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Year B Materials List

Secondary School Materials for a Classroom

General Supplies and Furniture

Community meeting space - chairs in circle or multi-level platforms

Conference table for 15 students for seminars, lesson where note taking is needed

Small group project tables for 4-5

Individual spaces - desks, Back Jacks, low beach chairs with writing board

Lockers for student personal belongings

Easel type white board with large tablet paper

Book shelves for resource books (I have 10 6-ft.)

Small, slanted shelves for paperback novels and videos

Low shelves for science material, general supplies, and art supplies

Plastic rolling shelves for storage of project materials

Paper cutter

Easel type white boards with tablets


VCR/DVD player



CD/tape recorder

Tapes/CD’s for transitions and background music

Learning with Mozart to environmental music - non vocal

Computers and computer tables

Software - word processing, internet hook up

Inspirations software

Timeliner software

Per student materials

1 3” binder to store completed work

1 1-1/2” binder for portfolio

1 Mead zippered binder

3 blue spirals graph preferred for Pre Algebra and Algebra

3 red spirals


5 black Clic pens

5 red Clic pens

5 pencils

flash drive

anthology books - see language

novels - see language

handbook- written by teacher

ring for vocabulary cards

15 sheet protectors



Paper Supplies

lined paper

graph paper

blank paper

colored copy paper - my colors and amounts per year are the following

contracts, record keeping - cream - 25 sheets per student

language - pastel pink - 50 sheets per student

math - pastel blue - 50 sheets per student

personal world/health - orchid- 50 sheets per student

social world/social studies - pastel green - 50 sheets per student

natural world/science - pastel yellow - 50 sheets per student

Spanish - salmon - 50 sheets per student

poster boards


markers - thick and thin


colored pencils



hole puncher

tape dispenser

pencil sharpener

file container for student files


Visual reference books

The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy 0-395-65597-8

Dictionary of Word Origins

Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

Bartlett’s Familiar Quotes 0-316-08277-5


The Macmillan Visual Almanac 0-02-861247-7

The Macmillan Visual Dictionary 0-02-528160-7

English Simplified – Addison Wesley Longman ISBN 0-673-98261-0


Write Source 2000 0-669-38624-3

General Language Resources

Professional Literature, in order of suggestion:

  1. The Power of Grammar by Mary Ehrenworth

  2. Shades of Meaning by Donna Santman

  3. Assessing Writers by Carl Anderson

  4. For a Better World: Reading and Writing Social Action by Randy and Catherine Bomer

Texts for lessons:

    • The Reviser’s Toolbox by Barry Lane

    • Oliver Button Is a Sissy by Tomie DePaola

    • William’s Doll by Charlotte Zolotow

    • The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson

    • “Alone” from Days With Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel

    • Eats, Shoots and Leaves (picture book version) by Lynne Truss

    • The Stolen Part and Other Stories by Liliana Heker (also available in Spanish)

      1. “The Stolen Party”

    • A Puerto Rican in New York by Jesus Colon

      1. Ch. 30: “Little Things Are Big”

    • Sixteen edited by Donald Gallo

      1. “Priscilla and the Wimps” by Richard Peck

    • When I Was Your Age, vol. I edited by Amy Ehrlich

      1. “Everything Will be Okay” by James Howe

    • Dancing Pink Flamingoes by Maria Testa

      1. “Family Day”

      2. “A Cousin Thing”

    • The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

      1. “No Speak English”

    • Woman Hollering Creek by Sandra Cisneros

      1. “Eleven”

    • Connections edited by Donald Gallo (look for it used on Amazon.com)

      1. “Moonbeam Dawson and the Killer Bear” by Jean Davies Okimoto

Where to start when building your classroom library:

  • A great place to look for books for adolescents: Young Adult Library Services Association: www.ala.org/ala/yalsa/yalsa.htm. Let your students use this website to look for books to request for your library.

