3rd Decade 1986–1996 as 21 to as 30 Baron and Baroness 21/06/1986 – 05/10/1996: Tovye Woolmongere and Aislinn de Valence Baron and Baroness 05/10/1996 – 13/10/2001: Osgot of Corfe & Esla of Ifeld

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3rd Decade 1986–1996 AS 21 to AS 30
Baron and Baroness 21/06/1986 – 05/10/1996: Tovye Woolmongere and Aislinn de Valence

Baron and Baroness 05/10/1996 – 13/10/2001: Osgot of Corfe & Esla of Ifeld

1986–1987 AS21

Irregular May 1986, AS21

May 17-19 – Shire Autumn Archery Championship and Travellers Return – Mt. Crawford Forest. Autocrat: Tovye Woolmongere.

A summary of the first tournament that started the SCA is included. Innilgard started as group with 8 people gathering at the end of October, in costume, in the Botanic Park, for a picnic.

Flyer for the investiture of the first Baron and Baroness is included. Also a flyer for the first Blessed Herman Feast.

Article on “Avoiding mundanity at SCA camping events” by Gereint the Scholar is included.
Irregular June 1986, AS21

June 13 – College of Blessed Herman the Cripple First Feast – Upper Refectory. Cost $4.00. Autocrat: Tako Ich'yama. Pot luck feast.

June 21 – Investiture of the Founding Baron and Baroness – Masonic Hall, Tusmore. Cost $9.00.
Haos and Bryony presented the shire's petition at Beltane Coronation to Their Majesties James and Verena which was accepted and signed. So 3 years after the group started the shire has become a barony. At the same event Miriam Galbraith presented a petition on behalf of the newly formed College of Blessed Herman the Cripple and this also was accepted and signed by Their Majesties.
At Beltane a number of other things happened. River Haven were granted their petition and will have their investiture in August. Bryony of the Bees was given a Grant of Arms (for work as Lochac Seneschal, Thorfinn Hrolfsonn was made Pelican and the first three knights in Lochac were made; Brusi Anderson of the Shetlands, Baron James the Sinister and Haos Windchaser. Haos also received the Order of the Silver Mantle (for looking good on the field and wearing reasonably period armour).

College of Blessed Herman newsletter reproduces items of note in the Irregular so in the future college members will not receive this newsletter.

Irregular July 1986, AS21

At Baronial Investiture Brother John (Jean le Moutbank) was awarded the Order of the Rose Leaf. At their first baronial court, Baron Tovye and Baroness Aislinn made two proclamations and instituted the Order of the Fretted Goblet. The first recipients were Lillian Guy of Swanson, Bard Dragontower, Gereint Scholar, Bryony of the Bees and Haos Windchaser. Note: Bryony made the baronial cloaks.

This issue has a black and white reproduction of the petition taken to the West Kingdom. Also for the first time there is a full list of practices and a regnum.
Officers of the Barony

Baron: Tovye Woolmongere Baroness: Aislinn de Valence

Seneschal: Haos Windchaser Herald: Gereint Scholar

Marshal: Sven Stormdriven Arts&Sciences: Aislinn de Valence

Reeve: Lucrezia Lorenz Chirurgeon: Lyradana of Alexandria

Constable: Torgon Yuand Chronicler (Cornerstone): Gereint Scholar

Lists: Hassan Sharif ibn Ysau Archer: Tovye Woolmongere

Hospitaller: Bryony of the Bees College of Blessed the Cripple Seneschal: Tako Ich'Yama

Places: Mereswake South, Mereswake West, Cackleberry Hall
Irregular August 1986, AS21

August 9 – Pre Championship tourney – South Parklands. Sword and shield.

August 23 – Baroness's Championship Tourney – South Parklands. Event was rained out.

August 23 – Pot Luck Feast – Masonic Hall, Tusmore. Cost $2.00.

At the Midwinter Viceregal Investiture of Reynardine and Marguerite de Rada y Sylva, Torgon Yuand was admitted to the Order of the Leaf of Merit, Bardolph Dragontower was made a companion of the Order of the Roman Lily and Lillian Guy of Swanson was made a Companion of the Silver Tear. Silfren the Singer won the competition to be the Master Entertainer to the Viceroy and Vicereine.

Article on “Concerning the Principality of Lochac” outlining what it all means.

