3rd Annual Washington University Gateway Invitational Tournament Tossups b round 2 Packet by Iowa State University

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3rd Annual Washington University

Gateway Invitational Tournament

Tossups B Round 2
Packet by Iowa State University
1. Three years after it was chartered, it was renamed to honor a minister who donated over 400 books to start its library. It was heavily influenced by Charles William Eliot, its president from 1869-1909, who established the elective studies system, upgraded the standards of the graduate school, and made the college into a national institution. For ten points, identify this college, originally chartered by the Massachusetts legislature in 1636.
HARVARD University

2. This city's flag shows symbols of France, Britain, and the United States, the three nations that have controlled it, and its coat of arms symbolizes its destruction in an 1805 fire. Suburbs include Sterling Heights, Livonia, five cities that incorporate Grosse Pointe in their name, Dearborn, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, and Windsor, Ontario. For ten points, identify

this largest city of Michigan.

3. Two of his books on military science, 1932's "The Edge of the Sword" and 1934's "The Army of the Future" were studied by the Germans, who used the tactics outlined against his country in WWII. Following the war, he briefly headed a provisional government, quickly fell into political obsolescence for 12 years, and then returned in 1958 with his country near civil war. For ten points, name this man, the first president of the Fifth Republic of France.

Charles Andre Joseph Marie DE GAULLE

4. In 1918, a hydrofoil that this man designed, set a speed record that stood for 45 years. He also spent 30 years trying to develop a strain of sheep that would bear more than one lamb at a time. More practical inventions included a method of locating icebergs by echoes from them and an electrical device to detect bullets in the body, with which he attempted to save President Garfield's life. For ten points, name this man most noted for an invention that transmitted his words, "Mr. Watson, come here. I want you."

Alexander Graham BELL
5. The second one occurred on September 19, 1873, when the New York Stock Exchange reported numerous failures, leading to the Panic of 1873. The first, and far more famous one, occurred on September 24, 1869, when the US government offered for sale $4 million in gold and broke the corner on the market established by Jay Gould and James Fisk. For ten points, identify this term, which might apply to any somber day before the weekend.

6. He was the chief lawyer for the winning side in the Supreme Court cases "Gibbons v. Ogden", "McCulloch v. Maryland", and "Dartmouth College v. Woodward". During the nullification crisis of the 1830-31, he angrily countered Senator Robert Haynes claim of state sovereignty with the phrase, "Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable!" For ten points, name this politician who, along with Calhoun and Clay, made up the "great triumvirate" and was a native of New Hampshire.


7. Its second isotope was found by Harold Urey in 1932, a discovery that earned him the Nobel Prize. Its third isotope is radioactive and was discovered in 1934. Its first isotope was discovered by Henry Cavendish in 1766. For ten points, name this element, whose name is Greek for "water former" and whose atomic number is 1.


8. When given an option to break with Britain in 1967, residents of this colony voted 12,138 to 44 to keep the association. Ruled almost continually by the Moors for over 700 years, it was captured by Sir Rooke in the War of Spanish Succession. For ten points, identify this strategic peninsula located at the western end of the Mediterranean Sea.


9. His principal benefactor was Mary Haskell, and he wrote in both Arabic and English. Though usually thought of as a poet, he was also a essayist and skilled painter. Influenced by the Bible, Nietzsche, and Blake, his works express a longing for the homeland and are often deeply religious and mystical. For ten points, identify this writer of "The Forerunner" and "The Prophet", a native of Lebanon.

Kahlil GIBRAN (JIBRAN) Accept: Jubran Khalil JUBRAN

10. This relationship states that the rate of radiation emitted by an object is directly proportional to the fourth power of its temperature to the fourth power, and was derived in the late 1800's by two people. The constant of proportionality in SI units is 5.67 times ten to the negative eighth power and is usually represented by the letter sigma. For ten points, name this physical law.


11. This state entered the Union as the 25th state in 1836 and is home to the only diamond mine in the U.S.. With its highest point at Magazine Mt. (2,753 ft), the area was originally inhabited by the Quapaw, Osage, and Caddo nations. It seceded in 1861, but was readmitted in 1868. For ten points, name this "Land of Opportunity."