  • Great authors for adolescents:

    • Jacqueline Woodson

    • Joan Bauer

    • Francesca Lia Block

    • Chris Crutcher (great for boys who like sports, but definitely geared towards 8th graders who are strong readers)

    • Gary Paulsen

    • Nikki Grimes

    • Sharon Creech

    • Walter Dean Myers

    • S.E. Hinton

    • Lois Lowry

    • Gail Giles

    • Gary DeSoto

    • Christopher Paolini

    • E.R. Frank

Suggested read-aloud novels and the issues they address:

  • Addressing homophobia, coming of age, appreciating writing, teen male narrator: From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun by Jacqueline Woodson

  • Learning about issues in Israel and Palestine: Habibi by Naomi Shihab-Nye

  • Loss of a parent or adjusting to new places: Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

  • Hearing the sound of beautiful language: The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

  • leadership, power, community: Lord of the Flies by William Golding

  • self-reflection, learning from big mistakes: Whirligig by Paul Fleischman

  • almost any short story from the aforementioned anthologies


Anthologies – Houghton Mifflin 800-462-6595 or www.schooldirect.com

Cycle 1 At Odds* ISBN 0-669-32113-3

Cycle 2 Lean on Me* ISBN 0-669-32112-5

Cycle 3 A Place at the Table **

Cycle 4 Changes and Choices* ISBN 0-669-32109-5

Cycle 5 Future Directions* ISBN 0-669-32114-1

Audiotaped version of this series . ISBN 0-669-32190-7

(available through Houghton Mifflin)
** A Place at the Table is a free publications from Teaching Tolerance, 400 Washington Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104. There website is located at www.teachingtolerance.org.



Animal Farm by George Orwell ISBN 0-451-52634-1

April Morning by Howard Fast ISBN 0-553-27322-1

Red Scarf Girl by Ji Li Jiang ISBN 0-06-446208-0

Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy ISBN 0-451-52315-6


Lord of the Flies by William Golding ISBN 0-399-50148-7

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury ISBN 0-345-34296-8

1984 by George Orwell ISBN 0-451-52493-4

Invitation to the Game by Monica Hughes ISBN 0-671-86692-3


Breaking Barriers, Jules Archer ISBN 0-670-83104-2

The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, E. Gaines ISBN 0-553-26357-9

Warriors Don’t Cry, Melba Pattillo Beals ISBN 0-671-86639-7

Gandhi, Loius Fischer ISBN 0-451-62742-3

Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez

*Add contemporary about gay rights


The Jungle by Upton Sinclair ISBN 0-451-52420-9

We Shall Not Be Moved by Joan Dash ISBN 0-590-48410-9

Counting on Grace by Elizabeth Winthrop ISBN 0-553487833

*Add 1 more—recent about industrializaton/labor, outside U.S.


I Am David by Anne Holm ISBN 0-15-205160-0

Parvana’s Journey by Deborah Ellis ISBN 0-88899-519-9

We Just Want to Live Here by Amal Rifa’I and Odelia Ainbinder ISBN 0-312-31894-4

Parallel Journeys by Eleanor Ayer ISBN 978-0-689-83236-9


Cycle based MS math curriculum Stephanie Romero (sromero@schoolofthewoods.org)

Chemistry Ion Chips Wards

Intro to Covalent Molecules Wards

Negative snake game

Colored bead box

Balance scale (2 choices)

Swedish fish, peanut M&Ms, gum drops, scale

Knobbed cylinders

Metal insets, compass, straight edge

World map with vertical latitude lines, atlas, laminate, poster board

History of Math materials (not complete kit) HMC


Reality Babies 800-830-1416

Video tapes – yoga and tai chi

Relaxation tapes – nature music, visualization, progressive relaxation

Books on Drug Education

Books on Sexuality
Creating Peace, Building Community ISBN 1-878227-46-7

Peace Education Foundation

1900 Biscayne Boulevard

Miami, FL 33132-1025

800-749-8838 or amazon.com
The Heroic Journey ISBN 1-56976-033-0 Zephyr Press

PO Box 66006

Tucson, AR 85728-6006
Dr. Seuss The Butter Battle Book ISBN 0-394-86580-4

Book and/or video (Cycle 5)

