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B Appendix B.1 Written survey: Question 8 responses

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B Appendix

B.1 Written survey: Question 8 responses

Question 8: Anything else you would like to add? This is a “written essay” question. Some of the following responses have been edited due to database limitations, but they should capture the gist of the original response. Most comments that not related to the built and natural environment in the US 20 area, such as general concerns about taxes, Madison Village affairs, politics and criticism of named individuals have been edited out. Comments critical of the planning process or land use regulation in general have not been edited. Not all respondents had additional comments.

See the vacant buildings with new businesses. Example: Tops Grocery; Longo’s

Keep US 20 from turning into Mentor Ave; keep design in mind; Wal-Mart welcome but no more big boxes; add trees and flowers around businesses; reopen the drive-in; there is an eyesore at drive-in now.
Need Kentucky Fried Chicken; need Wal-Mart or Target, family restaurants; have a village law that everyone has to keep their property up at a reasonable level or village will do so and apply it to their taxes
Survey how many square feet of commercial locations empty; a lot than can be filled without building more.
Number of accesses to business is too many.

Use access roadways to all businesses. Eliminate accident-prone driveways for each business (McDonalds, Rite Aid, Carter Lumber, etc; keep green space between US 20 and buildings. Use landscaping to match Sunleaf Nurseries. Have 2 to 4 entrance/exits for access roads to shopping centers.
Like rural atmosphere. US 20 development ugly.

Strongly support the building of Wal-Mart; have to travel either to Mentor or Ashtabula to shop at a Wal-Mart. Do not want Madison to be developed into another Mentor.

Thanks for keeping the public informed; I gave up in Mentor; like the location and conveniences around the Village; need to upgrade architecture quality around Kmart, Giant Eagle area. How about a good steak joint?

Too many used car lots along US 20. Want a craft type store such as Pat Cataan. Medium restaurants like Applebee’s or Bob Evans; no more pizza, fast food. How about some responsible entertainment for our teens? Also a co-op of bakery, fresh fruits and vegetables, handmade gifts.

Think green, peaceful, quaint; "not another Mentor.” There are very few ugly parts of this town; our library and sense of community is wonderful. Don't need another large building. Preserve as many trees and fields as possible; a small one-half acre park around McDonalds. What about something for/from our shadow Latin community. Do not want to drive 35 mph all the way to the OH 2/US 20 split. A turning lane at McMackin sounds wise but bike lanes sounds like a disaster. Want craft store. Keep money in our community.

Bring Wal-Mart to Green Road! Kmart is a joke. Aldi would be nice too.

Need sidewalks and bicycle paths for safety of children and adults.
We are new to Madison but support local smaller stores. Don't live off US 20 but would feel bad to watch "green farm" fold or not be able to operate properly. I like Legacy Village idea. NO MENTOR.
Would prefer a village or pedestrian-friendly area to a sea of asphalt.

Nice to see public officials actually asking for the community's input! The future of development of Madison is an issue that concerns all of us and we are thankful for the opportunity to express our views; we hope the results will be published, not mailed to residents.

Need jobs to support families not kids in school. Big box stores will choke the life out of our town.

Madison needs to come up with something unique in the way retail is developed. Something like a village that people will come from surrounding cities to shop like Easton Mall in Columbus would be another example.
US 20 development is nothing but eyesores.
Put big boxes on I-90 - 528 corridor; close off all but a few drive ways on the south side of US 20 between Giant Eagle and 528. Add access to these businesses from the south side via a road running between 528 and the Kmart parking lot. Chapel Road should be closed to thru trucks. We are trying to build up Madison like another Mentor! We moved out here to get away from it all and pay high taxes to have peace and quiet! If you build up Madison we will just have to move again.

Madison needs well planned growth; new well-planned development can help expand our tax base, provide more jobs for residents and hopefully alleviate some of the tax burden. Keeping commercial growth on the US 20 corridor would be ideal and then still small town look; don't want to be another Mentor. Be picky before making decisions on what comes to Madison; no more pizza places!
Any commercial development that borders residential areas should be required to have green space between commercial and residential areas; business should be required to construct a mound of earth topped by pine trees to act as a sound barrier.

Please do not put in a Wal-Mart. Thank you.
Very little in this survey reflects anything to do with entertainment for the family; need to find facilities which focus on the children and teens or we will be in for a bigger crisis in years to come. Movies, sports, family entertainment are all vital to building a community.

