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Perhaps open up areas for development 1 phase at a time, determine what we want in that area and go after that type of business. Plan, plan, plan - learn from Mentor! Don't be anxious to bring in the $$. Sell Madison to those you want! Select cities that are working - not just Willoughby - They don't even have a US 20 developed. What about Chagrin Blvd. or Mayfield Rd? What works, what doesn't work? Let's paint a picture of Madison with beautifully developed home areas, lake access, small village, great library, open green space, bike paths along 20 may slow traffic and bring desired people using our Parks, Lake, River. Paint that picture and make it desirable for commercial to want to fit in.
We do not need Wal-Mart - Mentor is only 20 minutes away. We do not want to be another Mentor! What's with all the car lots - do we really need all the used car lots - No!

If new development pays its way in taxes - find. We will not vote for any increase in taxes.

I think having Wal-Mart and a movie theater are great ideas. It will save on gas and traffic to Mentor.
We strongly support a Wal-Mart coming into Madison, especially on Green Road. We strongly support a few nice sit down restaurants, other retail stores and movie theater.
We don't see how a Wal-Mart would ruin the beauty of Madison - when it's a lot of the homeowners that ruin the beauty by not taking care of their homes and properties.
After 19 years of living in Madison and every day more developers turn Madison and Perry into to Mentor No. 2 and then listen to how we have to have a tax increase to pay for it.
I envision all the traffic from the south and southeast using Burns Rd. as a thoroughfare to get to Wal-Mart. The traffic, with the high school on the south end and library adjacent, is already fairly busy at certain times of the day. What can you do to maintain the quality of life for the people on Burns Rd.?
My husband and myself bought our house in Madison because of the quiet streets. We wanted the small country setting we saw. Please keep it that way.
Please widen all of US 20.
It seems like whatever the trustees want, they do! Without notifying us or their own members. I do not wish to have Mentor on my doorsteps. I feel we should look at Perry that has an industrial park, but does not lose its green space nor its beauty. Also look at Sun Leaf Nursery, they run a business their landscaping its great sound barrier and an asset to our community! So, new business may have to look at presentation of the property. You know its there but you don't have to see the stores.
Some of the questions aren't explained enough to give our best answer.
Madison needs some stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, etc. Everyone in Madison knows our K-Mart is a sad store to shop in. What Madison doesn't need is another pizza place, auto store, car lot or another bar! Madison must have the most DUI plates in Lake County. The drive-in on US 20 has been an eye sore for decades now. The Miller home is a sad huge eyesore. Why must we be reminded every time we drive by there of the mother and little boy who lost there lives in that fire. The children mainly teens also really need places to go like movies, arcade room, golfing, Little Thunder (another issue I know) These kids do nothing but walk or handout in the streets what or where else is there to do here!
We believe that we need to treat this developing community like our nurseries. Meaning that it must be grown slowly and propagated carefully to have the proper outcome.
We need super Wal-Mart, shoe store (name brand). I lived in Madison for 52 years; don't see that much change. Lot more houses - fast food restaurants. 52 years ago, I suggested sidewalks- Lakeshore on Chapel Rd., all the side streets. It would not hurt the kids to walk 1 or 2 miles to school; it would be good for their health, but no, buses are better. I walked 4 miles to school and 4 miles home. I am still here at 80 years old.
I hope this study and plan is not too late to keep Madison from becoming the next failure of this process. For 50 years the County Planning Commission has been making good recommendations, but it up to the local government to adopt and enforce the Plan. Economic community for Painesville City. Please consider following: People in Madison don't like going onto US 20 unless they have to. Encourage development in the 528/Hubbard rd Corridor from 307 to the lake while enhancing and correcting facilities, i.e. widen 528/Hubbard, solve the 528 railroad crossing, provide 528 access to existing US 20 developments all of which has been proposed previously. Widen the scope of the study to address all the Township's planning.
Strips are taking over Mentor and 98% of them are empty except for one store in the strip. I do not think Madison would benefit from development like that. If more development comes into Madison, we would like to see small, locally-owned businesses instead of national chains.
Just say no to Wal-Mart.
Don't sell out this little town over your own personal interests. If you want to build a beautiful city, start with cleaning up the white trash and riff raff and get a strong police presence. Lastly, don't ask for our opinions if you don't plan on actually implementing them.
Movie theater or drive in theater. Something more for our children to do other than run the streets. Would like to see Miller's old house taken down.
Would like to see old buildings taken down. They are big eyesores like the old Aunt Mary's building (been vacant for a long time) old little run down buildings in front of some of the homes on US 20, the old drive-in screen on US 20 has been there for years.
Madison has been blessed with two railroads and never built an industrial park. Industry is needed badly to relieve the tax burden on the homeowner. Sadly, our people in power do not want industry, when a long-time industry left Madison, a trustee said it didn't bother him because Tops was coming in. Where is Tops today? Several years ago when a school levy was being discussed, a committee said Madison needed more home businesses. How naïve! Home businesses can exist without your knowing about them. Get with it planners, put in an industrial park. Learn from Perry. It's not too late, get moving.
Before we spend any money to put in big stores and develop US 20, we need to put some storm drainage on our street (Rosena). We flood so bad that can't use our yard for weeks at a time. This is a very big problem. The south end of Rosena between Haywood and Turbell. All the yards flood, not just mine.
Moved to Madison in 1960. Madison cannot remain suspended in time and survive, but we also need to preserve exactly what it is that has made this a special and desirable place to live. The soil and climate here is unique to this small area and makes it ideal for the very plant nurseries and vineyards that have supported the individual communities for years. It is a fragile gift that, once destroyed, can never be regained. It should NOT be used for housing projects, numerous strip malls or parking lots.
Personal service will be gone with big-box stores in the picture. Please look past the lure of the dollar and help preserve what remains of the rural life in the Madison/Perry area.
I want: more expensive townhouses; cluster homes; single family dwellings away from US 20. No multi-use housing on US 20. No more traffic lights to keep flow going. Zone changes to make parcels of single-family, etc., to be three acres and up. Min. lot size Litter fines enforced. Junky properties along U.S. 20 must go. I don't want to see junk steel, cars, abandoned homes/ buildings/ trailer/ containers, etc., on US 20. Aesthetics on US 20 must be upgraded and maintained, etc. i.e., landscaped, curbed, trimmed and treed. Office parks in Mayfield Heights. are!! Better lighting on U.S. 20. No billboards anywhere. We don't want to lose existing bus/agricultural base that is here. We want to attract more; to maintain small town charm.
I would like to see a variety of stores that offer a blend of low cost and medium cost merchandise. A couple more reasonably priced sit down restaurants - maybe a movie theater. It would be nice to be able to take care of my needs without driving to Mentor. The subsequent taxes should also benefit Madison.

