5th Grade History Study Guide Test Date: 4/ 6/2016

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5th Grade History Study Guide

Test Date: __4/ 6/2016_____

Chap. 15


Be able to label the following capitals on a map: Paris, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Berlin, Lisbon, Athens, Reykjavik, Bern, Rome
Be able to identify the following on a map of Europe: Adriatic Sea, Sweden, Rhine River, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Pyrenees Mtns, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Baltic Sea

Geography Facts:

  • The Rhine River is Europe’s most important inland waterway.

  • Mont Blanc is the highest peak in France.

  • Mt. Vesuvius is mainland Europe’s highest active volcano.

  • The Pyrenees Mtns separate the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal) from the rest of Europe.

  • The Strait of Gibraltar separates the Iberian Peninsula from Africa.

  • The tundra regions are found north of the Arctic Circle in the Frigid Zone

  • No trees grow in the tundra regions because it is above the timber line

  • Igloos are temporary snow-blocked shelters the Inuits live in during the winter

Know these facts about Italy

  • Rome is the capital of Italy.

  • Sicily is a large island located at the ‘toe of Italy’s boot’

  • Known as the “Home of the Renaissance”

  • Leonardo da Vinci was from Italy and painted the Mona Lisa

  • Michelangelo was an Italian sculptor who sculpted David and Moses.

  • The Italian explorer, Marco Polo was the first European to travel all the way across Asia.

  • Galileo was a great scientist from Italy.

  • Mussolini: an Italian dictator and leader of the Fascists.

  • Pisa is home of the famous ‘leaning tower’.

  • Magellan was the first man to sail around the world

Know these facts about Germany:

  • Berlin was the German city that was divided after World War II.

  • Bach, Haydn and Beethoven were famous German composers.

  • Berlin is it’s capital.

  • Known as the “Home of the Reformation”

  • Adolf Hitler was the leader of the National Socialist Party in Germany

  • Adolf Hitler’s desire to conquer led to the beginning of World War II

  • Germany was reunited in the spring of 1990.

Know these facts about Spain:

  • Madrid is the capital.

  • The Tidelands is the large swamp located in southern Spain

  • Matadors are trained to fight bulls.

  • It is located on the Iberian Peninsula

Know these facts about France:

  • Napoleon Bonaparte was the French emperor who wanted to conquer all of the world

  • Joan of Arc was a young girl who led the French army to victory. She was later captured and burned at the stake.

  • Paris is it’s capital

  • Mont Blanc is the highest peak in France

  • Charles de Gaulle was the World War II hero who became president of the 5th Republic

  • John Calvin led the Protestant Reformation in France

  • Louis Pasteur was a French scientist who taught the world how to protect against germs

  • The Eiffel Tower is a famous French landmark

Know these facts about Norway:

  • It is called the “Land of the Midnight Sun”.

  • Oslo is its capital

  • Home of fjords, which are long, narrow inlets of the sea with high, rocky banks

Know these facts about Denmark:

  • Located on the Jutland Peninsula

  • Hans Christian Anderson is a famous writer from Denmark

  • Denmark owns Greenland, which is the world’s largest island

Know these facts about Iceland:

  • Known as the “Land of Fire and Ice” due to all the volcanoes, hot springs and geysers found alongside its glacier

Know these facts about Switzerland:

  • Alps mountain range Johanna Spyri wrote the book Heidi

  • It is a neutral nation that is land-locked Founded the International Red Cross

  • Known for cheese, chocolates, watches and music boxes

  • William Tell fought for the independence of Switzerland

Know these facts about the Netherlands:

  • Known for tulips, windmills, and low lands Amsterdam is its capital

  • Holland was the home of the Pilgrims before the set sail for America

  • Known for their wooden shoes and dikes

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