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There is enough green space in Madison.
US 20 is the perfect place for development. There is one nursery on US 20; we can't hold up progress for one business who pays so little in taxes.
Combine the Township and village to give the Madison area some political clout.
No banks, mobile park homes, fast food places.
Upgrade to big box stores. Keep rural atmosphere by keeping lot sizes big and houses bigger.
Keep nurseries and farms.
There is room for progress while maintaining small town feel.

The development of Madison is important but how do you do that without becoming the next Mentor?

Need to create local jobs for children and allow a few chains to come in; need entertainment.
Needs commercial development; expand tax base.

Please have some sort of building requirements! If nothing is done I can see US 20 becoming like Painesville by the Fairgrounds. Needs to be something done to not allow ALL strip malls.
Would like small home-town friendly appearance; cleanliness.
Sad that Wal-Mart is coming in at Green Rd when there is so much zoned land for sale on US 20. Mixed use zoning (enough used car lots). No bikes should be allowed on major road with a speed limit over 25 mph.
Let business grow without bureaucratic hold-ups; NE OH needs no stumbling blocks.
US 20 needs to be widened.

This is a total waste of time and money. You cannot control growth or determine what businesses will develop along US 20. I believe that this is about money and how to get more through taxation. You are growing more government instead of operating what you have more efficiently. You are planting the seed of taxation district and this will continue to grow and bear no fruit.

There is plenty of open space in Madison. US 20 corridor should be commercial use. Speed limit should be reduced.

Need access road from Burns to 528 behind Kmart plaza.

Would like to see a good (Dillard’s or Kaufmann’s type) clothing store.

Growth at a steady but managed rate; slow research growth so the business stays once it is here.

U S 20 traffic is deplorable; many accidents. Need wider road, turn lanes.
New Wal-Mart will cause many more problems. Big box stores/predatory pricing!

Do not want this area to look like Mentor.

Need a restaurant chain. Need a hotel, Holiday Inn, etc. Need a better traffic light plan.

Combine governments; combine police departments. Do something about trains; overpass?

Want TJ Maxx or Target.

Blanket rules make for a landscape of dismal bland areas. "Wide open spaces" is an ignorant statement. Big box and fast food places give you the look of every big intersection in America. (no personality). Accessibility is a must. Walking and bike paths are needed to move the area out of the "drunken hillbilly" era and into the 21st century. Car lots make it look like the bad end of Vine St. If people have to leave to see a movie, dine, walk or ride you are loosing thousands spent elsewhere. Commercial business should keep their toxic mess out of site of the main road. More exclusive retail should be encouraged (Fairlawn, Bath). On a hot summer day, Chagrin Falls is jammed.
Madison could use help with their tax base; I don't think you will have a "pretty" US 20 corridor.

Encourage the village in the Chagrin Falls type of shopping area. I doubt a fence or a water fountain would have much impact on the appearance of Wal-Mart.
Can't put our heads in sand and stop development; People spoke when they voted on so-called "Wal-Mart" issue. As a Mom and Pop business, we understand worries about existing local business. If you have a good reputation people will still come. Anyone owning property should have the right to develop or not. They own the property, pay the taxes, take the risks, and hopefully, reap the benefits of ownership.

Property owners can do whatever they want.

We shouldn't have to drive 45 minutes to shop.
Enough of car lots and pizza shops!

We are new to Madison and would like to see Super Wal-Mart; 24 hr gas station at I-90, restaurants.

Need big box stores with grocery; Giant Eagle prices are high.
Too many banks; no sit down restaurants. I do 95% of my shopping in Mentor!

Need places for employment. People in Madison have to travel to Mentor, Eastlake, Ashtabula to get work. People in Madison never want to quit or retire. I've been in Madison 48 yrs and nothing seems to change or improve.
Need better shopping; end removal of wooded areas.
Use land already cleared.

PLEASE bring water and sewer services down Bates Rd.

Madison needs big box shopping and entertainment. We have nothing to draw outlying people; need bike jogging paths; Madison is not a bike or walking friendly community. Just do something!
Let Wal-Mart come to Madison as well as Applebees and a movie theater.

Need to create a unique environment that draws people from all areas; need quality businesses ; not dumpy dirty buildings. Need a combination of Legacy Village, Coventry, Shaker Square and downtown Willoughby. I envision a place where families can come, park and walk around from one store to another and then go to a nice restaurant for dinner with street lamps and landscaping; a middle ground between Mentor's big business and Legacy Village.
Want retail stores, Target or Kohl’s; would like architecture of plazas to reflect old world charm of the Village. Would like any type of commercial business. Keep semi trucks at I-90, not village.