Do not make Madison look like Mentor, Geneva, Painesville. Keep it rural

We don't think Madison needs to become a bustling city. It is an historic town and needs to keep that in mind. Hope attractiveness and good taste will be a part of any new developments. We desire the preservation or attractive historic structures wherever possible.

Tear down abandoned dumpy buildings. More curb landscaping.

Would prefer service road access to store (not US 20). Layout of parking lots and access roads is crucial; Tops plaza is a perfect example of what NOT to do. Traffic could enter one end of a strip and exit the other end with traffic light. Synchronize traffic lights. Adequate "line" space in turning lanes, I.e., US 20 and Green Rd; that lane could be longer. A right only should have been added at that intersection turning west. McMackin and Haines Rd are going to see incredible traffic increase. Parking lots of any business need to be kept free of holes, obstructions along US 20.

Madison is an OLD town with OLD charm; please don't ruin it. Walking should be encouraged; please provide adequate sidewalks and crosswalks. Don’t turn US 20 in Madison into another version of 20 in Mentor which is the most annoying place in the county. Maintain as much green space as possible
Need some growth in Madison; tired of driving 30 minutes to Mentor to buy clothes or shoes. Very limited choices here; at least a TJ Maxx. Need a center lane down all of US 20. Growth of our city will provide our young people with job opportunities, whereas now they are limited to fast food establishments.
I commute to Cleveland for work; would be wonderful to stay in town to shop. Too many auto sales along US 20; looks like Vine St in Eastlake. I appreciate the clean country living; that is why I moved to Madison from Mentor; there has to be a balance where we are not ruining the nurseries.
Need sit-down type restaurants. Need big box stores. Need more competitive auto repair shops.

Let's not turn into another Mentor! If Wal-Mart must be on US 20, can you hide it with landscaping?

Think the growth in Madison is good. Make sure need to grow is really needed. Hate to see a strip mall that is vacant.

Area filled with wonderful nurseries everywhere that should be supported and preserved. Already have many choices in shopping and fast food. Could use a moderate price hotel; many Madison dwellers have modest homes and could use the motel availability. Want movie theater and drive in.

Need businesses to support residents. Tired of driving 30 to 50 minutes to get work; we need work HERE. Need some sit down restaurants. Need Wal-Mart, Target. Kmart in Madison never has anything you go in for.

How do you plan to remove all the used vehicle lots? These are an eyesore. We do not need Wal-Mart in Madison. The impact on local business will be too much and several will be forced to close; medium box stores can go into Tops vacant space.

Madison desperately needs marketing balance. I hate shopping in Mentor; don't like sending money to Ashtabula. Need more sit down dining; more light business to relieve tax base. Love agriculture but it should not dominate Madison.

JEDD will gain widespread support if all tax revenue is targeted (and reserved by contract) for sewer and other infrastructure improvements on US20. If not the JEDD will not enjoy broad support from landowners.
I would love to spend my money in Madison! Madison does not have the selection. Stores I use weekly: Target, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Applebee’s, Olive Garden.

Start now applying for funding from federal government for sanitary sewers. Hire a city planner with a proven record of success. Spend more money on zoning dept; great tool if administered properly. What are trustees doing to find new businesses for the vacant tops store?"

Live on the family farm that my great grandfather started. Farms like ours are diminishing every year because the money is in development. Most people come here because it is a quiet little town; on the other hand the ***** family have the right to make money off their land by selling. That is why it is imperative that Madison get involved to support a farmland preservation act!

I think a land owner should be able to do what they want with their property.

We need a movie theater!

I like Madison's small town feel. Development is going to happen but we need to control it now or it will get out of hand and then Madison will be another Mentor. Keep it green!

More options for retail/grocery/shopping is preferred with a hometown feel to it. Do not want drug store on every corner; would like to see shoe store, craft store, Target, restaurants.

A decent sit-down restaurant, not greasy spoons; too many pizza and fast foods. Clean up or tear down eye sore structures. Put utility lines underground and remove ugly poles.

There are several businesses going out of business, because there are too many of the same businesses in the area. Look at Dollar General, three of them within a mile.

