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It would be so great to have "natural and organic" oriented groceries - Wild Oats, Mustard Seeds, Trader Joes.
No more car sales and tacky, used car places. Target-cool. Small specialty shops would be great. No more Wal-Mart, K-Mart type stuff. It would be nice to upgrade.

We don't need any big boxes or any more grocery stores.
No railroad overpass (village, but US 20 traffic could impact on this)
Leave well enough alone. Discuss important issues but include opposition forces in decision making.
Concerned with appearance and traffic flow on US 20. US 20 is the entrance to our community. This shows our pride or lack of.

Route 2 needs to be extended to OH 11. The County Engineer is planning to make OH 2 three lanes to Painesville and then people will get to drive an outdated 2 lane rd. to Madison. Think Big; get eastern Lake County some grant money and extend OH 2. There is too much emphasis on nursery land in the Township.
Get the County to help develop sewers in eastern Lake County. We need a center turn lane on US 20 all the way to the OH 2 split; either that or extend OH 2.
Please do not approve any more payroll advance places…or adult video stores/gentleman's entertainment clubs ever in the future. Several residents and myself say they will move out if these types of establishments arrive in Madison/Perry area.

Kmart and Giant Eagle just don't have the capability to supply all our needs. As long as the agricultural/nursery interests and parks are not undermined by development, I fully support hving at least one "big box" store like Wal-Mart or Target nearby. I do not see why nurseries and convenient shopping cannot co-exist and perhaps benefit each other by drawing more customers to the area.

Better enforcing of speeders and people passing at 55 to 70 mph.
Traffic lights have helped greatly. At the rate of growth, Hubbard at US 20 may need 3 lanes.

This would help emergency vehicles through the intersection.

Sewers are the most important! Without sewers we just might as well close US 20.

Questions about eminent domain issues which may surface for egress access when construction begins. Questions about access roads.
US 20 is already an overcrowded traffic hazard.

If US 20 is changed, underground cables would be ideal. Less customer outages and fewer trouble calls. The underground developments are more reliable and more pleasing to the eye.

Decorative street lamps or light poles like Main Street-Broadway in Geneva. Light up at night and decorated on the main holidays. Also - a clock tower would be nice. Also-benches along side of streets or sidewalks. Gathering cans that say keep America beautiful-don't litter decorated red, white and blue to stand out.

I think you should build one large complex, not spread apart. Like a small City filled with stores.

Very important: landscaping, traffic flow, overhead utility lines."

My family would love to see a super Wal-Mart come into the township. One of the main reasons would be for selection of products at reasonable prices. Some of Madison's stores the product selection is less than desirable and others, the prices are not in the interest of the customer. Bringing in a big name retail/grocery store like Super Wal-Mart will give the customer/residents of Madison the option of products and prices that are affordable to those residents who are just getting by financially as It is. Plus with rising gas prices the availability of a Super Wal-Mart will aid those residents who currently travel 20+ miles to go to Mentor or Ashtabula for these prices and selections.
I think residential single family along US 20 is getting to be too dangerous with the speed of traffic through Madison. Although it would be nice to have a shopping alternative to K-Mart (i.e. Wal-Mart), I do not want Madison to turn into Mentor. I grew up there and there's a reason I moved away.

It would benefit Madison if access roads were available along both sides of US 20. For example, Rite Aid is a major drug store on US 20, but it is dangerous pulling in and out of there. If there was an access route from behind the store, their business would most likely increase.
Apartments, townhouses and condos could be built along the access roads, or maybe even light industry.

I would like a good shoe store, book store, movie theater. We have enough gas stations and fast food places. We sure don't need anymore cash/check cashing "rip-off the lower economic class" places.

It is important that the commercial places are planned so that there will not be any more exits/entrances on US 20. This present set up is dangerous.
I am looking forward to the products and services that would be provided by new development along IS 20. (As long as it stays along Route 20 or the industrial area along I-90. My concern is preventing traffic congestion as much as possible and keeping the low income housing units out of Madison, which seems to follow big box stores, like Wal-Mart.
I feel that much of Madison's beauty comes from lower traffic, more open space, farms and natural undeveloped land. To develop this community would only take away this beauty from the people who enjoy and appreciate it's benefits as well as taking away natural land needed for wildlife. The environment has already been greatly destroyed by construction and development. We should be careful to not do the same to Madison.
We would love to have some of these stores here so that we wouldn't have to drive 30 minutes or more to go to our favorite places.
Would like to see first run movie theater, book store, craft and art supplies store, specialty clothing shops, a youth-oriented games and social place (no smoking or drinking and not a video arcade - pool tables good idea, table tennis - some physical activity. I hope all construction will be carefully monitored for drainage concerns. This all affects our special estuary and the Arcola Watershed - a Madison jewel.
Observe riparian setback regulations!