Too many speeders on Dayton Road!!

Hope that turning lanes will be installed and a side entrance to Madison Kmart shopping strip.

Would like Wal-Mart or Target and sit down restaurants.
Instead of building strip malls here and there; there should be one area designated for retail.

Should be one area designated for industry instead of scattered all around.
We want Wal-Mart; get rid of Kmart.

Want big box stores. Would like to spend money in Madison instead of Mentor for dinner, entertainment

Madison has opportunity to develop/maintain itself as a rural alternative to the congestion of Mentor.
Hate to see us loose our identity with respect to green space. Wal-Mart seems like a bad omen. Their track record in helping communities is dismal, employees are poorly treated and they are quite sexist.
Big box stores would be a huge benefit; it’s about bringing money into the community.
Would like to see a Wal-Mart and some mid priced restaurants.

Would love to see a Wal-Mart or Target in Madison on US 20. Or Home Depot or Lowe’s.

We support development and are happy Planning Commission is including the residents. Don't like going to Mentor or Ashtabula to make big purchases. In regards to additional housing on US 20, can schools handle additional enrollment?
Will housing be traditional lower income housing usually seen close to businesses? We hope not.

Start by having all property cleaned up along US 20 starting with all TRASH and junk cars all over that are not running on private property and junk you can see from US 20; hide or remove it. BARNS that are falling down: FIX them or remove or paint them: makes a world of difference on homes barns, store fronts. Clean up old drive in.
Take down that closed up dump (bar) on corner of Dock Rd and US 20.
If they don't clean up, fix up, Fine them.
US 20 looks very BAD!

Need a drive thru from behind key bank thru the shopping center continued on back of Burger King - McDonalds and Arby's into the Marcs and Giant Eagle. A lot of short haul traffic away from US 20.

Would also cut out fender benders.
Wants sit down restaurants. Excited about Wal-Mart. Looking forward to saving on groceries. Would like basic retail on Townline, closer to 20.
This type of planning is 20 years too late.
Will have increased costs for sanitary and stormwater due to lack of planning.

Form police district. JEDD should be preserved.
Keep up good work with park.
It seems when our officials get into a bind, they look for the residents to pull them out. Almost 30 yrs ago discussions took place to have eateries moved back off of US 20 so a turning Lane could be put in. Now you people want public input!

Desperately needed: Quality retail - Wal-Mart; quality food; quality dept stores, including Lowe's

Would like movie theater and Wal-Mart; unique shops; stores for children and teens; convenience store in Thompson; libraries that get recent books; book stores.

Do not like "progress" at the expense of peoples homes and water supply (wells) being ruined. It would be a waste of time to give my name and address because we've been told NOT to attend township zoning meetings. Our opinions to protect our home and land are not welcome. Because Township de-values the preservation of the land, we intend to sell out and move elsewhere to a rural setting that is rural - not a Mentor wannabe.

1. Stop using (illegible) as a way to spend and spend.

2. Ask your people why they are leaving this area.

3. Do we need to spend every dime of tax in order to be able to say we need more taxes next year?

Communicate with electorate. Don't tell us what we want.

5. Observe the existing laws: towing, etc. already on the books until they are legally altered.

6. Before making 3 vote decisions, communicate with any and every media, local and otherwise.

7. What can we do to bring quality culture to this area? Authors, musicians?

Improve traffic on US 20: extend Bates Rd to US 20. Add a turning lane to US 20 from Green Rd to Dock Rd (5 lanes); add a road from Burns Rd to 528 (go behind Kmart and giant eagle); add a add a road from Hubbard Road to Green Rd to go behind tops and James Place to come out where Wal-Mart will be. This would take a lot of traffic off US 20. Need an over/under pass some where in Madison for railroad.

Keep up the good work and don't let the vocal minority bring you down; this survey is an excellent idea and shows your desire to gauge VALID opinions, great job. A lot of the new residents fleeing from cities do not have the best interest of Madison in mind. B: I will watch the newspaper for meeting dates.
Don't need sewers along Chapel Rd.; Homeowners can't afford it!
Don't think homeowners should have to pay for something that benefits business.
It would be better to use US 20 for the sewer line." Our taxes are too high now.