Office changeover: Myfanwy O Dyfed, Arts and Sciences.
Irregular September 1986, AS21

September 6 – Masked Ball – Masonic Hall, Tusmore. No food. Cost $4.00. Competitions: Most elaborate compliment, Non–musical entertainment, Best interpretation of a Cloronet (no this is not a mistake)

September 13-14 – War Muster. Malden.

September 27 – Feast of Blessed Herman – Masonic Hall, Tusmore. Autocrat: Bohdan Nepran. Flyer.

Article “On becoming a principality” by Haos Windchaser.
Irregular October 1986, AS21

October 11-13 – Spring Festival – Mt. Crawford Reserve. Autocrat: Osgot of Corfe. Cost $10.00. Includes Baroness's Championship and Archery Championship. Flyer.

October 25-26 – Iron Baron Demo – Whyalla. Autocrat: Stephen of Irongate. Moved to November.
At the Feast of Blessed Herman two new officers were created, that of Gamekeeper (Osgot of Corfe) and Historian (Lyradana). His Excellency, Viceroy Reynardine attended the feast and admitted Brother John into the Order of the Laurel on behalf of King Rolf and Queen Lachlan.
Irregular November 1986, AS21

More awards given at the Feast of Blessed Herman included Awards of Arms for Hassan Sharif ibn Ysau, Stephen of Irongate, Bard Dragontower and Lillian Guy of Swanson. Silfren the Singer was awarded a rose Leaf and Gereint Scholar a Leaf of Merit.

At the Purgatorio Coronation of Stephen and Sariya, the Queen selected nine fighters from Lochac for Her guard.. Stephen of Irongate was amongst the number.
At the Spring Festival, the Archery Championship was won by Tovye Woolmongere from Martin de Bayeux by 4 points. Tovye and Martin are Captains of Archery for the Barony and the College.

At the same event Haos Windchaser won the Baroness's Championship fighting left handed. Two new fighters took the field: Bohdan Nepran and Arien merch Eynion.

The Baron and Baroness instituted a new order, that of the Order of the Knotted Noose, a blue noose presented to first time autocrats. Recipients were Osgot of Corfe, Arien merch Eynion and Bohdan Nepran as founding members.
Irregular December 1986, AS21

December 1 – Games Day and Picnic – South Parklands. Autocrat: Bohdan Nepran.

December 14 – Tourney – Richards Park, Norwood.

December 19 – College Carols by Candlelight. Autocrats: Llyfdwych Myddchyr and Giovanna the Unsettled.

Article on “Awards” by Aislinn de Valence. 12th Night Investiture flyer.
Irregular January 1987, AS21

January 3-4 – 12th Night Investiture – Gillingham Hall, Annesley College. Autocrat: Aislinn de Valence. Cost $14.00 for members. A great deal of information is provided on how an investiture is conducted. On the Sunday there was tourney, picnic and auction to raise money for the Principality Regalia Fund held at the University of Adelaide.

Notice about Rowany Festival which will host the first coronet tourney to determine who will be the first Prince and Princess of Lochac.

Arts &Sciences competitions are being re–introduced (after a year off). These will be in the areas of cooking, calligraphy and heraldic display.

Officer changeover: Robert of Starmount, Reeve.
Irregular February 1987, AS21

February 1 – Tourney – Richards Park, Norwood.

February 14-15 – Innilgard / Stormhold War – Sedan. Flyer.

February 28 – Renaissance Toga Party (Was the Seneschal's Birthday) –Masonic Hall, Tusmore. Autocrat: Arien merch Eynion. Cooking competition featuring sweets and desserts. Flyer.

Awards given at 12th Night were Awards of Arms for Myfanwy O Dyfed, Osgot of Corfe, Bohdan Nepran and Tako Jiro; Sliver Tear for Bryony of the Bees; Torgon Yuand to the Mead Guard. Lilian Guy of Swanson was admitted to the Order of the Rose Leaf (omitted from this list at the time). On the next day (January 4th) Lucrezia Lorenz was admitted to the Order of the Fretted Goblet.

Giovanna the Unsettled was admitted to the Order of the Knotted Noose (about a month ago).

There were 85 Innilgardians and 74 interstate visitors at the feast. The Viceregal fund was boosted by $594.00.

Devices registered for Douglas FitzAllen (MacAllen) Gereint Scholar.

Bohdan Nepran becomes Chronicler for The Closed Book (College newsletter).
Irregular March 1987, AS21

March 15 – Surviving Camping Events.