We don't want to see Madison develop like Mentor. Madison needs light industry for jobs and tax base. We have a wonderful agricultural industry in the nursery market. Cultivating instead of pushing them aside can benefit Madison. I will happily drive to Mentor or Ashtabula to avoid the environment brought about by the big box stores. Allowing them to come in undercuts the existing small business person and drives them out. I strongly desire to keep any and all development north of the river and, if possible, mostly north of Rt. 90. It is necessary in today’s environment of build, build, build to derive a balance of green space and light industry.
I feel Dock Road is very dangerous when it snows. The open fields and nurseries should be required to put up snow fences. I also heard a rumor that residents were going to be forced to use one garbage collector. I strongly oppose. I currently have Affordable Roll-off and love them and their service.

Need to bring variety to the area. Too many of the same businesses are here, such as pizza shops, cash advance and dollar stores. Let's stop those "cheep" places from coming in and get some upscale stores we could really use; i.e., Target, shore stores, retail stores, etc.
Madison can be a great community if you let it.

Adequately enforce speed limits and stop lights.

It is apparent that some of the trustees and south Madison people do not want to see growth in Madison. I've been in Madison for 50 years and see this lack of support for growth all the time. We should: help our existing comm. Customer more, take full advantage of any commercial business that want to locate here. US 20 is the prime location for businesses. We must promote. If we don't do it now after all some of the best marketing companies; i.e. McDonalds, Burger King, Arby’s etc., built here, what does that tell you. If you don't progress, you die on the vine.
We have a wonderful opportunity to develop a beautiful community from the ground up if we do it right (planning) to encourage other businesses to maintain the standard of Sun Leaf Nursery. Right now we have the beginnings of Vine Street. Our property values will not improve if we keep on the path we are on. We moved out of Eastlake 25 years ago, I don't want to live there again.
I remember what Mentor was like back in 1970; 1 mall, suburban and rural agricultural surrounding it. Now look at it! Please don't let Madison Twp. turn into Mentor east.

Leave Madison as a historical town as it always has been.

Please keep Madison Village with the historical theme. That's what keeps it unique. The Village desperately needs a leash law to keep dogs from wandering around.

Highly recommend service streets to enter parking lots for companies. US 20 can not handle more congestion safely. Good model is in Anoka, MN where development is running crazy. There are service roads with few entrances. This allows US 20 its flow traffic-wise and allows for business and development. In Blaine, MN (Anoka County) the main road runs at 70 mph. There are service roads to get off at the Targets/fast foods/as stations, etc. I have not seen such a thing in NE Ohio. It would be nice to be a first.
Green Road and McMackin Road need relief from "cut through" traffic. Heavy, high speed traffic at peak times during the morning and evening create a potentially dangerous situation for children, pets and ingress/egress from driveways. Lower speed limits four way stops at intersections and increased traffic patrols may help. Our family will be relocating this summer primarily due to this issue.

We need business to want to build here and to help with our tax base. A lot of homes are still on well water and we must ensure that the development does not take that away from our residents. We need industry and the nurseries to co-exist in a balanced environment. We do not need to be a Mentor. We do need a few more conveniences; i.e. entertainment and shopping. Be responsible in your planning. Don't rush into anything. This is our children's future environment. After all, we moved here to raise our families because it was a close knit community and a good place to raise kids.
All of my retail/grocery/banking/residential/commercial needs are already being met. New enterprises will go broke waiting for my money. That said, I trust the market research of any prospective developers. If they think this area will support their business, let them in. Meanwhile, a unique, aesthetically appealing land use - agriculture and horticulture - is ignored and often discouraged. Demanding few public services, farming and nursery stock land use helps provide employment, limits traffic and could attract tourists. I'd prefer the land be used for what it is ideally suited. But if buildings are our desire, I don't care which ones they build.

I am concerned that, increasingly, Middle Ridge Road is becoming a main road for people living in the area or working in the area (Perry to Unionville) who wish to avoid the traffic on US 20 and the stop lights. This is a real problem for those of us live here and, I believe, for school children who attend Madison High School.
Although difficult to prevent, I believe we must try to avoid empty buildings. The developers will tell you there is a need to build more, but in reality, there is not a demonstrated need. If they need a different building, knock down existing structure and rebuild on those sites. Our large nursery businesses need to be able to stay intact and not become "surrounded" and forced out. It is still possible to be unique; maybe not; from what I understand, it's all bought up and only a matter of time before we're "just another town". Foresight.
The way route 20 looks now is very messy. I would like to see a more uniform aesthetically pleasing look. The newer businesses look nice. I think landscaping is very important. What is that mess on the west side of Giant Eagle?