We are tired of driving to Mentor on an unsafe, antiquated Route 20. This town needs big box development and US 20 needs to be widened in Madison and Perry. Better yet, extend Rt. 2. Our trustees need to be getting sewer and road money for eastern Lake County!!!!!
Madison is in desperate need of commerce; big boosts in commerce could easily be accomplished by letting big box stores such as Wal-Mart set up shop here. Also, route 2 should be extended to ease the traffic of people just using US 20 to pass through town. Another place that needs to start being built up is OH 528/Interstate 90 interchange.
We need more retail stores and some nice sit down restaurants. We have plenty of housing. We need to have some place for the residents to go instead of taking all their income and spending it in Mentor or Ashtabula. Marcs is one of the better things that has come to Madison. Busy and attract customers form neighboring cities. Need for grocery store competition to avoid a monopoly. We need to keep our residents here to spend their revenue and support our town. A center turn lane all along US 20 from County Line to Townline would be nice; especially in front of businesses. Also a road in back of K-Mart to Giant Eagle would do away with some of the traffic on US 20.
The trustees need to continue to push for water lines, sewers and any other improvements that the government may help finance. Small towns have small minds and south Madison, as well as some other unintelligent people expect a "squeaky door" to get the most oil. I am tired of driving to Mentor for Home Dept, Lowe’s, Sears, Wal-Mart, etc. You can't stop progress and I support anyone who wants to move this township forward.
Consideration given to sidewalks, bike paths and more street lights in residential areas. Excessive noise from car radios enforced more by Township and Village police. Expand clean up services for litter/debris on residential and business property. Consideration given to a move theater, restaurants, grocery store and retail, such as Joann Fabrics, Target, Kohl's, Barnes and Noble bookstore, Bob Evans, Quizno’s. Consideration given to utilizing the recently closed Tops grocery store as a movie theater.
Don't destroy the historic village by creating a pseudo-village on 20. Be creative - Do something that will enhance current businesses, not destroy them.

