4—Round four—4

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The Seventh Annual Governor’s School Academic Competition—March 25, 2000. Questions by and © Governor’s School for Government and International Studies BoB Squad and Case Western Reserve University College Trivia Club.

4—Round FOUR—4—Round FOUR—4



4—Round FOUR—4—Round FOUR—4

Related Tossup/Bonus Round
Tossup One. The title character uproots the baobab trees every morning but attempts to garner some sheep to complete the task for him. The book which tells his story contains a memorable drawing of an elephant inside a snake. For 10 points, identify this allegorical children’s tale by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

ANSWER: The Little Prince [accept Le Petit Prince]

BONUS. The Little Prince lived on Asteroid B-612. Identify these other asteroids for 10 points each.

• This largest asteroid is over a thousand kilometers in diameter.


• On Valentine’s Day, 2000, the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous began orbiting this appropriately named asteroid.


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