12. Born in Warsaw, Poland on June 27, 1936, this man holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bradley University and a Master's Degree in International Affairs from George Washington University. Before holding his current post, he was NATO's Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, and the Commander-in-Chief, United States European Command. For ten points, name the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


13. It began about 25 years ago as a way for workers at ski resorts to get down the mountain faster and is described as part drag racing, part soap-box derby. Its current world champion is Gail Boles; but Don Adkins won this event at the Winter X Games. For ten points, identify this sport, which, according to an ESPN commercial, elves can=t do.

super-modified SHOVEL RACING

14. His short stories include "The Pace of Youth" and "The Upturned Face". This turn-of-the-century American author's central themes included the indifference of nature and the egotism of the hero. For ten points, identify this author of "Maggie: A Girl of the Streets" and "The Red Badge of Courage".

Stephen CRANE

15. She stands only four feet, seven inches tall, but became a national hero when she won the inaugural Asian World Figure Skating Championship. This was followed by a public, formal apology to her country when she failed to win the gold at the 1992 Winter Olympics. For ten points, identify this Japanese athlete, the first woman to successfully land a triple axle in a major international competition.

Midori ITO

16. This filmmaker's first job after high school was as an animator at Walt Disney Studios, where he created his first film, "Vincent". His second film was deemed unsuitable for release, but it led to his first feature, "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure". For ten points, name this man who produced and wrote Disney's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and directed "Batman".


17. The originator of this problem proved it for n = 4 case. Legendre proved it for n = 7, and Euler did a famous proof for the n = 3 case. Kummer made advances in proving the general theory, and cases up to n = 600 were proved using his ideas. But it wasn=t until recently that it was proven for all integer n. For ten points, identify this problem, solved in 1994 by Andrew Wiles, of which the author probably did not have a "remarkable proof".



18. The son of an amateur playwright and a descendent of Cossack gentry, his first published work, a poem on idyllic German life, was harshly criticized. He then joined the civil service and wrote short stories in St. Petersburg until attracting the attention of Pushkin and Zhukovshky. For ten points, identify this Ukrainian who wrote "The Overcoat", "Revizor", and "Souls".

Nikolai GOGOL

19. He developed some of his theories while visiting a pin factory, and his most famous work opens with those remembrances. He opposed mercantilism, claiming it confused money and wealth, and opposed governmental intervention in international trade. For ten points, identify this man, author of the groundbreaking "Wealth of Nations"


20. William Le Baron Jenney, Dankmar Adler, Daniel Burnham, and John W. Root were all part of this group who believed that the seminal event in the history of American architecture was the invention of cheap nails that made possible the "balloon frame" and steel frames and skyscrapers. For ten points, name this school, named for a large Midwestern city whose most famous member was Louis Sullivan.


21. They may be formed directly by the reaction of an element or compound with oxygen and are characterized by two oxygen atoms, each of which is bonded to the other and to a radical or some element other than oxygen. They are unstable, releasing oxygen when heated. For ten points, name this class of compounds, of which the simplest and best known is given by the formula H2O2 (H-two-oh-two).


22. It tells of an armed attack on the Jewish city of Bethulia and of how a beautiful widow saved the city by killing the enemy leader. Included in the Old Testament of the Western canon and in the Septuagint, it was placed in the Apocrypha in the King James Version. For ten points, identify this book, named for the beautiful widow who killed Holofernes.


23. He ruled as regent for the son of Ivan the Terrible, Feodor I, and may even have had Dimitri, a younger brother of Feodor, murdered. Made czar upon the death of Feodor, he was greatly mistrusted by the people, particularly after a long famine between 1602 and 1604. For ten points, identify this Russian ruler, the subject of an opera by Modest Mussorgsky.


24. "Some Fine Day", "Ah, But for Love", and "You Command" are the English translations of songs from this opera. Its debut was marred by a tenor with a cold and an over-enthusiastic baritone. Its characters include Violetta Vlaery, a sick courtesan, and Alfredo Germont, the man who loves her. For ten points, identify this tragic 1853 Verdi opera.


25. Born on Christmas Day, 1907, he was a relief drummer for the Missourians and Alabamians in Chicago. In February, 1931, he became a regular at the Cotton Club and for the next 20 years was one of the top-earning entertainers in America. For ten points, name this performer who popularized the phrase "Hi-De-Ho" in the 1930's.


26. After his death in 1832, his body was, in accordance with his wish, dissected in front of his friends and his fully clothed skeleton with a wax head was displayed at University College, which he helped found. For ten points, identify this philosopher, author of "Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation", often considered the founder of utilitarianism.


