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I would like to see a Wal-Mart store on 528 off I-90, where there is a lot of land to serve the people in Madison.

Strongly - removal of buildings (barns, old retail buildings, etc.) that are in great need of repair, and actual "eye sore" and degrading to the area.

Would like to keep development at a slow pace, but if we can't avoid that, it will be much better to have it along US 20 than scattered over the Township. We must preserve as much open space and farmland as possible. Who wants another Mentor? Growth will not make the Township any richer. Lets keep it peaceful and quiet and brag bout it to our neighbors to the west, which they can't do.

Opposed to Wal-Mart coming to Green Rd. and US 20. The traffic will be horrendous. From Hubbard to Burns the traffic is already bad with many accidents. Once Wal-Mart is there, more small business groups will build near a super store. There will be many jobs created, but most will be at minimum wage. Traffic coming up 528 off of 90 and going through the Village is terrible, plus lengthly backup at times due to increased train traffic will only get worse with Wal-Mart.
Bring in small industry versus big box stores. Create jobs so more people can make a decent wage, unlike the "service economy" types. Invest in infrastructure to secure these manufacturers: running water and sewer to the Old Bennett manufacturing area. Protect our nursery land and wooded areas. Once they are gone, we can never get them back, i.e. Mentor.
Prefer "Legacy Village" architecture. Dislike Classic Auto Group building on the north side of US 20.

Buildings or gas stations abandoned or not in use a specified amount of time should be torn down and property should be restored to original sites.

I would like to see Rt. 84 and Middle Ridge widened to allow turning lanes. Would also like to see new commercial and retail development between Rt. 528 and County Line roads; nothing more west of Rt. 528.

Madison used to be a small quiet city. I was born and raised here. We don't need another Mentor. Traffic here is horrible and Wal-Mart will be a mistake. If people want city life, they should move there and the City of Madison should stay country.
Do not allow new businesses to come in that will put another business out of business. Preserve the businesses we have; i.e., Home Depot would put Carter Lumber out of business. Keep the saying "Thank you for keeping Madison beautiful" alive.

Put pharmacy in Village .

Fill vacant stores before building new ones.
Can we limit all the used car lots?
Landscaping should be required, not suggested.
Restaurants like Applebee’s/Olive Garden would draw people to current plazas. Access roads would ease congestion on 20 and 528. Can't we find another n/s route for all those trucks?
I feel strongly about using vacant stores that are already in Madison's current strip centers first; however, it would boost funds into Madison by allowing larger box stores to enter into the community. I would also like the convenience of not having to go to Mentor/Ashtabula during the busy weekends/holidays.
Would be nice to not have to run to Mentor every time you need items - from home repair to electronics to shoes. It would be good to have a selection here, but do not want it to look like Ashtabula. Like the idea of more shopping centers with lots of trees and landscaping - not just pavement.
Better restaurants - we have enough pizza and breakfast places.
Would like to see not only US 20 looking good, but Madison-on-the-Lake improved from Chapel Rd north.
What are we going to do with Tops? Occupy before building more.
I moved away form "progress" to enjoy the country air, environment and atmosphere? We do not need a Wal-Mart.
We need trees and parks and places for wild animals to live.
Let's not become another Mentor Nightmare!

Moved 2 years ago from Cleveland. Every thing we need is already here: K-Mart, Marcs, Giant Eagle, Hardware, fast food, fuel and repair, nurseries, etc. We DO NOT NEED Wal-Mart or other strip or big box stores.
Let's not cut the trees down.

The people in control are taking sense of place and unique community identify from us for their own personal gain.
Why is there a roll-off trash site on south US 20 that leaves FULL roll offs on site that are barely visible from the road and where is our dandy zoning to catch these health and socially visible issues instead of little things?

Leave well enough alone. We don't need to look like Geneva, Ashtabula with empty stores or Mentor like a city.

Keep Madison rural, homey with a pleasant atmosphere. This will also help keep crime down and provide comfortable living.

Don't let us become another Mentor!
Traffic congestion between Burns and Hubbard on US 20 is already bad enough.
Traffic lights need to be better synchronized to keep traffic flowing.
Fill Tops vacancy and between Marcs and Kmart before we allow more commercial development in that area!