I am strongly opposed to Wal-Mart. I fear the continued success of the businesses we do have due to their unethical business practices and tendency to abandon their stores once they have an opportunity to expand elsewhere. Don't see any useful purpose behind what is commonly termed "development". All it actually achieves is enrichment of "developers" through impoverishment of other citizens. Lake County Planning Commission and other studies have proven beyond dispute that the highest and best use of township land is agricultural land or forested. Next is residential, commercial is by far the least cost-effective and least attractive. Retail needs easy access in and out of the parking lot to the main road, unlike Rite-Aid. That is a nightmare to get in and out of. Also, traffic lights need to be set so that all directions have more equal green light time; US 20 gets most of the green light time and side streets have long lines. I am opposed to an exit/entrance similar to the one at the Perry IGA off US 20 - very dangerous.
Madison is within convenient driving distance of significant commercial options; why would Madison want to compete with the sixth largest commercial center in the state? Massive commercial development would contribute to continuing suburban sprawl in the Greater Cleveland area. A larger tax base seems to be one of the chief reasons but it doesn't work that way. Most communities our size have fought Wal-Mart instead of welcomed. The experience of Tops should send a cautionary tale to pro-development hucksters in township government.

We do not need Wal-Mart of any kind in Madison! It would mean the death of many small businesses who have been here for many years. We do need a movie theater.

Leave the city ways out of the country of Madison Township.
NO Wal-Mart! Too much traffic already.
We love our small village look. If a big box store comes that would draw people to these other stores: add a theatre, fabric store, etc. Keep our town folksy and comfortable. Main Street is always busy. People love it and so do visitors.

Fix traffic problem with trains in Madison Village. Look at new roads to alleviate traffic.
Bring sewer and water where needed.
Small town feeling is quickly disappearing. Shouldn't take 10 to 15 minutes to drive a few miles down the street. Passing empty office buildings; empty grocery store next door and empty retail shops across the street. Important to maintain fields, nurseries, and woodland areas.
Avoid housing; mass housing has ruined areas. Maintain current zoning laws. Do not allow trailers to be permitted. Younger residents need things to do; movies, roller rink, game rooms.

The mindset of local government is stuck in '60's and '70's. Does Madison want to be the kind of city that after students graduate from high school they can't wait to leave because they are looking for variety and choices. Kick this up and make this a thriving location.
Improve the roads first.
Would love a Wal-Mart or Joann Fabrics. Since Aruta Drug closed, Kmart eliminated its sewing department. I can buy food in every business in Madison but have to travel 30 miles to get a zipper.

Needs a moderate size shopping area so we don't have to travel to Mentor or Ashtabula.

Tear down old unoccupied barns and homes; homes need to be painted, gutters, yards are cluttered with litter. Would be nice to see general landscaping all along US 20. Undeveloped properties need to be maintained. Who is responsible?

Sick of driving to Mentor for everything.
It is not better in Mentor. If you like Mentor so much, do us all a favor and move back there.

Love the schools; need more jobs.
Could support a nice restaurant. You can't stop growth.

Box stores would bring much traffic and noise. I can go to Painesville and Mentor to shop. Like the rural life in Madison.
Why do we allow parcels of trees to be cut down and put a for sale sign on the ravaged land?

Everyplace this has happened has not been sold. And the forest we cut down for Tops, now we have a empty store. Can't we just keep things rural in Madison?"
Too many questions about areas of development that have already been developed.
Let's stop taking our money to other cities; let's move into the future; we were hoping commercialization would find a home here for there is plenty of opportunity for growth. We are tired of driving and spending our money is other cities. Growth, revenue, development: we hope to see it sooner rather than later.
No more used car lots or dollar stores please. Could use a good movie theatre; more restaurants.

Before development there needs to be a comprehensive road plan for improved roads, turning lands, and additional frontage or rear access to stores to relieve congestion. US 20 very dangerous.
Need a reasonable amount of growth to satisfy our small town needs.
No Wal-Mart; no more big buildings!
Do not allow red tape to lose Wal-Mart. In need of sit down restaurants.

Make thru access from parking lot to parking lot. Make turn lane longer at OH 528 to US 20 west. Make turn lane on 528 and Middle Ridge Rd. Fix timing of light at US 20 and Perry Plaza.
Would love Wal-Mart; tired of driving.

Elderly people cannot find a spot to park in Giant Eagle. Kmart is a poor example for a store; Strongly disappointed in the lack of zoning and street appeal along US 20 in Madison. Not only is there a lack of consistency in architecture, property is permitted to deteriorate and become an eyesore.
Junk used car lots, abandoned buildings; Shame on Madison! Let's raise our standards.
Movie theater, movie theater, movie theater.

Madison area needs to come into the 21st century with shopping, conveniences.