March 28 – College Tourney – Barr-Smith lawns. Autocrat: Alison Woodget.

March 28 – Newcomers feast – Kinsington Uniting Church Hall. Autocrat: Alison Woodget.

Innilgard lost the war. Stormhold won the light infantry battles, the sheep steeling and the mixed light / heavy battles. Innilgard won the heavy infantry battles and the target archery.

Hamish MacLuin is the new baronial piper.

Irregular April 1987, AS21

April 4 – Tea Tree Gully Demo (college). Postponed.

April 25 – Kites and Kitemaking Workshop. Organised by Lyradana.
Hassan Sharif ibn Ysau won the cooking competition at the Renaissance Toga Party and thus became the first recipient of the Gobbled Frette.

Jade of Starfall won Crown for Anastasia of Starfall and will be the King and Queen at Lochac's first Coronet tourney. The tourney will be held on April 18 at the Rowany Festival. Investiture is at Midwinter on 11 July in Politarchopolis.

Office changeovers: Miriam Galbraith, Chronicler (The Closed Book); Geoffrey Jeffries, Hospitaller; Bryony of the Bees, Constable; Torgon Yuand, Marshal; Bohdan Nepran, Seneschal (BH).
1987–1988 AS22

Irregular May 1987, AS22

May 2-3 – Green Event and Baron's Championship – Mt. Crawford Forest. Autocrat: Lyra Dana of Alexandria. Flyer.

On April 11 King William and Queen Joanne visited the Marche Barony of Aneala and granted their petition to become a barony. This was granted at Steveg Stevegson and Rhiahannon ni Diarmud will become their first baron and baroness.
On April 18 the King and Queen then attended Rowany Festival where the petition to become a full principality was presented together with many signatories including Innilgardians. The petition was granted. The first coronet tourney was won by Reynardine de Clifford fighting for Eleanor Littlehales.
At the event Baron Tovye and Baroness Aislinn received Grants of Arms, Silfren the Singer became a court baroness and Gereint Scholar a court baron. Bryony of the Bees was admitted to the Order of the Pelican. Reynardine and Hugh Louis were knighted.
Queen Joanne admitted Reynardine, Robert Gordon and Gereint Scholar to the unofficial Order of the Ginger Nut. They were presented with a ginger nut biscuit on a leather thong and were ordered to wear it until it fell off.
Of the 23 Innilgardians who attended, worthy of mention include Torgon Yuand who did well in the coronet tourney, Tovye Woolmongere who won the IKAC competition. Miriam Galbraith won the Entertainment competition. Bard Dagontower had the most spectacular pavilion.
Latest issue of Cornerstone is out. It contains articles on The Battle of Bannockburn, Women in Mediaeval Life, Pope Urban and the First Crusade, The Baronial piper, The Gavotte, Beading garb, Snoods, Candlemaking, etc.
Uncivil War flyer. Midwinter Coronation flyer.
Irregular June 1987, AS22

June 6-8 – Uncivil War – Maldon. Cost $14.00.

June 20 – Seneschal's Solstice Masked Pot Luck Revel and Tourney (College) – Masonic Hall Tusmore. Autocrat: Taidgh. Cost $2.00. Flyer.

June 28 – Bardic Circle – North Adelaide. Autocrat: Hassan ibn Ysau.

Deliberately omitted from the Festival awards was a Leaf of Merit given to Robert of Starmount, presented at the Green Event.

The Green Event attracted 50 people. The Baron's Championship was fought by 7 as there was no more armour for more. It was won by Stephen of Irongate. Competitions: “Best overall green effect” was won by Gavin Gruesome (Stormhold), “Best green garb constructed for less than $15.00” was won by Catherine of Elizabeth, “Best garland” was won by Lucrezia Lorenz. Archery results were also included.

Office changeovers: Osgot of Corfe, Deputy Seneschal; Aderyn de Renaud–Daumeray, Chronicler (Cornerstone). Lyradana of Alexandria is the new principality chirurgeon.
Irregular July 1987, AS22

July 18-9 – Midwinter Camping Event and Feast – “Natural Springs” Harrogate. Cost $18.00. Autocrat: Rorik Stag Borne. Feast autocrats: Osgot of Corfe and Esla of Ifeld.

Suggestion of a new shire in the Adelaide Hills. Lachlan Braddoc MacCarrum is organising.
Irregular August 1987, AS22

August 1 – One Score Feast – “Hay Valley Church”, Nairne. Autocrat: Braddoc. Feast limited to 20 people.