Madison need entertainment. Store like Kohl's, not big box putting small stores out of business. Madison needs light industry, professional and medical offices bringing good paying jobs. Madison doesn't need low paying jobs replacing good paying jobs with big box store coming in putting good business out. We have enough grocery stores in Madison, plenty of pizza places. We need a bowling, movie, skating rink, place for teens to have safe fun, stores like Penney’s, Kohl’s, American Eagle. We don't need to look like Mentor.
Madison needs additional, well managed development and the assorted tax base for continued viability. Further the township needs professional resources to assure a comprehensive plan is developed and implemented. (The single sign situation is a prime example of the petty partisan interest that now appear to exist.)

Please keep Wal-Mart out - will destroy some business already here including business in Village of Madison.

It would be nice to have some major discount stores in our immediate area. Since I don't have it available in our area we unfortunately go to Mentor most weekends to purchase whatever I need. It's important to have a choice. Never did like one-stop shopping competition is a great thing. Also real estate taxes are getting pretty high in the Madison area. The influx of new businesses would help us all!
It was a bad design to NOT have created a right-hand turn lane off of US 20 west bound onto Green Rd north. As the community grows, people will turn right onto Green to access shopping. Not to mention the amount of people who currently turn right to access their homes.
I don't think residential should be located on side streets off of US 20. People already have a tough time turning left onto business US 20 and it will probably only increase.

Please do not make Madison like Mentor.

I don't think that we want another Vine Street where it takes 20 years or better to correct. They let anything in to business.

Before you think about what you want to add to the proposed corridor, how about cleaning up some of the property surrounding this area. One place in particular is the lot just opposite the Hubbard Rd. entrance to the former Tops store - a cruddy shack and old beat up car lot. The whole section around the former Tops store would be a smaller Legacy Village. That beautiful office building has sat there for months without anyone renting space there. Only two years here, but he is tired of the bickering between the Township and the Village. Would like to see a movie house, donut shop, good bakery shop, ice cream shop individual clothing and shoe stores, coffee shop.
We want Madison to remain country but with a little city. We do not want Madison to turn into Mentor. We like the minimal traffic, being able to turn left on a busy road. Please keep the history of Madison alive with the nurseries and some farms. Keep the open spaces we have. If stores are to be built, use lots of greenery to maintain the country feel we have here. We do need ample parking, but it does not need to be ugly. We don't need too many big box stores - keep it minimal and use smaller stores.
The US 20 corridor is extremely important to the Madison Garden Club. All the green trees have sadly succumbed to developers wishes. If we could make 1 mile east and 1 mile west on US 20 a flowering tree-lined avenue that says "Welcome" in the Spring to all those that pass by daily. Our garden club would support this project with annual donations to implement the "flowering trees". Our club celebrates 50 years of community service this year 2005. When can we start? Please let us know if lining the US 20 corridor with "flowering trees" is a project we can assist with NOW!!!
We need an access road to Rt. 84 from Green Rd. to get traffic off US 20, especially when Super K opens. The traffic on US 20 is horrific and dangerous. Also, an access road behind K-Mart and the existing businesses, again to try to solve traffic problems on US 20. Development on US 20 should resemble Sun Leaf Nursery-set back and nicely landscaped. Get rid of unsightly yellow drop bins for clothing, we have a Goodwill store to drop off clothing. Industrial development should be near Rt. 90 to keep huge trucks off US 20.
Better zoning laws - larger lots from residential use - better zoning enforcement.

We do not want Madison to look like the strips on Mentor and Painesville. We would like to see a little progress.

