733G17: the history of european identity, 7,5 credits Seminar instructions Seminar: European Political Identity 2015-02-13 13: 15-15: 00 D24

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Linköping University

Department of Management and Engineering

European Integration Spring Semester 2015


Seminar instructions

Seminar: European Political Identity 2015-02-13 13:15-15:00 D24

At the first seminar we will discuss the questions below. You should prepare for the seminar by writing a memo of about 2 pages where you answer the questions (printed). The memos should be handed in at the end of the seminar.

  1. What does national identity mean in your home country? Would you say that there are any specific values embedded in the national identity of your home country? Are there any particular “national heroes”, stories, or cultural practices? Give examples. How important is a common language for the national identity in your home country?

  2. Europe has experienced the destructive impact of nationalism during the 20th century, and nationalism is today still a powerful, and some would say a dangerous political force in many parts of Europe. At the same time national identity and nation-building seem to be critical for the viability and legitimacy of any political community. What is your own opinion of nationalism, is it a bad or a good thing for human beings?

  3. Migration has historically played a very important part in the formation of a European identity and of the national identities of European states. Has migration (inward or outward) been important for the construction of national identity in your home country? If so, how? Give examples. Does migration still play an important part in the processes of constructing and re-constructing national identity in your home country?

  4. In most European countries we can find public discussions about the goods and bads of migration and increased cultural diversity. Are there such discussions in your home countries? If so, describe the arguments put forward in these debates. Do some of the arguments refer to the impact of migration on national identity?

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