If you promote all the condo, housing, you must provide somewhere to get services; unfortunately Madison is no longer a Thompson, Perry.
Heinen’s; Red Lobster; Olive Garden; Home Town Buffet, Mr. Hero, Kentucky Fried Chicken.
The main issue is the safety of drivers on US 20. Need more turning lanes; speed patrol traffic lights; and easier ways to pull out on to US 20.
Do not allow Madison to become another Mentor.

Business is important to the city but do not make the mistake that Eastlake did. Eastlake is too business oriented and grew too big too fast. Has brought more crime and unwanted people to that city by the big business it has brought in. I moved to Madison to get away from "big city" life.

Why does the traffic light on US 20 and Townline Road turn red when no one trips it on Townline? I get stopped there every night. Need to fix that.
Hope a village by-pass for large trucks is included in overall development.

The northeast corner of Townline and OH 84 or the southwest corner of Turney and OH 84 would be an ideal location for a convenience store.
More shopping and entertainment options nearby would be great.

Close most entrances to US 20. No one way roads or one way driveways (like Giant Eagle gas station). Fill in empty buildings in the plazas before building all these new buildings. Less condos; most that were built are still empty.
Township trustees must recognize and accept that commercial growth is inevitable. Strongly pro-business to have better funded schools with a stronger tax base. If residents want to keep it small and rural they are living in the 1940's. Trustees should be leaders, not merely woodenly following the wishes of small vocal short-sighted minority.

Madison has access to Lake Erie that can be used to infuse the community with much needed capital. For instance, a much needed boat docking facility ramp, bait shop, movie theater, Home Depot or Lowe's. Need store for home materials. Much needed teen center.

Extend OH 2 along the high tension lines.

Adjust stop lights and turning lane timing. Build with same style of uniformity. Property owners should keep property clean and well lit at all times. No 24 hour deliveries. Need a large family restaurant; no more bars!!

I don't want to see any more car lots! And start Wal-Mart. If a store like Tops closes another one should not open until Tops is used.
Business would help with the ever growing tax burden. There is not enough money for our money hungry school system.
You ask for our input but as with Wal-Mart, we voted for the sale of land. But nothing happened so what's the sense of the survey. It’s gonna’ be up to the bureaucrats how things will be done.
Madison should be kept rural, not urban. Ask Tops about the hazards of overdevelopment.

Where's the Wal-Mart? Too many nurseries/agricultural in this town.

Don't want US 20 to look like Vine St in Eastlake or Mentor Ave.
With the right people involved in this project, there will be ways to develop without over developing.

Let Madison have a department store like Wal-Mart.

Easy access to I-90 and US 20 with RR over/underpass.
Traffic controls integrated into development of traffic volume.

Don't want to see sewer at this time!
Do not want to pay for Wal-Mart to come in. If they want sewer let them pay and do it all.

Pull off lanes for bus loading and unloading.
Decorative lighting.
Turning lanes on US 20.
Preserve green space, stop clear cutting trees Have buffer zones between properties.
Control storm water run off to other properties from paved parking lots.
Attract light industry to our area.

We need restaurants!

Dining and entertainment needed desperately. Millions of our dollars are spent in Mentor on the weekends. No big box in Madison.
Reduce excessive driveways in shopping areas. Remote control traffic lights. Big box stores should include a buffer of trees. Exclude residential from the mix. Extend Green and Bennett Roads south to Middle Ridge. Have these locations as the extend of "lifestyle" center" businesses. West and east of these should be for free-standing low traffic business. Locate elementary school away from US 20.

Let Madison grow! But not overkill like Mentor. We are losing manufacturing base and must learn to make money another way; Invite big boxes with open arms; It will make Madison stronger for the future. Makes employment for youth, senior citizens. We don't have to turn into Mentor, but we can turn into Madison on the move. Think of your kids and their future.
I really oppose Wal-Mart coming. It will hurt ALL independent retailers and close down Kmart. Your net benefit will be zero.

North-south access in township needs to be addressed in future. Railroad overpass needed.
Marginal road north of US 20 from Green Road to Hubbard might help ease congestion.

I'm happy to be doing business in Madison. I want to be here for a long time. Customers tell us how glad they are to have us here. People want to shop locally. How does Wal-Mart fit in with that plan? Low paying jobs, no benefits, money transferred to Arkansas by 5 pm. Ugly building. Help commercial property owners update and improve aging storefronts. Attract light industry. My customers do not want to go to Mentor - don't bring it here.

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