August 8 – Fighter Auction Tourney and Picnic Afternoon Tea – Barr Smith Lawns. Autocrat: Bohdan Nepran. Fighters to provide afternoon tea.

August 8-9 – Heraldic Workshop. Organised by Gereint Scholar.

August 22 – Iron Baron Demo – Whyalla.
At Midwinter Investiture various Innilgardians received awards and honours. Stephen of Irongate (Queen's Guard), Miriam Galbraith, Hamish MacTalla, Aderyn de Renaud–Daumeray and Sven Stormdriven, (Awards of Arms), Lyradana of Alexandria and Osgot of Corfe (Leaf of Merit) and Hamish MacTalla and Aislinn de Valence (Rose Leaf).

Their Majesties Jade and Anastasia and Prince Reynardine and Princess Eleanor visited Innilgard for the Midwinter Camping Event. Their Majesties awarded Esla of Ifeld an Award of Arms and Tovye Woolmongere and Haos Windchaser received the Queen's Order of Grace.

Irregular September 1987, AS22

September 12 – Baroness's Championship Tourney – South Parklands.

September 12 – Saracen Feast – Masonic Hall, Tusmore. Cost $8.00. Autocrat: Bryony of the Bees. Gobbled Frette competition (Best / most appetising non alcoholic drink) will be run and the next Arts and Sciences competition for calligraphy, the text being the wording of the Fretted Goblet award, will be judged at the event. Flyer

September 26 – Feast of Blessed Herman the Cripple – Scandinavian Association Hall. Autocrat: Bohdan Nepran. Cost $7.00. Flyer.

The fighter Auction Tourney was won by Styvren Longshanks (Stormhold) bought by the “Medici Consortium” who also bought the runner up.

The Canton of the East Road is the new group in the Adelaide Hills.

Names and devices for various people have passed: Geoffrey Jeffries (name and device), Lillian Guy of Swanton (name and device), Myfanwy O Dyfed (device), Brother John (Badge which appears on all of his bottles – a cup inverted distilling a goute sable), Stephen of Irongate (device).

Assistance is sought to make loaner garb, mainly t tunics.

Office changeovers: Tadgh O Finn MacLochlainn, Chronicler (The Closed Book).
Irregular October 1987, AS22

October 10-12 – Spring Festival – Mt. Crawford State Forest. Cost $4.00. Autocrat: Martin de Bayeux.

October 25 – Foundation Day Picnic – Botanic Park.
Baron Braddoc won the Baroness's Championship.

At the Blessed Herman Feast there were interstate visitors at the event, including Their Highnesses, Reynardine and Eleanor. Awards of Arms were received by Geoffrey Jeffries and Lavinia and Master Thorfinn Hrolfsson was made a royal scribe.

At the Saracen Feast the Gobbled frette competition for “Best / most appetising non alcoholic drink” was won by Baroness Aislinn for her Persian mint drink. The calligraphy competition was won by Gerald the Grimme.
Officer changeovers: Osgot of Corfe, Seneschal; Tovye Woolmongere, Reeve.
Irregular November 1987, AS22

November 7 –Tourney – Richards Park.

Innilgard to buy the Dragontower red and blue striped pavilion to use at camping events in addition to the newly purchased tarpaulin.

At the Spring Coronet Tourney, Robert Gordon of Ravensbrook came second to Elffin of Mona.

Reminder that Domesday reports are due by the end of the year, to be forwarded to the seneschal and the Baron and Baroness.
Irregular December 1987, AS22

December 5 – Picnic – Dingley Dell, Shepherd's Hill Reserve.

December 12 – Carolling and Yule Tide Dessert Revel – Masonic Hall, Tusmore. Cost $5.00. Autocrat: Tadgh macFionn MacLachlan.
Article on the subject of “waivers” by Bryony of the Bees. Forms included.

Officer changeover: Geoffrey Jeffries, Archer.

Irregular January 1988, AS22

January 23-26 – Innilgard Collegium – Malvern Uniting Church Hall. Emphasis on dance and scribal arts. Tourney and Feast included. Cost $10.00 (4 days) or $4.00 a day. Autocrat: Aislinn de Valence. Tentative schedule included.