Cipher in the Snow (video) www.amazon.com

Social World

All cycles 

Schoolhouse Rock Silver Anniversary Edition



The American Nation Prentice Hall www.phschool.com 0-13-052953-2 


A World History textbook 

Suggested support materials 

History of US series 1-800-458-4849 


Perspectives on History series 

  The Civil War: The Gray 1-878668-84-6 

  The Civil War: The Blue 1-878668-83-8 

  Iron Horses Across America 1-878668-36-6 

  The Age of Technology 1-878668-64-1 

  The Manhattan Project 1-878668-41-2 

  The French and Indian War 1-878668-82-X 

  The Vietnam War 1-878668-61-7 

  World War I 1-878668-91-9 

  World War II: On the Homefront 1-878668-60-9 

  World War II: The European Theatre 1-878668-76-5 

  World War II: The Pacific Theatre 1-878668-86-2 

  Forward into Light: The Struggle for Woman’s Suffrage 1-878668-25-0 

  The Underground Railroad: Life on the Road to Freedom 1-878668-27-7 

Principles of Democracy: 1-878668-53-6 

The Constitution and Bill of Rights 


Cycle 1 

Books on the American Revolution 


Cycle 2 

CIA Factbook www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook 


Pocket US Constitutions Cato Institute 

  1000 Mass Avenue NW 

  Washington, DC 20001 



Cycle 3 

Sneeches by Dr. Seuss

The Shadow of Hate (video) Teaching Tolerance Series 334-264-0268 

  400 Washington Ave. fax 334-264-7310 

  Montgomery, AL 36104 



“The Power of One” video local video store or www.amazon.com



Other video options 


  Rabbit-proof Fence 

  World Apart 

  Cry Freedom 

  Color of Friendship 

  Emmit Till 

  The Rosa Parks Story 

  Free the Children 


Hidden Bias Test


Anthology – “A Place at the Table” Teaching Tolerance  (no longer available)



AFSC.org – American Friends Service Club 

Gay & Lesbian Rights/Israel & Palestine 


Cycle 4 

Opposing Viewpoints: The Industrial Revolution

A&E Biography of Milton Hershey 




Industrialization and Urbanization Schlessinger Video Productions 

  PO Box 1110 

  Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 


  ISBN 157225081X 


Books on the Industrial Revolution 


American History Simulations ISBN 1-55734-480-9  Teacher Created Materials, Inc. 

 Cycle 5 

Time to Abolish War 

  By: Hague Appeal for Peace 

Peaceful Children, Peaceful World 0-939195-02-X 

Peace Begins With You 



Gaia Peace Atlas ISBN 0-385-24190-9 

Voices From the Past (Gay and Gay) Complete set on war

Revolutionary War 0-8050-2844-7

Vietnam War 0-8050-4101-X

World War II 0-8050-2849-8

World War I 0-8050-2848-X

Korean War 0-8050-4100-1

Spanish-American War 0-8050-2847-1

Persian Gulf War 0-8050-4102-8

War of 1812 0-8050-2846-3
Music/Songs about War 


Natural World

All cycles

Ward’s Scientific

PO Box 92912

Rochester, NY 14692-9012


800-635-8439 fax

Frey Scientific

PO Box 8101

Mansfield, OH 44903



PO Box 901

Fort Atkinson, WI 52528-0901


Bill Nye, The Science Guy videos www.billnye.com or your local library
Physical Science Instructional Fair 1-56822-144-4
Goggles Nasco
Cycle 1

Books needed

Science Explorer – Motion, Forces and Energy and teacher resource book

Science Explorer – Electricity and Magnetism and teacher resource book


DK Eyewitness Science Series

Force and Motion 1-879431-85-8

Electricity 1-879431-82-3

Energy 1-56458-232-9

Matter 1-879431-88-2

DK Eyewitness Dictionary of Physics 0-7894-0239-4

Atom Building Board Frey
Inclined to Roll



flat board, about 1.5 m long

small piece of sturdy cardboard

supports to prop up the board (books, boxes)

two stopwatches

meter stick

masking tape
Stopping on a Dime

wooden meter stick

2 stop watches or watches with second hands

tape measure

Sticky Sneakers

three or more different types of sneakers

spring scales, 5N and 20N

mass set(s)

large paper clip


Forced to Accelerate



several bricks or other large mass(es)

meter stick

masking tape

spring scale, 5N


Building a Galvanometer


small spool of magnet wire (#28 or finer)

piece of thin, stiff cardboard

Design and Build a Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

2 bar magnets

masking tape

container of 150 regular size paper clips

an assortment of types, shapes, and sizes of magnets, including two bar magnets and two ceramic magnets

modeling clay, string, and other materials to build a paper clip holder

Constructing a Dimmer Switch

d-cell battery

masking tape

flashlight bulb in a socket

thick lead from mechanical pencil

uninsulated copper wire, the same length as the pencil lead

rubber tubing, the same length as the pencil lead

1 wire, 10-15 cm long

2 wires, 20-30 cm long

2 alligator clips
The Versorium

foam cup

aluminum foil


plastic foam plate

wool fabric



Electric Motor Activity

Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories sciencekit.com/electric-motor-discovery-kits/p/Igoo24321/