I feel we are a long way from developing some of the commercial and retail spaces that are indicated on the front. We don't have the roads to handle what we have, let alone the total infrastructure to handle the growth. The larger retail stores, K-Mart, etc. are not doing that great. Tops went over like a lead balloon. Why not stay in the Tops area and see what we can do with that area first. Why not bring in some light mfg., find a location and develop it. We lost Tegam-we lost Bennett Machinery. Try and keep what we have. Just like Cleveland would like to bring a casino to their area, Madison want Wal-Mart. I don't think either area is ready for the problems the respective businesses will bring.

Ohio weather being what it is, I would prefer to have an enclosed mall area, such as Mentor Mall, but a smaller scale. Shoppers would enter from an enclosed garden area which would allow for mall walkers. It would be an advantage to both the businesses and shoppers to not go in and out of the cold and snow. Remember our population numbers will favor the elderly in the future. We just retuned from an areas in the South with a mall that caters to seniors. Not only do they have a mall walking program, the Medical Centers have an office at the mall for special programs and speakers. Driving to Mentor or Ashtabula is difficult for many elderly.

Super Wal-Mart. Super K-Mart. Discount stores that we can afford. Master Pizza.
Construction or widening current roads south of US 20 to I-90. Extend Dayton Road to US 20 at Green Road. Turn lanes on 528 to I-90; 528 to Dock
Bypass through Madison Village if possible. Bates to US 20 Extension plus N. Marginal Rd from 528 and I-90 to Bates. Traffic flow is a prime concern of mine. The only time traffic could be a problem for me is when I'm shopping on US 20.

More work in close place to walk to work. More recreation, maybe a skating place. Also more help for low income people on shopping and other things. Lower taxes and a better way to be able to do things needed done. A cheap craft store close by with nice things you can use to keep busy at home. A small park to be ale to walk in and do eating also. A much better job things you can walk or get to not as far away. A better GED set up and more people to help with it. Some fixing of the parks we have already.
Better roads not so many potholes.
Yes - Keep our wildlife in mind - You take away the environment they live in-where do they go.

I would like to see a planned commercial area with limited access to US 20, such as Legacy Village, Mentor Mall.
I do not want to see more strip malls with each store having its own access to US 20.

Rite Aid is a typical example. It should be entered" from Tops parking or access road. Evergreen or fir trees should be used as environmental barriers as they are green all year. Thanks for asking the population of Madison.
The extension of Route 2 to Conneaut first will get the traffic/roads settled before the development gets established and then needs to be torn up or relocated.

We need businesses here and we need jobs both of which Madison doesn’t have enough of people have to drive "out of town" to survive here or move!

I would love to have a movie theater, a Lowe’s and a few major chain restaurants like Bob Evans, Long Horn, Red Robin or Don Pablo’s. I hope we get the Wal-Mart. My family goes out to dinner every weekend and always go to Ashtabula, Mentor, or Cleveland. This is when we do our shopping. If we had these things in Madison, we wouldn't have to take our business elsewhere. Happy to have received survey. Hope you get a lot of positive feedback.

I think US 20 needs to be cleaned up from Townline Rd. to OH 528. Some businesses look pretty bad and I'm embarrassed to have people from other communities come thru. Cleaned and landscaped. Eyesores with old buildings standing empty, junk cars. I think we have enough used car lots on US 20. Soon we'll look like Eastlake or Vine St. I believe your survey is a good thing. I hope people will be able to see the future in 10-20 years. Madison is growing fast and we need to keep up with the growth with our roads and we need to keep up with the growth with our roads, schools and businesses.
If not already in zoning, see that buildings are far enough back from the highway - also signs. It is nice to be able to be a part of this survey. Thanks.

When Tops moved into the area, IGA went our of business. Now there is no Tops. This just proves this area cannot support too much of one thing. The proposed location for a new Wal-Mart will create more problems. Green Road in its present form would not safely handle the traffic. US 20 at Green was just widened for turning lanes with an added traffic light. How would the entrance to Wal-Mart off US 20 be treated safely when there is another traffic light at Burns Rd. Not to mention the accessibility of sewers, etc. We have some store vacancies now. We don't need any more. Let's fill the vacant ones first then think about future corridor development.
We need businesses that bring good paying jobs into our community and care about workers and the community there in not about the bottom line, also businesses that carry mostly American made goods
There are enough nurseries, auto sales, and mobile homes. We like sit down restaurants, like Hometown Buffet or any without a liquor bar.

