600 ce – 1450 ce the Life of Muhammad

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Why you should know this: You will be asked specific questions on the advancements made under these caliphates. You will also be asked to identify the impact of Muslim expansion to include much of the Eastern Hemisphere. You will need to be familiar with the chronology of the caliphates and how each caliphate interacted with other civilizations. You are also expected to be familiar with the social structure and the treatment of non-Arabic converts as well as non-Muslims within the caliphates.


  1. The Abbasid dynasty

    1. created a social rift between Arabs and new converts

    2. was more interested in strengthening Arab power than in gaining converts

    3. healed the rift between Sunnis and Shi’ites

    4. discouraged commercial activity in an effort to focus on missionary endeavor

    5. proved the high point of Muslim cultural achievement

If you are familiar with the patterns and trends from one caliphate to the next as

well as the specific characteristics of the Abbasid dynasty, you would be able to pick out

choice (e) as the correct response immediately.

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