It is very important to articulate priorities and start planning now. Change is coming; the best way to handle it is to manage it effectively. The Township and Village need to get their acts together and cooperate and also work with the Perrys. Many of the issues are regional and we need to deal with the bigger picture.
Preserve Madison Village.
Preserve nursery and agricultural areas. Preserve residential areas.
Promote growth of mixed-use commercial and light industrial areas for a stronger economy.
Manage the growth to preserve the kind of community you want to keep.

Please don't ruin Madison with a train overpass.
We should concentrate on leasing the vacant buildings rather than building new ones.

Remember the "little guy"; they are what made the area great.

Retail should stay centered in one area with trees and nice quaint lighting and good traffic flow. Could use brick and colors?
NOT residential, dollar stores, and factory all mixed like on 528 from 84 to 20.
Preserve Village with specialty shops and quaint restaurants and architecture.
US 20 could be all the big box stores, etc. located together. Leave the Village alone.
Take the time to think this all the way through because once it is structured and built, it's hard and costly to change." Also the same with the 528 and 90 interchange. Think it through.
I strongly oppose extending the major retail area west on US 20 at this time because there are several parcels available to development in the currently developed area.
The vacant ""brick yard"" is a horrible eye sore in the middle of our retail area. The party center is beginning to look shabby. The currently developed areas need improved appearance and management before we enlarge our retail space.
We need a solid 10 year plan. Infrastructure costs should be shared by all the people who will profit from development with developers and corporations investing substantial amounts of money upfront. This would make them good neighbors.
No more housing developments - our schools are overcrowded now!
Route 20 is a mess now, forcing out the homes that are left.
We need industry to help with taxes - retirees are not rich! Sewer system is too small now, more homes need water but can't afford it.
Start development from the center (OH 528 and US 20) and move out. Stop this scattering. Use the business district already in place. Don't make us another Mentor or old Vine Street in Eastlake.

We now have n empty Tops store. When does the flea market come in? Car lots are popping up here and there.
My wife and I moved to Madison Twp. six years ago because it was a nice quiet little community with a residential/agricultural mix with just the right amount of retail and commercial business. Now all we hear is how some people want to turn it into the next Mentor.
No more pizza places.
Most people moved here for the space and country atmosphere. A Chagrin Falls area is premier! Quaint town, quality commercial property and space for homes with land.
Madison is known for its nurseries and wineries-let's keep it." Keep the commercial areas contained, centralized and quality controlled. Let's sell our town for all of its great qualities and keep improving. We have beautiful parks, bordered on one the Great Lakes, have some of the richest soil and great wineries.

Don't change Madison. Let's keep it clear away from becoming Mentor.

Must widen US 20.
Prefer underground utility lines.

We moved to Madison from Mentor. We enjoy the township as it is - we do not want to live in another "Mentor". We like to support our small local shops and feel that driving 25 minutes is a small price to pay to have our township remain as is.

Movie theater; first class motel: Fairfield Inn, Hampton inn. Big box will loose small business; prefer open spaces, nurseries; too many grocery stores, convenience, gas stations, banks, drug stores; support development of parks; erosion control essential along Lake Erie

Vacant storefronts should be populated before building more. Put all in one location We are building Wal-Mart when we have an open tops; Madison can only support so much retail; too many grocery stores; I don't want to live in Mentor or I would have move moved to Mentor.
Add open space, agricultural home development; no large big-box; or set well back from US 20 similar to Ashtabula Home Depot.
Traffic, parking, noise, major concern.
Purchased 7+ acres for small town rural atmosphere. Would like Trustees to respect what Madison is and was and listen to the community; don't mind travel in to shop etc in order to keep Madison the town they moved into.
We should have been asked these questions before the town went to bed with Wal-Mart. There is a big need for jobs in this area; retail is too low paying. Low paying jobs still tax the system because families still qualify for food stamps. I would hate to see strip malls that would be empty in five years.
I urge you not to start the kind of progression in Madison that led Mentor to its current state. I would not live in Mentor now if I was given a house for free! My children are all very small and I pray when they grow up they will still recognize the my children grow up they will still recognize the Madison Twp they see today. Please plan with caution!! My 5 yr old son asked "why do they want to tear down this beautiful field? (Green Rd.)

US 20 corridor is destined for the development in near future. Would also like to see an I-90 corridor development. When you have an Interstate with an exit at your door, you don't have to ignore the possibilities.

Need movie theater, large retail and major sit down restaurants for short term. Improve infrastructure to support current, short term and long term plans. This includes roads, utilities and sewers.

