3M: Co history Doubles Packet Three: you know you want me, baby!

This person was arrested after trying to claim

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This person was arrested after trying to claim Cosmopolitan's $2,000 reward for an interview. Walter Kaner, using the alias "Mose," tried to rebut this figure's claims. This individual was fined $10,000 for saying "Now you fellows have lost all your ships." After a Morley Safer report showed the trial convicting this person was filled with perjury, she was pardoned by Gerald Ford. Walter Winchell claimed to target this person after receiving a letter from the mother of a dead soldier. In her most notable job, she referred to her audience as "my fellow orphans" and said she was "your Number One enemy." This person used the alias "Orphan Ann" while broadcasting on The Zero Hour, but she never really used her famous nickname, which was used by other announcers. For 10 points, name this Japanese-American who broadcast propaganda to Allied servicemen during World War II.

ANSWER: Iva Toguri D'Aquino [accept either part; or Tokyo Rose, accept Orphan Ann until mentioned]

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