The worst is to have any business move in and then leave because the community could not support it. Would they be responsible for tearing it down?

Keep Madison a small township: no strip malls. I grew up in Mentor with strip malls everywhere and many of them vacant. A quaint village atmosphere will bring people from surrounding areas for dining, shopping.

Side walks; pedestrian only areas; parks, places to sit; water fountains. Information center; local bus stop, phones, wheelchair ramps, paths.

A store like Pettiti's in Strongsville. Pettiti's grows their nursery stock in Madison, we no longer have Champion's - big loss. This would be a nice asset to our area and help our nursery business as well.

Madison already has everything.

Village and township need to work together.

US 20 traffic is horrendous!
Any future growth on this road must first be preceded by a traffic engineering study.

Need east to west road behind shopping center connecting to Hubbard and burns and road went to east behind stores on north side connecting to Green and Hubbard.
Make sure there is plenty of lighting along US 20.

As this development takes place, the eyesore business and residential structures need to be eliminated. Example of very poor planning is the awful Dollar General structure that the Village allowed to be build next to the Post Office. It is ugly and provides no beautification to Village.

Do your best for ALL residents. HONESTY is appreciated.
Would like more options in stores. Maintain small town atmosphere.

Movie theater; more retail stores.
More opportunity for employment. More good restaurants.
Madison needs to get into the 21st century.
Stop putting off the Wal-Mart store. You are picky about color of building. This will bring more jobs.

Clean up US 20 from Bacon Rd. east. Get rid of junky used car lots and dilapidated buildings.

Make business look like business instead of old house.

Would like to minimize travel every time I make a major purchase.
Perhaps a retirement village with modest prices.

We have enough used car lots. At one spot on US 20 they are practically sitting on the roof and they are tacky.
Should be pleasing to look at with as many trees shrubs and flowers as possible.
Would like some decent shopping in Madison, whether on US 20 or not. All the emphasis on staying rural is beyond us. The loudest voices in Madison want little or not change.
Keep the community in Madison.
Concentration on specialty stores - private ownerships: maintain our uniqueness. If you want to shop - go to Mentor . If you want to eat out, you can do the same. "What does Madison want to be when it is all grown up?
Uniqueness is the key.
And please no JEDD.
Support big retail stores.
Emphatically opposed to big box retail, especially low end like Wal-Mart.
Entice light industry, fill vacant stores, promote tourism, bed-breakfast, and quaint and quiet lodging. Vineyards could be used to develop an atmosphere similar to Holmes County.
Freshen up paint job on water tower. It looks dowdy.
It would be nice if when people drive along US 20 in Madison they would see a ""touch of class.""

Need sidewalks and bike paths. Need a safe way for people to walk.
Thanks for asking our opinion.

Homes and businesses that are dilapidated must go or be made to repair.
Free 2 lanes of traffic going east and west, center turning lane. Clean up beach and park at township park.
Resurface roads and parking lot.

Traffic lights at intersection of Kmart and First Merit are very hazardous. Should have turning lanes.

Turning into Kmart plaza should have turn lane.
Madison should support one movie theater and a business rather than going into Painesville or Mentor.

Do not screw up the Wal-Mart deal. I would shop at the local, small retail stores, but we all need to go to a Wal-Mart once in a while. Do not succumb to small business owner community pressure; there is plenty of money in this town. The retailers need to realize the problem is in their prices - they may need to come down a bit. Visually, aesthetically and congestion-wise US 20 is already buggered up, might as well put something worthwhile in that area. Less used car lots; more other types of business.

I am in favor of bringing in businesses that I currently have to go into Mentor for: Wal-Mart, better restaurants, and a movie theater.

Don't over develop US 20 so that traffic flow suffers. Center turn lanes should be put in before the development. Lane Rd. is a horrid example of how to do it. Widen US 20 if it is to be heavily developed to five lanes with a center turn lane first. Any new traffic lights should have sensors that only change when there is cross traffic.

We need to clean up US 20. It would not be that difficult to improve our area while maintaining our uniqueness if residents/business owners were willing to compromise.
I would rather have a root canal than see a huge Wal-Mart open up on US 20. I am concerned this would be the beginning of looking like Mentor and Madison would lose its appeal that I moved here for 7 years ago.

Moved here to get away from the mess of stores on US 20 from Willoughby to Painesville. We need to do everything to keep the nurseries and trees along US 20.