The one impression I had 29 years ago when I moved to Madison was the open green and uncongested feel of the area.
Clustering of businesses makes sense from economic, safety and visual reasons.
Most planning is shortsighted, it should incorporate or be a part of the region.
US 20 could become a grand boulevard offering green space on the sides and middle.
How does mass transit fit into the US 20 plans? What about evacuation plans?

We have lived in Madison for 21 years. We moved here knowing that our taxes are high for the services we get; knowing that the school district has been run on a shoe string budget, but the green open spaces, the rural community atmosphere is worth it. Saddened when Madison's Comprehensive Development Plan crumbled and allowed Wal-Mart to come into the area. We drive US 20 to Willoughby and it is extremely stressful. It was comforting to turn off 20 onto Green Rd and enjoy the farmland. We are thankful to own a home in Madison; not Mentor, Eastlake.
The type of commercial use and development along US 20 is important, but equally important is the architectural quality and maintenance of these properties. Development should be in keeping with established community standards.

I feel we should have more elections on restaurants and retail shops. It would be nice to keep the tax dollars in Madison instead of going to other areas like Mentor or Ashtabula.

Make US 20 35mph.

Myself and my family like the small-town atmosphere of Madison. We strongly oppose any efforts to commercialize the US 20 area which would turn it into an ugly strip mall wasteland. Do not want Madison to turn into a Mentor. Once you tear out the grass and trees to put up an Applebee’s or Wal-Mart, you can't undo it, and you have changed things for the worse. Please do not ruin our town.

US 20 is a main route and will always be high traffic flow. It should be limited access with a traffic light to allow entry to US 20. A frontage road would help so patrons could enter several businesses from one point. We would like to spend our money here, not Mentor.

Payless Shoes

I live in a mobile home park and will be greatly affected by what happens along US 20.
Leave this town rural. I moved from Willoughby 40 years ago to get away from the traffic and noise.

The politicians should leave well enough alone!"

Some progressive thinking and community development led by "non-rural" farm minds.

As the US 20 corridor develops, I believe that safety should be paramount; e.g., access to parking lot exits at traffic signals to enable drivers to make safe left turns. I have for years been in favor of interconnecting every business between Peebles and Giant Eagle to eliminate the necessity of exiting left turns across adverse traffic. Another dangerous spot is the exit from Rite Aid. Isn't it somehow possible to create a right-of-way onto Hubbard Road?
Please develop a plan code for the appearance/facades of all buildings. Do we incorporate the Western Reserve theme or structures or some thing uniform in building style? What we have along US 20 is a mess. Take some pride in our community and design a truly comprehensive plan which reflects a burgeoning community.
We need bicycle pathways and green spaces for our children and the rest of our citizens to uuse. We want families to stay; we must offer them a place for them to want to live and be nurtured.

""Memories are made in Madison"", let's make some great ones!!!!!!"
An ideal plan would be to find a good BALANCE in developing commercial/retail business, meeting housing needs, and maintaining some green space.
Rising gasoline prices is another important reason to have some businesses closer to home.

Affordable and decent housing is a given - people need a place to live.
Green space is important to maintain a sense of beauty and serenity.
Madison's biggest hurdle to development is the lack of traffic controls (i.e., turning lanes, arrow and timed traffic lights, access roads!

It's important to plan carefully and try not to have stores, etc. closing after a few years; i.e. Tops, Ming Moon, CVS, Hall Mark, etc.

Support bringing in the big box type stores, especially a Wal-Mart Supercenter.
I would like to see more public facilities and activities on lakefront areas.

I would not like to see Madison's US 20 become like Mentor's. There are too many traffic lights, too many commercial outlets and traffic. With the addition of Wal-Mart and a few good restaurants, there is not a lot more needed.

We need another grocery - like Tops, a Wal-Mart or Target would be ok too.

Would like to see an old fashioned town setting but have a mixture of big, medium and small businesses.

We elected our public officials to represent the community and help PLAN our future direction in Madison. I want them to take a leadership role in making the wisest decisions from their experiences and by using professional help. I don't expect them to lead by survey or by the citizens of Madison influencing their elected officials business decisions without the proper knowledge or experience. Let the citizens of Madison re-elect new leaders if the current ones cannot or do not have the ability to make the best decisions for Madison's future.
Moved to Madison Township because we like the rural environment. We would not be happy to see US 20 become congested like the City or US 20 through Mentor!
Do not want big box stores where smaller business are struggling to survive.
Would prefer it to be kept primarily agriculture - keep it country, cozy, charming and more village like.
Grocery stores on a smaller scale would be nice; i.e. Heinen’s instead of Giant Eagle or Tops. We could use a few restaurants in the area that are moderately priced and serve food that tastes homemade.
Cebars is great, but maybe some without bars in them. Limit the fast food places, we have enough already.