27. URNG rebel commanders Rolando Moran, Pablo Mansanto, Carlos Gonzalez, and Jorge Roal returned from exile to this country on December 28, 1996. UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali signed the peace accord as one of his last official acts. For ten points, name this Central American nation that saw 140,000 of its citizens die in the longest and last civil war in the region.


28. First clearly identified by Emil Kraepelin in 1919, it is the today divided into four main subtypes. It is difficult to diagnose, with the DSM3 of the American Psychiatric Association providing the most accepted definition of it. For ten points, name this disease whose subtypes are Hebephrenia, Catatonia, Paranoid, and Simple and whose symptoms include delusions, hallucinations, and apathy.


29. At his cremation, this English poet had his still-unburned heart wrested from his body by Edward Trelawny and his widow carried it with her for years. His early works included radical pamphlets, including 1811's "The Necessity of Atheism" which got him expelled from Oxford, and two Gothic novels. For ten points, name this poet better known for "Queen Mab", "Ozymandias", and "Prometheus Unbound".

Percy Bysshe SHELLEY

30. This dynasty saw equal land allotments made to all adult males who had paid a agricultural tax to support efficient civil service. From the capital at Changan, Chinese influence spread to Korea, Manchuria, northern Vietnam, and Afghanistan via trade routes. For ten points, name this dynasty founded by L Yuan in 618, which declined after the Lu-shan rebellion and was followed by the Five Dynasties period.

T'ANG Dynasty [TONG]
3rd Annual Washington University

Gateway Invitational Tournament

Boni B Round 2
Packet by Iowa State University
1. (30) Excluding the Palestinian quarter of Jerusalem, there are only five towns in the occupied territories currently run autonomously by the Palestinians. For five points each and a bonus five for all correct, name these five towns.





2. (30) Identify the following Internet acronyms for ten points per answer.

1. FTP

3. (30) Answer the following questions about Robert Pirsig's "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" For ten points each.

1. What is the subtitle of the work?
2. Phaedrun's search for the elusive definition to this word leads him to create a third division independent of mind and matter.
3. It is defined as a talk "intended to edify and entertain, improve the mind and bring culture and enlightenment." The narrator refers to the book as this.

4. (30) 30-20-10, identify the musical group from a list of their album titles.

30: Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Atom Heart Mother
20: Animals, Wish You Were Here, Pulse
10: The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon

5. (30) Identify the type of map projection from a brief description For ten points each.

1. This type of map is free from distortion along one or two lines, and latitudes appear as arcs of a circle. It is often used for mid-latitude projections.
CONIC projection
2. A type of cylindrical projection where lines of latitude and longitude meet at right angles. Distortion about the poles is large.
MERCATOR projection
3. Used for mapping large areas. Distortion is free at one point, and increases with distance from that point.
AZIMUTHAL projection

6. (20) Identify the following card games for 10 points each.

1. Common variants include Pyramid, Fortress, Vanishing Cross, Canfield, Golf, and Klondike. The purpose is to arrange and discard the cards in some specified order.
2. Cart in France, Napoleon in England, and Spoil Five in Ireland are closely related to this game. Two of the jacks are called right bower and left bower, and are the highest cards.

7. (30) Given a work, identify the composer for fifteen points each.

1. "Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Purcell"
Benjamin BRITTEN
2. "The Abduction from the Seraglio"
Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART

8. (30) Given a groundbreaking film, identify the year it was released, 10 points for being exact, 5 points if you are within 2 years.

1. "The Great Train Robbers", the first Western
1903 (1901-1905 for 5 pts)
2. "The Jazz Singer", starring Al Jolson, the first full-length talkie
1927 (1925-1929 for 5 pts)
3. "Snow White", Disney's first animated feature film
1937 (1935-1939 for 5 pts)
9. (30) Given a painting, identify the French artist for fifteen points each.
1. "La Grande Odalisque"
Jean-Auguste-Dominique INGRES
2. "The Yellow Christ"

10. (30) Given a brief description, identify the Egyptian deity for fifteen points each.

1. One of Osiris' assistants, he was represented by a dog and his duties included weighing the heart of each person on the scale of justice.
2. The god of learning, letters, and wisdom, he invented writing and speech and was protector of the arts and of scribes.

11. (30) Given a US labor act, identify it for fifteen points each.

1. A 1935 act, it defended a union's right to organize and bargain collectively and outlawed several tactics used by employers to break strikes.
2. Passed in 1947, it limited the use of strikes and made several union activities illegal.

