641—131. 4 (147A) Emergency medical care providers—certification, renewal standards, procedures, continuing education, and fees

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641—131.4 (147A) Emergency medical care providers—certification, renewal standards, procedures, continuing education, and fees.

131.4(1) Student application and candidate examination.

a. Applicants shall complete the EMS Student Registration within 14 days after the beginning of the course. The EMS Student Registration shall be completed via the bureau of EMS Web site at www.idph.state.ia.us/ems.

b. Upon satisfactory completion of the course and all training program requirements, including payment of appropriate fees, a candidate shall be recommended by a training program to take the appropriate NREMT certification examination. A candidate is not eligible to continue functioning as a student in the clinical and field settings and must obtain state certification to perform appropriate skills.

c. A candidate shall submit an EMS Certification Application form to the department. EMS Certification Application forms are provided by the department.

d. When a student’s EMS Student Registration or a candidate’s EMS Certification Application is referred to the department for investigation or when a student or candidate is otherwise under investigation by the department, the individual shall not be eligible for certification, and the practical examination results will not be confirmed with the NREMT, until the individual is approved by the department.

e. The fee for certification as an emergency medical care provider is $30, payable to the Iowa Department of Public Health. This nonrefundable fee shall be paid prior to a candidate’s receiving certification.

f. A candidate must successfully complete the NREMT practical and cognitive examinations to be eligible for state certification.

g. The practical examination may be conducted by an authorized training program and must be conducted according to the policies and procedures of the NREMT.

h. A candidate must meet all certification requirements within two years of the initial course completion date. If a candidate is unable to complete the requirements within two years due to medical reasons or military obligation, an extension may be granted upon submission of a signed statement from an appropriate medical or military authority and approval by the department.

i. Examination scores shall be confidential except that they may be released to the training program that provided the training or to other appropriate state agencies or released in a manner which does not permit the identification of an individual.

j. An applicant for EMS-I endorsement shall successfully complete an EMS-Instructor curriculum approved by the department.

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