There needs to be property clean up, as far as grass and brush maintenance, better yard waste pickup, and make property owners get rid of junk cars. Suggestion - property violation for unmanicured properties. I would help if we had brush and yard waste picked up a couple times a year. If we are going to "really take pride in Madison" I think it should start there. It would do none of us any good if you develop along US 20 but still have some housing areas looking like uncared for land and houses.

We need retail shopping in Madison area. I would prefer to spend my money closer to home rather than in Mentor. It would provide convenience, jobs, etc. I know it has been argued that we need to preserve the "rural" and "community" feel of Madison along US 20 but it just looks run down and trashy now.
We need shopping options.
I think that if Madison were to get a "big box" store, it should be Target and not Wal-Mart since the nearest Wal-Mart is in Mentor and the nearest Target is in Willoughby.

I grew up in Madison Village and now live in Madison Township. I do miss how well the Village is kept up. I don't miss paying City taxes, but the townships roads are just unacceptable! My car is taking a beating and that is something that bothers me every day. Can't you fix what we already have. I avoid Mentor as much as I possibly can. Seems like with all of the development, has increased the traffic to the point I hate to go there. I want Madison to stay as a small town like it always has been.

Sidewalks in the Township are a must. We have had too many deaths caused by pedestrians being hit walking down the street. Our children are not safe. Think of these things, not building up everything and causing more traffic.

22 years in Madison. I am a proponent of smart, planned development, but I want businesses to realize they must shoulder some of the burden of community development. Who will pay for infrastructure when Wal-Mart comes? Green Rd will need to be wider w/a 3rd lane as a turning lane. When others follow, will the township be ready with the needed infrastructure/utilities in place at the intersection? Infrastructure should be in place prior to development. At US 20 to Burns it should be five lanes. A turning lane as well as the consolidation of driveways into one plaza entrance. Wants Madison to develop into a multi-use community w/ businesses primarily located on US 20. As long as there is a plan and business is held accountable.

Do we gain more tax base from the big box stores or are we granting abatement to them? Are we ensuring that new development shares the cost of water, sewer and watershed costs? It is unfair to pass all these costs on to the residents. I would like to see the trustees support local nurseries/farms as well as the small local businesses rather than chains, strip malls and corporate retail. There is no point in duplicating business retail that is available 20-25 miles away as we found out with the Tops store. However competition should close the local K-Mart, which is a miserably run store. It's a trade off; less is more in the long run unless there is a MAJOR tax base impact.
I do not want US 20 in Madison to turn out looking or being like Mentor Ave. is from Rt. 306 to the Painesville City line. We must control the architecture and looks of buildings like they have done at Rt 8-Rt 81 and I-271in Macedonia. We must not let the Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Targets tell us they will build what they want. We must tell them what we want or let them build in Perry or Geneva.

We don't need a big box retail store in Madison.
We need to protect our local merchants and our environment. I didn't relocate to Madison to have it become a Mentor.
Road over R.R. tracks on OH 528. 4 lanes from the Village to US 20. Turning lights at Middle Ridge on OH 528. Widen US 20.

Route 20 corridor is overly developed. If things continue, we will lose our rural atmosphere. We have all the necessary shopping conveniences to the east and west of our area that we need. We already have some vacant commercial spaces that should be filled instead of new developing. Do not want to resemble Mentor. Instead of developing the US 20 Corridor, we feel the township and village should work on developing the commercial area at OH 528 and I-90, which is unsightly to those entering our area. People are moving here for the rural/suburban atmosphere, not metropolitan.

Your job...is to facilitate development...let the marketplace rule. You don't have the money to run business, but you might just have the POWER to ruin it. So, stay the hell out of the way of the people who can make it happen.
If I wanted to live in a community like Mentor, I would move there. I like the rural atmosphere of Madison and wish it to stay that way. WE DO NOT WANT MORE BUSINESSES IN MADISON. The traffic from Rt. 90 to US 20 is horrible now. The traffic on US 20 is horrible. More businesses will just make the traffic worse.
People have voted for zoning changes. Allow things to happen. Quit holding up Wal-Mart over some stupid trees or sign height. This is 2005, not 1930. If people wanted to live in the country, they should be in Thompson or Leroy. I don't feel sorry for the stores that will lose business because they charge an arm and a leg for things. Gas is getting expensive. Quit making us drive to Mentor or Ashtabula for everything. Wal-Mart and Lowe’s would make Madison great.

