5th Grade Indian Wars of Montana

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5th Grade – Social Studies



5th Grade Indian Wars of Montana


This powerpoint gives facts about three Indian Wars in Montana. The students will take notes to prepare for a Jeopardy Game using facts about Montana’s Indian Wars.
Duration: 2 (45 minute) periods
Goals (Montana Standards/Essential Understandings)
Social Studies Content Standard

Content Standard 4: Students demonstrate and understanding of the effects if time, continuity, and change on historical and future perspectives and relationships.

Content Standard 6: Students demonstrate an understanding if the impact of human interaction and cultural diversity on societies

IEA Essential Understanding

Essential Understanding 1: There is great diversity among the 12 tribal Nations of Montana in their languages, cultures, histories and governments. Each nation has a distinct and unique cultural heritage that contributes to modern Montana.
Essential Understanding 6: History is a story and most often related through the subjective experience of the teller. Histories are being rediscovered and revised. History told from an Indian perspective conflicts with what most of mainstream history tells us.

Background Information

  1. Students will view slide show and take notes

  2. Students will study for Jeopardy style quiz

  3. Students will divide into teams and compete in the Jeopardy Quizz

Materials or Resources Needed

Power Point—5th Grade Indian Wars of Montana

ndian Wars Notes Outline form

Activities and Procedures

Introduction of Lesson

Teacher will present the Power Point (5th Grade Indian Wars of Montana)
Teacher will pace presentation as needed for students to take notes.
Teacher will fill in outline form (notes) on white board while students fill in their copy.
Students will break into study groups to review outline
Students will divide into teams to take Jeopardy style quizz
Suggested Teaching Script

Allow time for discussion and comments from tudents
Wrap Up

Jeopardy Quizz

Indian Wars Notes Form
Battle of the Rosebud



Custer’s troop size

_________soldiers _________scouts
Battle lasted__________________
Army withdraws to ____________ Wyoming and stay there for_____________________________
Winners of the battle__________ ______________


Battle of the Little Bighorn

Another name for the battle is___________________

Name the army leader who led the attack__________
Number of soldiers in Custer’s troop_____________
Number of Indians in the encampment____________
Custer’s biggest mistake was___________________
________________________ of his soldiers survived

Custer divides his troops into ___________ columns Custer’s orders were to wait for General__________

Major Reno retreats to the _________above the river

The __________ won this battle

Nez Perce Battle of 1876

Chief Joseph was trying to get to _______________

His total trip measured_________ miles to Canada
Name Chief Joseph’s brother___________________
Joseph was ____ miles from Canada when he surrendered

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