7 th Grade The Industrial Revolution

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7th Grade The Industrial Revolution

Part III
The Southern Economy

  1. Cotton Gin

    • The Cotton Gin was a machine invented by Eli Whitney in 1794 that speeded the processing of cotton.

  1. The Cotton Gin’s Impact on the Economy

  1. Slave Labor

    • Argument for slave labor was that it was more humane than free labor because slaves didn’t have to worry about unemployment.

    • Argument against slave labor was that non slaves were free to quit jobs and find other jobs.

    • Another argument against slave labor was that enslaved people suffered physical or other abuse from white owners.

African American Life in the South

  1. Restrictions placed on free African Americans’ rights

    • Could hold only menial jobs.

    • They were not allowed to attend public schools, vote, serve on juries, or testify against white defendants in court.

    • They were discouraged from traveling.

  1. Hardships faced on plantations

  1. Types of work enslaved African Americans performed

    • Some were skilled workers, some worked in households, but most did heavy field work.

  1. African American culture

  1. Ways of resisting slavery

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