"We would definitely prefer private businesses over big box stores.
Avoid at all costs turning US 20 into a Mentor US 20.

Clean up used car lots - don't need more.
Clean up or destroy abandoned buildings.
Have more places that property that is clean and easy on the eye as Sun Leaf Nursery.

I moved here because it wasn't the mess of Mentor or the over-crowded disaster of Chardon. I don't want more traffic. I don't want condos. I don't want rows of huge houses with SUV's out front. I don't mind driving to Ashtabula to go the mall. There is not a single store that I can think of that I want there. (Well, I wouldn't mind a dry-goods store that sells fabric and notions, but a privately-owned enterprise). My suggestions: fill the space in the front of the former Tops, find a new tenant for the empty building in back and be satisfied. Fix the traffic pattern in that shopping center. Build and remodel using union craftsmen, put responsible contractor language in all bid packages in public works. Example: Plaza where Giant Eagle is cut down entrances and exists. Therefore, cutting down lights on US 20. This would involve redesigning the parking lot to help traffic flowing the parking lot.

Please hurry with Wal-Mart at Green Rd. Rumor has it that Wal-Mart can help lower my taxes, which is the most, or highest Township in Lake County. Gee thanks you greedy bastards. Tell the nursery people that they cannot use the government tax credit any more. They make enough money on this nursery stock as it is already. Enough with the taxes already!!!!!
I would like to see retail development mainly east of Hubbard Road. I realize animals don't pay taxes, but our wild life needs somewhere to live. I also live off of Chapel Road and don't look forward to the day that I will have to fight to get down Green Rd. and down 20 going west. I don't want Madison to be "Mentor". I also fear with all the new homes being built, our schools will be more crowded than they already are and we simply cannot afford new buildings. The middle school is already filled afford new buildings. The middle school is already filled to the brim. I would like to see light industry encouraged here. Did anyone think to talk with Aver-Dennison about moving to Madison? Why not!
Concentrate development of water and sanitary sewers on US 20 corridor - not south of I-90 Add water and sewer both east and west of Rt. 528. Development an access road behind current retail (K-Mart, McDonalds etc.) to lessen "in and out" traffic on US 20. Use eminent domain if necessary.

Encourage light industry as well as retail.
Concentrate motel and travel businesses at I-90 and Rt. 528 Eliminate heavy trucks on Rt. 528 thru the village. Access is available to US 20 via Route 44 and Route 45 in Ashtabula County.
We need Wal-Mart, this K-Mart is no good.
We need a movie theater!
No more fast food places or banks or pizza places. We have enough.

Traffic flow, particularly near US 20 and Rt. 528 intersection is most important. Eliminate all individual driveways. Have access from side roads with driveways at back or side of building.
Currently access to too many fast food restaurants at one point hazardous. US 20 at this point should have a strip of grass and trees along the road. Signs should be low and standardized. Building maintenance of current, older buildings should be enforced. Old buildings in ruins i.e. just west of Giant Eagle, should be taken down and lot cleaned up.
I would definitely like to see more grocery stores. I was most disappointed in the closing of Tops. A higher quality grocery store like Heinen’s would be wonderful. More street lights down all of 20 would be wonderful too.
With the increase of retail stores, I would like to see Laketran bus route increase in frequency throughout the day and also include a trip to the new Lakeland College site by I-90.
Somehow, some way, SLOW traffic at least to the posted speed. Some people drive at 60 and higher speeds. Maybe have more police, which you seldom see.

We oppose Wal-Mart because it will destroy the few remaining mom and pop businesses that have contributed and made Madison Twp the great place that it is. The increased traffic for a 24-hour Wal-Mart will create so many problems that the complaints will out-weigh the benefits this store will bring. Why didn't you have this type of survey before you went and approve the Wal-Mart store!

I would like to see US 20 allow for growth that would allow local residents access to business that would eliminate the need to travel to Mentor or Ashtabula. With today's economy, i.e. gas prices, inflation, business closer to home is better for all locals. Our youth need activities to keep them occupied without putting a strain on parents, i.e., movie theaters, bowling alleys, arcades and teen clubs and skating rinks. Family activities as well. Health competition with various types of retail stores will help keep costs down. This would allow for local jobs for youths and area residents. US 20 should be used as a main business area. No need for residential development except apartments for those who like to live close to business.

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