3M: Co history Doubles Packet Three: you know you want me, baby!

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  1. One ruler of this dynasty wrote poetry under the pen-name Gulruk and ordered the translation of medical works into Persian. Lady Willingdon was the namesake of a garden that contained the tomb of one ruler of this dynasty; that tomb is next to the Eight-Piered Bridge. The founder of this dynasty became the governor of Sirhind after the death of Malik Sultan and defeated the Sharqi dynasty to annex Jaunpur; that founder’s grandfather worked in the government of Firuz Shah Tughluq. One ruler of this dynasty failed to take the (*) Gwalior Fort from Maharaja Mansingh; that ruler’s ascension was opposed by his older brother, Barbak Shah. Another leader from this dynasty led an army of one thousand war elephants against a commander that tied a series of wagons together using animal hide. Rulers of this dynasty include Sikander and Ibrahim, the latter of whom lost to Babur at the Third Battle of Panipat. For 10 points, name this Afghan dynasty that ruled the Dehli sultanate.


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