641—131. 4 (147A) Emergency medical care providers—certification, renewal standards, procedures, continuing education, and fees

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131.4(6) Continuing education approval. The following standards shall be applied for approval of continuing education:

a. Required CEHs identified in 131.4(5)“c” shall be approved by the department, CECBEMS, or an authorized EMS training program, using a sponsor number assignment system approved by the department.

b. Optional CEHs identified in 131.4(5)“d” and 131.4(5)“e” require no formal sponsor number; however, CEHs awarded shall be verified by an authorized EMS training program, a national EMS continuing education accreditation entity, a service program medical director, an appropriate community sponsor, or the department. Documentation of CEHs awarded shall include the date and title of the program or event, the number of hours approved, and the applicable signatures.

c. Courses in physical, social or behavioral sciences offered by accredited colleges and universities are approved for CEHs and need no further approval. One quarter credit equals 10 hours. One semester credit equals 15 hours.

d. Courses approved as formal education must meet the following criteria:

(1) Involve live interaction with an instructor or be an Internet-delivered course approved by CECBEMS; and

(2) Be based on the appropriate department curricula for EMS providers and include one or more of the following topic areas: airway management, patient assessment, trauma assessment and management, medical assessment and management, behavioral emergencies, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, or patient care record documentation.

e. Programs developed and delivered by the department may be approved for formal education.

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