4 Conflict between Religion and Science?-the Galileo Case a Introduction

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Pope Urban VIII.

  • 1624: Urban VIII receives Galileo with honour into Rome 6 times. Urban states that “the Church had never declared the works of Copernicus to be heretical and would not do so…though there was not reason [to think] that a proof of its truth would ever be found…”

  • 1629: Galileo begins to write Dialogue on the Two Great World Systems, which becomes his most famous advocacy of the Copernican theory. It also ridiculed opposing arguments by putting them in the words of the character Simplicio, who is portrayed as an idiot.

  • 1632: Galileo’s work is published, but going against the advice of many of his friends, including the now deceased Bellarmine, he makes it clear that he was teaching the Copernican theory as absolute fact.

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