4. Appropriate amount of Background all parts of Thesis Formula Present well Developed Thesis Formula

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Document Based Question (DBQ) 1920’s

___/4. Appropriate amount of Background

___/4. All parts of Thesis Formula Present

___/2. Well Developed Thesis Formula

___. Formula misused: # _________
Supporting Paragraphs
___/5. Each Paragraph directly supports Thesis Formula A, B, and/or C

___/5. Support your thesis with Outside Information

___/5. Correctly referenced and cited at least 3 Document(s):

___. Document(s) misused: # _________

___. Documents cited improperly: # _________

___. Document quotes are too long: # ________
___/5. Strong use of transition (linking) words: Despite, Although, However…

___/5. Provided a counter-argument paragraph

___/5. Strong conclusion that summarizes your argument and proves your thesis

___/0 to -3. Use of “I,” “you,” “our,” :us,” “we.”

___/0 to -3 Improper reference to historical figures (first name only…)

___/0 to -3 Contains vague statements or generalizations not supported by facts.

___/0 to -3 Poor spelling and grammar

___/0 to -3 Poor penmanship: difficult to read.

___. Score: 30

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