Tonawanda, NY/San Luis Obispo, CA 800-828-7777

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada 800-387-9393

Project – Rube Goldberg Device


straight pins

various items to build device with
Cycle 2

Books needed

Science Explorer – Chemical Building Blocks with teacher resource book

Science Explorer – Chemical Interactions with teacher resource book

A Guide to the Elements – Oxford Univ. Press ISBN 0-19-512708-0


DK Eyewitness Visual Dictionary of Chemistry ISBN 0-7894-0444-3

DK – Eyewitness Science – Chemistry ISBN 1-56468-232-9
Periodic Table from website

Matter cards (Elementary material) Montessori Services


EM68 Matter & Energy

Melting Ice


2 plastic cups, ~200 mL each

2 stirring rods, preferably plastic

ice cubes, about 2 cm on each side

warm water, 40 - 45 C

stopwatch or timer
Making Sense of Density



paper towels

wooden stick, ~ 6 cm long

ball of modeling clay, ~ 5 cm wide

crayon with paper covering

graduated cylinder, 100 mL

It's a Gas

strong plastic syringe (with no needle), at least 35 cm3 capacity

modeling clay

4 books of uniform weight

Isolating Copper

glass jar, about 250 mL

two paper clips

wires with alligator clips

or battery holder with wires

copper chloride solution (0.6M), 50 - 100 mL

6-volt battery

index card

Copper or Carbon? That’s the Question

1.5 V dry cell battery

200-mL beaker


flashlight bulb and socket

3 lengths of insulated wire

thin copper wire with no insulation, about 5-6 cm long

2 graphite samples (lead from a mechanical pencil),

each about 5-6 cm long

hot plate

Shedding Light on Chemical Bonds

2 1.5V dry cell batteries

small beaker

plastic spoon

sodium chloride (salt)

small light bulb and socket

4 lengths of wire for connections

with insulation scraped off ends

100-mL graduated cylinder

additional substances

Comparing Atom Sizes

drawing compass


periodic table of the elements

Design and Build a Polymer Package


Hand lens



Packaging tape



Hot plate

Clock or timer

20 beakers/pastic cups

iodine solution

cookies or hand builded eggs

polymers used in packaging

Cycle 3
Books needed

Science Explorer – Motion Forces and Energy with teacher resource book

Science Explorer – Sound and Light with teacher resource book

Integrated Science Laboratory Manual, 2000 (Prentice Hall) 0-13-436369-8 (Student)
0-13-436370-1 (Teacher)


DK Eyewitness Science Series

Light 1-879431-79-3


Integrated Science Laboratory Manual

Prentice Hall Science Explorer


ISBN 0-13-434370-1

Can you Feel the Power?



board, (2.5 cm x 30 cm x 120 cm)

8-10 books, each ~ 2 cm thick

meter stick

Soaring Straws




rubber band

metric ruler

masking tape

3 plastic straws

meter stick

empty toilet paper tube

Build Your Own Thermometer

bowl of hot water

bowl of ice water

water of unknown temperature

tap water

500-ml beaker

clear glass juice or soda bottle, 20-25 cm

plastic dropper

cooking oil

modeling clay

metric ruler

fine-point marker

Just Add Water

4 foam cups

hot tap water


beaker of water kept in an ice bath

2 thermometers



Properties of Waves



masking tape

plain brown paper

paper cup



graduated cylinder, 100-ml


stopwatch or clock with a second hand


Plane-Mirror Images – Integrated Science Laboratory Manual, 2000

cardboard (~30 cm x 30 cm)

unlined paper

small mirror and support

metric ruler

3 straight pins


Bouncing Sound

two paper towel tubes

cookie sheet



one 12” x 18” piece of fabric/cloth

one 12” x 18 “ piece of construction paper

a clock or watch that ticks loudly

class set of protractors

Making Waves


plastic dropper

metric ruler

paper towels

modeling clay

cork or other small floating object

ripple tank (aluminum foil lasagna pan with mirror at the bottom)

Tuning forks – Integrated Science Laboratory Manual, 2000

2 tuning forks, 320 Hz

400 mL beaker


rubber band

resonance tube
Cycle 4

Books needed

Science Explorer – Motion, Forces and Energy and teacher resources book

Integrated Science Laboratory Manual 0-13-436369-8 (Student)