January 31 – Heraldic Workshop. Organised by Gereint Scholar.
Officer Changeover: Haos Windchaser, Herald.
Irregular February 1988, AS22

February 5-6 – Rorik's Camping Event – Harrowgate. Catered feast, chivalric tourney and quest. Cost $10 for 1 nights, $15.00 for 2 nights. Autocrat: Assla of Ifeld. Gobbled Frette competition: A castle under siege : a meal from foods still in the castle. List of possible ingredients included.

February 27 – Viking Feast and Pandybat Tourney – St Chad's Church Hall, Fullarton. Autocrats: Jorund aux Meduse and Maeve im Mikla. Cost $8.00. A “pandybat” is explained. Competitions: Best piece of armour (judged at the tourney), Embroidery and Something Viking in any medium (judged at the feast).
Irregular March 1988, AS22

March 5 – Shire of Northern Southern Lands (Whyalla) Demo. Autocrat: E'Oin O”Halloran.

March 19 – Newcomers Feast and Tourney – Masonic Hall, Tusmore. Tourney at Barr Smith Lawns. Cost $7.00. Autocrat: Tadgh O Finn MacLochlainn

March 21 – Simple T–tunic Workshop. Organised by Aislinn de Valence.

At the Collegium in January the Baron and Baroness created a new award for excellence in the arts and sciences, the Order of the Golden Owl. These were Aesla of Ifeld (cooking and subtleties), Bryony Khureem of the Bees (embroidery, belly dancing and calligraphy), Gereint Scholar (heraldry), Hassan ibn Ysau (story telling and cooking), Miriam Galbraith of the Green Flame (singing and dancing), Myfanwy O'Dyfed (costuming, embroidery and cooking), Osgot of Corfe (woodworking and cooking), Silfren the Singer (entertainment).

The Gobbled Frette competition was won by Osgot of Corfe.

Flyer for Green Event.
Irregular April 1988, AS22

April 4 – Not the Rowany Festival Unofficial Tourney – Barr Smith Lawns.

April 16 – Post Rowany Revel – Warradale Institute. Cost $3.00. Potluck.
1988–1989 AS23

Irregular May 1988, AS23

May 7-8 – Second Annual Green Event and Baron's Championship – Mt. Crawford Forest. Cost $3.50. Autocrat: Lyra Dana of Alexandria.

May 14 – Tablet Weaving Workshop. Organised by Aislinn de Valence.

May 21 – Northern Southern Feast – Whyalla. Autocrat: E'Oin O”Halloran.

At Rowany Festival (April 1–4) Gereint Scholar was admitted to the Order of the Pelican. Maeva im Mikla and Jorund aux Meduse were awarded Arms, Myfanwy O'Dyfed was admitted to the Order of the Rose Leaf. Maeva and Jorund were admitted to the Order of the Knotted Noose.
Irregular June 1988, AS23

June 18 – College Championship and Potluck feast.

June 25 – Bannockburn Two–Handed Tourney – Quick Rd. Reserve, Mitchell Park. Autocrat: Dubhglas MacAilean
His Highness Prince Elfin attended the Green Event. Styvren Longshanks won the Baron's Championship. The new champion is Lachlan Tadgh. Archery champion is Geoffrey Jeffries. Awards of Arms were given to Arien merch Eynion and Llyfdwych Myddchyr.

Office changeover: Silfren the Singer, Marshal.

Irregular July 1988, AS23

July 23 – Yule Feast – Masonic Hall, Tusmore. Cost $8.00. Autocrat: Tovye Woolmongere and Aislinn de Valence. Flyer.

Irregular August 1988, AS23

August 20 – Wake for Richard III. Private home. Cost $4.00. Autocrat: Aderyn de Renaud–Daumeray

At July Investiture Prince Elfin awarded Gerald the Grymme with Arms and the Prince's cypher.
Irregular September 1988, AS23

September 3 – Iron Baron demo. Whyalla.

September 17 – Tourney and Feast of Blessed Herman – Dulwich Parish Hall. Cost $6.00. Autocrat: Lavinia of the Tyrol. Competitions: Best original entertainment and Best period beverage. Flyer.
The Baronial Investiture in Stormhold would see Styvren Longshanks and Rhyllian Of Starfire Retreat become their first baron and baroness on September 10th at The Abbey.
Irregular October 1988, AS23

October 8-10 – Spring Festival – Sedan. Cost $17.00. Autocrats for food: Osgot of Corfe and Lucrezia Lorenz

October 12 – Flinders University demo.

October 15 – Baroness's Championship and Dessert Revel – Barr Smith Lawns, Tusmore Masonic Hall. Cost $4.00. Autocrats: Lavinia of Tyrol and Lyra Dana of Alexandria.

