70% of women support combat roles

Xo links to politics – congress backlashes on other agenda items

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Xo links to politics – congress backlashes on other agenda items.

Clay Risen, assistant editor of The New Republic, 8.4.10


Congress provides an additional, if somewhat less effective, check on executive orders. In theory, any executive order can be later annulled by Congress. But in the last 34 years, during which presidents have issued some 1,400 orders, it has defeated just three. More often, Congress will counter executive orders by indirect means, holding up nominations or bills until the president relents. “There’s always the potential that a Congress angry about one issue will respond by limiting other things you want,” says Mayer.

In the context of women in combat, executive action causes congressional fights

Burrelli 13 David F., Specialist in Military [Wo]Manpower Policy, Congressional Research Service; “Women in Combat: Issues for Congress” Congressional Research Service; May 9, 2013; http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/natsec/R42075.pdf

Any changes proposed by the Services will likely be subjected to congressional scrutiny. ¶ Congress may accept any proposed changes or seek to subject such changes to certain ¶ modifications. Among the additional issues Congress may consider are equal opportunity, equal ¶ responsibility (such as draft registration), readiness and cohesion, manpower needs of the ¶ military, and training standards.

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