Madison is a beautiful community. Don't want it to turn into Mentor. We don't need additional housing. It brings a need for additional schools.

Madison is a beautiful area with lots of potential. Things are random at this time. Needs to be easier on the eye. Groceries and fast food are the only thing not requiring a long drive. There should be ways to maintain the rural feel with good planned development. Taxes are high here. I have no problem with that if they would continue to keep my money in the community by supporting "our" businesses; not Mentor's.
Would like some business or industries brought in to up tax base.

Noise pollution is a major concern for residents along or near US 20 that make outdoor activities unpleasant. I came to Madison for its small town and semi-rural atmosphere. Developing US 20 into another Mentor would mean I would have to relocate.
Would like to see better use of the traffic lights on US 20. Townline Rd. light changes for no reason and stays green longer for Townline than for US 20. Hubbard Rd. light is impossibly long in the morning and too short of Green on Hubbard for traffic going south.
A turning lane in the congested areas would help, i.e. McDonald's, Arby’s etc.
Move the Post office to US 20. Not enough parking at the current office and train traffic makes it hard to get in and out. A movie theater or other recreation venue would be a welcome addition. Need a place for teens to hang out in a good environment.

Growth within its means and resources is a good thing. 54 year resident and strongly opposed to no planning. Tops grocery store is now empty and will probably be hard to attract someone to fill it. Empty buildings is not growth.

We definitely need a center turning lane from the start of US 20 all the way to Geneva because of accidents and congestion.

Don't want to see development that turns into abandoned buildings. Would prefer business offering employment to local residents (light industrial, retail) and the strongest foundation. No hotels on US 20, only I-90. No more small retail. No more bars or carry-outs or drive-thrus that are not family friendly. Would like medical, educational colleges, high tech center. 40 yr. Madison resident, raised and educated 3 kids and 4 still in school in Madison.
Would like to see more restaurants, a movie theater, a place to buy a good pair of shoes and places to shop so I don't have to drive 1/2 hour all the time. With that said, would not like to see so much growth that traffic becomes a huge problem or that we lose some of the charm of Madison.

We need a Home Depot or Lowe's.
Traffic is out of hand! We would love to see another restaurant besides pizza.

Mentor is overgrown terribly, traffic is horrible, stop lights everywhere, strip malls everywhere. Madison Village is nice with park and walking between stores. Willoughby is similar. Large stores are good to cut down on travel for necessary items, but on the other hand, they take away from the "small town" living I moved here for. Lake Road east needs fixed badly!

I was upset to see that McMackin Road was skipped over for a turning lane. This has been a dangerous intersection. McMackin traffic has increased with the development off Chapel.
Clean up Dock Road Trailer Park. Get rid of the building that used to be Aunt Mary's Discount and the building next to it.
I would love to see a set up similar to Legacy Village or Grove City Outlets. Would like a walkway with a few trees and park benches and a couple small kiosks set up in the summer for ice cream or hot dogs. Madison needs a shoe store. How about an ice rink in Madison. Madison High and Perry High Schools could then field their own hockey teams like Riverside has recently done.

Do not allow Wal-Mart to invade our town. Has seen it come into small towns and destroy over half of the businesses. I feel we already lost Tops, IGA and the Hallmark Card Shop because of Marc's, which operates a lot like Wal-Mart. We need sit down restaurants like Perkins, Bob Evans, Outback, Red Lobster, Hometown Buffet, etc. Also a Best Buy or a H.H. Gregg. We need to create an environment where everyone can co-exist.
I would like to see it stay the way it is. Refill the Tops store with one large retailer. We have Wal-Mart 20 min. in all three directions: Ashtabula, Chardon and Mentor. US 20 cannot support the traffic and there re too many accidents now.
Taking the time to do the corridor study right the first time as you are doing will only help us in the future.
Open space and semi-rural environment is why we moved here. We live on Chapel Road and the increased traffic in our biggest concern. Already, the noise and traffic speed is often so bad that we can't enjoy our front yard. Development sensitive to the environmental needs of the community is critically important to us. Bringing in stores of a variety of sizes that will support the local community, be architecturally pleasing to the eye, and not go out of business in 6 months

We would like to see the "mall" that is vacant filled for 1 year before you cut more trees to build more. If we wanted the type of development Mentor has, we would have bought a home in Mentor.

I would love to see Wal-Mart come to Madison.

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