To eliminate traffic. Smaller business might avoid larger businesses closing and leaving big buildings empty. Empty buildings become eye sores.

Madison Township Administration Building.

We especially need good sit down restaurants; i.e. Applebee’s. I would like to see business take over empty stores.

There must be strong emphasis on diverse attractions, retail, service, commercial, light industry businesses and jobs that compliment and play off one another.
Traffic will increase no matter what form development takes so the highest priority must be on traffic management and flow.
The latest ""Buzz"" is lifestyle center…a great concept if everyone can integrate, co-exist and survive into this new community.
Lets make every effort to prevent our main artery from becoming another Vine Street in Eastlake. Direction already underway. Let's stop it now if possible.
Drive thru car wash. Kohl's.
Madison Twp. resembles and run-down old place where people don't take price in where they live. An historic village should be just that; a place where people don't mind making the trip to visit." We have no choice to drive to Mentor for most everything. Keep revenue in Madison. Considering population in Madison, it is time to develop big box stores. In addition to big box stores, Madison must willingly invite top notch restaurants to the area.
Township must set guidelines for businesses so that their property looks clean and inviting. Many properties are poorly maintained or vacant.
I would like to go from one store to the other without going back on US 20. Use empty stores before building new ones.
I moved to Madison 20 years ago because I liked a rural village. It would like to see it stay that way.

If new stores bring low paying jobs - don't bother.

My biggest concern is the way that traffic enters and exits US 20. A situation created by 2 new businesses built on the south side of US 20 across from Haines Road. Because their entrance is offset by about 150 feet to the west, people forget to look at the people coming off Haines Rd. or out of these two businesses. Entrances and exits should be planned and not just put wherever the owners feel like it. Excess noise and lights, i.e. Classic Chevrolet.
Take a long hard look at future development. Next the Township will annex the village (I know a vote is needed) just like Mentor. The Village is trying to control the way the buildings look on Main Street, so did Mentor and look at 615 and 20 - Rite Aid built a huge building and left. Take a look at the empty stores in the Township and Village and then talk about building more. Doesn't make sense to me. No money is generated!

Protect nursery/ agriculture in Lake County, particularly Madison Township.
Protect pedestrian rights in any future development.

Lake County - a renowned reputation as an important nursery powerhouse! This is the character of Madison and an asset to be preserved in future planning. As such, water and sewer access are very important to these industries. A major improvement would be to add an assortment of trees along the south side of US 20 in both east and west directions from OH 528. The City of Mentor has been very successful in the goal of greening in many areas of the City with grants and business partnerships. I am a member of the Madison Garden Club and the US 20/Hubbard intersection has been the topic of much discussion.
Please do not lump traffic onto US 20; have additional access/egress from other roads. It is utter stupidity to have to exit onto US 20 from Arby’s, then re-enter another drive to go into a McDonalds or Burger King! Connect all the stores in back to relieve congestion on US 20. Also put in left turn lanes! And timed traffic signals.
Plan for future growth so you don't have to tear down what you build because it is outdated six months after completion.

Keep as much green as possible. Keep as much green as possible. We would love a National City Bank.
We need one more supermarket; i.e., Heinen's.
We need a Kohl's or Target or larger Peebles.
Bring CVS back.
No multi-family dwellings or apartments.

You need more intense planning. Buses cannot move on US 20. It is a very dangerous situation building fast.
Emphasis should be on safety and overall good appearance. Safe entrance and exit to shopping and highway. Smaller vehicle parking areas using diagonal design. 5 mph posted signs with occasional police patrol. Sidewalks and bicycle paths on adjacent roadway. Areas of trees, plants, shrubs in appropriate spaces. Remove utility poles placing everything underground.
I have lived in the Madison areas for 40 years. Shop in Mentor and Painesville for everything from medical care to clothes shopping and to eat.
We can combine the lifestyle we want with businesses if we are careful. There is so much undeveloped land both east and west of OH 528. The taxes from these businesses alone would be beneficial. Keep commercial business on US 20.

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