the Taliban with a group of Italians, but while the journalists were released, Naqshbandi was killed. Explores the botched hostage negotiation, government corruption, and how news stories are gathered and shaped.

84 minutes

Hell of a nation 46704-D

Pulling Afghani democracy from the fire

Originally broadcast on the PBS television series Wide angle on September 9, 2004.

As Afghanistan struggled to adopt a new constitution, Wide Angle filmed behind the scenes at the December 2003 loya jirga. The documentary profiles two aspiring Afghan delegates who face political opposition and physical intimidation as they literally risk their lives to participate in the future of their country. Hell of a Nation also examines the frantic preparations of the international and Afghan logistics team as it scrambles to register potential delegates, distribute copies of the newly drafted constitution, and hold elections for delegates.

60 minutes
Kabul Transit 47824-D

"In the broken cityscape of Kabul, Afghanistan, amid the dust and rubble of war, Westerners and Afghans adjust to the uncertain possibilities of peace. [The film] shuttles through the broken streets of the city, moving between public space and private, listening in on conversations, posing questions, probing the darker alleys mainstream media avoids ... Rejecting the usual device of narration and portraiture, the film asks the viewer to experience Kabul as a newly arrived visitor would.”

85 minutes Closed Captioned
The Kite Runner 46672-D

In a divided country on the verge of war, two childhood friends, Amir and Hassan, are about to be torn apart forever. It's a glorious afternoon in Kabul and the skies are bursting with the exhilarating joy of a kite-fighting tournament. But in the aftermath of the day's victory, one boy's fearful act of betrayal will mark their lives forever and set in motion an epic quest for redemption. Now, after 20 years of living in America, Amir returns to a perilous Afghanistan under the Taliban's iron-fisted rule to face the secrets that still haunt him and take one last daring chance to set things right.

Special features: Commentary with Marc Forster, Khalid Hosseini and David Benioff; words from The kite runner; images from The kite runner; social action PSA; theatrical trailer.

127 minutes Closed Captioned

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