(Prentice Hall) 0-13-436370-1 (Teacher)


Schoolhouse Rock Science 1-56949-410-X

Simple Machines video Prentice Hall/Pearson Education

ISBN 0130503673

Advanced Work

Physical Science Instructional Fair 1-56822-144-4

Suggested books

The Way Things Work 0-395-42857-2

The New Way Things Work 0-395-93847-3

Can You Work More Efficiently

Heavy string (not rope) 65 cm

4 thin wooden rods

7 cm, 14 cm, 14 cm, 20 cm

heavy book


Inclined Plane

Wood board 1m by 15 cm

Spring balance

Small wood block with eye hook



Ring stand and large ring


Wooden meterstick

Spring balance


1 kg mass

fulcrum right angle prism-Wards

Wheel & Axle

Wheel & Axle

Fishing line or string



Pulleys as Simple Machines

2 single pulleys

2 double pulleys

nylon fishing line

ring stand with large ring

spring balance

1 kg mass

Quiz Board

box of copper brads

sheet of cardboard

13 pieces of copper wire with alligator clips, insulated, 20-22 gauge, 10 inches long

pair of wire cutters

battery with battery clip

bulb and socket

Series & Parallel Circuits

KitBook-The Electric Circuits www.kitbook.com


Advantages of Series and Parallel Circuits

Building Electric Circuits

Delta Education WW111-2976



Can You Make Electricity From Spare Change

several pennies


paper towel

aluminum foil


cup of warm water


Build a Generator

Neo/Sci kit – Cool Circuits www.neosci.com

How to Make a Transformer

Cardboard paper towel tube



2 – 4 ft insulated copper wires

LEGO Educational building kit 9686 www.LEGOeducational.com
Cycle 5

Books needed

Science Explorer – Environmental Science with teacher resource book


Green Dreams nationalgeographic.com – free online article


What Now? Our Feverish Planet Badly Needs a Cure.

Time.com – free online article


The Truth About Hydrogen popularmechanics.com – free online article


Readings on Hydroelectric Power




Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things 

Wm. McDonough/Michael Braungart 

ISBN-13: 9870865475878 



Story of Stuff  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLBE5QAYXp8 

Save the Earth

Jonathon Porritt ISBN 1-878685-05-8

The Lorax ISBN 0-394-82337-0

Important numbers/addresses


PO Box 1708

Pittsburg, KS 66762



PO Box 901

Fort Atkinson, WI 52528-0901


Solar Hot-water Heater

10’ flexible black tubing Home Depot or Wards 15W1261

shallow cardboard box 12”x 18”

Flat Black paint or dark cloth

Window glass 12”x 18” Home Depot

Clothespin (spring-type)


2 empty cans or buckets

Electricity from Sunlight

Silicon solar cell

block of wood



small spool of magnet wire(18# or finer)

2 alligator clips

soldering iron



soft old towel

Wind Energy into Electricity

Model airplane propeller -6” long

2 nails 1” long Home Depot

2 nails 3” long Home Depot

4 small nails Home Depot

1” long bar magnet

2 metal strips 1 1/2” by 4”, cut from tin can

magnet wire (see above)

germanium diode, type 1N34A Specialty electronics store or Radio Shack

tape (order in advance from RS)

hot glue gun

soldering iron/solder


wood block 3 1/2”x 5” Home Depot

compass (see above)

Thermal Energy Conversion

Narrow-mouthed plastic bottle


2 buckets

Turning Trash into Useable Energy

Household trash

Shallow baking dish

Aluminum foil

Getting Methane from Coal

Paper towel

Lump of soft (bituminous) coal size of baseball

Old rag


2-pound coffee can

Small glass bottle like spices come in

Model Geothermal Steam Engine

Empty soup can

Heavy aluminum foil (frozen-food tray, pie pan, etc.)

Aluminum wrapping foil

Straight pin

8” length of stiff wire (coat hanger)
Dowel rod about 12” long Home Depot

Small pot



Rubber band


Making a “Fuel Cell”

Women’s plastic hair roller 3” long by 1” diameter

3 small rubber bands or string

thin sheet of zinc or galvanized steel 3 1/2” by 2” Home Depot

large gauze pad

Powdered graphite

Flour and salt

2 small bowls



Snap circuits Jr.

Solar Car Electronic Puzzles W-08

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