The Madison Community needs to let some updating happen. Our schools, businesses and families need commercial dollars to help our progress. The average home owners cannot keep up with the tax needs of our community without the help of commercial income. If we plan smartly, we don't have to be a "Mall" town. We could make a "Village" setting in our twp., which would be pleasing to the eye and help the community financially. I feel strong support of one things - keep family in our community, keep family in your planning. I've been an 8 yr member of Madison Garden Club. We truly work hard for the Village and Twp. So keep us in your planning.
To LC Planning Commission and US 20 Survey Groups: Please answer these questions: do you work at any other job? If so, what? Are you an elected or appointed official? Are you a bureaucrat? Do you enjoy meddling into other peoples' affairs without parting for any of their livelihood? If so what? Are you a developer or a consultant? Or allied with them? Are you an investor? Or allied with them? Do you own property on US 20? Please state your reason for being on this commission or survey group and why you want US 20 developed. What percentage of open space and nurseries would you like to see remain on US 20. Will you review all the surveys answered or only partial? Please fill out your survey sent to the residents and make your answers public.
Yes! Monitored development to avoid the Mentor look which is pushing our way. We need development, but regulated to preserve our "small town" status. Right now, US 20 is a hodgepodge mess with too many dollar stores, vacant stores. It makes the community look poor and unappealing. Mini-malls look depressed and unkempt. We feel a concurrent beautification project with development aimed at maintaining our nursery heritage.

I think Madison is a wonderful city. I have lived here 2 years. I like the country setting and the residence love for farms and animals. I would not want any of that to change! In my personal opinion, we need a Wal-Mart and craft store. I f I had my way, we should only grow in retail business slowly. When I graduate, I plan to buy my home here and open a business.

US 20 widen so there may be a turning lane from Bennett Rd. east to Townline Rd.
Think about obtaining companies like Home Depot, Lowe's, Wal-Mart, to build in either Madison Village or Madison Twp.
Small business like, Big Lots and Aldi Foods would make great for the residents living in Madison also. All new business or company would make the area lots better tax-wise. A large motel around I-90 and 528 Lake Rd. east must be repaired and widened. A casino in our area.

Industry can easily be located on industrial park roads coming off of US 20 without fronting directly on US 20.

Bring on the big department stores, home centers, save a lot food stores, Aldi, Sears Hardware, buffet restaurants, Tractor Supply. I'm open for a lot of suggestions, thus resulting in creating jobs for the above-mentioned.
US 20 east - Sheetz gas station, Applebee’s, TGIF-type restaurants. West - develop in a similar manner. Eliminate many of the used car dealers along 20. Specialty grocery stores for Hispanic people.

Please prioritize the establishment/enforcement of regulations to monitor businesses presently existing on US 20. i.e. placement of sale vehicles in proximity to road (tree lawns/sidewalks); maintaining clean vacant lots(no partial structures); regulation/proper fences/structural barriers to enclose contractor yards/piles of dirt; landscaping in front of business is lacking; random storage of trash containers (so. Of Haines on 20) Please be mindful that the architecture and development of the corridor should be monitored to maintain a quality appearance. Large, gaudy signs would detract from the environment. A movie theater would attract business. Street lights utmost importance!!

Development can be good but with strict controls. The nursery business and the open spaces need to be protected form over development. The area needs to be protected from the shortsightedness of commercial and residential developers. The Madison Twp. Planning Commission needs to have a clear vision for the future. We should try to win the sight location of the new lake east hospital from Lake Hospital Systems off the I-90 and 528 exit. The twp. planning office should try to get a major hotel to build a conference center along the lake similar to Geneva State Lodge. There appears to be enough business to support another one. The twp. park at Hubbard needs updating and so does the businesses that area around the park. Too much of a biker bar atmosphere.

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