12. (25) Answer the following questions about the Library of Congress:

1. For 10 points, who is the current Librarian of Congress, appointed in 1987?
2. The Library of Congress includes three buildings, each named for a different president. For five points each, identify these three presidents.



13.(30) Identify the following famous diamonds for fifteen each.

1. Said to have been stolen from the eye of an idol in a Hindu temple, it was presented to Catherine the Great and became a Russian crown jewel.
ORLOFF (ORLOV) diamond
2. Also called the "Cullinan I", it is the largest of the stones cut from the Cullinan and weighs 530 carats.

14. (30) Given a brief description, identify the measuring device for fifteen points each.

1. Based on Archimedes principle of buoyancy, this device measures density. One type is often used to determine the amount of acid in storage batteries.

2. Used to measure the pressure of a gas, the simplest type consists of a U-shaped tube with both ends open. A barometer is a special type of this device.


15.(30) Given a soccer club and its league, identify the city where the club is based For ten points each.

1. Juventus, Series A
TURIN, Italy
2. Arsenal, Premier League
LONDON, England, UK
3. Mutiny, Major League Soccer
TAMPA BAY, Florida, US

16.(30) Answer the following questions about the Girl Scouts of the USA for 10 points a piece.

1. The youngest group of Scouts, they are only 5 years old and their name is taken from the nickname of Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low.
DAISY Girl Scouts
2. The highest award in Girl Scouting, it is open to Cadettes and Seniors only.
Girl Scout GOLD Award
3. This is the motto of the Girl Scouts.

17.(30) For 15 points each, given a constellation, tell me the common name of its brightest star in terms of relative magnitude as seen from Earth.

1. Orion
2. Scorpio

18. (30) For 15 points each, given the following meteorological acronyms and abbreviations, tell what each stands for.


19. (30) For ten points each, given a year, name the winner of the Oscar for Best Picture.

1. 1990
2. 1966
3. 1976

20.(30) Given an event, identify the country of the winner of the gold medal in that event at the 1996 Summer Olympics For ten points each.

1. Women's soccer
2. Men's field hockey
3. Women's volleyball

21. (30) Given the biography, identify the author and the subject for five points per answer, with a 5 point bonus on each for both right.

1. Genius
James GLEICK [GLICK] and Richard P. FEYNMAN
2. American Caesar
William MANCHESTER and General Douglas MACARTHUR

22. (30) Identify the following American locations from American works of literature for 15 points apiece.

1. The town in which George Gibbs courts Emily Webb.
GROVER=S CORNERS Prompt on: AOur Town@
2. The county in which Addie Bundren and Joanna Burden pass away.

23. (20) Identify the following countries in which these people have recently died, for ten points apiece.

1. Protester Artur Restumi's funeral became a protest against president Sali Berisha and recent pyramid schemes which cost many people their life savings.
2. People's Alliance M.P. Nalanda Ellawala was wounded and a bodyguard killed by members of the opposing United National Party.
24. (30) Identify the philosophers associated with the creation of each of the following tetralogies for 15 points apiece.
1. The Four Great Errors
2. The Four Causes

25. (30) Answer these questions about the final half-century of the Ottoman Empire for 15 points each.

1. What present-day country=s Christian citizens rebelled in 1894, provoking orders for a bloody massacre?

2. What title denoting the protector of the Islamic world did Abdulhamid II, the last sultan, revive?


26. (30) One woman in English history is famous as Athe wife of two kings and the mother of another two.@ For ten points name her and, for five more each, those four kings.


LOUIS VII of France

HENRY II Curtmantle Plantagenet

JOHN Lackland Plantagenet

RICHARD I Plantagenet (Lion Hearted)

27. (30) Noether=s Theorem is the fundamental result that every physical symmetry of the world results in a conservation law. Given the symmetry principle (true or not), identify the conservation law which stems from it for 15 points apiece.

1. Homogeneity of Space
Conservation of Linear MOMENTUM
2. Isotropy of Space
Conservation of ANGULAR MOMENTUM

28. (30) Given the name of several tales, identify the author for 5 points and the title of the collection from which they come for 10 points.

1. AA Perfect Day for Bananafish@ and AUncle Wiggily in Connecticut@
J. D. Salinger=s ANINE STORIES@
2. AThe Confidence Man@ and ABartleby the Scrivener@
Herman Melville=s The APIAZZA TALES@
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