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Kmertild mine, mom*
toned under Alanjnh.

Taimii, in Syria

of tho Goddess Neith, Pallas Athene,
surrounded by tho oval ring of royal-
ty or divinity. It possessed a beautiful
temple, but except the joint of a gate-
way of tho reign of Tut limes II, now a
door-sill, tho remains belong to the
Roman or Macedonian era. Ptolemy
Knergotos is painted on the wall of the
temple followed by a tame lion, in me-
mory of his benefactions iind the name
of the Emperor Gotn, partially erased
by his brother and murderer Cara-
ealla, is still legible on its walls.
Smith. Art. Latop.

Tho ancient Antiuoe, the ruins of which
aro still called by the Copts Knsoneh
It was built by Hadrian in memory of
his favourite Antinous to whom divine
honoius were paid as a local deity and
some chariot races in oomemorat ion of
his death and Ins master's sorrow. It
occupied tin* site of the village of Hesa
(Hf/mrai named after the goddess
and consulted as lato ns tho ago of
Constantino. (Smith. Art. Antinoe.)
Idnsi remarks that it supplied tho
magicians summoned by I'huroah to
rival or defeat Moses. Heinaud. Abnlf.
H. I. l.r>7

The ancient Syene nnd commonly As-
souan in the maps. 1 follow the ortho-
graphy of Yakut These different,
pronunciations of the initial letter,
such as in Ikhimm and Akhtnim, Lak-
sar and Luks.ir (i c Vlaksar or Aksar),
Asliinuin and Ashnu'm are caused by
the prolix to Kinptuu, Greek and
Roman names, of the prosthetic alif
by the Arabs which sometimes carries
its ordinary pronunciation and at
others reproduces that of tho second
vowel. Thus Ashman was Shrnonn,
and fkhmim, Klimim naturalised by the
Arabs through the addition of their
article Keinaud II. 1. 152.

See p.

04 15 21

67 15 25 10 Atwal Lon. CO' Lftt. 3° 30'

i Lat 2(V,
a small town between Syria and

i Wadi al Kara on the road of pilgrims

, from Syria and Damascus. Aeconling

! to Yakut, here was tho castle of the

famous Samuel, son of Adiya, the Jew

from whose fidelity to his word has

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