3rd Floor Event Packages

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3rd Floor Event Packages

Thank you for choosing the JDI for your event. Your event’s success is our main goal. Our staff works hard to ensure that your event goes well.

The 3rd floor can seat approx. 60 people for food service. If the group is more of mingling atmosphere, then the room can accommodate 50-75 people. If only standing room only, the room can accommodate up to 100-120 people.

Parties of 25 or are typically a buffet style food set up, if you are interested in a limited menu please inquire. Pricing is available for large food orders that work well in a buffet style set up. In this case, it is best to select a few appetizers and entrees from either the menu or the bulk quantity pricing list. Items on the bulk pricing list have worked well for parties and give the guest flexibility in cross-utilizing food options without adding unnecessary amounts of food.

Parties with fewer than 20 people have the option of ordering off of the menu. However, groups fewer than 20 may also choose the buffet style option. The dinner menu can be found online at www.jdilex.com.


Daytime rentals can be arranged on a per hour basis, depending on the event. This is not offered October-December. Please inquire for details.


Food and Beverage Minimum

Food and beverage minimum has no room fee and any remaining balance not up to the minimum will be billed to the guest. Tax and gratuity are not included in the minimum. The minimum includes all food and drink (alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks) purchased by any member of the party. If you choose the food and beverage minimum as your rental option, you will not be assessed a room fee as is described in option 1.

Minimum two (2) hour stay is $750

Each additional hour is $250

All parties must be billed through a single bill. In some instances, two bills to split the cost may be accepted.

Gratuity is currently 20% for all third floor parties regardless of group number.

Set up and Take Down Third Floor Rental

All parties are subject to a set up and take down fee. A $75.00 set up and take down fee will be applied to any third floor party of 24 or fewer. A $125.00 set up and take down fee will be applied to any party of 25 – 49 people. A $175.00 set up and take down fee will be applied to any group of 50 or more people.


Deposits for the room rental or food and beverage minimum MUST be made to secure the date and is 25% of the option chosen. (Daytime room rental deposits are $50, regardless of the rental time frame. Daytime rentals are from 11 am until 4 pm. If an event starts before 4pm but lasts until later, the guest will need to determine the rental option for the nighttime part of the rental.) A deposit is needed in order to secure your reservation. Unconfirmed reservations (reservations without a deposit) are not guaranteed.

Cancellations MUST be made at least 7 days before the scheduled start of the event in order to have the deposit refunded.

This deposit is used toward the overall balance of the event the night of the event with the food and beverage option only. Room rental deposits (not the food and beverage minimum) are not used toward the overall balance of your event.


Alcohol is billed at the per drink cost for any cash bar situation. If purchasing alcohol in large quantities, the guest may choose to offer those items to their guests as an open bar and other items may be cash bar.

Discounts on selected draft beers are available if a keg is purchased outright. All other alcohol is purchased by the drink and at menu price. There are no discounts on liquor, wine, or bottled beer. If providing an open bar to your guests, all alcohol will be billed on one check. You may set up a budget amount for your guests and once that budget is reached, all other purchases may be cash bar.

The kegerator can hold one draft beer at a time, and is usually Bud Light.

ANY outside alcohol, including wine, cannot be brought into the restaurant, according to state law.

Any alcohol purchased in bulk is forfeited at the end of the event.


Cakes and some other outside desserts are permitted if you are serving food from The JDI. However, now other outside food is permitted.


The JDI is not responsible for any injuries, damages, or loss of personal property incurred as a result of or relating to the use of alcoholic beverages. The members of any group assume sole and complete responsibility for loss or damage to all equipment/ items brought to the event by the guest/ group.

The JDI reserves the right to inspect and control private functions. Liability for damage or loss to the premises will be charged to the representative making event arrangements.

Decorations are permitted as long as they do not damage any of the JDI property. Items such as pushpins, nails or other permanently damaging fasteners are not permitted for use on walls, ceilings, floors, tables, or chairs.

Please no confetti, glitter, or potpourri.

No open flames allowed. Any candles for cakes must be in containers that catch wax and enclose the flames.

The JDI reserves the right to have security for any event to be paid by the guest.


Payment for services must be paid in full by the guest the day/ night of the event. Prepayments for events are accepted.

We allow the splitting of checks into a maximum of two (2) separate checks for an event.

Audio/ Video Equipment

The JDI provides a projection screen and projector for use with power point presentations or other sorts of presentations. The guest needs to bring a VGA cable and any extension cords that may be needed in order to use the projector with a laptop. If only TV will be viewed through the projector, no equipment is necessary.

The JDI reserves the right to charge the guest for any improper or damaging use of the audio/ visual property of the JDI.

Finalized Bookings

In order to secure your event rental, we must receive the deposit. The food and beverage menu is finalized a week before the scheduled start of the event.

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