October 22 – Brewing and Steeping Workshop. Organised by Aislinn de Valence.

October 30 – Foundation Picnic – Botanic Park.

There was a surprise visit by Prince Corin and Princess Gabriella at the Tourney of Blessed Herman where a melee was followed by a Deadly Serious Tourney where injuries from one bout were carried over to the next. Prince Corin won this. A round robin tourney followed. At the feast Margaret of Swadlingcote, Isobel of Silvermere and Douglas MacAlan were awarded Arms. Competition winners: Best red meat dish – Aesla of Ifled, Best beverage – Lucrezia Lorenz; Best entertainment – Jean le Mountebank.
Irregular November 1988, AS23

No events as everyone was tired from the previous month's activities.

Names registered: Eoin O”Halloran, Maeve Torfadottir. Device registered: Esla of Ifeld.
Irregular December 1988, AS23

December 3-11 – 9 day camping event – Natural Springs Campsite, Harrogate. Cost: Graduated depending on stay. Autocrat: Bohdan Nepran.

The Irregular chronicler (Haos) takes a holiday after 60 issues. Short term replacement is Lachlan Tadgh.

This issue included the Innilgard Order of Precedence.

The new College of St. Christina the Astonishing (Flinders University) has been formed. No explanation for this name is given.
Irregular January 1989, AS23

January 28-30 – Innilgard Collegium (2nd) – Malvern Uniting Church Hall. Cost $8.00. Autocrat: Aislinn de Valence. Gobbled frette competition: Bread. Timetable included.

The first seneschal for the College of St Christina the Astonishing is Rene du Bois.
Irregular February 1989, AS23

February 11 – Preparing for Principality Competitions. Organised by Aislinn de Valence.

February 21 – Adelaide University Demo. Rionach O'Melaghlin. A new banner made by Rionach and Gerald to be displayed at O week.

February 22 – Flinders University Demo. Rene du Bois.

February 25 – Seneschal's Birthday Gypsy Faire – Richards Park, Norwood. Autocrat: Arienwen ferch Einion. Flyer
Annual A&S competition to be on costuming, pre and post 1453. To be judged at the All Fools Feast April 1.

New archery site is behind the zoo. Map included.

At the collegium January 29th at the feast Dubhghlas MacAilean and Gerald Swinford were awarded the Order of the Golden Owl, Aderyn de Reynard–Daumeray and Llfdwych Myddchy were awarded the Order of the Fretted goblet and Lavinia of Tyrol the Order of the Knotted Noose.
At 12th Night Ian the Upstanding and Greth de Troubrigge received AoAs, Bohdan Nepran and Lavinia of Tyrol received the Prince's cypher. Bohdan became Lieutenant for Lochac of the Queen's Guard and part of the Princess's Escort and Lachlan Tadhg is a member of the newly created Lochac Guard (heavy and light fighters). Haos Windchaser is Champion of Lochac having come second in the Coronet tourney.

Arms were registered for Bohdan Nepran, Isobel of Silvermere, Martin de Bayeaux and Silfren the Singer. Dubhglas MacAliean and Robert Furness of Southwood have had their names registered.

Irregular March 1989, AS23

March 4 – Basic T–tunics Workshop. Organised by Miriam Galbraith.

March 11 – Tourney (Both Colleges) – Barr Smith lawns.

March 11 Newcomers Feast (both Colleges) – Tusmore Masonic Hall. Cost $8 Autocrat: Rionach O'Melaghlin. Flyer.

March 18 – Picnic and Tourney – Barr Smith Lawns.
Irregular April 1989, AS23

April 1 – All Fool's Feast and Tourney. Barr Smith Lawns and Tusmore Masonic Hall. Cost $6.00. Autocrat: Arienwen ferch Einion. Competition: Pre and post 1453 garb.

April 23 – Medieval Cooking.
At the Newcomers Feast Rionach O'Melaghlin was awarded the Order of the Knotted Noose and Geoffrey Jeffries was awarded the Fretted goblet.

The tourney was won by Viscount Sir Reynardine de Clifford who was passing thorough.

Innilgard's t shirt design is included with a call for new design.

A new guild has formed, that of the Cooks Guild. Aesla of Ifeld is the contact.

Janette Muset is the chronicler for St. Christina. No name yet for the publication.

List of groups in Lochac included.

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